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Plant(ed) 4 - Cactus

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

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Plant(ed) 4 - Cactus

When me, my wife, and Sandy all got back home from our adventure to the meteor crash site we spent a few days learning about each other as friends and as lovers. Sandy quickly became a part of the “family”. My wife loved having her around, the two of them got along like best friends and yet both of them seemed to have an uncanny ability to please each other. Knowing that my wife is very suggestible ever since her experience with her first plant, I would have had half expected to have to “tell” her to accept Sandy as our pet/slave/lover, but she actually did it on her own, and I really didn’t have a say in the matter (since I didn’t need to).

More than once my wife had let Sandy play with our first plant, the big bud in the corner. Sandy didn’t want to be taken in for 42 days, so she never let the plant stay deep enough in her to capture her. All that being said, Sandy was a lot of fun, we all got used to sleeping in the same bed each night, and she fit into the family and our sex life well. Also, with another person in the house the chores where lessened. Lastly, Sandy felt that she was being a bit of a freeloader, so per her request, we found her a job with one of our friends that we could trust doing menial work for him at his home. The extra finances in the house didn’t hurt either.
I think that this part of the story starts about 2 weeks after we had gotten back from our visit to the meteor crash site where we had found Sandy, and took her in as our personal slave (by Sandy’s request). My wife took me to the bedroom and asked Sandy to go do the dishes so that we could have some privacy. My wife sat on the bed trying to not look embarrassed, I could  see from her eyes, whatever was coming next would be interesting.
“Honey, I smuggled a plant out of the crash site.”
“But… you didn’t even go near the fence! How did you get a plant?”
“I remembered Sandy saying something about cactuses and I saw one laying on the ground. Broken off, just laying there. It was pitch black and looked like a latex sex toy shaped like a standard bulbous cactus. During the confusion I pocketed it and forgot to mention it while we where getting acquainted with Sandy these last two weeks. I started asking Sandy how much she knew about the cactuses, in small nonchalant conversations at first. But I got more detailed as I went along. I felt jealous, I didn’t want her to know I had one, I was afraid she would want it. Sandy explained to me, that over the course of many small conversations and a few days, that all she knew about the cactus was rumors. She had never had an interest in it so she simply didn’t research it. She had heard though that the cactus was completely reliant on its host for water and Sandy said that she had heard it had an amazing way of getting the liquid it needed. That’s really all she knew. So I told her that I had one, and for the last week we have been trying to plant it but it won't take root. I want to try something, but I want you to know about it before I do it. The only other thing that Sandy had heard was that the plant’s effects didn’t last long. Honey, I’m going to plant the cactus in me, today. I want you to be there with me! Support my decision in this, please. You know how much I love the discovery, and how much I love my plants. I’m afraid it will die soon if I don’t figure out how to plant it.”
“Honey you don’t know anything about the plant, you don’t know what it will do!” I knew this was falling on deaf ears, my wife had a serious fetish for these alien plants and with all the amazing things that these plants have done for us thus far, there was going to be no dissuading her. “Honey, please reconsider.”
“Darling, I have already decided. Period. I am planting the cactus today; I don’t want it to die!”

With that she called downstairs for Sandy to come up. Once Sandy was there my wife pulled a small black latex looking cactus shaped dildo thing our of her panty drawer. The thing was simply about 8 inches long and kind of a skinny football shape. It looked like it would be a little bit of a tight fit, but I was not going to be the one shoving it in a hole in my body so I was not as concerned as maybe I should have been. My wife lay on the bed, legs hanging off the edge. While me and Sandy watched on my wife started pressing the cactus into her and it slid almost half way in with no problem. My wife had definatly been thinking of this all morning ’cause she was insanely wet. I could see her straining to get it past her hymen muscle as she pushed and shoved and it didn’t seem to want to go past.

