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That Strange Island 2

by Maleprey

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© Copyright 2011 - Maleprey - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; Giantess/m; capture; swallow; chew; devour; digest; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

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Part Two

On that strange island which no outsider ever visited, a traveler walked along a swiftly flowing stream. Coming to a deep pool, he stripped off his animal skins and entered the water for relief from the warm day.

As he climbed out, his feet slipped from under him on the wet rock and he slid down a short embankment, plopping into a mass of gooey muck up to his armpits. At first he was disgusted, but his disgust quickly turned to panic when his feet felt no support beneath him and the ooze began to draw him down.

He was in a patch of Sucking Earth.

As the goo reached his neck, a shadow spilled across him from overhead. The next thing he knew he was being lifted from the sludge by what appeared to be enormous fingers. They moved him back over to the pool and dipped him in, rinsing him off. Then they raised him into the sky.

The traveler looked up into the most beautiful sight he had ever beheld. Her huge eyes were forest-green and her wavy red hair cascaded down the sides of her face and spilled over her shoulders like great rivers of fire. Her towering form was clad in the skin of some enormous beast but the covering was sparse, leaving her arms and legs completely bare. Far below him, she had one unshod foot in a deeper part of the stream and the water didn't even reach her ankle.

The traveler was instantly enchanted. He tried to think of something to say, some way to express his gratitude to the gigantic woman for rescuing him, but his mind wouldn't function.

She raised him up to her face. A smile spread across it, knowing, even amused.

And as the traveler lowered his gaze from her eyes to that lovely smile her lips parted, her mouth opened and she unceremoniously stuffed him in.

She chewed him, enjoying the feel of him coming apart in her mouth as she searched the ground around the stream to see if there were any more. Not finding any, she pushed the one she had caught back into her throat with her tongue and swallowed him, her throat muscles making a loud slosh as they sent him into her stomach.

She licked her lips, swallowed the last taste of the man from her mouth and resumed her walk.

As she digested him, the wet noises from inside her stomach occasionally brought him back to her mind. She thought it odd, the way he had looked at her, like he had no idea that she was going to eat him. Oh, well. Having curbed her hunger with that little snack, she dismissed him from her thoughts and continued on her way, enjoying the warm sunshine and the soft breeze.




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