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Roya's New Experience

by Matt Eater

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© Copyright 2024 - Matt Eater - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; vore; hard; eaten; snake; digestion; swallow; mast; cannibalism; pain; cons; XXX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

This story contains elements of vore and dolcett. If this offends you, or is in some way illegal where you live, or are under the age of 18, then do not read.

Roya was very curious about where she was going. She was with her new boyfriend, Franklin. They were traveling down a very secluded road. There were a couple of cars on this road. They were very few though. She knew that there was no way she could ever find her way down here again without a guide. Roya was a young 23 in age, but much older in her sexuality. She had pretty much done everything you could do with men and women. She considered herself a slut. She was proud of that title. She felt liberated by being as sexual as possible. She was also very attractive. She had fiery long red hair, green eyes, and her body measurements were 36C-26-36. She was wearing a black silk dress that did not need a bra and was also not wearing any panties. She loved flashing her pussy at people. Franklin was a very wealthy man who seemed like someone who would never even be with her. However, since she was so liberated in her sexual desires, and said there was nothing new for her, he challenged her to join him tonight. Roya could not say no to such an offer. 

They arrived at a very plain-looking building. Even in the dark it looked like a building that no one would ever pay attention to. There were cars parked around it. Some were fancy luxury ones, like the BMW Franklin was driving, some were regular sedans that suburban housewives would drive, and some were like redneck pickup trucks. There was clearly a variety of people from different backgrounds and classes here.

Franklin seemed to know what she was thinking. “The people who come here have different backgrounds, but all have the same desires to enjoy what is offered here.” They parked and went inside. The place was luxurious in its trappings. Everything was so elegant. She knew some of the people here. They were not famous, just very wealthy. They were mingling with regular people. Whatever happened here was something they all loved. Roya could not wait to know what it was.

After a few minutes everyone moved into a new area. It was like a theater. With all the seats facing down towards a stage where there was just a table and two doors. One of the doors opened and a very young woman, maybe 18 or 19, of Chinese heritage walked out wearing a traditional robe. She waved to everyone. She was given a cheer.

A man started speaking over a PA system. “Ladies and Gentlemen, many of you know young Winn, she has found us seeking to have her ultimate desire fulfilled. She is now just meat to be enjoyed.”

Winn smiled and started to lay down on the table. Very excited. She started rubbing her pussy with her left hand and her tits with her right. The second door opened and out came a very large, the largest Roya had ever seen, snake.

Franklin whispered in her ear, “that is Lilith, she gets fed once a month. We have others who also get fed at the same rate.” Roya watched in horror and excitement as Lilith slithered over to the table where Winn was waiting. Roya felt a hand start to rub her. It was Franklin. Roya was getting excited by what she was witnessing.

Lilith started to put Winn’s head into her mouth. Winn started rubbing herself even faster at this. Lilith quickly, but gently, started swallowing the girl whole. Winn was disappearing down the maw of the great snake. Her small frame made it easy for Winn to be consumed by Lilith. Winn had multiple orgasms as she went further down. It seemed that the more she got eaten, the more she would cum. Soon Winn was gone, her body was completely engulfed by Lilith.

Roya watched as Winn went down into the stomach of Lilith. Franklin whispered into her ear, “she will be alive, and feel everything for about three weeks. The snake keeps its victims from dying until they can no longer get any more nutrients from the girl. During that period, the snake pumps her body with acids that produce so much pleasure that she will be in a state or orgasm the entire time. It is the perfect mix of pain and pleasure.” Roya started to cum upon hearing that.

Roya was taken to the place where the snakes lived. One, named Baphomet, had just voided. “That poop is all that remains of the girl he ate three weeks ago. It will be another week before he is hungry again.” 

Roya walked around the enclosure with a strong fascination. “Women just volunteer to get eaten?”

“Yes, men do as well, though not as frequently. Vore tends to be very specific among those who enjoy it.” A buzzer sounded and everyone was told to return to the lobby. 

The host, Roya recognized his voice from the announcements from earlier had an announcement to make. “There was a second feeding scheduled for tonight. Unfortunately, it is not going to happen. As you know, when someone volunteers to be food for our wonderful snakes we do not allow minds to be changed. So, when someone tries to back out, they get fed anyway.

In this case the young girl didn’t try and back out. On the way here she developed appendicitis, and it killed her. We are too far away for her to get to a hospital for treatment. She insisted that we use her body for meat anyways. So, in tribute to meat girl #2, here is a feast.

Tables were set up and trays of cooked meat were served to everyone. Roya was shocked, this was the girl who had just died. She was served as food and the people there were eating her meat. Roya could not resist the temptation as she took a small piece of the girl from Franklin’s plate and tried it herself. It was sweet and delicious. She either really liked human meat, or the cooks were good at cooking it. Both, probably. It was turning her on as she ate more. She wished she knew about all this sooner. There was a feeling of disappointment in the air. The people here really wanted to see a second girl eaten. 

Franklin introduced Roya to the host. “How are you enjoying this my dear?”

“I am enjoying this very much. I am ready to embrace all of this.”

“Splendid. Franklin had you pegged as someone who would become a part of the community.”

Someone got Franklin’s attention and he had to step away for a moment. Roya wanted to ask the host a question. “Can I ask you…”

After a little while, and everyone had eaten enough, an announcement came, to reenter the theater. Franklin could not find Roya and was a little worried. The host sent another woman to sit with him. As he watched, the host said that the second feeding was going to happen. That “a volunteer had come forward to take the place of the girl we all enjoyed just now.”

Franklin watched in awe as the door the food came out opened and there was Roya, in her dress walking onto the theater floor. She lay down on the feeding table. She had torn her dress to give her hand easy access to her pussy.

A second door opened and out came a snake called Abadon. Abadon was a black snake with a gold shine. It was the most beautiful of the snakes. The girl sitting next to Franklin started giving him a hand job while he watched. It was one of Roya’s last requests. Abadon approached and did not waste time. He started with her feet. He was slower and took the time to savor what he was eating.

Roya looked so happy. She was clearly enjoying what was happening to her. Like Winn before her, Roya could not stop rubbing herself. She came even faster, and with more intensity than Winn had. Roya knew that she was born for this. To be food for this great snake. She would go to hell, happy in being a meal for this great creature. Abadon swallowed her ass and was working his way up her torso.

Roya screamed in joy. This was her death; this was her greatest moment. It was so wonderful. She kept cuming and cuming. When her breasts were consumed, the snake's tongue rubbed against her nipples so much that it drove her further into orgasm.

Finally, her head was eaten. She could feel herself sliding down the body of Abadon. His stomach felt warm and inviting when she entered it. She felt the acid start to burn. It was the worst pain she ever felt. It was horrible at first. Then the snake started to tighten his body. The result was her pussy and ass, as well as her mouth were filled. It became the mix of pleasure and pain she was told would happen. She could feel her body slowly start to break down so Abadon could absorb her body and get stronger. That made her orgasms even more intense. Soon her mind was almost gone. She was cuming so much, and in so much pain, she could not think. It was just nonstop pain and pleasure. In what felt like just hours, but was three weeks, Roya died. She had a moment of clarity before and thought to thank Abadon for doing this to her. With that she descended into hell where a snake was waiting for her to have this happen for all eternity. She was truly happy.

When the snake voided the remains of Roya, the dress she wore into the snake did not digest. It was in pretty good condition. It was given to Franklin to keep. He used it to tell Roya’s story to women who would follow her example and get eaten themselves.


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