I thought for a moment how this plant expected to reproduce if it didn’t fit, but I was soon distracted by my wife standing up and waddling weirdly across the bedroom to one of our wooden chairs. She sat down on the chair, using it and gravity to press the cactus into her. With a sudden jolt my wife was sitting fully on the chair and the cactus was no longer visible. The look on my wife’s face was that of bliss. She looked happy, and relieved, just to see that it finally had fit. She waited patiently, and after a minute or so she stood up and walked over to the bed, sat on it, she lifted her legs up spread so she could see herself in the mirror. Nothing was happening, at least I could not see anything happening. My wife just softly stroked her outer folds, watching the flat black tip, barely exposed.
“Oh that feels nice. It’s moving. Not much but it’s slightly shifting, like it’s getting ready for something.”
Sandy and I moved closer so that we could see better, but we looked from the sides so that my wife could continue to watch herself in the mirror. I reached out to touch the cactus but my wife shot me a look and said “no wait.”
I could see something moving, but the fact that the plant was just a flat shiny black it was difficult to see any kind of texture. After a while my wife moved so that she was lying back on the bed fingering her own clit, her eyes closed tight, obviously enjoying something. As Sandy and I watched my wife squirm I started to see the flat end of the cactus starting to bulge out slightly in the center. Then it seemed to split into petals and spread open. As the petals spread they opened to the point where they where facing out instead of in and they now seemed to be holding my wife’s labia out of the way, pressing them tight against her body. I suddenly had the thought that I should have gotten the video camera, but it was too late and I didn’t want to miss anything.

Looking inside of the cactus, where the black petals had opened I could not see anything with any texture or shape, just more black, but the stuff inside was much shinier, like it was liquid. After a short while my wife orgasmed. Every squeeze of her vaginal muscles made the liquid like black stuff inside squish out slightly, then it would slush back inside the cactus. The only way to describe what it looked like is if you where to fill a black condom with black latex paint and stick it in a woman as she squeezed. With each squeeze of her muscles the black stuff seemed to come further and further out, then it would pop back in. On the final back breaking scream of her orgasm the “bag” of black liquid popped all the way out and stayed out, hanging down against the bed as nothing more than a limp sack.

My wife seemed to be in a different world now. She didn’t seem to be coming down from the orgasm like you would expect but instead it almost seemed like she was hallucinating. She had given up on rubbing her clit and she was now giving us a good show writhing all over the bed in ecstasy rubbing her body all over with her hands.
Sandy and I just watched, transfixed. I bet Sandy was almost wishing it was her on the bed. My wife looked like she was REALLY having a good time. I on the other hand was worried about the long term effects of the plant. I know my wife loves the thrill of the unknown effects, but I was stuck on the outside every time just hoping that she would survive, and that the lasting side effects of the plant would not be too much to bear.

