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Perils of Annette

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; toys; cuffs; snake; swallowed; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

Dedicated to Annette, Snakelover  1st (who's site you can find in the links).

Annette was only half awake as her husband busily prepared himself for the day ahead; she sat at the dining table with her cup of coffee gradually coming to, she listened to him as he moved about the house getting ready to leave for work. He was going on about some major project he had on today but Annette was only just interested in the day she had planned and as soon as he left she would start. He was now standing by the front door, briefcase in hand looking for his car keys when Annette walked slowly over to him and held the keys out to him, kissing her on the cheek he grabbed the keys and opened the door.

"Don't forget to feed Bessie!" he said as he left. 

She hated feeding Bessie and put the thought out of her mind as she began to prepare herself for the session she had planned for herself this morning, a few hours tightly self-tied would make her feel wonderful, her husband didn't indulge her fantasy she'd asked him to tie her up before but he just looked at her like she was some weird pervert and refused to do it. Well she'd been tying herself up for her own pleasure for many years, since she was in her late teens, she'd found out her feelings regarding bondage when she was tied up as part of a school play, three others had held her captive and tied her to a chair, it felt tight and her sex had become very moist as she sat there on stage; the more the rope was applied the better her feelings were. She had nearly come in her bondage by the third and final performance especially when she'd suggested that they gag her as well, she floated off into her own little sexual fantasy right there on the stage in front of the audience. 

She went to the spare bedroom and retrieved her bondage toys from were she'd hidden them and took them into her bedroom, placing them on the bed she looked them over and began to get a nice warm sensation spreading out from her crotch and into her tummy. 'Mmmm!' She thought, 'this was going to be a good couple of hours nicely tied!'

She broke out of her daydream and headed towards the kitchen to fetch the rest of her supplies - the ice. Annette's favorite method of escape was using several ice cubes with string frozen into them, a length of string was fixed to the ceiling and at the other end the keys for her release were tied, the ice cube were also tied on this end and held the keys until the ice melts and then they fall within reach. Today was going to be a good two hour session she picked up the required number of ice cubes that she thought would last that long but just as she closed the refrigerator door she remembered about feeding Bessie and shuddered. 

She always hated feeding Bessie and felt that her husband thought more of Bessie than of her, he always seemed to spend more time with his pet and spent a lot of money on it, she felt that she was in second place to Bessie when it came to his affections. She grabbed the food out of the fridge and headed to Bessie's room, she felt Goosebumps forming all over her body as she walked into Bessie's room. There she was hanging over a tree branch in the corner of her enclosure, her eyes focused on Annette as she entered the room, watching everything that she did her tongue darting out smelling the air, the smell of food getting closer. Annette placed the food down on the floor and opened the glass enclosure door, Bessie's head moved as she sensed the motion of Annette opening the door, she bent down and picked up the food, a large white rabbit and threw it near the snake. She hated snakes as another tingle ran down her spine, and she really hated Bessie, her husbands pet python. 

Her mind was still not focused this morning as she moved the food closer to the snake, she was still thinking nice warm self bondage thoughts as she watched the snake move down from the branch and make it's way over to the food. Just then the telephone rang bringing her thoughts back sharply to reality, she pushed the enclosure door closed and walked out of the room to answer the phone. It was only her husband reminding her to feed Bessie and to say he would be late home and not to wait up. Great she thought the whole day without anyone to interrupt me, some time for myself to have a little bit of fun. She replaced the receiver and headed back to her bedroom to prepare herself. 

After she had set up the string, keys and ice cubes and made sure that they would drop where she could reach them, she began putting the various ropes, cuffs and gag into place on the bed. Now she was ready she got her most favorite toys out of her bedside drawer, a vibrator and butt plug. She loved the feeling that these two friends brought out of her as she lay there wriggling in her bondage and warm memories came back about the last time she'd used these.

Bringing her mind back to the present she sat on the side of the bed and after spreading some lubricant over them, she inserted the vibrator into her hot and now wet pussy, rolling over onto her knees on the floor she pushed the butt plug home, already the sensations were starting to give her some pleasure. She tied a length of rope around her waist pinching her skin tightly, pulling her waist in a good seven inches or more, tying the rope in front she then took hold of the free end and pulled it through her crotch to the waist rope behind her back, looping it through she tightly pulled it back to the front again and secured it in front, the ropes cut into her pussy pushing the vibrator and plug deeper into her. 

