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Sacrificed to Snakes

by Dave Martin

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© Copyright 2012 - Dave Martin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; MF+/mf; captured; bond; drug; sex; mast; climax; snakes; swallow; digestion; soft; cons/nc; X

We are lost in the jungle, the lovely Mandy is clinging on to me as it is very hot, the other members of our party had returned to base and our guides seemed to have deserted us. Mandy is a young blonde girl, who joined our small expedition looking for adventure. We had set out five days ago into the remotest part of the Amazon Rain Forest to look for a rare type of Orchid reported to be in this area.

Sometime during the night our guides were spooked and disappeared into the jungle.

As we are now alone, I managed to set up the tent our guides had left us.

Mandy was very frightened, so for reassurance I lay beside her in the tent.

Mandy has a lovely body and was lying down with just her brief shorts on. Her firm breasts showed out through the thin blanket. I was holding her tight for comfort but I guess she could feel my erection pressing against her soft body. Mandy’s lips brushed my face, the next minute we were in a deep passionate kiss, with our tongues deep in each others throat. As we lay together, my hands began to stroke the soft flesh of her semi naked body. We were now both very aroused, she made no protest as I pulled her shorts down, I allowed my erection to swing free and held it between her thighs, she started to fondle my cock as she guided it between her legs,

"Oh Dave fuck me", she whispered, "I want to feel you inside me".

I then began to push my hard throbbing cock, deep into her soft warm pussy, at the same time I caressed and kissed her lovely firm breasts. Mandy was enjoying every thrust of my hard naked erection deep inside her beautiful young body.

"Oh Dave this feels so good, I want you come inside me", she whispered in my ear.

I soon reached a wonderful climax, with my hot spunk filling up her belly, at the same time I could feel her gripping my throbbing cock, deep within her lovely pussy, while Mandy reached her own orgasm. We were so carried away in our passionate embrace we failed to notice a group of natives who had surrounded our tent. Suddenly the tent was pulled completely away, Mandy screamed out in terror, at the same time there was a blow to my head. I passed out.

When I came to, I found myself lying on a platform inside a large hut, we are surrounded by some native woman, they are quite young and attractive, their brown body’s and firm breasts glistening in the light of a nearby fire. Opposite me on another platform lays Mandy, who still seems to be unconscious. The native girls began removing the last of our clothes, ensuring we were both completely naked.

One of them lifted up my head and offered me a drink of some sweet liquid. I gulped it down, not sure of the effect it will have on me. I soon find out. I begin to be relaxed and find that it is making me aroused, with a very large hard on. I notice that they are wearing amulets in the form of a coiled snake, around their wrists.

As Mandy recovers, they offer the same potion to her. I now enjoy the feel of their soft hands on my nude body, as they rub me all over with a sweet smelling ointment. They rub deep into my belly and turning me over they rub well into my buttocks and bum cheeks. This has the effect of arousing me even more, bringing me very close to a wild climax.

They do the same to Mandy’s naked body, who now begins to moan with pleasure, as they rub their hands all over her firm belly and large breasts, they also rub between her lovely long legs. Before the woman leave, one approaches closer and turns me over onto my back, she rubs her hands all over my belly again and then fondles my erection, as she leans over, She gives me a deep kiss. She then removes her loin cloth and stands there completely naked. She is very young, with a beautiful body. She lay’s down beside me, pressing her lovely smooth nude body against mine.

While this is going on a large native has entered the hut and begins to rub his own hands all over Mandy’s naked form. He then fondles and squeezes her shapely breasts.

She is tense at first, but soon relaxes and starts to moan and sigh with pleasure as his hands rubs over every part of her beautiful nude body

This native removes his garment and stands in front of her, so that he too is naked, with a very large erection standing out. He moves to lie on top of Mandy’s soft, shapely nude body. He places his large cock between her legs and rubs it against her pubic hair, before he starts to push it deep into her pussy. She gives a slight cry, but because of the effect of the drug, she makes no further protest at this forced rape, but seems to enjoy his very rough fucking as he pushes the whole of his naked erection deep into her writhing body. She now wraps her long and shapely legs around him, while lifting herself up, to meet his thrusts.

Watching this has made me very aroused so that I now begin to fondle, kiss and suck the lovely breasts of the young native girl who is beside me.

We then enjoy another deep passionate kiss, while I also move to lay on top of her as she guides my hard erection into her own tight, but warm pussy.

The feel of this naked penetration by my large throbbing cock deep into her lovely nude body and the thought of going all the way and perhaps making her pregnant, led to the most wonderful lovemaking. I kissed and sucked her breasts again as she moaned with desire, her lovely long legs wrapping around my buttocks.

I pushed my enlarged hard cock in and out of her tight pussy, going deeper and deeper into her with each thrust as her lovely nude body writhed under me until at last I exploded with a wonderful climax, shooting loads of cum into her firm naked belly.