Soon we saw some movement from the plant again, it looked like the thin sack that was surrounding the extremely viscous liquid had just dissolved. The liquid didn’t soak into the sheets or droop down lower like you might expect, but instead the liquid had come alive. It was now making it’s advance, lifting itself in towards my wife’s crotch. As the base of the bulb of liquid touched her it seemed to just spread its self thinner and thinner. Within moments the liquid’s spreading was picking up momentum. The liquid was “painting” itself onto my wife’s body. As it spread across her hips my wife’s ecstasy continued. Where before she was just playing with any part of her body she felt like now her fingers where playing with the liquid, following it’s advance. As the liquid touched the base of her breast she let out a little moan, the first vocal noise she had made since the end of the orgasm. As it peeked her nipples she let out a deep growl of approval and pinched her newly “painted” nipples. The liquid was not deterred by anything, it didn’t mind that she was lying on the bed; it just spread under her as if she had not been touching anything. The entire process probably took 10 minutes but at this point all that was left was a “black latex paint” like 3D silhouette of my wife on the bed, breathing but otherwise unmoving.
“Honey you ok? Babe? Oh my god, I begged her not to!”
“Don’t worry” Sandy assured me. “I’ve never heard anything bad about this plant and you know if there was something bad it’s the first thing you would hear about.”
I got up on the bed with Sandy and the two of us examined her more closely. Where the cactus had been was now a hole, just like you would expect from a sex toy, a latex lined vagina really. Her mouth was the same. I don’t know how far in the stuff had spread, but I could tell there was black as far back in her throat as I could see. Other than these two holes she had no other distinct features. I could see where her eye sockets where, and her nose still stood out, but all her features seemed softened by the latex leaving her looking very much like some kind of golem. I put my finger in her vagina and could feel that she was definatly lubricated, but the lubrication did not seem to be water based.
Sandy and I discussed my wife’s predicament for a while. Not knowing what to make of it all we came to a consensus on a couple of things. We figured that cactus would not want to waste water evaporating covered her entire body, this is probably how the plant gets it’s water, sweat. We also agreed that we where to assume that the lubrication was not water based because that would just be a waste of water, something non-water based would stay lubricated longer without drying in the process. We had no idea how to get my wife out of it, and we knew that if we tried to cut her out she would be pissed, if we didn’t hurt her somehow in the process.
After deliberating for a while over my wife’s now limp body she started to stir. She seemed to look around at the two of us, though she had no eyes so it was hard to tell. She quickly zeroed in on me and jumped up to give me a kiss. I didn’t even think to stop her. Well after she kissed me I didn’t stop to think of anything. In the first moment of the kiss I realized that there was some sort of powerful pheromone on her breath, and from that moment on I really didn’t think until I was done ravaging her body. As soon as I was done with her I came back to my senses. She didn’t give me any time to rest though, she came back in for another kiss, and I could feel myself getting hard instantly again, another couple of minutes later I was spend again, lying on my back exhausted. My wife did seem to give me a rest this time; she totally ignored Sandy in every way, like she was just another piece of unimportant furniture in the room or something.
“Wow, that was fast, and TWICE! I’ve never seen that before, what happened?”
“Something on her breath, like a pheromone, I don’t know, but it was really strong.” I panted my answer back to Sandy.
“Wow, well at least she’s got a trick or two up her sleeve. I wonder what we should do with her next.”
I lay on the bed tired for about 5 minutes before my wife’s silhouette stirred again. She jumped on me and gave me another kiss. Not wanting to kill myself by heart attack or something I tried to back away, but an instant after she got her mouth near mine, I was all hers again. Even though I really could not think, this time when I entered her I could feel that she seemed tighter. Her clit area was also growing. Just like before she wanted two rounds so she kissed me again almost as soon as I was done, before I could get away. Now my nuts were killing me. I needed to get away for a while, so I pulled away from her I noticed that her “clit area” had grown into a “tiny penis area”. Before leaving the room I got a close look at her new protrusion and it actually looked like a tiny version of the first cactus.
Sandy and I went downstairs together to discuss our thoughts about what was happening. We figured out pretty fast that the plant was feeding off of a mix of semen and body sweats. It seemed a fairly simple the way for the plant to feed. We knew from rumors on the Internet that the plant didn’t stay on someone for a very long. How to get my wife out of this thing was still a mystery. My first theory was that enough sex and the thing would get its fill and just come off, but Sandy reminded me that every time my wife had sex my her latex lined vagina was getting tighter and tighter. So there didn’t seem to be a way that I would be able to fit in her soon. So my second theory was that if we just watered her a lot it would fall off.

