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Tis at the Fair

by Tapp

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© Copyright 2009 - Tapp - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; witch; magic; transform; eaten; F/m; object; swallow; oral; nc; X

Today Tis is a Japanese school girl. Who knew what she would be tomorrow? You see Tis wasn't like most people, in fact as far as she knew, she wasn't like anybody else. And I don't mean in the 'you're special' kind of way a mother tells her children. When I say Tis wasn't like most other people I'm referring to her astounding ability to alter all known natural laws. In short Tis was a witch. She didn't go around offering things to the devil or communing with nature either. She was a witch by the standards of the worse cult classic stereotype ever invented. She simply used magic in anyway she pleased.

She hadn't always been like this. There was a time when she was a normal girl, but that was many, many years ago now, but we're getting a bit off topic, what's important for this story is that today Tis is a Japanese school girl. She's cute at an even 5 feet and has dark brown hair that's completely straight and goes to the middle of her back. Perky little breasts mark her as already well into the process of puberty and slim golden brown legs bare to the world ketch many an eye as she walks and occasionally skips down the isle at this small town fair. Her classic school girl outfit complete with white blouse, short dark blue skirt, knee high tight white socks and thick black leather clogs mark her as every high school boys wet dream come to life. As she moved down the aisles at the fair she was prone to giggle and occasionally to outright laughter whenever she looked too closely at the various people around her.

You see though Tis currently looked like a tasty little Japanese school girl, she was in reality very old. Somewhere along the centuries of time she had also gone quite out of her mind. It's hard to say what Tis really saw when she walked down the paths of the fair but it was surely not the same scenery the other patrons saw that day.


"You're so pretty!" Tis gushed at the blonde teen across from her at the snack shop line. The blonde clearly not knowing what to make of this remark coming from a total stranger simply smiled kindly nodded her head and went back to the conversation she was having with another girl her own age.

"…and that's when Joey told Mr. Cribbs that he hadn't even done yesterdays reading."

"No way" exclaimed the other girl with a squeal of delight. "What did old Mr. Cribbs say to that?"

"He got all red in the face like he was totally embarrassed and asked Joey why he hadn't done the reading, as if Joey had some great excuse."

"As if!" said the other girl in absolute delight of the antics Joey had produced in Mr. Cribbs class.

"Ohh this line is taking for ever, don't they know how slow this is." said Tis once again breaking into the two girls conversation. This time though she received more of a response.

"Umm.. like, excuse me but we are having a totally important conversation." The blonde girl's voice has taken on a quality unique to air headed teens. It's condescending, reproachful and nasal at the same time. But instead of having the desired effect of getting Tis to go away she takes it as an invitation to step closer.

"Mmmm what's the name of your perfume, it smells wonderful" as she says this, Tis leans over and sniffs at the blonde girl.

This is way too much a violation of the blondes personal space, "Ugh look I don't know who you are but why don't you just go away, we don't want you here!"

"Oh but of course you do, everyone wants to be around me, especially you my sweet." Tis is now looking very intently at the blonde and has a strange expression on her face. The blonde is beginning to think that this girl is actually lusting after her! She's had enough of this circus freak and decides to break away…. She decides to break away.. She decides to break AWAY!!

"Oh god I can't move" squeals the blonde, her arms at her side her legs together and a look of abject terror spreading across her features.

"What do you mean you can't move? Come on Rose lets gets out of here" says her friend in obvious concern as she reaches to tug the blonde girl's hand. But her friend's appearance stops her cold. As long as she had known Rose she had a perfect golden tan that only made her incredible blonde hair look all the more.. well incredible. But now Rose wasn't tan. She was pink! Hot electric PINK!


"What's the matter my sweet? Don't you want to stay here with me? Well of course you do, everyone wants to be with me, especially you my sweet, sweet girl. Mmmm what did your friend say your name was? Rose.. Mmm that's a very juicy name Rose." Tis in obvious enjoyment slides ever closer to Rose, no feline in the world could exude as much grace or careless style as Tis did in the few tiny steps it took her to reach Rose's side.

"Oh Rose, you do look lovely today, it's so nice of you to smell so good for me today, so sweet and sugary." Tis rubs up against Roses side, sticks her nose right into the blonde girls hair and breaths deeply. "Mmmm sweet sweet Rose."

Rose speechless since finding herself unable to move tries to make some protest to the obviously sexual antics of the stranger but instead of the scream she had planned to set lose not even a whimper emerged from her.

"Oh what's the matter my sweet Rose, too happy to speak? I understand I understand completely." Tis brushes her tiny Japanese hand against the side of blondes face. The contrast between her dark golden skin and the hot pink of her little rose's face delights her to no end.

Rose's friend meanwhile doesn't know what to do, her friend changed color right before her eyes! Frantically she looks around at the other people trying to find a helpful face but comes up empty handed. They are in the middle of a crowd but people are stepping around them like they are not even there. Its not as if they are ignoring them its like they can't even see them. Then the strange little Japanese girl does something that brings her to new heights of panic. She licks the side of Rose's face, and … and….. when she pulls back there's a bit of fluffly pink material on her tongue.

