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Plant(ed)1: Her First

by Baubleheadz

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Plant(ed)1: Her First

This story is not your usual self bondage or mind control story, this story is the story of my life, or well my wife, and the events that lead up to what happened just today. To tell you the story I must also tell you that my wife has an special affinity towards plants, not an entirely abnormal thing, but she has an affinity for a certain plant and the idea of it’s interesting properties. You remember back in 2009 when the meteorite crashed into the mountain ranges in Colorado, you remember that there where multiple accounts of people seeing plants or animals that did not belong on this planet. You also remember the government trying to hide the evidence of this alien infection, and then finally admitting that there was a “harmless infection” once some of the “species samples” had found their way into households as pets or novelty household plants. At the same time that they admitted about the infection they also outlawed the ownership of any contaminated substance, especially living organisms.

On the internet my wife had learned of a plant that had come from the impact site that had interesting properties. She had learned of it from various fetish forums. The story variations on the forums about this plant where extremely varied and all very crazy sounding. Some stories told of a plant that walked on four legs and would sneak into someone’s bedroom at night, swallow them whole and mind fuck them into a submissive sex toy. Other stories told of a little pod that when inserted into the vagina, and left in there for 42 days would make the woman “bound” to the man that stayed with her for the 42 days. Although she would be herself most of the time her sex drive would be through the roof and she could not resist any sexual advances from her “bound” partner.

Some stories that followed this line even spoke of the woman doing anything she was told to do while she was in “heat”, which her man could put her into anytime simply by touching her clit or making a pass at her. Other stories spoke of thin vines that would come in during the night and copy your wife so you would have two, but my wife and I both agree that this was just a lame fantasy based on the book “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” by Jack Finney. Even wilder stories told of a vine that could be slipped around someone’s head while they slept and would turn them into a walking horn-ball until the plant died due to over exhaustion from absorbing too many stupid human brainwaves. None of the stories ever really correlated with each other, but you could tell that they all seemed to come from the same basic idea, some kind of mind control plant. My wife knew this was impossible, but she loved the idea and the ensuing daydreams that followed a find of a new story.

The stories’ common threads where few and far between but the ones that did strike my wife’s fancy also seemed to be written about the most. They all had a plant that somehow effected the mind of the woman, and all of the stories seemed to have some mention of the number 42, tentacles, mind control, massive female orgasms, and submissive female behaviors. Most stories spoke of the woman being “bound” to one man, and a couple stories even mentioned seeds being planted in the vagina to mature there.

My wife had raved on for weeks about these stories whenever she found a new one. We already knew before then that my wife was into bondage, self bondage, and very occasionally into being submissive, but through these readings and musings she found that she had some interest in mind control. She would go from extreme to extreme in her daydreams, of which she would explain to me in detail. Sometimes she would imagine herself being dragged away into the woods by this 10 foot tall plant and orgasmically raped while it took over her mind and turned her into a mindless sex maniac. On the other hand, sometimes she would daydream of simply placing a little seed inside her and allowing it to mature, only to find that her sex drive was increased 10 fold whenever she was around me and that I could make her do anything I wanted when she was “horny”.

Most of her daydreams though focused around submitting herself to the plant’s effects, and allowing it to do whatever it was going to do to her. Some nights she would “go to bed early” to finger herself into massive arousal. When I would come to bed soon after, she would role play that she had been mind controlled by a plant to differing levels of submissiveness. Some nights after we had had sex, even after multiple orgasms she would lie in bed fingering herself more, still role playing that she was a sex craved woman until she fingered herself to sleep. We both admitted that somehow those nights when she would role play had been some of the best sexual experiences of our relationships, and those nights became more and more frequent as she found more and more stories about this mystery web-fiction plant.

We both admitted to ourselves that the plant had to be a myth. The idea of a plant being able to do a quarter of the things in the stories was just ludicrous. Although other animals and plants that had escaped the government long enough to get fully documented and reported in the news had been able to do amazing things a mind control plant was just too much to believe.

Well, we didn’t believe any such plant excised until about 12 months ago that is. A friend of ours, that knows my wife really well, called us and between breaths of exasperation explained that the plant my wife had spoken about was real. One of her single girl friends had been sent some seeds months ago by one of her pen pals, a biological doctorate from Australia of all places. The friend of our friend had expressed a need to get rid of some seeds and felt guilty letting them die or just tossing them out in the wild.