Shortly after I heard Mandy cry out with pleasure and passion as they climaxed together with the native spraying his own hot spunk deep into her body After a while he draws out his dripping cock which is covered in his spunk and Mandy’s own fluid from her sexual climax

We all lay quite and calm with our nude body’s pressed close together. After a while the girl smiled and walked out, the male native followed. Everything went quiet I wondered what could happen next. I smiled at Mandy and closed my eyes.

I must have dozed off. Sometime later four native men enter the hut, there was no sign of  Mandy. One of the natives immediately began to remove his garments until he stood in front of me with his firm naked body. The sight of my own soft white nude body seemed to have made him very aroused. The other natives then grabbed hold of me, and held me upright, as the aroused native began to rub himself against my own helpless naked body. He pressed his large erection against my belly, then holding my nude body close, he put his arms around me and began to rub his hands all over my soft bum cheeks. After a while the other natives laid me back down on the platform, turning me over so that I was lying face down on my belly, while they held onto me tight. The native, who was naked and very aroused, positioned himself against my buttocks and after rubbing his cock against my bum cheeks started to force his hard naked erection into my arsehole. What is happening? Are we to be used as some sort of fuck machine. I feel the sudden pain of his firm penetration as he thrusts his large cock deep inside me. He then starts to give me a completely naked, gay fuck.

Although in some pain I begin to get very aroused again as I get used to the feel of his hard cock going all the way into me.

One of his hands is now around me, rubbing my belly, while he fondles my growing erection with the other. He is laying on top of my helpless nude body, thrusting his throbbing solid cock in and out of my naked bum cheeks. In spite of the pain I found myself getting more and more aroused as I enjoyed the feeling of his hard throbbing cock thrusting deep inside my helpless naked body.

After what seemed an age, I feel his warm spunk as it begins spurting deep inside me, filling my arsehole with his cum. I now loose control and erupt into another great orgasm, with my own spunk creaming out all under my naked belly and body.

He withdraws his dripping cock from out of my sore bum cheeks. He then motions to his fellow natives to wipe all the spunk off me and to turn me over again onto my back.

The natives then offer me another drink, thinking it was like the first and now feeling thirsty, I drink it all. I immediately begin to feel very aroused, with my erection growing back again, larger and thicker then ever.

They now begin to bind my feet tightly together at the same time they put both of my feet and ankles into some form of cloth sock. They finish off by rubbing sweet smelling ointment over the sock and all over my still helpless nude body.

The four natives pick me up on their shoulders and carry me outside.

We go a short distance until we reach a large pit. They place me upright and tie me, still naked, against a wooden stake, overlooking this pit.

The drums are beating very loud as the rest of the natives begin working themselves up into some sort of sexual frenzy.

The drums stop, the sound of the horn is heard again, I am curious rather then frightened, I think the drug has made me very relaxed although I am still feeling very horny, with my very large erection standing out and the remains of wet spunk running down my legs.

Suddenly from out of another hut comes a procession of native woman carrying on their shoulders a young blonde girl. It is Mandy, like Myself, she is still completely naked, but with her feet bound tightly together and covered in a similar sock to mine. She starts to moan and struggle but they hold her body tight

The horn sounds again, I manage to look down into the pit and see two very large thick snakes emerging from a cave at the base of the pit. One of the snakes starts to raise its head. The woman carry Mandy to the edge of the pit; they do not tie her to any stake, but  they stand close by me, holding out her lovely nude body by the edge of the pit with her feet and shapely legs pointing towards the nearest snake.

Oh no! This cannot be happening; they are going to offer her up, completely naked as a sacrifice to their Snake Gods, while she is still Alive !!

The nearest snake uncurls itself and slides closer, its large head studying Mandy’s shapely nude body. The woman, now hold her out, even closer to the snake. Mandy realizes what is about to happen to her and starts to scream loudly and cry out in sheer terror, "Oh Dave, Dave, Help me. Help me", but I am helpless and unable to free myself from the stake, against which I am tightly bound.

The snake now reaches down for Mandy. It does not try to wrap itself around Mandy’s helpless nude body,  but just opens it jaws wide and starts to swallow her feet first. It would appear that the ointment spread on the socks is so attractive to the snakes, that they do not bother to crush their helpless victims, but just seem to want to swallow them, alive and whole, in this case feet first.

This means that the victim will suffer fear and extreme pain, for longer periods of time, thus enhancing the power of the sacrifice.

Her shapely legs and lovely nude body is now slowly sliding into the snake. Mandy tries to struggle even more, but she is completely helpless, as the snake continues to swallow her lovely naked body, while she is still alive and screaming.

The native woman, hold up and support Mandy’s at first, until the snake can take the weight. They then stand back and watch the rest of the shapely nude body of Mandy, as the snake raises its head while it is sucking more of her into its jaws. Her dreadful cries and screams for help go unanswered, as I am not able to move.

