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That Strange Island

by Maleprey

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© Copyright 2010 - Maleprey - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; other/m; capture; swallow; devour; vore; voy; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

On that strange island which no outsider ever visited, a certain girl stole out of her village and made her way stealthily over the hill. The elders always warned the young men and women of the tribe, especially the young women, about the dangers of wandering too close to the men of the Other Tribe. This particular girl, however, derived a sly enjoyment from spying on them. On numerous occasions, she had sneaked out to watch them on their hunt in the gorge on the other side of the hill. Their strange ways drew her intense curiosity, but she always remembered the elders' warning and had learned how to hide expertly among the boulders of the gorge to avoid being seen.

There was another reason she spied on her village's unfriendly neighbors: a story told by some of the elders. On many a night she would lie awake remembering this story about hunting tribes, and how during the Warm Season they would sometimes meet one of the big lizards, and what occasionally happened to an unlucky tribesman....... it was horrible! Her heart had pounded and her mouth gone dry when she first heard the tale and yet, lying awake in the quiet dark, she would often find her hands straying up under her loin skin as she imagined it happening. The Other Tribe was unfriendly anyway and if she kept watching them then maybe, just maybe, she would get to see that horrible thing---that wonderfully horrible thing---happen.

Now here she was, once more moving quietly down the slope toward the sound of the Other Tribe out on their hunt. As she squatted down slowly and balanced on the balls of her feet to get a view between two boulders, there they were....... and what else was there widened her eyes in anticipation; it was the Warm Season again and that had brought one of the big lizards into the gorge. This one had a clutch of eggs on the opposite side from the girl's hiding place; she must have picked this gorge for a nesting place and then, as luck would have it, a bunch of these bite-size animals had happened along (the tiring ordeal of laying her eggs had surely left her ravenously hungry).

The men of the Other Tribe were trying to drive the mother lizard away and capture the eggs as their prize. From precarious perches among the rocks, they jabbed desperately at the enormous creature with their crude spears while she in turn lunged and snapped at them in her own desperation to get nourishment.

"Maybe", the girl thought, shifting cautiously onto her knees and squeezing the insides of her thighs with her fingers, "Maybe this time......"

Following the lizard's gaze, the girl saw that one of the tribesmen, young and obviously inexperienced, had gotten himself separated from the others and that the huge, hungry mother was moving in on him. That feeling started to rise in the girl again: her mouth went dry, her limbs felt weak, her heart pounded so hard it felt like it was between her ears. There was one difference, however. Listening to her tribe's story she had felt more fear; now that fear was overpowered by a mounting exhilaration over what might be about to happen....... what she wanted to see happen. One hand instinctively moved up between her thighs and began rubbing slowly in anticipation. From deep within her mind, a message reached out toward her gigantic fellow female: "Get him! Get him!"

The huge mother lizard turned her head in the direction of the others and the one young hunter over-confidently shifted his position slightly by stepping onto a lower section of the ledge he was on. As he thrust his spear at her neck she snapped her head back toward him and caught the end of the spear in her mouth. Her head then twisted the other way again, pulling the spear from the young man's hands. He didn't let go quite soon enough, though; the force jerked him off balance and he went tumbling to the foot of the slope...... and the foot of the huge hungry lizard. With a quick movement, she lowered her head and clamped him squarely in her jaws.

The girl's own mouth fell wide open, but she immediately had to bite her lip to keep from uttering a cry, not of shock but rather of ecstatic triumph.

The lizard lifted the screaming boy from the ground and backed away from the slope, stopping right where the girl had a perfect vantage point between the boulders. Her eyes were locked firmly on the young tribesman gasping and shrieking in the huge lizard's mouth and her hand was now moving between her legs like the tongue of a wild dog panting after a hard run. She herself panted hard as she watched the hungry lizard repeatedly open her jaws and close them on the young hunter, each time pulling him farther into her mouth with her tongue.

When his legs disappeared, her jaws moved less and her neck muscles began to move more; she was pushing him back into her throat so she could swallow him. The girl concentrated on what it would be like to be that great mother lizard with that little squirming lump of food back in her throat that she was about to swallow. How she admired this mighty female! At that moment she wished that she were a creature like this so she could eat menacing men. In the next moment there was a heavy, wet sound and the lizard's throat contracted and bulged briefly. The young hunter was gone. The girl, her eyes fixed on the lizard and her catch to this point, now closed them and swallowed in response, pretending that she was this huge, powerful creature swallowing that little tribesman. As she imagined him sliding down her throat, she climaxed.

The other hunters had fled, giving up on the prize they had sought. The girl twisted slowly around, sat down and put her back against one of the boulders. There she sat and eventually brought herself to another climax as she ran the wonderfully horrible thing she had just seen through her mind again and again, imagining that she was the mighty mother lizard with that small hunter in her mouth; she swallowed him over and over and over until she satisfied herself again. Then she sat, drained and contented, listening to the squeezing, smooshing sounds coming from inside the lizard where the young hunter was. The girl didn't know what it was like in there, but considering how much the things she ate had changed by the time they came out of her own body, she knew that the same kind of thing must be happening to the hunter inside the giant lizard.

As she rested, she wondered if the other girls in her tribe would enjoy watching this wonderfully horrible thing as much as she had. Maybe before the Warm Season ended, she could persuade one or two of them to come with her; if things went well, some great hungry creature would get a tasty meal---and the girls would get a deliciously gruesome thrill. This thought rendered her even more content; closing her eyes and running her hands over the insides of her thighs again, she realized that she didn't have to be a big lizard to enjoy the eating of men.




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