Sandy on the other hand thought both my theories where stupid. She had pretty much decided that she was going to have to take over for me when I didn’t fit anymore, that the cactus protruding from her clit area was going to be the plant’s new source of fluids. Sandy, having taken a better look at the cactus protrusion, noticed that the baby cactus was ribbed in such a way that it would pull vaginal juices out on each thrust. Sandy also noticed, that for now, my wife was not reacting to her presence in the room at all, but she figured that would change soon.
Figuring it would be safer for all of us I slept, downstairs in the guest room and left Sandy and my wife to sleep together. An hour later we had flipped the bedroom doorknob around within the door and I locked it from the outside, not wanting to get raped in my sleep. Well not tonight at least.
In the morning I made breakfast for 2 then went up to let Sandy out of their room. She slipped out without my silhouetted wife noticing and we went downstairs to eat. Sandy teased me a bit about not being able to “service her needs as the household sex slave”, but noted that the “silhouette monster” needed my attention more, and the sooner I got my part done, the sooner Sandy could have hours upon hours of hard core plant inspired lesbian sex. She looked almost giddy with anticipation.
After breakfast and a little time for TV to let my food settle I went upstairs and submitted myself to the, now tremendously powerful, smell of pheromones wafting around the bedroom. Not being satisfied with two rounds of sex my wife attacked me for three consecutive rounds before she retired to the corner of the room to rest. I would have figured that I would be lasting longer and longer since I was getting SO much sex. (More sex than humanly possible, but then again this was not human sex it was plant’s pheromones induced human/plan sex.) The thing was though that with my wife getting tighter and tighter, and but being lubricated so well, I was getting my rocks off faster each round. I didn’t figure I would fit in my wife more than two or three more rounds from now.
After the morning session, I went for a rest downstairs for lunch, and I found hot soup ready for me, prepared by an even hotter Sandy. She was obviously enjoying teasing me, when I came downstairs I had found her at the stove wearing my favorite outfit. She was in her black corset with red trim. The corset was tight around her waist and lifted her breasts high without hiding the nipples. The corset had a built in garter and she wore silky black stockings with sexy black high heel shoes. Around her neck was a matching black and red collar that I just love. She wore cuffs on her wrists but she didn’t need any on her ankles. The collar, corset, wrist cuffs, and shoes each had D-rings built into them and they where all locked on with small padlocks. When I came downstairs she brought me my soup then handed me the key to all of her clothes. She spent the time that I ate my soup sucking on my limp penis. It felt nice having it played with even though I was not hard. The sucking was like a massage for sore muscles.
“I’ll be right back”. With that Sandy got up went upstairs and left me to clean up my soup bowl. When she came down she had a wry smile on her face as she came up to me with gusto and kissed me with abandon. Almost instantly I was hard, and Sandy pulled back, holding onto my penis, explained that she had “borrowed” some of the pheromones, and that she hoped I didn’t mind giving her a turn.
The pheromones where not as powerful, not coming from the source, but they where efficient none the less. Sandy was being very aggressive, which was odd for her, normally I would not mind, but right now I was also in an aggressive mood. I moved forward to kiss her, to distract her for a moment. I reached behind her head and pulled my fingers up the back of her head starting at her neck. This gave me the distinct advantage. I grabbed a handful of hair right at the back of her head, and pulled her hungry lips away from mine, she gasped in a very sexy manner and her lip quivered. I stepped behind her smacked her hard on the ass cheek. As she reached back with both of her hands to cover her cheeks, I grabbed both of her wrists and held them behind her back.
“You are my toy now. I will have you the way *I* want you, do you understand?”
“Yes, Master…” Sandy said softly, and sensually. Sandy almost never called me Master. Being our “household sex slave” she wanted to call me Master in the privacy of our home all the time, but I didn’t fancy it so I ordered her not to call me Master except on special occasions. This was obviously a special occasion for her. She had not had sex, with either my wife or I for days, she was dressed to her sexiest, and her chest and face where both flushed with blood. Sandy was obviously deeply horny.
Taking Sandy by her wrists and the handful of hair I had hold of I walked her over to the living room and bent her over the ottoman. “Where is your chastity attachment, slave?”
“Please Master, no! Please service your slave! Please.”
“Where is your chastity attachment, slave?”
