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That Strange Island 4

by Maleprey

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© Copyright 2011 - Maleprey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cat/m; giantess/m; capture; swallow; devour; vore; voy; soft; cons/nc; XX

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Part Four

On that strange island which no outsider ever visited, a girl in a Friendly village lay in her bed chamber in the early morning remembering a wonderful thing she had seen the day before. A man from an Unfriendly tribe had been fed to the big lizard in the hill and the girls her age had been taken to see that spectacle for the first time. Some girls from another tribe had been invited to join them; this girl had sat next to one of them and they had enjoyed it together.

Now as this girl lay in her bed, her hands revisiting the parts of her they had worked on during the previous day's entertainment, her cat trotted softly into the chamber and over to a corner. Glancing after the graceful creature, the girl noticed that she had something in her mouth and that it appeared to be moving sluggishly. Creeping close enough to see better but not so close as to make the cat feel threatened, she saw that it was a tiny man gripped in the jaws of her pet. The girl had been told stories of the Tiny People, but this was the first one she had ever seen. It was said that one of their tribes lived somewhere near the stream just outside the village. Her cat must have found their dwelling.

The little man was bare (the Tiny People wore nothing) and about half as long as one of the girl's little fingers. The cat opened her mouth and dropped him onto the floor, raising a paw over him in case he tried to escape. It quickly became clear to the girl that the tiny man wasn't about to get away; he couldn't even try. Being carried here from his dwelling in the cat's teeth had utterly drained him and he lay where she had dropped him, unable to move.

The girl knew what was going to happen next. She eased herself onto the floor and lay on her stomach with her wrists crossed under her chin as the cat pushed the helpless man around with her paw. "Go ahead, pretty one," the girl said just above a whisper, an eager smile spreading over her face, "I just want to watch." The cat, seeing that there was neither fight nor flight left in her catch, tucked her front paws under her and lowered herself over the little man, taking him in her mouth again. The girl lifted her hips from the floor and slid one hand under her loinskin in appreciation of the scene. She watched in primal bliss as her pet chewed the tiny man contentedly and swallowed him.

Running her long flat tongue over the base of her whiskers, the cat raised herself and padded over to nuzzle the girl's face. The girl giggled. "Mmm, was he delicious, pretty one?"

Running the back of her hand over the soft coat of the purring cat, the girl suddenly had a thought. The man hadn't been very big at all; her pet had chewed him to bits and downed him in a single gulp. If the Tiny Men were THAT tiny....

She rubbed the cat under her chin. "What do you think, pretty one? Will you show me?"

She kept the cat close to her family's hut for the rest of the morning, during which she said farewell to the girls from the other village, embracing them fondly. She said nothing to any of the women about the man now being squished and churned in her cat's stomach as the animal lay snoozing at the end of a leash by the entrance to the family's hut; she didn't want to reveal that just yet.

When the sun was past mid-sky, the girl set her pet loose. The cat made her way to the edge of the village, her young mistress hurrying to keep up, then moved out over the countryside toward the nearby stream. This was exactly what the girl had been hoping for. Her pet was leading her to the place where she had caught the man that morning, where the girl herself might have an interesting experience. Her excitement grew as she proceeded, driving her on with the delightful thought that not far ahead of her was a little village full of little people..... little men.....

The cat reached the stream and began to poke her nose around cautiously in the tall grass, picking up a scent. The girl crept up and saw movement near the water's edge. By that time the cat had seen it too and lowered herself into a crouch, wiggling her muscles into springing position. A moment later she vaulted over the grass and landed with her front paws on a small figure. Other tiny figures scattered, uttering faint screams as they slogged through the sand at the edge of the water. Lowering herself to her knees and eyeing them quickly, the girl picked out a male at the rear of the little swarm, reached down and nabbed him with two fingers.

Lifting him to her face, she saw that he was fairly young; he would have looked not much older than her if he had been her size. She glanced down at the cat, who had also caught a male and was already working him into her mouth. The girl watched with a mischievous grin as the man disappeared into her precious pet.

The girl turned her attention back to the man between her fingers. She took a couple of deep breaths in preparation. This was the moment she had been looking forward to. The man's tiny cries barely reached her as she tipped her head back slightly and put him into her mouth. He tasted salty and he squirmed and struggled, trying to escape. She rolled him vigorously around her mouth with her tongue, rather enjoying his salty taste. His struggling finally stopped and she figured that he was either exhausted or unconscious. She dropped the back of her tongue, felt him slide into her throat and swallowed.

Feeling the man squeeze down her throat, the girl sensed that she had experienced a rite of passage. She was no longer just an audience to this grand thing; she had joined the ranks of those like the big lizard in the hill and her own pretty pet. As she walked back to the village, her cat trailing along and each of them with a small male in her stomach, becoming part of her, the girl felt regal and strong. She had eaten her first man.

She didn't intend for him to be her last.




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