Now she positioned herself on the bed as she picked up the rope to bind her ankles, winding it several times about them she pushed the end through her ankles looping the rope over the other to cinch the rope tight as she pulled and tied the rope off. She inspected her work and was satisfied with the results, testing its tightness, she proceeded to tie above her knees in the same manner, her bonds felt very tight and very pleasurable.

She took hold of the gag and firmly placed it into her mouth, it had a small rubber penis shape that fitted into her mouth, now all three of her holes were nicely filled. She fastened the straps around her head and secured them with two small locks, the keys firmly held back on the string by the ice cubes. Picking up the handcuffs she placed her left wrist into the cuff and closed it around the wrist, she then took the final small lock and threaded it through the rope tied tightly around her waist and then through the chain between the cuffs, locking it securely again the keys on the string attached to the ice cubes, the only means of escape now. Checking over her bondage for the final time, turning the switch on to activate the vibrator she lay down and closed the right cuff around her wrist, the click of the cuffs sending a warm feeling of delight down her body. 

She lay there on the bed drifting off into fantasy as the vibrator throbbed inside her, her tightly bound body wriggling as the pleasurable sensations spread throughout her now helpless form. The snake meantime had finished its meal as was now moving around the enclosure, more awake now after eating the rabbit it slithered over towards the door. In her half aware state this morning Annette had only closed the door but not placed the lock back before the telephone had interrupted her. Now the snakes snout was up against the door and without much effort on it's part Bessie managed to open the enclosure door and slid out onto the floor, it then began to explore the room. It could sense that food was around, the aroma of mice lingered in the air, they were in cages high up on a bench, live food for the snake but the last one was used a day or so ago. 

The snake was disappointed to find only the smell and not the food it had expected and began to move off in search of more prey. Meanwhile Annette was approaching her first orgasm her body shuddered as it exploded in her; she lay there as the aftershocks swept throughout her bound body, her mind into a favorite fantasy. She half opened her eyes to check the keys, 'Still a long way to go yet!' she thought as she saw the ice cubes still slowly melting, she drifted back into her tightly bound body and her fantasy. She could start to feel her second climax building up within her as she dreamt that she was being held captive in some sheiks tent to await his desires, attendants were gently stroking her bound body coaxing her along, warming her body towards fulfilment when she would be taken by the sheik. 

Slivering across the floor of it's room the snake probed the air in search of more food, it found it's way over to the half open door and pushed it's head out into the hallway, it could sense vibrations coming from the room opposite and smell something, the snake moved across the carpet silently, unsure of what awaited within the room. Annette was now well past the second climax and was moving onto her third when the door to the room opened slightly, she remained unaware of this as her eyes remained tightly closed, her mind still off into her fantasy. The snake put its nose into the room, the vibrations were stronger in here, the smell getting closer and heavier, although still unsure as to what was causing it, the snake darted it's tongue out to taste the air. Annette shivered into her third orgasm as the vibrator continued it's work on her hot, wet pussy, the butt plug giving her wonderful sensations as she clenched her buttocks as the climax washed over her. 

The snake was now sliding across the floor seeking out the source of the movements and scent, it's tongue darting out testing the air every few seconds, the smell getting stronger as it approached the source, it raised it's head up to look at whatever was on the bed giving off these signs.  There it could see something laying there that looked as though it were injured, the movements only slight and it was sweating profusely. Annette lay there still drifting along in her dreams, her body gently moving as she enjoyed the pleasant sensations that were coming up from the center of her being, half opened eyes looking up at the ice and hoping that they had not yet thawed, she longed to stay bound for a few more hours yet, she did not want to be released back into reality for quite some time, if ever! 

Unaware of the snake’s presence she closed her eyes and went back into her dreams, the snake looked at her lying there and was deciding what to do with this animal. It's eyes inspecting the body looking for any signs of danger towards itself, it began moving it's head around to the bottom of the bed here it would be able to get a closer look at the source of the scent. The snake's body slithered quietly over the soft plush carpet of the bedroom raising it's head again to check, it's tongue darting out tasting the air the fragrance now strong and close, the vibrations continued to entice the snake closer.  Getting closer to her feet Annette was still unaware of her fate; she continued to lay there enjoying herself. The snake was now only inches away from her toes, pushing its body upwards onto the bed the snake tasted her flesh with just a quick dart of it's tongue. The snakes natural reactions then started to fall into place, looking at the body lying there it moved it's head from side to side checking and sizing up it's next meal! 