With her head down she softly told me she had hid it in the downstairs bathroom. I told her to stay where she was with her hands behind her back, face down on the ottoman. I went and got the attachment, and added it to her outfit, locking it on. I had grabbed a special new toy, a leash, a pair of mitts and some zip ties on my way back from the bathroom. While she rested on the ottoman I pulled her feet, one at a time, up to her butt cheeks and zip tied her ankles to available D-rings on bottom of the back of her corset. I put her hands in the mitts and zip tied them onto her. Now she was hobbled to have to walk on her hands and knees. I attached the leash and pulled on it, she begrudgingly followed me, looking at me with a pouty face. She really wanted my attention, but I had other plans for her.
I led Sandy to the back door, and when I slid it open she protested. I smacked her on the ass hard and told her that if she didn’t comply I would gag her then force her out the back door anyways. “Come pet.” I led her out to the back yard, in full view of anyone that might peek over the fence. Being a sunny day I led her to the dog runner line that ran across the yard and locked her to it. I led her on all fours into the dog house, once inside I zip tied her hands to her collar. Now I knew that she would not be able to play with herself through the chastity device. It was not a tight device, allowing fingers to get up under, but without the key no one could have sex with her.
“Now I know you are safe from getting stolen, the dog run line, leash, and collar are all steel cable reinforced. And if some neighborhood kids do find you they won’t be able to fuck you, but, being a sex slave you’ll have to do anything they tell you to, that is an order. Chances are though that no one will be finding you and no one will be giving you any attention. So sit tight, I’ll be back for you later. In the meantime enjoy this.” I reached in my pocket for the special new toy and zip tied it to the outside of her chastity belt. “This toy is pressure sensitive, if you can push it against something it vibrates, enjoy!”
Having ensured that Sandy was safe, and sexually tormented in an agreeable fashion (well agreeable for me) I went upstairs to enjoy this hardon with my wife’s silhouette. I entered the room holding my nose, I wanted to get a good look at her and maybe mess with her some before the mind altering sex maniac stupidity of the pheromones kicked in. My nose holding didn’t really work as planned, when I entered the room my wife practically jumped me, kissed me, and the next hour was a blur. I remember her getting into doggy style position and letting me fuck her from behind. As usual I didn’t last long in her super lubricated, super tight pussy. Without even missing a beat, as soon as I came in her she spun around and kissed me, I marveled at how none of my cum slipped out of her like it would normally. As she kissed me she lay me down on my back and straddled me for another go. This time she was so tight that I almost didn’t fit at all. The only thing that got me in was the weight of her body on top of me. This time the sex was rough, and I had a difficult time coming. It felt amazing, but it also was a little over stimulating.
As soon as I had come she jumped off of me, spun around and laid on top of me 69 style. Her now larger penis slapped me in the face. Not wanting to become her oral bitch I turned my head but I was treated with an amazing blowjob. Not being a super tight hole the blowjob took a while, and I took my leave to take a look at her tight love hole above my face. Pushing her cactus “penis” aside I found that she simply didn’t have a vaginal hole anymore, and there was no anal hole either. I pushed the gross idea of being sucked off by a guy out of my head and closed my eyes trying to remember that vagina-less or not this was my wife sucking on me.
Once she was finished with me and she had sucked every last sperm out of my body (at least it felt that way) she slinked off to rest in the corner again.
I figured I had the energy for one more round at least so I hung around the room waiting for her to recover. After an amazingly short couple of minutes she started to stir; only now she ignored me. I went to her and kissed her square on the lips, the pheromones on her where still present but not as strong as before. I kissed her passionately for a while, getting hard again, but she ignored me. I was mad with lust for her, thanks to the enormous power of these hyper pheromones, even though they where now weak on her breath. I knew I could not fuck her because she had no vagina, and she didn’t seem to want to suck me off again, so I only had one choice left. Thank god for household sex slaves! Sandy!
Going downstairs and out into the backyard I found her still in the doghouse trying her hardest to press the vibrator against the wall of the doghouse. With no leverage she could only make it vibrate in spurts. I grabbed her and pulled her up on all fours. The plan was to get her into the house, unlock her and fuck her silly, but the pheromones where just too strong. Walking Sandy back to the house, ten feet from the doghouse, I noticed that I was naked. I had not even thought of clothes I was in such lust. I also realized that Sandy was completely vulnerable to me (since I had the key). There in the grass I pulled out the key, tore off her chastity attachment, and plowed into her, doggy style, right there on the grass.

