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by Lamarun

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Storycodes: Solo-M; shrink; potion; F/m; pudding; emerse; swallow; soft; cons; X

Kyle had a strange fantasy, he had always wanted to be swallowed alive by a woman. Now he had the means to do it, he just needed to find a woman and get a plan together...


It happened a week ago, Kyle was at a friend's house watching TV when his friend's mom, Mrs. Smith, walked into the room. Kyle's jaw instantly dropped, his friend's mom, who he had never seen before, was extremely attractive. He couldn't remember the rest of what went on that day, Kyle only remembered Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith worked as a nurse at a local hospital and her patients were very lucky. She was tall, had long blonde hair, and nice round breasts, but what attracted Kyle to her was her face and stomach. She had a lovely face, a broad mouth with large lips and white teeth. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat either, she had a small amount of pudge around her belly that make Kyle want to be inside her even more.

Kyle was fascinated with Mrs. Smith and he would do anything to be swallowed by her. So Kyle devised a strange and interesting plan...


Kyle walked up to the Smith household, it was 7:30am and his friend should be gone from the house. Reaching out, Kyle turned the door handle and let out a sigh of relief when he found the door unlocked. Slowly and as quiet as possible, Kyle entered the house. He heard footsteps coming from upstairs so with the skill of a burglar Kyle made his way into the kitchen.

In the kitchen Kyle found what he was looking for, Mrs. Smith's lunch. On the counter was a sandwich wrapped in plastic wrap, a spoon, and a small carton of banana pudding. Kyle didn't know any women, and he didn't have the nerve to ask Mrs. Smith straight out if she would swallow him, so he intended to hide himself in her food so that she would swallow him without even noticing. The trick is how to do it without getting chewed up into little bits. The pudding, he could hide himself in the pudding...

Just then Kyle heard footsteps coming down the stairs... he would have to work fast. First he extracted a small vial from his pocket. If anyone knew that he had stolen the vial he would be in deep trouble, but none of that mattered now. Then Kyle stripped off all of his clothes, dumped them in the trash, and closed the lid. Hopefully Mrs. Smith would not open the trash can before she went to work. Kyle then jumped up onto the counter and drank the liquid contents of the vial and soon he began to shrink.

After only a few seconds he was a quarter of an inch tall and was standing next to a building sized sandwich. He had cut it pretty close as just then Mrs. Smith walked into the kitchen.

She walked up to the counter and Kyle admired her beauty as he peeked from around the corner of the sandwich. She was wearing her nurses uniform and her hair was wet and dangling. To Kyle, Mrs. Smith seemed to be hundreds of feet tall. Suddenly Kyle saw a giant hand reaching towards him. Kyle clung to the plastic wrap of the sandwich as it was lifted into the air and placed into a brown lunch bag. It was dark inside the sack and Kyle looked high up into the air towards the bag's opening. Soon after the spoon and pudding carton were placed in the bag and Kyle had to run in order not to be smashed by the incoming items. The bag closed and Kyle was emersed in darkness, he then felt the bag jostle and bounce as Mrs. Smith carried it to the car. Now Kyle just had to sit next to the giant ham sandwich and wait, in a couple of hours Mrs. Smith would eat her lunch that hopefully Kyle would be part of.


Finally the bag opened. It had only been a few hours but to Kyle it felt like he had been waiting forever. Kyle's eyes hurt at the sudden brightness of the light, but he made sure to hold on tight to the plastic wrap which covered the sandwich. It was a good thing he did as suddenly a giant hand entered the bag, grabbed the sandwich, and lifted it out. When Mrs. Smith placed the sandwich down on the table Kyle let go of the plastic wrap. He looked around. He was in a huge lunch room, the table he was on seemed to be length of several football fields. Above him harsh fluorescent lights shined down. Suddenly the pudding and spoon were set down beside the sandwich, and Kyle, being careful not to be seen, ran behind the pudding cup.

