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The Shower

by EnVeloper

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© Copyright 2011 - EnVeloper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; shower; naked; Other/f; capture; tendrils; swallow; digest; vore; nc; X

Gretchen awoke from her nightmare with a sharp gasp, sitting up quickly and richocheting her eyes across her bedroom. Her rapid breaths subsided slowly with the knowledge of her waking. She fell back onto her mattress, hand over her heart. The dream was already trickling away from her consiousness. She remembered feeling trapped, or falling, or a bit of both. Worst was the vivid memory of a voice before waking. The low, hissing tone felt like it had whispered directly into her ear, "You'll do wonderfully", followed by deafening laughter from all sides. She shook the voices from her groggy mind, swishing her medium-length blond hair. Calmed, she leapt out of bed, throwing off her nightie and hopping directly into the nearby bathroom shower.

The glass door slid open with a bang as she rushed to get under the hot water. She eased it shut again with greater care, admonishing herself for nearly breaking the pane over a silly dream. A flick of her wrist, and the shower sprang to life, massaging her with its forceful water jets. A solid minute with her head under the hot blast shook the dream from her attention, freeing her to casually enjoy her shower as usual. She loved the feel of the beads of hot water shimmy down her sexy frame. After washing her face and rinsing, she turned her back to the piping spray to soothe her stiff shoulders. At the moment she expected the hot water to touch her neck however, it ceased spouting with neither warning nor sound. Most remarkably to her, without her having touched the pressure knob. Did she accidentally bump into it when she turned? She muttered aloud that the damn plumbing had better not be shot again.

She heard a short hiss from behind, the telltale sign that the water is starting again, and the pounding resumed, only the sensation was no longer hot. Her mind did a double-take as she thought to herself that it didn't even feel wet. She attempted to step out of the way of the water, but where her leg moved, her body did not follow. A constricting feeling around her chest and shoulders seemed to keep her in place. Her eyelides ripped open, casting her gaze down her body. Her jaw dropped when she saw dozens of thin, black lines criss-crossing over her breasts and around her upper arms. By the time she could let out a sharp yelp, they were weaving down her abdomen, pinning her forearms to her ribs. She felt her breath take leave of her as her arms pressed into her sides. When she at last tried to raise those arms, she found that she was wrapped too tightly to free herself. The black sinews dug into her skin as it tightened, tightening her breath.

She whipped her head back to see what the hell was coming out of her shower. When her eyes hit the showerhead, she did not expect it to be looking back at her with two red, burning eyes of its own, one on each side of the chrome cylinder. A black, cordlike line protruded from each of the holes that formerly sprayed water, each whipping downward at her and winding around her body wherever it landed. Tearing her eyes from the red orbs, she shot her attention to her hips, which were being encircled and squeezed. At last, she let out a wail for help, but her torso was too constricted already. Mouth still open, one of the thin tendrils raced around her head, swirling around her cheeks and sealing off her screaming lips.

She rocked her shoulders back and forth, desperately trying to jerk free as the cordlike, black strands claimed her thighs. She felt her self begin to sway as her toes lifted off the showermat, leaving her calves kicking back and forth until the dauntless tendrils laced them as well like fishnet stockings. Her pinned contours quivered as she squrimed and let out muffled protests. While looking down, she saw the showerdrain rapidly widening, her eyes widening along with it. The chrome circle had grown to a foot across somehow, and the drain inside appeared red, and didn't even look like metal anymore. Her mind lit on fire with the realization that the redness down the pipe looked almost exactly like the redness of the back of her throat. With a last, desperate burst of strength, she flexed all her muscles, trying to burst free. The black cords sank in to her flesh, bulging it out between each of the laced confines. Her useless cries resumed, with sobbing mixed in as she knew she had no chance.

She didn't even open her eyes when she felt the warm tightness close around her feet. She hadn't noticed she was being lowered, & now felt the chrome lips sucking at her ankles. The cold feel of the metal ring crept up her legs, replaced by the feeling of being surrounded by a warm, rough tongue as her flesh sank in ever deeper. As it lowered her thighs, the drain began to bulge up to meet her, then pressing in and pulling down. The tension above her suddenly relaxed, and her torso bent over slightly, but she did not fall. The showerhead had released the black strands, which still clung fast to her immobilized body. She whimpered, realizing she was now jammed in all the way to her rear, which was being forecefully kneaded as it sank. The pressure around her legs made the tightness around her torso seem meaningless. Resigning, her mind returned to her dream, realizing that whatever overcame her then was merely testing her to see if she would be right.. for this. As she felt her wriggling hands pass the chrome lips, she also felt herself sinking more quickly. The thing was past the widest part of her, and it would all be over soon now. She raised her head to set her pitiful gaze on the showerhead again, having no option left but to plead. The red eyes burned back at her mockingly.

She tried to gasp as the chrome touched the bottom of her breasts. The floor of the shower was now less than a foot from her face. Panicking, she shook her head vigorously, whipping her wet hair uselessly. The lips closed over her sternum, crushing her breasts to her and squeezing the last breath of air out of her lungs. She began to pass out, arching her head back again, eyes fluttering as the chrome came to nuzzle against her chin. Spots filled her eyes, the sight of the possessed showerhead blurring as her eyes wandered without strength. She closed them, feeling the chrome clamp over her face and tight, hot pressure smothering the rest of her. The darkness redoubled as the metal sealed above her eyelids, cutting off the last muffled pleading.

The bulging metal lips rose and fell for some moments, before finally becoming level again, and returning to its original size. The eyes melted back into their hidden places, and the shower kicked back to life again, pointing directly downward and secreting a viscous green fluid, which lumped around the drain, then seeping through the metal slits.

Inside the constricting throat, Gretchen's eyes opened as she regained her senses. She felt the cords which snared her had slipped off, but the compression of the red walls around her was so much worse. A new wetness could be felt dripping on top of her head, slowly smearing into her hair and dripping down her face. Again panicking, she strained and wrenched, but the tightness cloaking her held fast. The seeping fluid was now coating her face, and pooling above her breasts and shoulders before slipping through the tiny spaces between her smothered flesh and the unyielding belly of the beast.

She felt the clammy yet tingling sensation drip down her belly and back, collecting again atop her rump before draining down her legs. She spat against the fluid over her mouth, trying desperately to keep a breath, but only succeeded in taking some of it past her lips. The bitter flavor of the digestive liquid caused her to hack, making things even worse as now mouthfuls of the goo filled her mouth, surging down her esophagus.

Her writhing body strained and heaved as her consciousness faded, feeling her stomach swell against the confines of her prison. Finally blacking out, the digestive enzymes eat away at her flesh, breaking down her cells and transforming her curvy body into a jelly. The chamber walls begin to undulate, smearing her partially digested body about until only a creamy paste was left.

The last few drops of green fluid slipped past the drain above, and the shower had returned to normal. There was no trace of its victim, as always. No matter what home it chose to invade, the prey would simply turn up missing to the rest of the world. It would not have to search the dreams of unwitting victims for some time now, the delicious fear of its shapely meal would nourish it, as it predicted, wonderfully.



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