"Mmmmm Rose you are soo sweet, mmm I knew you would be sweet for me." Tis rolls the light fluffly material on her cute Japanese tongue. Within seconds the little lick she got from Rose has dissolved into a gooey blob that she swallows down. "Oh Rose for being so yummy I have a present for you."

Rose's friend watches in shock as a cone of rolled up paper appears in the Japanese girls hand. A part of her mind doesn't know why she is shocked to see a simple cylinder appear out of thin air. Her friend after all had just changed color and apparently was now edible! Of course at this point if a dog walked by she probably would be shocked, she had reached a stage when any event was dramatic even the smallest of movements. Though what happened next didn't seem to help her state of mind any.

Rose watched in horror as this Japanese school girl she had never met before produced a paper cylinder from nowhere. Feeling part of her cheek dissolve on that girl's tongue had made her both scream in horror and orgasm in pleasure. The sensation the girl's tongue had produced were indescribable. She could feel ever nick, every bump on its surface, she had felt a part of herself dissolve on that bumpy wet surface, felt it slide down into the girl and even now could feel it dispersing into that sluty little Japanese body. Then she felt a new sensation, she felt the Japanese vixen slide her paper cylinder right into her tight little snatch. That's about when a million orgasms blinded her and everything went black for a time.

Rose's friend couldn't turn away; she had to watch she had to see what would happen next. As the cylinder slid into her best friends little pink slit she could see it having more of an effect then just the obvious sensations. Within a few seconds Rose had begun to shrink. The Japanese teen held onto the cylinder the entire time with a dreamy expression fixed upon her features. She watched Rose shrink away and sighed happily when the process was finished. Rose had been of average height at 5'5" now she was less then a foot tall and had a ridiculously full sized paper cylinder with 6 full inches sticking out of her pussy. Where once Rose had amazing blonde hair, she now had pink, in fact her whole body even her clothes were pink. When she looked closer she saw that not only was she all the same color, but she was now all the same material! Rose's body appeared to be made of tiny little strands all woven and knotted together into one solid mass.

"Oh yes Rose this is much better, you are perfect my little sweet rose just perfect." With that Tis brought the newly transformed Rose close to her face still holding her by the cylinder of paper lodged securely in her pussy. For the first time since this horror began she looked over at Rose's friend and with a wink took a little lick of her cotton candied rose. With one swath of her tongue she was able to lick away Rose's left foot. "Delicious, hmm by the way what's your name cutey."

"Melissa" says Roses friend without thinking. And with saying it she suddenly isn't panicked anymore. Its like a huge weight that was slowly crushing her is gone, she feels fine, she feels better then fine! She feels down right naughty.


"Like mind if I have a bit" says Melissa with a mischievous smile.

"Hehe not at all Melissa, I'd love to share my tasty cotton candy with you."

It's right about this time that Rose wakes back up. To her dismay the first thing she sees is her friend Melissa's face a dozen times too large closing in on her! Melissa's tongue zips out of her full flips to tickle her left breast. But instead of just tickling it, the tongue takes the whole breast away! She watches in shock as Melissa oblivious to her plight eats her left breast which she can see has been turned into some sort of sticky stringy substance. When her breast disappears into Melissa's full mouth she moans mentally as it dissolves and is swallowed away.

"This can't be happening this can't be happening" she screams over and over again in her mind. Next she see's the strange Japanese girl's face dart in and take a quick lick of her right arm which is swiftly taken away into the that beautiful Asiatic face. She morns the loss of her slender beautiful arm even as she shudders mentally in ecstasy from the sensations its loss and subsequent absorption brings to her.

"So what kind of cotton candy is this?" asks Melissa knowing the answer but practically bubbling in anticipation to hear it from this Japanese goddess.

"Its rose flavored cotton candy silly" says Tis barely suppressing a giggle.

Both girls enjoy their little fair treat each taking turns licking away their sweet little rose cotton candy. With every lick Melissa becomes more and more infatuated with this Japanese girl come goddess and with every lick more and more of Rose is absorbed into their tight little teen bodies.

Finally only Rose's pretty cotton candy head is left and Tis rightfully claims the last lick. Rose feels herself taken into the sluty mouth of this Japanese wet dream. She is rolled on that darting little Japanese tongue as her face dissolves into mush, finally she is swallowed. Instead of simply disappearing though she finds parts of herself to be all around the slut's body!

She had felt herself being absorbed but she thought when she was all gone she would simply cease to exist. Instead she has become part of this girls flesh. Her consciousness resides in the gentle swell the girls Japanese breasts, the heart shaped curve of her behind, the slick surface of her golden brown legs. Her torment is not over as she thought but only just started. Not only is she trapped as a passenger in this Japanese body but she can also feel her best friend Melissa rubbing that body. Indeed Melissa is actually making out with this oriental harlot! The two teens are dry humping one another in the middle of the fair and no one noticed! Even as Rose grew more and more outraged she was forced to orgasm in one shocking starburst after another, her entire link to the outside world was now this cute little Japanese school girl, and the sensations she felt were heightened dramatically. Whenever Melissa would rub one of the dark brown nipples through their blousy cover, Rose would simply lose it. And Melissa seemed to be fascinated with those playful breasts.