My wife and I rushed over to this woman’s house. She ushered us in and sat us down at the table to talk over tea about her seeds, almost as if she was an adoption counselor deciding if we were fit to be parents. At first we patiently listened to the woman, just hoping she would shut up and show us the plant, but as she spoke more we became intent on getting as much information out of her as possible!

The woman, Kate, started off with small talk, but as her excitement of the prospect of telling someone who was interested in her story grew, she quickly went into the “dirty details”. She told us of the writings of the Australian’s research of the plant and how her own “research” had added to both of their knowledge. She explained that the man had grown a plant to full size by planting seeds in soil and experimenting with different fertilizers. She didn’t spend much time on his part of the story because frankly growing oversized plants was not nearly as interesting as her part of the “research”.

It seemed by her description that once the Australian had grown a plant to full size, the plant resembled a huge flower bud. He explained that he could not figure out for weeks why the bud would not open until one day when a fellow botanist had approached the plant, the plant had reacted to her. It seemed that the plant reacted to female presence by opening up along one fold of petals and extending a long phallus like stamen on a very thick stalk. The stamen, once fully extended, seemed to be presented properly for a woman to interact with in the doggy style position as the stamen stuck straight out at just the right height. Even though, he had explained, that the plant was in a huge pot, it seemed to know to reach down to the right height. The Australian had written to his pen pal about this since he didn’t know of anyway to test his theories and just wanted someone that he could bounce the ideas off of. Kate admitted to us with a guilty laugh that she had offered her female resources to his studies since she was alone and no one would care if she got eaten. Needless to say a few of the Australian’s seeds had found their way into her mailbox.

After unsuccessfully planting 4 of the 5 seeds one at a time in various ways, and only ending up with dead, molded seeds, Kate explained how he had instructed her in the only way he had found to germinate the seeds, vaginal germination. He had told her that, with his various experimentation, he had not seen any negative side effects in “his germination test subject”. Upon this instruction she had placed the last seed inside of her after a long bubble bath, and waited all day, expecting to feel something. Nothing of any significance happened until the 9th day. At this point in Kate’s story she obviously was making a point to be very detailed, even in her excitement of the retelling.

She explained that when she awoke in the morning and had gone to the toilet to pee she felt something brushing against the inside of her thighs. When she looked down she could see about 5 thin tendrils feeling their way around her sensitive skin, searching for something. Not knowing what she was supposed to do, she did the only thing she could think of. Kate had run into the kitchen, careful to keep her legs spread, she grabbed the old flower pot that she had used for the other 4 attempts placed it on the floor and sat down on the pot. She said she could feel the plant grab hold of the soil and start digging in. Soon she found herself firmly *planted* on the small flower pot. She admitted that the tendrils where a lot stronger than she had expected but still seemed so delicate. The plant liked the soil but also seemed reluctant to leave her warmth. Whenever she would try to stand or move the plant seemed to take a stronger hold on the soil, and on her insides, but she knew that the plant in her was too small to hold inside her if she stood up. After enjoying the sensations of the internal tug of war she finally decided enough was enough and she wanted to see her new friend.

Kate continued her story by explaining that she had leaned over and loosened her vaginal muscles as much as possible and stood up gingerly until she felt a final POP, and it was out. The little plant bud had grown from merely a pea sized seed to a 2 inch tall and 2 inch wide upside-down tear drop shaped bud. It was using its 5 tendril legs to dig deep into the soil, trying ineffectively to pull its bulk deeper into the soil. As instructed in his letter Kate had taken the plant and placed it in the window for direct light for the first month. Kate told us how she had sat there watching the plant for hours that day, watching it moved less and less until it seemed just like any other immobile plant, still and silent.

Kate seemed to snap back into reality at this point in her story; it seems that the next few months of its growth was fairly boring and she told them quickly with a lot less gusto. Every few days she would add the fertilizer and test the soil as instructed. Every day she would pet the plant, talk to it, and water it. She expressed that she just could not wait for it to finally open for her. The plant grew faster than any plant she had ever seen, and the fertilizer was getting put on in larger and larger amounts. Within the Australian Doctor’s letters, along the way, he would give her new instructions and on the 2nd month he advised her to transplant the pod like plant into a new pot, specifically a wide but shallow pot with a 5 foot diameter. He had explained that she should do it now while the plants size was manageable because it was going to grow beyond her lifting strength soon.

