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Plant(ed)3: Fair Warning

by Baubleheadz

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Plant(ed)3: Fair Warning

This story is not your usual self bondage or mind control story, this story is the story of my studies and my interviews over the last few weeks. While my wife was busy enjoying her so-called self bondage adventure inside of our illegal alien plant I did some research online. You see my wife let our alien plant take her into it and I had to spend so much time alone wondering if she would even come out alive that I worried, so I did research. What I found where many different and strange plants that had been found near the meteor crater. This story is a short about another one of these plants.

I will tell you that if you don’t like action movies, suspense, or clandestine movie scenes that you might want to skip down some to the paragraph that starts with WARNING.

After my wife had emerged from the plant(ed) experience I told you about in my first writing, we had decided to take a pilgrimage to the crash site of the meteor. This story is more about our pilgrimage than a kinky story of being molested by plants, but there is a bit of that in there at the end. It was very hard to find because all records, stories, news articles, aerial photos, town names, and any other information we found turned out to have been altered. When we arrived at the town we thought the crash was close too we ended up paying some putz kid who was just ripping people off to take us to the site. He took us about 200 yards into the woods and just disappeared. After talking to some locals about the incident they explained to us that everyone was coming from all over the world to these woods scouring the area for debris and trinkets. We where also informed that the crash site was not even within 100 miles of here. No one knew where it was, but there had been many private flights chartered and nothing had been found.

Back in our hotel room I went to work scouring the internet, Google Earth, and a bunch of other sites, and I figured out what they had done. I realized from the photos and videos from the first day or two after the crash that the forest and type was totally wrong for the climate we where in at the moment. The government had obviously moved the entire story to this town to hide the real location. After doing some research on various normal plants found in different regions we narrowed it down to 3 national parks, all within short driving distance of each other.

Nine hours of driving and we arrived at a town near where we thought the crash site might have been. It was surreal to say the least. Everything looked normal at first glance, but I realized quickly that everyone was on average way too healthy, had clean hair cuts, and walked a little more straight than normal. I explained my suspicion to my wife that the entire town had been evacuated, and that these “normal” looking people where all military play acting towns people as best they could.

We drove to the closest hotel, parked, and got out, trying to look as militant as possible. We got a room, asking of course if there was a military discount and got it without even showing ID. We took every last thing out of our car, since every other car in the parking lot was totally devoid of personal items. Once in the room we settled in to relax some before poking around town to learn what we could.

As we walked down the street to the center of town I could see everyone’s eyes darting around. Everyone was very attentive and looked a little uptight. It was obvious that all these military people had not been trained how to blend in, but they all tried their hardest, if they had just acted normal instead of trying to act I probably would have never noticed.

When we got to the pub we ordered the same cheap beer, in a pitcher, as all these other military people had. I guess no one really expected outsiders to be there at all, so no one really payed any special attention to us. Another thing that I noticed was that there where VERY few women, even for a military “settlement.” We sat for almost two hours listening to what everyone was talking about. Most conversations where about family back home, some where about their commanders, or boot camp horror stories. We did catch a few conversations that talked about “up on the hill”, samples, and other words you might expect to hear from a grunt worker who wanted to bitch about the days work avoiding using any words or names they shouldn’t have.

We slept well that night, we had been through a lot of travel and stress over the last few days that we were out when we hit our pillows. We where awoken by the sound of the church bells, but as we looked outside there was no one near the church, but very soon almost everyone in town was bustling out of some houses and instead going into other houses. It seemed that they had set up some kind of workshops or offices in some houses and slept in others.

Once the primary foot traffic had died down we started to notice certain people who had been badly tasked with acting like locals pacing up and down the street talking, walking K-9 units as “pets”, or sitting on street corners for hours chain smoking cigarettes that never touched their lips.

I brought up some maps of the local area and found that there was really only one area that was elevated within 20 miles of here; it was maybe 3 miles from the town and about 4 miles across. While I researched my wife tracked the “locals” actors and figured out the safest time to leave the house to head in the direction I had indicated.

I wanted to take a backpack with us in case we would like to bring anything back, or to at least carry water in to for our hike, but I didn’t figure we would blend in well with any bag type props, since no one in the town had any. We walked calmly out of our room, down the street, past the chain smoker, nodded back at him, and continued on our way to “up on the hill”. We walked in loose step with each other, as military people often accidentally do and this seemed to secure our position among all these imposters.

Once at the end of town we started down a path into the woods that had been badly damaged by some heavy vehicles, more than one of these vehicles was probably 2 highway lanes wide. We walked, trying to look like a military person trying to look like a normal person and we didn’t run into any snags, that was until we reached the fence.

