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by Burp

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Storycodes: FF/m; saliva; majick; shrink; tease; swallowed; mast; climax; soft; cons/nc; X

Sandra looked into the mirror. "Yeech", she thought.

Actually, she was being quite hard on herself... On the eve of her 45th birthday, she still was very well preserved... though showing her age slightly. A touch of gray in her dark brown hair, yes, but her breasts were still firm (they were always large and voluptuous) with a beautiful face and a wonderful figure, big in all the right places--

She disbarred at the prospect losing her beauty.

She would have been able to deal with the aging process better if her 10 year marriage had not been such a fiasco. In the beginning, Mark seemed too good to be true (he was). It didn't seem a problem to her that he was 15 years younger than she... love knows no age, right?

So she ignored the advice of friends and family and took the vows; she 35, him 20. It was so obvious now but it didn't seem so then that Mark only married her for her immense wealth, and it wasn't long before he started cheating on her, first privately, then openly. She will confront him tonight, she thought, and settle things one way or another.

She left her bedroom and went downstairs. She figured she'd make tea. She was expecting company; a college friend named Jennifer. She hadn't seen her for 20 years, but they never lost touch. Jennifer traveled a lot with the peace core and was finally back in the U.S. Upon her arrival she called Sandra and said she must see her. She had some news that would change her life.

The door bell rang. Sandra opened the door...

She couldn't believe her eyes.

There before her stood Jennifer, only she hadn't changed physically.

She still looked 25 years old!

"Sandra dear! Wonderful to see you!" Jennifer embraced her, but Sandra stayed frozen.

"J-J-Jennifer?" Sandra blurted.

"Yes dear!"

"But how? You... you..."

"I know dear... look, I'll explain, but please let me come in!"

They settled in the den. Nervously, Sandra poured tea.

"So", said Sandra, " I guess you've been real good to yourself..."

"You might say that."

"What's your secret? Special diet? Exercise? Sold your soul to the devil? I mean HOW...?"

"Sandra, do you believe in witchcraft?"

"I do now!"

"Remember I wrote you about that uncharted island we found? Well, 200 years ago a group of witches known as the Shrinkers escaped the Salem county witch trails and founded the island of youth. They have the secret to growing young. Last year, I looked as old as you, but now..."

Jennifer needed to say no more.

"So," said Sandra, "Do I have to go to this island to reclaim my youth?"

Jennifer smiled a wicked smile.

"No. I brought the power here."

She opened her purse. Out came a small cardboard box with little holes in it. She opened the box. Inside there was a three inch figure... It was a little nude man! He shook with fear. Jennifer gleamed proudly.

"Sandra, meet Ted!"

Sandra stared at the man with fascination. She was surprised at her own reaction. this should horrify me, she thought, but it doesn't. In fact, there was something exciting about it... even sexually arousing! Looking at the small helpless man made her feel powerful. She could do anything she wanted with the little man and the fact that he was younger than her somehow gave it an extra thrill.

Then something happened... He was suddenly a little bigger. Jennifer grabbed him.

"Oh no you don't!"

"No! Please!" said the little man, " Let me grow back! I won't tell anyone!"

She glided her tongue over his body. Ted screamed as her shrank back to the more manageable 3 inches. Jennifer put him on the table.

"There... we now have things well in hand, so to speak."

She turned to Sandra.

"You see, it's my saliva... makes men shrink! Got to lick 'em every half hour or they grow back. Can't keep him overnight!"

Sandra paused a moment before saying, "This is so weird... eternal youth, shrunken men... what's the connection?"

"Sex," said Jennifer, "and your digestion!"

A flash of fear came across Teds' face with the word "digestion".

"The Shrinkers discovered a fluid from the black widow spider. Ingesting the fluid gave them the ability to produce a venom in their saliva. That venom makes men shrink. A Shrinker steals a shrunken mans youth!"


"There is only one way..." Jennifer smiled cruelly at Ted. "By swallowing them at point of orgasm!"

Ted turned to Sandra. "Please Miss... Help me! If I could get away from Jennifer for a half hour, I'll be normal again!"

Jennifer continued.

"Ted is a co-worker of mine... or WAS a co-worker. In his current state he isn't suitable for conventional employment. Ted sees himself as quite a ladies man, don't ya Ted? He had been trying to screw me for months and wouldn't take no for an answer. Joe, another co-worker, was anxious as well. He was younger, so I made him my first victim. Ted was excited by my new look... he didn't seem concerned about Joe mysterious disappearance. I'm telling you Sandra, there is nothing, NOTHING better than the orgasm I had swallowing Joe. He had a look of absolute terror in his eyes... I felt so powerful. He started to beg for his life, and with every plea I had a mini orgasm... He got even more horrified to see his pleas only excited me more... There is nothing like the thrill of taking a mans life! As I swallowed him I could feel him wiggle all the way down. I came so violently.

"Then, right after, I could feel the years melt away and I became as you see me now!"

"So, do I need this fluid?" Sandra was addressing Jennifer, but she was staring at the man.

"No... All you need is Ted... He is my gift to you! Take him to your bedroom now!"

Ted screamed as Sandra picked him up.

"Thanks Jen... Well, here it goes!"

As Sandra walked up the steps, Ted whimpered incoherently. Once in her room, she put him on one of the pillows on her double bed. Ted looked up at her.

"You aren't going to do this, are you?"

"Do what Ted?" Sandra said soothingly.

"You know... what she said... eat me!"

"Why Ted! The very idea!" There was a mocking tone in her voice.

"Stall a half hour so I can grow back!"

"Sure I will Ted," She began removing her clothes. Ted's eyes widened.

"What are you doing?"

"Gotta make it look real, Ted... What if she comes in? Now let's see... I'll get on the bed and I'll start feeling myself..."

"No! No!"

She laid on her back and put Ted in her cleavage. With one hand she stroked her clit, with the other she held Ted against her tits. She looked down at his little scared face and began to lick her lips.

"Pour little Ted... Scared of the big old lady? The big old HUNGERY lady?"

"Please let me go! Please!"

"I don't think so Ted... you're my ticket to youth, my dear. Oh, it's so unfair, isn't it? Stealing your youth like this..."

"Look, I know... Get someone else! I'll help you! Let me grow back!"

"Hmmm... gee... Let you go... No, I don't see the advantage in that... Sorry, but it's down the hatch for you!"

With that, Ted screamed in terror. Sandras' body quivered with pleasure.

"Oh Ted! You get me so hot! I'm gonna cum soon!"

"No! Please!"

Sandra licked her hand so it would be slippery. She pulled Ted toward her mouth.

"Down you go!"

Screaming, Ted slipped from her hand into her mouth. With the last waves of her orgasm, she swallowed. She could feel him wiggle all the way down... She had a wonderful head rush.

She went to the mirror and saw: She had grown younger! She was in her thirties again!! No gray in her hair, and her body more desirable!

She closed her eyes and remembered Ted's look of fear. "I wonder how Mark will look?" she thought!

The End



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