In the 2nd month Kate had received a letter telling her that in his studies the baby plants seemed to need near shade at this point to be healthy, so Kate had moved the plant to her bedroom in the corner furthest from her bed. Next it seemed that somewhere around the 5th month, where the plant had grown to an almost full size of 4 feet in diameter and about 5 feet in height Kate had gotten another letter from her pen pal in Australia explaining his many varied theories on what the plant would do when it finally opened and she “interacted with it”.

Kate showed us this letter so we could read the embarrassing parts for ourselves. He had grown another plant and dissected his first plant discovering what the phallic stamen was for, in his opinion. In his best guess, it was designed to deposit the plants seeds directly into a female’s womb. He also added that he doubted the plant would have an ability to move the stamen during “interaction” because the stalk it was held on was much like a human males penis, it could not move on its own, only inflate and deflate becoming soft or stiff. He did mention in this letter though that in his further study of the dissected plant the inside of the bud was mostly hollow and seemed to house a network of interlaced tendrils that looked just like the germinated baby plants roots.

Assuming, due to the plants need for almost full shade, he guessed that this plant would germinate on it’s home plant seasonally in the fall when the other deciduous plants leafless, then as the plant grew quickly, and the overhead plants filled in, this plant would be shed in shadow and would need an alternate food source. He postulated that these inner tendrils seemed to have some basic mobility and that these where somehow designed for catching falling leaves for food. He also mentioned that he could not find any trigger that would make the plant desire to open. All of these guesses, he added, where supported by the discovery of a soft spongy pad in the bottom center inside of the hollow pod that seemed to be designed to absorb nutrients from the rotting leaves. He had added that since the stamen was not designed in any way to move that the plant should be fully safe to “interact” with, and the letter mentioned something about people on the internet being crazy.

As we finished reading the letter Kate took it back from us and handed us three return letters she had written him a few weeks later. She blushed and busied herself filling our tea trying not to look embarrassed. From the look on my wife’s face I could tell she wanted to just run off to the bathroom and finger herself, but she bit her lip hard as we read. The first letter didn’t say much, just a quickly scribbled message about the plant finally exposing it’s phallus, and Kate subtly hinting that she was to nervous to try anything “interesting” with the plant just yet.

In the second letter, dated a week later, she described the plant in detail. It seemed like she was trying to avoid talking about the phallus at all though. The plant was nearing full the full size of 4 foot diameter and 5 feet tall, dark green with giant petals that wrapped very tightly, almost seamlessly. She described the veins on the petals standing out ever so slightly giving the pod and interesting looking texture; around the base of the giant petals were smaller petals fringing the circumference of the plant just above the soil. The phallus was a flesh color, about 2 ½ inches across and 12 inches long, mostly smooth but slightly bumpy and it looked like it might be supple and firm. The stalk of the phallus was brown with tiny deep-brown veins running shallow, but the stalk was perfectly smooth. The top tip of the pod came to a point and the entire pod was shaped like any rose bud, like a tear drop. The 5 roots that had moved as a baby plant were now fully rigid and inflexible, holding strongly deep in the soil.

The third letter, dated about 2 weeks after the first was a lot more interesting. It seemed that for 2 weeks she had been prudish, she seemed almost insulted by the plant’s constant “hard on” and attention whenever she was in her bedroom. At night as she tried to fall asleep she swore she could almost feel the plant moaning inaudibly, at her refusal of its advances. On the second week she said the “hard-ons” were weak, almost sad looking, although they were stiff, the phallus seemed to hang a little lower, and the plant had stopped twitching every time she accidentally got close on her way to the bathroom. She explained that even though she could not hear it, the plant seemed to be crying sadly. She felt so bad for its apparent sadness that finally she had walked up to it, letting her robe fall open in the presence of the plant for the first time since it had exposed the stamen, squatted down next to the plant and lightly touched the plants phallus.

As she touched the tip it rose ever so slightly in response, but still not to the grand height it had been before. Feeling pity for the plant she began caressing the phallus, massaging it, stroking it, trying to learn what it liked most. It seemed to respond best to being snugly enveloped by both her hands at once and stroked fully. As she got braver she sat down on her ankles, bent slightly, and kissed the tip of the phallus and gave it a rub on the belly of the pod. With this, she explained, the stalk perked up noticeably, almost proudly. Kate tasted the plant, finding that it was pleasant and musky. She also mentioned that the plant released a liquid from the tip that was a slippery as any lubricant but had a “planty” natural “salady” flavor. Kate felt compelled to take the plant into her mouth because she was not yet ready to give herself completely to the plant but she felt the plant deserved further attention.

