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Why the Betrayal

by Polythene WrappedMe

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© Copyright 2020 - Polythene WrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; vore; eating; oral; potion; shrink; cons; reluct; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Why the Betrayal

I had always loved seeing a woman's lips. I used to watch women's eat, putting food in their mouths, watching them chew, then seeing them swallow. In my imagination, I pictured that her food was me, or contained me.

I used to watch women's drink, to slurp liquid down, as they filled their mouths, and then swallowed. Again, I imagined floating in her drink, and she opened her mouth, taking me inside.

Or to watch a woman suck on a drinking straw, and imagine I was small enough to be sucked up with her drink. Was it just me that fantasized about being eaten, swallowed, or sucked up a straw?!

My girlfriend, Tracy, was a very vanilla girl, she had no kinks whatsoever, or at least, none that she confessed to having...

Of course, the ultimate fantasy would be a totally unaware girl, just to be eaten with her food. But that risked someone else eating me by mistake and worse still being digested and killed, assuming such a thing was even possible.

I decided it was far better to tell her. At least then I could "guarantee" the desired outcome: not to be chewed, swallowed and digested, but to be treated like food, but not actually eaten, for I had no death wish.

I found a shrinking potion on the internet, and had even tried it out a few times, to master shrinking and any side effects the drug may have. In general, it was very simple. You simply measured out the required dose. The more you drank, the longer you stayed tiny. But the strength of the potion meant, you could shrink down to a pre-set size determined by the type of potion you bought. I always bought the same type, one that would shrink me down to half and inch tall, and I would remain that way for several hours.

I introduced my kink to Tracy slowly, one step at a time. My plan being not to spook her, that she was going out with a kinkster. One night, we were eating a plate full of noodles each. I suggested that we play a game, for laughs. We would each hold our hands behind our backs and, bending forward, try to eat the plate of noodles without using our hands.

Needless to say, we got rather mucky, as we raced each other to eat the whole dish, with our mouths alone. Tracy had to hold her long brown hair back, as she managed to drape her hair in her food. In her rush to beat me, and win the eating competition race, she almost inhaled noodles up her nose, as she buried her face in the plate of noodles. This caused her to cough and splutter, and we both ended up giggling.

It was quite hard to slurp noodles into your mouth, without using your hands, and we worked out that the best technique was to suck the noodles up, like a vacuum cleaner, off the plate and into our mouths. Being the faster eater, and with the bigger mouth, I won the first race, and for my prize I claimed her mouth on my cock, so she could suck it too. Despite her protests that it was an unfair competition, she agreed to let me have my prize.

The days passed, but the eating game had obviously played on her mind, as the next time she cooked noodles, Tracy suggested a rematch, hoping for me to give her oral, if she won. I lost on purpose, for I believe it taking turns. Tracy was quite jubilant at her victory.

As we became more comfortable as a couple, I wondered if I could introduce her to my kink. So I told Tracy a half-truth, to begin with. I told her that I loved watching her eat, and could she film herself, playing this eating game solo, so I could watch her eat, when I wanted. To masturbate, obviously! Her reward, for carrying out this wish, was more arousing of her love tunnel with my tongue and lips. Tracy eagerly agreed, and the film she made became a firm favourite of mine. Whenever she was out, I would watch it, pumping my cock rigid in my hand as I did so, my mind wandering to my fantasy.

One night, the inevitable happened. I was wanking away, just about to cum, when Tracy walked in on me pleasing myself. Tracy could not understand why I loved the film of her eating so much. So I was forced to explain further.

"What you want is to shrink, lie amongst my food, and watch me eat off the plate, with no hands, as you watch me get closer and closer to you?" she said, somewhat bewildered that such a thing as vore fetish existed. "But you do NOT want me to actually eat you, for you would die," she added, "you just want to get close up to my lips as I eat."

"Yes," I replied, confirming that she had understood precisely what I wanted. I even told her about the shrinking potion that I had bought from the internet.

Several days passed, and neither of us mentioned the subject again. I was worried that I had gone too far, with my honesty, and perhaps, I should not have told her everything? Then we had some noodles for dinner, and Tracy drank quite a bit of wine, getting mildly tipsy, in the process. She suggested we play the eating race game, or better still for her to make another video that I could masturbate too.

Tracy set up the video, and poured a large pile of noodles onto her plate, and went to sit down to eat.

"Go on!" Tracy said "Drink your shrinking potion, and will put you in amongst the noodles on my dinner plate. I will NOT eat you, but you can watch me close up, as I munch through the pile of noodles that surround you, with my face down on the plate, and suck up the noodles and slurp them back. I will pretend that I have not seen you, laying there, naked and rubbing your tiny cock, amongst the noodles, and I shall arrange for you to have some 'near misses' as I go around the dinner plate eating off the noodles. I might decide to lick you playfully, but you can trust me to keep you safe. Afterwards, you can play back the new video, and get all excited at remembering your close encounters with my lips. I shall expect you to give me a good seeing to afterwards, as a thank you for all my efforts."

Well I had never moved so quickly, to fetch the shrinking potion. I was not going to pass up this opportunity. I drank the shrinking potion, and duly miniaturised to my half an inch tall in size. Tracy put me on her plate, amongst the noodles. Then she announced to the video camera, "I suppose whilst he is out, I had better practice the eating competition race."

Without another word, she leant forward and put her face in the noodles, and started munching. From where I lay, I could see the noodles being sucked up into her mouth, through her ruby red painted lips. My cock grew hard, and when Tracy finished swallowing her first mouthful, her eyes glanced at me, as I was seeing the most evocative sight, I had ever seen.

Next Tracy selected another part of the plate to eat from, and I watched as more noodles were sucked into her mouth and consumed. OMG this is so erotic! I told myself, I was just her food, and she did not know where I was hiding.

Then Tracy licked bits of noodles, and let her wet tongue brush over me, as if she was saying "You are next!" I just hoped that I could delay ejaculating till the end. This was so hot and steamy. Next Tracy ate more noodles, and some more disappeared inside her. She stretched her neck, as she lent backwards, allowing me to the morsel of food slide down her throat.

Tracy poured some more wine out into her glass, and took a short break, from munching noodles. Then she resumed eating. This time she chose some noodles, that were near to where I lay, so I could watch them be devoured right next to me. Some noodles even fell across my naked body. Tracy picked them up gently between her lips, leaving me still on the plate.

Oh fuck, she is so hot. I could even feel her breath upon my naked body, as she breathed and ate.

Tracy drank some more wine, and I wondered if she still knew what she was doing. Then Tracy looked directly at the camera, and winked. Before she put her face directly above me, and looked down at me, wanking for all I was worth. She appeared to hesitate for a moment, then without warning her open mouth headed straight for the mound of noodles that I was in!

"Tracy !" I screamed. But all I saw was darkness inside her mouth, and she made a sucking sound through her lips. "No! Tracy stop!" I shouted. But she either did not hear me, or this was just part of her tease. Tracy sucked me and a whole load of noodles off the plate and I entered her mouth, as food.

I went quickly past her lips, that covered her teeth, and I ended up on her tongue, squashed amongst a mouthful of soft and soggy noodles. I expected her to spit me out, and tell me that it was just a game. But instead, her tongue swilled the food around her mouth, mixing me with her saliva. Then Tracy's tongue moved in a downward motion, and her next morsel of food was swallowed!

Afterwards, Tracy finished the whole plate of noodles, until the plate was bare. She finished the wine, stacked the dishwasher, and went to bed. But not before she took the video camera with her, and played the video back, as laid on the bed and she fingered herself.


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