After the girls finished their make out session they decided to wander around the fair some more. Melissa for her part was not in love with Tis, she worshipped Tis. Just being around her seemed to be a gift beyond measure; she had just helped to eat up a long time friend and thought it quite fun. So when Tis suggested they play with the other people she didn't even bat an eye.

Their first toy was a young couple in their early 20's. The both looked like they could have been models. The women was tall (close to 6 foot) with short brown hair and tanned skin. The man was a little taller with brown hair and well built. Currently they seemed to be having an argument. The woman was upset that man wouldn't buy her more nice things.

Tis giggled at this, and soon the man was turned into solid gold. The woman was shocked to say the least. But powerlessly she held out her hand to her transformed boyfriend. When she touched his cold hard golden surface something even odder happened if that was possible. After a moment of resistance her hand continued right though him, but she couldn't seem pull it out. When she tried she heard a deep groaning from her boyfriends half parted lips. Then her boyfriend started shrinking up. First his head started pulling into his body, and then his arms, finally his legs and chest started losing mass. The woman was frantic and tried to pull her hand free of her still changing boyfriend. As his form changed height she was forced to the ground because of the weight of his golden form. Eventually though he had shrunk enough for her to lift him with one arm.

When the process was complete the women no longer had a boyfriend, but she did have brand new golden bracelet. It was made of shiny gold in delicate chains. To think that her big strong boyfriend had been reduced to some feminine of jewelry made her pussy more then a bit wet. She was no longer panicked over the situation; instead she rubbed her wet clitty for a bit then happily walked away with not a care in the world.

The girl's next target was another couple. The boyfriend was in his early twenties while the girl could not have been more then 18. They were obviously not happy with each other. The boy kept pushing them onward to some specific place while the girl wanted to go on the rides or play some game or win some prize. After a while it became apparent that the boyfriend really had no destination in mind he simply wanted to go through the fair as fast as possible so he could leave. Tis decided to shake things up a bit for him and give the girl a little bit more fun.

The girl's latest demand was that she was thirsty and she wanted something to drink and she wanted it now! Just then the boyfriend stopped in his place and spun about to face his girlfriend. If the girl had been looking at his face she would have seen that he had a look of astonishment quickly changing to terror. Instead the girl had eyes only for her boyfriend's crotch which for some reason had totally captured her attention. Her boyfriend moved in short jerky movements as if his hands were not his own and quickly undid his zipper allowing his straining meat to pull free. His girlfriend took her cue and immediately dropped to her knees taking his cock into her mouth.

The boy didn't know what the hell was happening, he looked around for help or something anything to make this stop but no one took notice of this lascivious transaction. His girlfriend however was enjoying herself immensely, long gone was any worry about what was happening, she cared only for the moment.

The boyfriend felt a pulling sensation from deep inside, looking down he saw his girlfriend sucking hard on his cock. As she sucked he felt himself building towards climax, he was trying to move to run away but he couldn't he couldn't even speak. He was trapped by his girlfriend's lips as she sucked away on his tool. Unable to restrain himself he came and came hard. After a few seconds of letting his stream loose in his girlfriends wet mouth he looked down to see her looking up at him with a smirk on her face. She was gulping it all down not letting a drop spill. After this went on for 20 seconds he began to be concerned. He shouldn't still be in orgasm, but he was! It was hard to think with his girlfriends puffy lips wrapped around his cock but he had to! Something wasn't right. Something had gone wrong; more wrong then just the obvious!

That pulling sensation from deep inside of him came back, but this time it came back stronger then before. It felt like he was being decompressed from the inside. He watched in fright as his arms started pulling themselves into his body. His legs soon followed. His girlfriend was still gulping down his jiz with audible sounds, but now she looked even more turned on then before. As his legs collapsed into his body he fell down to the ground but his girlfriend never broke contact with his cock. She stayed on and kept sucking for all he was worth. Soon his chest collapse down and he was nothing but a pelvic region with a head on top, a proud dick sticking out, acting as a faucet for his being to be transferred into the thirsty mouth of his girlfriend. Then he felt his head collapsing, he could still feel his cock but he knew that the rest of him was practically gone.

A few seconds more there was nothing left but a thick cock and a well sated girl. She pulled the cock from her lips with an audible 'pop' and used her little pink tongue to search for stray drops of her boyfriend that she might have missed. "Mmmm you sure were good big boy, thanks for getting me something to drink". A fit of the giggles overtook her, when they subsided she decided the best place for her boyfriends member was out of sight. So with a bit of moaning and squirming she squeezed his cock, his last bit of essence into her tight little cunt, and then walked away.

The two girls watching this whole scene from the bushes went into a fit of giggles of their own before going off in search of some more toys to play with.



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