WARNING: a sign said in big letters. When I say big letters I mean HUGE, the sign only had one paragraph of info on it but it was easily 8’x8’ in size with all kinds dirt splattered on it from the vehicles that had passed by here turning left down the fence. And for being military the sign was not well written in my opinion. The sign read:

Warning this forest is infected with many documented and undocumented alien plant species. We have not yet been able to contain this threat. No human females, including those with X5T9.3 security clearance, are allowed within the containment zone at any time. Unauthorized breach of security fence by anyone, male or female will be subject to search and quarantine for 48 hours. Women found in park after dusk will be subject to detainment and quarantine for a minimum of 90 days. It is a federal crime to enter this restricted area if you are female AND/OR you do not have proper X5T9.3 security clearance. If you notice green tendrils on anyone in this area, man or woman, please report it immediately. Women that show signs of abnormal obedience or deep green eyes should also be reported and detained immediately (just ask them, if they are infected with almost any fast acting alien plant they will comply without question or hesitation). Anyone found to have intentionally exposed themselves or another to this heath risk will be subject to a minimum four life sentences. Thank you for your cooperation. X5T9.3 Clearance required beyond this point.

Knowing that the road led to the left we started our way down the fence to the right. After 100 yards down the way the fence type changed. Where before it had been a 20 foot tall ominous reinforced fence, this fence was only a basic chain link fence of about 10 feet tall. It looked as though they had put this in first and where in the process of upgrading the fence as they went. Luckily they where not working on this area today. Another 100 yards down the fence we found a hole in the chain links. My wife immediately went to go through it but I pulled her back. Nothing looked out of the ordinary but I just knew something was wrong. I took off my jacket and chucked it through the fence. As soon as it had entered the gaping hole two metal spikes came up out of the ground on either side of the hole and let off a huge electrical zap. My jacket fell to the ground unharmed.

Knowing I had to hurry I grabbed a long stick lying on the ground wrapped my wife’s jacket around it to insulate me from the stick, poked the stick into the hole and pulled out my jacket which was receiving it’s second tazzering. As soon as it was clear I dragged my wife and the stick into the underbrush along side the fence clearing and we ran through the woods further down. As we ran I could hear a jeep pull up to the hole in the fence and some guy yelling “false alarm again maybe another leaf or something triggered it”.

As we stood in silence in the brush waiting for the jeep to leave, I looked at my wife and could see surprise on her face. I would have turned around but something grabbed me from behind. I would have screamed like a girl but that something’s hand was firmly covering my mouth. The hand released me shortly after I had calmed down, mostly because my wife could see this person and didn’t look afraid at all, partly because it felt and smelled like a woman’s soft hand. I spun slowly on the spot not knowing what to expect and there in front of me was a simple looking girl, probably 26 years old, not ugly, not a model.

“I can tell you two are not here to stop me…. So why are you here? Poachers? Resalers? Just nosey?”

“Hobbyists” my wife replied. “And what might we be stopping you from doing?”

“Infecting myself, what would any other woman be doing out here alone with no weapons, nothing sharp, wearing only a long coat.” As she said this she blushed. “I’ve never wanted to commit suicide, that’s not why I’m here, not like the most other girls that run into the woods naked. Those girls are just wacked out hippies and goths, and emos.”

I went to ask her what an emo was but my wife hushed me. “What is it that you DO want here then.”

“I don’t want to tell you two about my sex life. What makes you think I’ll tell you.”

“We are just hobbyists” my wife replied. “We just want to understand better what happens to women that enter the forest beyond. What to expect.”

“There are tons of plants in there that target humans, there are a couple that target either sex, a few more that target men only, but almost every other plant in there targets females. I think its cause of the way plants are, plants are always seeking other female plants so it just seems natural that they would seek female mammals when they changed their taste in mates.” The girl explained.

My wife asked her in a soft voice, like she was trying not to upset her. “Do you know what all the plants do?”

“No one knows all the plants, the infestation probably causes 10 new species a day to be created, who knows. The government has a huge team of people working on studying the plants and an ever larger team trying to contain the mobile plants, there are even rumors of a new flying plant.” At the mention of this last addition to her story her eyes lit up with some excitement.

“Is that what you are here for?” my wife asked.

“No, there are only two or three plants that most people come here for. There is a cactus, but it’s rare because this is the wrong climate for them. There is a plant whose nectar is supposed to be the ultimate aphrodisiac but rumor has it that they are only found deep in, and almost no one makes it out with one alive. Scores of people have gone missing completely, come out of the forest all wacked out mentally, or they get bulbed. That’s what I’m here for.”