From Kate’s further description, although lonely, she seemed to be an accomplished deep throater. As the phallus reached the back of her throat and she could no longer fit her hands on its phallus at the same time so she used one to stoke herself and one hand to pet and stroke the plants bulb. As she did this she wrote of a small petal that pulled back from the base of the plants gigantic petals that made up its large bulb. As soon as she had noticed it open she could smell the most amazing musty smell that she immediately realized was a very powerful aphrodisiac or human pheromones. Even though she knew her sudden wetness and empty feeling between her legs was because of this plant, she didn’t mind her sudden desire to fuck the plant because she really had known it was going to come to this tonight ever since the moment she had opened her robe and knelt down, needless to say she didn’t mind the added encouragement.

Kate added a note at this point in the letter that mentioned that she was writing this account of her adventure under the influence of the pheromones. That she had gone back and taken a good strong sniff of it so that she would not be modest in her description, and therefore possibly leave out any “scientifically” valuable information. She also noted that she now realized that the lubricant probably contained trace amounts of the pheromones from the petal. Kate explained in her letter that after releasing the fantastic phallus from her mouth Kate had turned around, removed her robe and, by lifting and dropping her hips, had rubbed the tip of the phallus along her slit a few times. Then she pressed it up to her waiting entrance and paused, savoring the last moments of her “Plantae Virginity”. Almost expecting the plant to move, to try to enter her she waited, but the plant didn’t move, confirming the doctor’s theory. As she savored the feeling, she could feel the plant expelling more lubricant directly into her, this was all she needed to send her over the edge of her first orgasm by the end of which she had found herself absentmindedly backed up as far as she could go, impaled deeply thrusting into the unmoving plant.

At this point in her telling of her “Plantae interactivity” she managed a snide remark about the people on the internet that spoke of four legged plants sneaking in and swallowing women whole as being “wacky”. There was no way this plant could walk, no way the plant could even grab a woman considering the stalk was the only part of the plant strong enough to hold a woman and that it was obviously immobile. Even if it opened, the tendrils inside, that were thin like the baby roots, would be to slow and weak to grab a woman that didn’t want to be grabbed.

Kate got back to her story about her “interaction” with the plant and went straight back into explaining in detail the feeling of being deeply penetrated by what felt like it might have been a large sized dildo, although she knew it was a living thing that wanted to mate with her. She described the carnal desire to be filled, induced partly by the pheromones in the air and in the lubricant on her lips. She wanted to please her lover and in turn take from the plant what it had for her. As she began rocking her hips into the monster planted deep in her she could feel the phallus swell and contract, adding to the sensations that consumed her. Soon she was building towards another orgasm and she could feel a bulb at the tip of the plant swelling, filling her, locking her onto the plant.

The feeling of this bulbous expansion slamming against the inside of her vaginal muscles every time she pulled out was more than she could handle. As she came for the second time she felt the bulb continue to grow. Deciding that she had had enough fun for the day she pulled hard, loosening her vaginal muscles and allowing the bulb to pull from her with a POP. She turned around, sitting on the floor, exhausted and watched as something small passed up the stalk slowly until it disappeared into the base of the phallus and soon popped out of the bulging end of the plant onto the floor. This slow process had taken almost 5 minutes. As she picked it up she saw the familiar seed, walking back to the kitchen she placed it on the window sill, as instructed by the doctor, to dry.

As we finished reading the letters, I looked up to find Kate staring at my wife, well at my wife’s lap, where she was absentmindedly rubbing herself through her jeans, before she too looked up and quickly stopped and blushed deeply. Kate took the letters back from us and commenced telling her story, while indicating that we pay some attention to our tea. I caught my wife looking at the kitchen window sill, I guessed she was trying to catch a glimpse of some seeds.

Kate described that subsequent days and nights the plant would open its pheromone petal invitingly every now and then and Kate had learned to enjoy the smell of it in her house. It was not strong enough to make Kate want to mate with the plant whenever it opened, but it did make all her other activities around the house more fun. Kate also pointed at the bedroom door and mentioned that this is the reason that the door is shut, and why she was not suprised to catch my wife fondling herself. Kate mentioned that she often finds herself absentmindedly pressing on her clit or pinching her nipples.