Within moments she was screaming orgasmically , coming hard on my cock. I could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing hard on me, milking me, but with the attention I had gotten in the last 2 days, Sandy’s normal pussy was not getting me even close to orgasm. While I pounded into her from behind I unlocked her ankles and then her wrists, giving her mobility again. I pulled out of her and pushed her sideways to the ground. If there was any position I knew I could get off with it was with Sandy on her side, top leg pressed into her chest. I mounted her again and kissed her passionately.
“OH my god! That smell! Oh my, OH, OHHHH!!” Again, with no concern for the neighbors she came. One kiss and she had gone into another orgasm as her vagina spasmed around my cock! I still could not get off! I was getting closer, but not close enough! “Oh my GOD, that stuff is SO good! No wonder you fucked her so much! She’s changed over to female now! And it’s on your breath from kissing her, KISS ME AGAIN!”

Contrary to what she had said Sandy pushed me up so that I was sitting up higher. She kicked her top leg up and around so that I was now in her missionary style. With her legs wrapped tightly around me, she now stole from me that kiss she had demanded. She moaned loudly into my mouth and I felt her vagina spasm on me again. “Oh my god that’s good stuff!”
Trying to get another angle, I’m guessing, Sandy flipped us both over and now she was riding on top of me. She squated over me on her high heel shoes and slammed herself onto me hard. This was still not enough stimulation for me and I could not get close to an orgasm. As she rode me I figured I would try something. “Slave, turn and face the other way and I will take you in the ass.” I needed more stimulation, bad!
I could tell she didn’t want to do what she had been told, but being given a direct order she could not resist me. We had found out very quickly that, once she had been “planted” she would do anything she was told to do that would not endanger her life directly, no matter what it was.
She spun around and squat down above me before she used her own liberal sex juices to lubricate her anus, and my cock still being wet from her, it slid in nicely. Well nicely for me, since I needed the extra stimulation, but I bet it hurt some for her. As she rode me she leaned back on her hands so that she was on all fours, floating above my stomach fucking me with her ass.
“Oh my god, she’s…UMMFF…” I felt Sandy’s weight press on me hard as she was impaled on me fully. I looked up and there above me was Sandy and above her was my wife. I could feel Sandy being held down by my wife, and I could hear them kissing. Within moments Sandy’s entire body was spasming on top of mine and almost crushing my cock. Sandy was not thrusting up and down on me, but the pressure caused by my wife’s cactus “penis” pounding inside of Sandy was enough to give me the stimulation I needed. As Sandy came and my wife’s silhouette pounded away, I came for what felt like half a minute as my body tried to muster up some sperm for the job. As I finished coming I felt Sandy slip limply off my body onto her side. My wife had already gotten up and she was now nesting on the sleeping pad in the dog house.
I looked over and Sandy and she was not moving. Panicking I jumped up and checked on her, she was still breathing, calmly, like she was just sleeping. I stuck my fingers deep in her pussy to make sure there was no cactus there. Then I picked up her tiny form and carried her into the living room and lay her down on the couch. I went out to the yard and found my wife getting comfortable in the dog house. With the smell of Sandy’s sex on my fingers I tempted my wife to follow me into the house and back upstairs, and I locked her in the bedroom again.
When I came back downstairs and checked on Sandy she had started to stir. Waking up she stretched out like she was going to yawn then just flopped limply onto the couch again, giggling softly with a huge Cheshire cat grin on her face.
“That was fantastic. The sex was actually so good that I cried the first 5 orgasms, by the 6th you were finishing up coming in me and I was starting to see stars. Somewhere around the 9th orgasm I fainted. Man that was good.”
Sandy sat bolt upright and shot a hand down into her sex. “OH MY GOD the cactus! That’s how it captures women, it makes them pass out! Wait, where is it?”
“It’s still attached to her; I checked you almost as soon as you had passed out and rolled off of me.”
“Oh I wanna do that again! Promise me that you’ll come up with me and make sure it does not get a firm grip on me. When I pass out, one of these times she fucks me, it will break off in me. I need you to come and pull it out of me before it starts spreading. By the way that was some great sex from you also! Man when you took me right there in the yard I could not help but scream out, then when you kissed me, oh man, that was good. Maybe even better than when she was doing me. With her it was just pure sex; with you it was much more sensual. You where lusting after me, she was just fucking me.”
“I can do that.”
Sandy got up and grabbed my hand. “Lets go then, I’m ready. Wish I could bottle some of that stuff she breaths out.”
We went upstairs I watched them roll around, almost non-stop for 20 minutes. Then Sandy passed out. Next round Sandy lasted 40 minutes, and I tell you they came up with some amazing positions. As Sandy fell limply from the bed, rolling off onto the floor, I saw the cactus in her. I quickly pulled it out of her and tossed it in the bathroom, shutting the door.

Next I checked my wife. Where the cactus had broken off I could see her skin, for the first time in days. I touched her skin and she reached up to touch me back, seeming to know I was there. I stuck my finger under the black latex coating on her and started to pull as I found that it peeled off easily. As I pulled the stuff off of her sex I found the first cactus intact and imbedded in her pussy. Gingerly I pulled it out and placed it with the other one in the bathroom.

As I got back to pulling the stuff off of my wife, Sandy woke and began helping me also. Soon enough we had my wife unwrapped and she smiled up at us, so tired she could barely smile. We lifted her up onto the bed and the two of us gave my wife the best oil body rub of her life. Soon enough Sandy and I had lain down on either side of my wife and had fallen asleep, all three of us holding each other. We had survived another plant, as a family.

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