“What is ‘bulbled’ mean?” my wife asked politely.

“Well you see how there is a 50 foot clearing on both sides of this fence, but the other side of the fence looks like it’s been burnt. The military came in and destroyed all of the plants, natural or not and left this area of land open so they could help prevent spread of the non-native plants. Some of the mobile plants are rumored to avoid  moving into open spaces. The thing is though that one specific plant spends all of it’s time underground waiting for a host to come lumbering past. The military has not been able to kill these because they can only be caught one at a time. If they try to dig them up they just dig deeper like a clam. I want a bulber.”

“Oh you wanted to know what it is… oh.. umm well... that’s the part I didn’t want to explain to you… but I guess if I’m going to do this anyways I might as well tell someone, it won't matter soon enough. Bulbers wait for anything body temperature to move near. When something passes by the plant sends out a single tiny fiber that touches the person or animals skin and senses whether this thing is a female or not. If it is a female the plant shoots up that fiber and attempts to lodge the tiny fiber into the female’s vagina. As it tries to finds it’s new home it releases a fast working chemical that numbs the skin so that it goes unnoticed by the unsuspecting. Once the fiber gets inside the vagina the plant very quickly pumps liquids into the end of the fiber which fills and becomes very large so that it gets lodged tightly in the vagina. If a woman is walking fast none of these fibers will be able to get in fast enough to get a grip, but once the fiber is in it only takes a second and she’ll be stuck where she stands very quickly. The plants underground root system is very strong and the tensile strength of the fiber is hundreds of pounds. If the woman does not have something sharp with her, she will be drawn down to the ground and forced to sit still, held fast, while the plant goes to work doing what it does. The fiber is very easy to cut, with even something as simple as a set of keys, but an unsuspecting woman can be drawn to the ground, unable to reach the keys under her quite quickly. Oh sorry, I guess I’ve been rambling…”

“What would you want to get stuck to the ground for? That does not sound nearly as fun as my plant, I mean other plant’s I’ve heard about.” My wife asked, catching herself a little too late in her excitement.

“Well… it’s what the bulber does to the woman that excites me most! You see, I have a huge fantasy of being slave, specifically a sex slave, I always have. The bulber, once it’s got you, starts pumping your blood stream with a bunch of enzymes and stuff. The thing is that these enzymes attach themselves to the parts of the brain that, when tampered with, cause a person to be fully compliant with anything. You saw back there in the fence there was that zapper? A bunch of high school guys here tricked their girlfriends into going through a hole in the fence and the girls got bulbed. They would have gotten away with it but the guys didn’t realize that the bulb holds a female down for hours while it messes with her brain. That hole in the fence back there is to trick people into trying to get in and tazers them, supposedly to keep them safe. I know it’s just so they can catch people at it. See the thing about me is that I want to get bulbed, but I want to take a bulb home with me so that I can do it when I want and not get caught and dragged off to lab to be a guinea pig. I’m here to see if I can coax one of these plants out of the ground so I can bag it and take it home.”

“What will you do then?”

“Well I’ll find some nice place to be a slave and I’ll bulb myself of course. Then I will be the happiest girl ever! Hey maybe you guys could take me in? Anyways I’ve got my knife in case I get caught off guard, here I go.” And with that the anonymous girl strode towards the fence, dropped her long coat leaving her fully naked, pulled back on part of the fence that had been freshly cut and strode in brandishing her knife.

From where we where we could see her looking down at the ground walking around it’s charred surface. At first she just kind of walked a small area near the hole in the fence but soon she was getting more brave and moving out further. A couple of times we saw her dance around something we could not see, obviously there was something there grabbing at her. A few times we saw her flash her knife around wildly at her thigh area, but soon she was calming down some and focusing all her efforts on one area. She would walk close to where she was looking, then step back slowly. Then she would step forward again and step back slowly. She did this for a while, then with a sudden movement she lunged to the ground where she had been looking. She grabbed onto something in mid-air that we could not see and pulled on it with one hand. Her other hand shot towards the ground digging and groping in the charred dirt. Then we could see it, she pulled out of the ground what looked like a huge potato with all kinds of roots sticking out of it.

As she started to strut triumphantly back towards us her momentum was arrested in an instant. It looked as though someone had grabbed her hips and yanked her back. The sudden shock of motion made her almost drop the struggling plant in her hands and instead she dropped her knife. A look of ultimate terror gripped her face as something slowly started pulling her backwards. I didn’t waist a second to think, I sprinted to the fence, through the hole and ran to the knife. By time I had gotten to her she was down on her knees trying to scoot away from the plant that was pulling her to the ground. She was so intent on not dropping the plant in her hands that she was not putting up a good fight and the plant was quickly winning. I lunged the knife between her knees and slashed below her butt at thin air, not being able to see my target. As I felt the knife catch something for a moment my body fell forward into the dirt as her body fell forward over me onto my back. The girl quickly untangled herself from me and sprinted towards the fence. Right there in front of me was a writhing mass of tiny gold colored fibers feeling the air trying to see what I was. As soon as one touched my wrist though all of the plants retreated in an instant.