Seeing that my wife was eager to see the plant Kate hastened to finish her story for us. Kate told us how every time she would have fun with the plant the bulb would grow inside her, and every time she would pull out before it got too big. She had learned that the bulb at the end of the phallus would grow to a point larger than she could have fit past her muscles, but small enough to fit inside her womb. The major two problems where that the bulb would stay inflated for about 8 hours and the pheromone petal would close, so even if you wanted to be impaled that long it would get boring. She explained that she believed the bulb grew to hold the woman captive so that the slow moving seed would have ample time to get into the womb and move itself to a comfortable spot, although she mentioned that she didn’t know why that had to be 8 hours. Kate told us that after about 8 hours the stalk and phallus would retreat inside of the plant, and would come out nice and clean next time the pheromone petal opened.

With a sudden look of excitement she asked if we wanted to see the plant, all three of us jumped to our feet in unison and spun to face the bedroom door. As Kate led us into her bedroom my wife gave a last fleeting look at the kitchen window sill and stepped inside. My wife looked in awe, and then she took a DEEP breath of the air, looking instantly weak in the knees. Kate, with a smirk, whispered something in my wife’s ear that sounded like “weak in the knees just gets you in the right position”.

I could not smell anything, but I could see my wife’s nose flaring, taking in the sights and smells as she felt the massive plant up and down. The stalk was hidden away neatly inside the body for now, but although all the giant leaves where folded almost seamlessly you could tell where it came out from its seemingly frequent use. My wife hugged the plant, obscenely absentmindedly rubbing her body up and down the massive bud. She didn’t seem to be completely out of her head, but she did also seem to have a hard time focusing. Kate consoled my wife and explained that if she where horny also it would be very difficult for her to control her sexual urges, but that it was possible with focus and practice. With this, my wife pulled herself off the plant, panting slightly, looking longingly in my eyes as if I could give her something she desperately needed to survive. My wife showed great self control but I could see my wife’s eyes flickering towards my crotch now and then while Kate recounted a story of how she almost got stuck on the phallus and how now she always pulls out until the bulb is clenched in her muscles instead of deeper in her so that she would never have that problem again.

Kate finally lead my wife back out into the living room, pulling her by both her hands. From the moment Kate had touched my wife she had seemed to be lost in a daze and followed without a problem. Kate closed the bedroom door, opened the sliding glass door and the kitchen window bringing back over a seed for my wife. As the air cleared and my wife’s eyes gained some focus Kate placed the seed in my wife’s hand and thanked us for listening to her story. A little bit later, after a bit of small talk between me and Kate, my wife’s brain had obviously cleared up. “Excuse me” my wife said as she stood up and walked around into the kitchen. With the privacy afforded by the kitchen shelving island my wife pulled down her jeans, pulled her panties aside and pressed her seed into her sex. Kate and I just sat there smiling wryly at each other, giving my wife her moment. Soon after that we where thanking Kate profusely as we where on our way out the door.

During the 9 day wait for the seed to germinate my wife had gone out and gotten what seemed like a years supply of the needed fertilizer, some various sized pots, and a bag of dirt to fill her first pot. We didn’t have sex, but my wife was so thrilled by the thought of her plant inside of her that I was offered more than one “servicing” of one type or another more than once a day. On the ninth day, while we where watching TV, patiently waiting for the seed’s debut, my wife went off to the bathroom and soon enough I heard her writhing in ecstasy. I ran in to find her on her toes, squatting over a pot of dirt while she held onto the bathroom sink, white knuckled and panting. I watched as her body moved and the pot slid across the floor following the rhythmic fucking of her hips. As her orgasm subsided she stood up gingerly and a POP sound told of the arrival of our new plant. The little plant dug its 5 roots deeply into the soil as my wife lay herself down on the cool bathroom tile to rest.

Skip forward a few weeks, the plant was growing nicely on the kitchen window sill, and my wife would recount to me each day of the night time dreams or the day dreams she had had about using the plant for her pleasure. She also explained to me that I would be getting a hell of a lot more sex once that plant’s pheromone petal opened (though I didn’t think I could handle any more than I was getting now). Our role playing sex sessions where getting more real feeling and more frequent. She almost always wanted to play the sex nympho that just could not get enough anytime she smelled a man’s genitals, but occasionally she would role play that the plant had somehow changed her mind. Very rarely she would confess that she had dreamed at night that the plant had swallowed her up and held her deep in its grip, lovingly fucking her for hours on end non-stop.