I can only watch as she gives out loud, terrible screams and shrieks as more of her beautiful body, with her smooth belly and lovely firm breasts, is slowly sucked deeper into the snake. At this point, some of the watching native men become very aroused and start to masturbate at the sight of Mandy’s helpless nude body, slowly disappearing into the snake.

The snake raise’s up its head even higher, with most of Mandy’s body now inside its jaws, with just her firm breasts and head still showing.

Her hands are still free as she tries to hold the head of the snake off, but to no avail. The jaws of the snake are too powerful as they open ever wider. I can only watch helplessly when she gives one long last terrible scream, as her blonde head starts to disappear inside the snake. The snake now closes its jaws completely over Mandy who is trapped inside.

I can see the shape of her lovely body still moving and outlined within the skin of the large snake, as she continues to slide slowly towards its belly.

All the watching native’s, now work themselves up even more as they continue their wild sexual orgy, celebrating this, the first of the live, naked, human feasts, offered up to their snake gods.

I look down again, the snake having eaten, is now disappearing back into its cave, its stomach swollen by poor Mandy, where it will digest the remains of her once shapely body.

The other, even bigger snake appears to be watching and waiting. I soon find out what it is waiting for. Some male natives now approach me and untie me from my stake. Again they lift me up and hold me out feet first, over the snake pit, with my bound legs facing towards the remaining snake. How can this be happening, perhaps it is just some dreadful nightmare from which I should awake. I too, am to be offered up as another live, completely nude sacrifice to their Snake Gods

The snakes head is already level with the edge of the pit with its jaws opening wide as it moves closer to my helpless nude body. It wastes no time, but attracted by the ointment on the sock, it clamps onto my feet and starts to suck my own naked body into its mouth. In spite of my screams the hungry snake does not try to crush me, but starts to swallow me whole, with my bound legs slowly sliding into the snake. Like Mandy, I am supported by the natives, until the snake can take my weight.

The snake continues to suck more of my own helpless nude body further into its wide gaping jaws. My thighs start to go in, followed by my buttocks with my still large erection pressed against my belly. I feel the snake sucking more of me deeper into its body. The natives have now let go of my helpless naked body. The snake’s jaws are now getting closer to my head. I can only cry out and scream louder, in sheer terror, as I know the terrible fate that awaits me.

The watching natives are now fully worked up and indulging in a wild sexual orgy, most of them are still masturbating, or coupling together, while I am being slowly swallowed, alive and naked by this second snake. I am now almost fully inside the snake, with just my chest and head showing.

The snake appears to be having some difficulty in getting past my shoulders. The snake lifts it head up above the pit.

The drums suddenly stop, as all the natives watch my final death throws. I now feel an increased suction to the rest of my helpless nude body. My chest is starting to go inside the Snake, there is now just my head showing. The jaws of the snake open ever wider, I give one long, last terrible shriek, as the jaws of the snake close over my face and head.

The whole of my nude body is now inside the snake. I am still able to breathe as I have been able to cover my nose and mouth with one of my hands. I can also see by a dull green light which penetrates through the snake’s body.

The soft cold flesh of the snake is compressing against every part of my nude body, including my back, thighs, buttocks and chest, while my erection is being pressed really hard against my stomach.

Thanks in part to the effects of the drug I still feel very aroused with waves of extreme pleasure mixed with fear, causing me to have a tremendous and prolonged sexual climax, with my naked body juddering and writhing inside the snake, while loads of warm spunk, spray out of my enlarged cock, the spunk acting as a lubricant around my belly and upper nude body.

I let out a sigh and sink deeper into the snake. I feel myself being pulled and sucked further down the long body of the snake. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. Am I going to slowly die by suffocation?

Suddenly I feel a very severe and sharp pain starting at my feet and ankles, the pain gradually spreading up my legs, as if they are on fire. I realize that I am reaching the stomach of the snake and the powerful acid juices are beginning to dissolve the skin and flesh from my helpless nude body.

Now this very severe and intense burning sensation is slowly spreading up from my legs to my thighs and over my belly.

This is how Mandy must have suffered inside her snake. Even though I am deep inside the snake I try to scream and scream again, feeling the extreme pain, agony and torture as more of my nude body is attacked by the snake’s stomach acid, dissolving the flesh and bones from my feet and lower legs. I am also aware of my own blood oozing around me. I know there is no hope for me of surviving, with my legs, thighs and belly, feeling as though they are in a fierce burning fire.

After what seemed an age of extreme agony and torture, of feeling this dreadful and severe burning pain, spreading up over most of my body, my cries and screams ebb away as I begin to drift into unconsciousness and become as one with the snake, who now lies sleeping, while it slowly digests the helpless human victim within.




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