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A Tiger Against The Cold

by WinniBear

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© Copyright 2023 - WinniBear - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/m+; MM; vore; soft; tiger; animal; strip; climax; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Two young men, just 18 and 20, got lost in the dead of winter. And not just anywhere, but in the wilderness of Siberia. Barely two days before, they had travelled west with their families on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Friends since they were little, the two teenagers had recently discovered their love for each other.

On the train, they were surprised by the younger boy's father, kissing. He brought them, trembling with anger, to the other members of the two families who were sitting in a large compartment of the train. It was like a show trial! The two fathers and heads of the two families took turns delivering a tirade about morality, sin, perversion, deviant behaviour, shame, and so on.

Meanwhile, the two youngsters just stood there dumb and completely distraught, looking desperately at their mothers, grandparents and siblings. Not daring to say anything when they saw only rejection, disgust and hatred on everyone's faces. When they had nothing to say in their defence or anything else, they were taken to a neighbouring compartment, where they had to stay until the end of the journey. In Moscow, they would be taken to a doctor who would cure them of their "degeneracy."

To avoid this, the two friends fled the train the following night. They managed to jump off at a point where the train had to move quite slowly. Since there was a lot of snow next to the tracks and both wore thick winter clothes, they did not injure themselves.

They wandered through the wilderness for a good forty hours. Despite their thick clothing, they were cold, hungry and very exhausted. They were not thirsty because they had eaten snow. It was very cold, around -30°C, maybe even colder. The two boys would freeze to death!

Suddenly, they heard a noise! They looked around… Nothing. There! Once again! Closer! Very close! They turned and faced a huge tiger! And what a beautiful one! White fur, with chocolate brown stripes and sapphire blue eyes. Purring softly, the tiger approached the two young people. Surprising them both, he lay down and rolled onto his back. The two youngsters approached hesitantly. The younger one dared to touch the tiger first. It immediately began to purr happily. Soon both boys were stroking the tiger's belly and scratching it.

The younger of the two friends had always had a fantasy: he imagined that a large animal, or a large man, would swallow him alive and that he would be safe and secure in that person's belly. He had played this through in his mind, especially when he was very sad or had been afraid of something a short time before.

He quietly told his friend about it. At first, his friend looked horrified, then as if he thought he was crazy.

"I know it sounds crazy! But that tiger could have mauled and eaten us a long time ago if he wanted to! And maybe there is something to my imagination! -And somehow I would almost rather be a part of this tiger than freezing to death here, or having to live in a world where our love is considered a bad thing!"

His friend stared at him with a mixture of horror and fascination. "You… You're actually serious!?"

The boy nodded.

"I must admit that I can understand your idea, but it would probably be a slow, painful death to be digested, unless we run out of air before that happens!"

The tiger drew the young men's attention by uttering a soft "paff!" When the two boys turned to face him, he glanced at the younger one, who nodded. Then the tiger turned to the older boy and looked into his eyes for a long time. He literally let the young people look into his soul. The young man saw that the tiger was looking at him with a gentleness and genuine concern for them both that his doubts were quickly replaced by trust.

"Good! Me first because I'm heavier. All right?" The younger one nodded. The young man quickly took off his thick boots, his trousers and both of his underpants, one long and one short underneath. The tiger was now lying down in such a way that he only had to open his huge mouth wide so that the young man could put his feet in. The slender, muscular thighs quickly disappeared down the tiger's throat!

Suddenly, the young man felt the tiger licking his semi-hard length! The sudden, very intense stimulus made him cum immediately, so violently that he fainted for a few seconds! The tiger enjoyed the salty taste of the semen and rubbed it on the man-cub's tummy.

With a little help from his lover, he also took off his outer clothing. Then he put his arms to his body, and the tiger stood up, stretched his neck up, and let gravity help. The huge cat only had to swallow a little, and the young man gently slid down into his belly! The younger friend of the boy who had just been devoured watched in fascination as his lover disappeared into the tiger's maw, and the bulge on the tiger's neck and chest as it travelled towards its belly. A slight swelling of the furry tiger belly was all that could be seen from the outside.

The boy stroked the swelling and said: "I'll be right with you!"

Then he undressed completely. One look was enough for the tiger to know the boy's will. The youngster knelt in front of the tiger, slightly bent over, and the next moment, he was stuck with his whole upper body in the tiger's maw! It lifted his head, one sip, and the boy was gone!

A little dazed, he felt his lover, like a big spoon, snuggling up against him from behind. "You were right!"

The tiger had swallowed the two young men into its harmless storage stomach. Warm, safe, and secure, the two friends quickly fell asleep. And the tiger, whose digesting stomach was well filled, continued on its way to its resting place, lay down, and quickly dozed off.


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