As I came through the fence I watched the girl place her plant gingerly in a backpack. It was actually quite an odd sight, there was a steady spray of some liquid of some kind spraying out of the tiny fiber sticking out of her sex. Once her plant was safely stowed my wife and her worked on trying to press on the girl’s stomach to force the liquid out faster. Within no time the liquid sack that had held her attached to the ground slid out and was discarded. 

“Wow, good thing you guys where here! I would have ended up just another government lab rat! I didn’t know they where gonna be grouped up in the ground, I would have figured they would have spread out! I was right about one thing, that I would be able to coax one out of the safety of the ground, and they seemed to be competing with each other to get to me. Once I saw the roots of my plant I lunged and pulled it out. I didn’t even feel that other fiber touching or entering me! Probably the only reason I was not already tight against the ground by time you grabbed my knife was that all the plants where so shallow in the dirt competing to get to me! Bet I wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds otherwise. Well I got what I came here for, what did you guys come here to get?”

“We just came to see what was here, we didn’t realize how dangerous it could be!” I explained. One look at my wife and we both knew what I was going to say next.” “I defiantly think we are done here!”

“But you could run in and get a pussy plant really quick! It’s pretty safe for you and I hear they can be a little bit of fun…” The girl said as she pointed into the woods beyond the fence, but I cut her off. “No thanks, I’m not going in there again, and there is no way my wife is going in there either, knife or no knife.”

The trip back to town was uneventful. All three of us came back into our hotel room and we got to talking. My wife questioned the girl more, grilled her more like it. The girl finally told us her name was Sandy, and she explained more that for her getting ‘infected’ by this plant could give her all that she had wanted for most of her life, she just didn’t know it would be possible in real life until the crash. After asking a lot more questions my wife seemed to decide that Sandy really did know what she wanted and that Sandy was not just doing this on a whim or something. My wife even went outside and got some dirt to put in the hotel ice pot for the plant, in case it needed it.

That night we all sat around talking about the various other plants in the forest, and my wife told of her month plus spent suspended in our plant back home. After a while the plant on the table got some nerve up, or maybe some energy up and it reached out to touch us. It touched me first and pulled deeper into the ice bucket so fast that it spilled some of it’s dirt. 20 minutes later it decided to make another showing and touched my wife. Sandy watched jealously as the fiber approached my wife but when it touched her it just ignored her like she was not even there at all. The fiber seemed to find my wife as interesting as the table was to it. When the fiber touched Sandy on the other hand it went nuts. It stretched as far out as it could but my wife had snatched the bucket up and pulled it away from Sandy.

“Let’s wait till we are safely out of this encampment before that Sandy…” she said, holding the bucket back.

“Time for bed I think.” I added.

Being the guy I ended up sleeping on the couch but it was worth the sight that I found in the morning. Over heated or something the girls had kicked the sheets off the bed. Being naked though the two of them where now holding onto each other tightly for warmth. This was quite a nice sight for me, great view of both of there butts and …. fun bits. But this did not shock me much. What shocked me was that the plant had pulled itself all the way out of the bathroom onto the bed, tracking dirt the entire way. The plant looked dead now, shriveled up, and the fiber was still hanging out of Sandy’s sex. Sandy was cooing softly in my wife’s ear as the two of them started to stir. Sandy, obviously feeling something on her leg jumped and the fiber slid limply from her.
“Oh my God, my plant, it’s dead!” Sandy cried out as she started to panic.

“I don’t think so” added my wife with a curious tone in her voice. “Sandy, play with yourself until you cum or I tell you to stop.”

“OK.” Is all Sandy said, she just went about doing just what she had just been told, still looking distressed.

Obviously not getting the point my wife was trying to make my wife said, “Sandy go suck my husband’s cock.”

“Ok…. Oh… Oh my God! It worked!” Recognition came to Sandy quickly as she was unbuckling my pants, but words where gone from her soon since her mouth quickly became occupied. Obviously enjoying that she had gotten more than one of her fantasies answered today she very happily sucked on me while she played with herself. It didn’t take her long before she was rolling on the floor in a self induced orgasm leaving me hanging there wanting for more, which my wife happily obliged with yet another command directed at Sandy.




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