A few months later around the 4 month mark, my wife was more often dreaming of the plant swallowing her in her sleep, or that the phallus would grab her by the ankles and she would be dragged up in the air upside down and eaten by the plant. We were counting the days to the 5 month mark, checking the plant every day, constantly horny, I could not even keep up with her desires so she started resorting to dildos which she always fucked herself with, kneeling on the floor in the doggy position, ass facing the plant. My wife had forgotten almost all her other fetishes and when she had the time to let her mind wander it was set on only two things. Role playing with me as my little submissive sex slave, and dreaming about the day the plant opened.

One day around the 5 ½ month mark, I got a text message from her simply saying “It's OPEN!” I text messaged her back and told her I would be home in no more than 3 hours. Her text back was “OK”.

When I got home 2 hours later, after calling some business I was doing short, I went to the bedroom to find my wife, wide eyed and frantic, almost crying. She had tied herself to the bed spread eagle. She had a penis gag in her mouth with a thick leather pad covering her entire mouth so all I could hear was “Umphing” from her throat. She had shaved her entire body, the way she knows I like it. Her hands and feet where a little swollen even though her leather cuffs where loose fitting, her hair was matted, and I could tell she had been crying or at least tearing. As I came around the bed I saw that the mattress was soaked like she had pissed herself, but on better inspection, and by the smell it was all from her sex. Her pussy lips where spread out farther than I’ve ever seen them spread and most of her body was flushed pink with a lust like I’ve never seen in anyone before.

I went to take off her gag to ask her if everything was alright but she shook her head violently to keep me away. I pointed at her cuffs and again she shook her head no, but when I pointed at her hairless crotch she made a huge yes movement with her head. I quickly stripped and was on top of her teasing her with my cock. She did not like this much and thrashed madly at me with her entire body to indicate that I’d better fuck her now or I would pay dearly later. As I reached behind her head my hands I felt something and I pulled it out. As we both looked at the nose plug I grasped I thought I realized what was going on here. “Well I’m not putting that back on you!” I told her as I thrust deep and she closed her eyes as the first wave of a continuous orgasm wracked her body for the entire time it took me to finish myself off.

Once I was spent and she had calmed down enough to let me take off her gag and put the nose plug back on, we talked about what had happened. It seemed that once the phallus had popped out she had gone over to it to inspect it. She recalled that she had touched the phallus figuring that it would take more contact than that to excite the plant, but she had forgotten that Kate’s plant had been sad for a week or two. With my wife’s level of excitement the plant had excreted some lubricant and my wife had instinctually moved in to taste it. As soon as it had touched her lips she had to have more. She had pressed the phallus as deep in her throat as she could and she still could not get enough, she had never been accomplished at deep throat no mater how much she practiced. But when the petal at the base opened and she smelled that smell again she could not help but want to turn around and fuck it.

In the desperation to her get jeans off she had tripped and fallen on her knee hard, waking her out of her mad desire. My wife told me that she had left the room and closed the door trying to control herself long enough for me to get home so I could watch her first time with the plant, but the smell seemed to linger in the entire house and in her nose and clothing. Knowing she could not control herself for 3 hours she had put a nose plug on and gone and tied herself to the bed, ready and waiting for me to use her before her plant lover would get a chance. She mentioned how she had almost forgotten how much she loved self imposed bondage and the prospects of being caught and/or used. Problem was that when she had wiggled her penis gag some for comfort it had partially dislodged the nose plug enough that she could smell again. Within minutes she was writing on the bed trying to free herself of her bonds to go let the plant express itself inside her, and she had long since knocked the nose plug all the way off.

I went over and inspected the plant, imagining my wife fucking this monster sized thing with uncontrolled lust got me hard again. Touching the phallus to see what it felt like the plant released some more lubricant. Using my finger I collected all of the lubricant and went back to my wife, I rubbed it on the penis gag and while she was distracted plunged it back into her mouth and tied it off. As the taste penetrated her mind she looked at me with a puzzled look before seeing my hard-on. Undoing her left ankle I twisted her left leg over her right as I straddled her right leg. Pressing against her sex she held her eyes tight, waiting, knowing I love to slam all the way deep in one stroke in this position.

Soon enough I had her untied, gag removed, nose plug still installed and we prepared her for her first time with the plant. My wife seemed to have a non-stop low rolling orgasm from the moment the phallus touched her sex to the moment she crashed face first into the floor exhausted, ass held high by the straight of the stalk. The way she described to me what happened next was way more detailed and mind blowing than how Kate had explained it. My wife said she had a hard time forcing herself to want to remove herself from the phallus as it expanded, especially with her renewed fondness for self bondage, but she had managed. I loved watching her so much that I made her promise me at that moment that she would not use the plant without me there in the room.

