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Plant(ed) 2 - The Diet Plan

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2007 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Plant/f; anal; mc; vore-ish; cons; X

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Plant(ed) 2 - The Diet Plan.

This story is not your usual self bondage or mind control story, this story is the story of my studies and my interviews over the last few weeks. While my wife was busy enjoying her so-called self bondage adventure inside of our illegal alien plant I did some research online. You see my wife let our alien plant take her into it and I had to spend so much time alone wondering if she would even come out alive that I worried, so I did research. What I found where many different and strange plants that had been found near the meteor crater. This story is a short about one of these plants.

I found out about a fad that the rich and the famous where partaking in. It seemed that they found the ultimate diet. One of the plants at the meteor site was said to be able to keep any woman at the ideal healthy weight with no effort on their behalf. Lately there had been a lot of stars and actresses caught in possession of these plants. All I can say is that if I where a hot up-and-coming actress and I had an illegal plant living in my ass I would not go around town partying with no panties wearing really short skirts. But I was intrigued so I researched more. Since my wife and I are not too bad off financially speaking I was able to pass myself off as a ‘rich’ potential buyer of one of these hard to get plants, and I ended up getting to have an interview with one of the women that used and swore by the plant’s efficacy.

The woman I got to interview was not the most amazing looking woman, but she was hot enough to have gotten the attention of some rich actor recently, who gave her one of these plants as a gift, then bonked her and never called again. So she made extra money growing, distributing, selling, and … umm … demonstrating her plants.

I arrived at her nice top floor flat in the city and I was greeted by her butler or body guard, I don’t know which. He took my coat, and led me into one of the downstairs bedrooms, obviously a guest room. There on the bed, laying in a seductive manner was the woman I had come to meet. I had no idea that I was going to get such a detailed “demonstration”, but maybe there was more to this meeting than I had originally thought. Not wanting to be rude in case she was not just a high-end hooker (like she seemed to be acting), I walked in as if nothing was abnormal and she greeted me with a smile.

This anonymous woman was facing me, lying on the bed, though her top leg covered most of any really interesting view, I could tell quickly that she had an almost perfect body and a (probably) fairly fresh pair of fake tits. She sat herself up on the edge of the bed, walked over to me and shook my hand which quickly turned into a nice sexy hug. Not minding this at all but knowing that I could not let this go any further I was glad when she led me over to a table on the other side of the room. She stayed slightly behind me as she led me and kept her rear faced away from me at all times, not wanting to spoil the surprise. I knew from my reading that the plant could be seen easily from just about any rear perspective.

This woman offered me some tea, but knowing that might not be the safest thing to do I passed and we went straight to business. The woman had a print out about me and she started asking me all kinds of questions about my wife, our work, our income, and other questions that where obviously her trying to ferret out any potential cops or such. We quickly got to talking about my wife’s “goal” of having a “personal diet coach” (plant in her ass) in her life. Once the woman was comfortable with me she asked if I wanted to see the plant. This is what I had come for so soon enough she was standing next to me, bent over at the waist with her feet far apart and her business (literally) in my face. This position was provocative to say the least, but I was more interested in the plant than her obviously ready to go pleasure center. As I inspected the plant (and the surrounding area now and then) she reached up and started playing with the plant, and it reacted.

The plant looked, at first, like nothing more than a dark green, almost black butt plug. It was just a small button of a thing covering any view of her pucker. It looked fairly hard; it was so featureless I wondered what it might do. As she started playing with the plant though the hard-ish looking button started to peel away into a bunch of small petals that pulled back and rested against the skin around her anus. What was inside of these petals was so much like the tendrils on my wife’s plant that I knew immediately that this plant did do something interesting, but what?

As these tentacles extended they moved straight for her most sensitive areas that where within their 5-6 inch reach. Soon some where wrapped around her clit, others where playing with the folds of her labia and others had reached deep within her vagina, going for her G-Spot I assumed. Now that the plant had footing on most of her vaginal area the woman braced her hands on her knees, staying in that position so that I could watch these tentacles go to work. I would say that within 20 seconds she was panting, and less than 45 seconds total she had had 2 small orgasms and one good one. It was phenomenal how fast it had happened. Once the show was over every tentacle pulled itself away from whatever it was doing and sunk themselves into her rectum. She stood up, walked back to her chair, and sat down calmly like nothing really interesting had just happened.

“Enjoy the show?” she asked, not waiting for my response she continued. “The plant has a symbiotic relationship with a woman. Ninety percent of the plants body mass is inside of my large intestines. The plant basically eats all of my waste, every ounce of it and turns whatever does not use into liquid waist. Once the plant has learned a woman’s body it actually learns to expel this liquid when the woman pees. It’s a bit messy for the first week just relieving it’s self randomly, but after that it’s awesome! She never has to do number 2 again! Nobody knows how the plant knows, but the plant eats exactly what is extra so that the woman can eat anything she wants and never gain or loose weight once the plant has her at her healthy ideal weight. If the plant thinks you need to get some exercise it basically just gets the woman’s heart rate up and the easiest way to do that is to induce an orgasm. It takes the plant a week or so but it learns how to give a woman exactly what she needs to orgasm fairly efficiently. The orgasm inducing also has another function, and this is why the plant does not live in men for more than a few days, the plant needs something from the woman’s sex juices to live, so after each orgasm it goes in and gets what it needs.” The woman winked at me and added “and if you noticed the tentacles don’t get in the way of intercourse!”

I didn’t know what I was supposed to say next so she just continued into her sales pitch.

“How much will your wife love you for ridding her of having to do number 2 ever again? How much will she thank you for giving her unlimited access to as many orgasms as she wants? What will she do for you when she’s always in a good mood and how will you react when she’s almost always ‘in the mood’. Now don’t tell her I told you this, but even if she’s not in the mood when you are, all you gata do is rub the nub, so to say, and her little buddy will have her moaning in seconds like it did for me when I just showed you. I don’t know what your wife looks like now, but wouldn’t you like to know that she’ll never get fat?”

“What’s the catch to all of this?” I asked.

“Catch, what catch?”

“I have heard that the plant is very rare, and can be difficult to procure.”

“That is because a baby plant must be taken directly from a woman to another woman. The only way to transfer one is by giving an implanted woman an orgasm that is not aided by the plant. The plant assumes that you have a partner with you and sends out a baby plant on a tentacle that tries to find a host nearby. In other words either you can fuck me or your wife will have to come in here and fuck me. So what do you say, ready to make your big deposit, and purchase right now?” The woman stood up, came to stand at my side with her legs spread slightly and her hands stroking my hair.

Somehow I had known it was going to come to this. I had read that the plant could slowly alter the minds of the women it lived in. The plant used the many hundreds of induced orgasms to actually slowly condition the woman to always be horny and ready for any sex they could get. With the woman standing this close to me I could defiantly tell that she was ready to go, I could smell her wetness, and I could feel the heat radiating from her. Knowing that this was my cue to leave, before things got difficult, I thanked her for her help and told her I would have to bring my wife back for her to make love with when my wife was ready. Knowing my wife was having too much fun with the plant she had right now though, I didn’t think we would be back at all.

I realized that this plant would be in the news more and more as the effects it had on women built. With the plants slow and deliberate conditioning of these women it was no wonder the woman that tried to sell me the plant had come on to me. I’m sure at one time she had been a respectable business woman. It was also no wonder that these up and coming stars where showing up more and more often in the clubs, more and more often with no panties on, and more and more often with very short skirts. I have a feeling the arrests for possession of this specific plant will only increase.

Hope you all enjoyed it!


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