Peeking around the corner of the pudding cup Kyle watched the giant Mrs. Smith unwrap her sandwich. He watched in awe as Mrs. Smith brought the sandwich to her mouth and took a huge bite. Crumbs, the size of Kyle's feet, fell from her mouth. Kyle watched her chew and then swallow, wishing he was the one moving down her throat.

Kyle waited patiently as Mrs. Smith finished her sandwich, she should start on the pudding next, so he had to get in position. Kyle ran and crawled underneath the huge plastic spoon, he gripped around the edges with his hands, hoping that Mrs. Smith would not notice his tiny fingers. He then heard a tearing sound, Mrs. Smith had just torn the cover from the cup of pudding. With a jolt that almost jarred Kyle loose, the spoon was raised and then dropped into the banana pudding.

Kyle held his breath as the spoon pushed him deep into the thick pudding. With jerky, struggling motions, Kyle managed to ‘swim' to the surface. With a pudding coated hand Kyle wiped pudding from his face just in time to see a spoonful of pudding enter Mrs. Smith's mouth above. Kyle was excited. This was it! There is no turning back now. Kyle got a powerful erection as he watched Mrs. Smith swallow her first spoonful of pudding.

Two... three... four times the spoon dipped into the pudding, each time narrowly missing scooping Kyle up. Kyle watched each spoonful with anticipation, soon he would be scooped up into her hot, wet mouth. The spoon came down again, Kyle tried to swim onto it but just missed. This time he watched as Mrs. Smith stuck her tongue all the way out and licked the spoon clean.

Kyle's penis throbbed as he watched the enormous tongue licking the pudding from the spoon. Her tongue was beautiful, it was so long and wet. Then it was suddenly gone and the spoon was heading back down.

This time Kyle yelled out in triumph as the spoon scooped him up. He was so excited that he felt like he was going to explode. The spoon was lifted up and Kyle saw that he was staring at Mrs. Smith's giant moist lips. The spoon started forward and Mrs. Smith opened her mouth. This was it! Kyle stared into the huge cavernous mouth. The tongue rippled and glistened with saliva and remnants of pudding.

Suddenly Kyle heard a beeping sound. The mouth closed and the spoonful of pudding he lay in was placed back in the plastic cup. Mrs. Smith's pager had gone off, she got up from the table and left the room.

"No no! I was so close!" yelled Kyle in frustration. He sat in the warm pudding for a quarter of an hour, hoping that Mrs. Smith would return. Kyle started to get worried, "What if she comes back and isn't hungry anymore, I could end up in the trash rather than in her stomach!" But Kyle's worries were unfounded as Mrs. Smith returned a moment later.

Mrs. Smith sat back down to her lunch and using the plastic spoon, scooped up the entire remaining contents of her pudding.

"Yes! Thank you!" cried Kyle as he was once again lifted toward Mrs. Smith's open mouth. Closer and closer... Kyle could feel her hot breath hit his face. Her mouth was shadowed, and Kyle felt disappointed that he couldn't see her throat... then suddenly, as if in response to his thoughts, the back of Mrs. Smith's tongue dropped revealing her uvula and slimy throat.

A shadow fell over Kyle as the spoon entered the giant mouth. Kyle got one last glimpse of the pink throat as the mouth closed. The spoon exited and now Kyle was immersed in darkness. He held his breath as he and the pudding were swirled and swished around in the mouth by the giant tongue.

Suddenly, Kyle felt himself being squeezed, and as he was swallowed with the spoonful of pudding his body exploded in an intense orgasm.

Kyle landed with a wet plop inside Mrs. Smith's stomach. It was hot, and Kyle could smell the banana pudding and ham sandwich which made up chewed layers underneath him. He had actually done it, he had been swallowed alive by a woman. Kyle laid back in the slimy mush and smiled.


Mrs. Smith tossed her trash away and prepared to return to work. She rubbed her belly, feeling full and contented after lunch. She would never know that she had someone alive inside her...



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