The next few months where amazing, my wife probably had sex with the plant almost twice a day. It would have been more often but the plant could only handle about every 10-12 hours or so. My wife admitted that without the pheromones she would not have been able to handle so much sex either, but between my wife’s sexual advances on me twice a day and the plant twice a day her vaginal muscles where getting really strong. Every once in a while I would stand over her and fuck her anally while she was impaled on the shaft of the plant. We had to be careful to do this without her moving on the stalk so that the bulb would not expand while I had my fun. Over this time period my wife was researching more on the plants lore online, but until this writing, both of us where too nervous to add anything to the online forums in fear of getting found out by the law.

My wife kept mentioning new finds about the plants behaviors in the stories . She had printouts all over the computer room, pinned on the walls with highlights all over them. She was coming to me more and more saying that she believed there was something more to the plant. She didn’t know what it was but she wanted to find out. She quoted the growing number of stories where people got eaten by the plants, but less stories where showing up with the plant walking. More stories were showing with the number 42 in them. A lot of new accounts of “sightings” spoke of mind control, and my wife somehow suspected that it was not talking about the pheromones. When she saw the worry in my eyes she also noted that less stories where showing up with women becoming mindless sex slaves also.

Well this all culminated in last night’s happenings. I’m having a hard time even thinking of the words to describe what it was like, but I have to tell someone, so I’m telling the world. Last night my wife had decided that since the plant was not ready to fulfill her, that it would be my job. She put on a “slave” collar and leather wrist and ankle cuffs. She role played as my sex slave, even joking around that maybe we should invite over Kate for some foursome fun (including the plant). As we had sex in various positions I pulled out and started jacking off, I wanted to give her a pearl necklace. Out of (slave) character she stopped me and said, “I want your seed in me, deep in me, please”. She begged me with her eyes. I pressed myself back into her and she clenched her powerful vaginal muscles on me, I held still, deep in her, as her muscles undulated from her crashing orgasm, massaging me, almost sucking the cum out of me as I spent my seed deep within her.

Later that night, I was awakened by her screams of pleasure. I looked over and realized I had just missed the show. My wife was in doggy style position coming down from what was obviously a good one, even for a plant induced orgasm, but something was different. She was panting and fingering herself rigorously and she was still moving her hips, but unlike normal she was deep on the shaft instead of the normal shallow, to keep the ball from growing inside her. As I watched her she slammed her body *forward* against the ball lodged in her instead of slamming backwards against the phallus like normal I noticed that she was thrusting herself towards another orgasm. She looked up and our eyes met, this sent her over the edge and she slumped fully, ass held high in the air by the straight of the stalk. I jumped out of bed and ran over to inspect her. I grabbed the shaft of the stalk with one hand and pressed against her ass with the other trying to dislodge it from her. I could tell that she was using her powerful sex muscles to keep a good strong grip on the plant.


“No” my wife said slowly, as she tried to push up with her arms. “I want this,” she said. “Earlier when I told you I wanted your seed in me, I realized I wanted this seed too. I don’t care if I’m here for 8 hours. It’s just another form of self bondage for me; I’ve already been here since you went to sleep 2 hours ago. I can’t pull it out of me if I wanted to, it’s SO big. The pheromone petal has not closed yet and I keep instinctively fucking against the ball wedged in me. I was trying not to wake you but I could not help it this time.” I complained to her that she had promised not to do this without me, but she quickly cut across me and reminded me that she had promised not to do it when I was not in the room with her.

As we spoke a second petal opened at the base of the plant and this time I could smell it, calming, soothing, compliant smelling. As I sat on the floor next to my wife, it no longer seemed important to get her off of the bulb, in fact it didn’t even seem important to wonder what was important.

“It has started,” my wife said dreamily. “It’s already placed its seed in me, and pleasured me, now it’s his turn to act.”

I didn’t know what she could mean, I don’t think even she did, but at that moment I noticed my wife’s ass dropping slowly, being released from its rigid position. “I’ve wanted this so bad,” she moaned. As the shaft of the stalk deflated my wife came to rest laying on her side, cradling herself in the fetal position, calm, happy, uncaring. “42 days is not long. You’ll see, it will be worth it!”

As she lay there mumbling to me, the giant petals started to part, the plant unfolded itself slowly before my eyes. “42 days and I’ll be bound to you forever, 42 days and I’ll be yours however you like. I like self bondage when I know you will be there to discover me and use me, and this… this is just bondage for my mind, that I’m doing to myself, for your pleasure, for you to use me. I want this, don’t do anything to stop it, promise me!” Deep in her begging eyes I saw no other choice than to promise.

“Oh that feels nice honey, keep touching me like that”. I looked around to see what she was talking about and there, coming out of the plant where thousands of very slow moving tendrils. Somewhere still in the process of unbinding themselves others where slinking along her exposed ass towards her head. I sat there, wondering if I should even wonder if I should be worried about this, but everything seemed fine. I did have the presence of mind enough to ask my wife if this is what she really wanted and she simply said “yes…”

I watched as the tendrils engulfed her, one tendril by it’s self could have only lifted half a pencil, but thousands of these tendrils working together started lifting her off the ground. Once the tendrils had her a few inches up, now wrapped tightly in the fetal position; the phallus tentacle slopped out of her onto the floor and started to withdrawal. As I leaned there against the bed and the tendrils lifted her high above my head I could see another huge phallus in the center of the plant. As she neared this post the tendrils around her crotch cleared themselves out of the way and she was lowered ever so slowly onto the waiting moist shaft. The shaft seemed to move up and down slightly fucking her as she was dropped fully onto it.

As the giant petals started to enclose my wife, I could see, with the tendrils out of the way, that the giant petals were almost translucent. I could see my wife inside this monster plant, I could see the phallus that was once her favorite pastime toy lift up inside the plant towards her head and touch my wife’s lips. Before the plant was fully closed and the phallus was inserted into her mouth I heard her mutter “42, feed my lover well, don’t hurt my lover”.

Once the plant was closed and the giant petals had sealed themselves seamlessly again I watched inside her plant cage as the tendrils wound themselves around the base of the plants inner chamber leaving the giant petals semi-see-through. Some of the tendrils stayed to help support her and it seemed three had wrapped themselves around her nipples and clit. A few more tendrils, which had now turned a bright blue where pressed against her skull in various places and one in each ear. Through the petals I could see my wife’s smile, I could see the phallus in her moving up and down very slowly, I could see her own juices, or maybe the plant’s dribbling down onto the soft pad at the bottom. For the next 15 minutes or so the plant rustled and moved, getting comfortable and every so often I would hear my wife’s voice, moaning in ecstasy, before both of the little petals at the base finally closed and I was released from the spell of the relaxing scent.

So here I am writing to you now asking for advice. Has anyone heard of what happens to the women that come out of these plants? DO women ever even come out of the plants? Should I cut her out now? Should I trust her and leave her in there and just wait the 42 days? Is it 42 days?

Epilogue (Journal):

Day 1-39 nothing has changed, the plant relentlessly fucks my wife but she seems to get off about every hour or so. I sleep on the couch now; I can’t stand listening to her moans every hour. I miss her, but I also envy her, how must it feel to have around 24 orgasms a day for 42 days? The plant feeds her whatever it feeds her through the phallus in her mouth and the plant seems to feed off her waste. On the 40th day I saw the plant start to whither some and I had been adding plenty of water but to no avail. On the 41st day the orgasms have stopped completely and my wife has been stirring more than she has before. The plant has stopped moving. The only parts that still seem to function is the feeding tube and the blue things on her head and in her ears. The rest of the plant is turning an ugly brown.

On the 42nd day I woke to find my wife kneeling on the floor next to the couch, showered, clean and licking her lips at the sight of my hard-on as I crawled out from the covers to come join her on the floor. I knelt in front of her, sitting on my ankles and grabbed her shoulders. As I went to speak she placed a finger on my lips silencing me, in a simple and very seductive voice she said, “Don’t say anything, I know I’ll do anything you tell me to, and I don’t want you to tell me to stop! I need your cum in my mouth to finish what I started. Bind me to you.”

With that she got up into doggy style position and without any effort pulled my entire cock deep into her throat and fucked me with her head, as I came only moments later she held me deep, squeezing me with her throat muscles, swallowing every last drop.

“I’m bound to you now, in more than just marriage, I will do anything you ask me to, anytime without question, but I’m still me, you did not loose your wife.” and with a sexy wink she added. “But you did gain an obedient sex toy when you want one!”

“Oh and it feels like we  might have another plant on the way, well there is at LEAST one.”

Special note: Thanks to Dis for proof reading this for me!
Hope you all enjoyed it!


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