Annette was still lost in her fantasy as the snake opened it's mouth and closed it around her toes, working itself quickly over her feet and onto her legs, the warmth of its mouth bringing Annette's back from her dreams, still unsure if this was fact or fantasy as the snake slowly worked it's way up her bound legs. She broke out of her dreamlike state as the snake reached to just below her knees, she looked down horrified as the snake continued to swallow her. She began to panic, but because of her tightly bound state was not able to move very far, she tried rolling over but the snake held her fast using it's muscles and weight to hold her. She looked up at the ice cubes hoping that they would melt so she could release her hands from the cuffs, but they were still frozen. The more she struggled it seemed the quicker the snake swallowed, she regained control of herself and lay still as she tried to think of a way out of her predicament. The snake meanwhile was content to go slowly with this very large meal; it was hard to swallow something so big. 

Annette lay there as the snake continued to slowly engulf her bound body, she continued to look at the ice wishing that they would melt faster, cursing herself for being so greedy in using so much ice, she'd wanted to stay tied up for a very long time and now it seemed she would remain tied forever. The snake was now up over her thighs, her feet were well inside the snake and her knees just past its throat. She didn't look down too much at first, fear overtook her everytime she did and then she'd panic and the snake swallowed faster, so she decided not to look at what was happening to her but curiosity overwhelmed her and she began to stare at the snake, watching her body slip into it's mouth. She was unsure whether it was the warmth of the inside of the snake, the tight constrictive feel or the vibrator still working away within her but she was getting incredibly turned on by these events. She could feel another orgasm building up within her belly, her sex clenching against the vibrator within her sending delightful feelings throughout her body. 

Her mind was now awash with wonderful sensations as she neared the most powerful climax she'd ever experienced, just as the snake swallowed her thighs and wrapped the top it's mouth around her pubis, the bottom lip nudging against her buttocks, she slipped into the most wonderful orgasm her body had ever had, wave after wave swept across her body, her mind lost to the moment as she clenched every muscle throughout her body tightly, the snake stopped moving as it felt it's prey within it's mouth clamp up, seeming to get bigger inside itself. They both lay there not moving for what seemed like quite some time, Annette drifting in the afterglow of her orgasm and the snake waiting for it's meal to stop whatever it was doing to interrupt its eating. As Annette came too she looked up at the ice, still held fast but getting nearer then looking down at the snake as it resumed its movements up her body. 

Now the snakes mouth was over her tummy, her hips long since swallowed into it's throat, she could feel the vibrator within her still buzzing, her legs held tightly inside the snake, she lay there watching the snake looking into it's eyes feeling a strange calm coming over her. Her hands bound to her waist rope were now sliding into the snake; she must have been lying here for twenty minutes for the snake to reach this far and began calculating how much longer it would take to finish her. She still hoped that the ice would melt and she could escape, although now her bound hands were inside the mouth of the snake she was unsure how she could manage it.

The snake continued to slowly swallow its large meal content now that so much of it was inside itself, it's mouth stretched so to accommodate the widest part. Annette began to think of how she would be found, held within the snakes belly unable to break free of its tight confines. What would be her husbands reaction, finding her eaten by his favorite pet, she thought that he'd probably pet the snake on the head, preferring the snake to her the snake had always taken first place in his way of thinking, it was treated better than her. 

Her breasts were next to be taken into it's mouth, the tight constriction squeezing her body down into the snake, it's muscles rippling taking her deeper into the snake, another climax was building inside her body, she could still feel the vibrator working within her pussy deep within the snake. Once her breasts were engulfed within the snake it's nose was getting closer to her neck, 'the widest & hardest part over' she thought to herself as she slipped further in. Now the snake could close it's mouth it began to speed up it's swallowing, moving over her neck quickly, her bound body now tightly within the snake, her breasts just beyond it's throat, all she could do was lay there and accept her fate. 

She continued to look up at the ice cubes melting holding the keys, her only means of escape out of reach. Now the snake opened it's mouth wide again and began taking her head in it's mouth, she looked at it's fangs and the inside of the snakes mouth, one final look at the outside world as she saw the keys fall from the shelf and swing down to were she had been tied up nice & tight, her head now entered the snake and she was swallowed down as her final orgasm spread throughout her body. 

The snake continued to push it's large meal down into it's stomach as it's prey writhed its last movements within, the snake lay content with itself and curled up on the bed to begin digesting its food.

Her husband came home later that day and found the snake with her inside, running his hand over the snake and her body inside, feeling her through the snake, he got up and walked over to the cupboard and retrieved the video camera he'd secretly placed inside that recorded her self bondage sessions. He'd been making them for the past year, selling them on the Internet to customers. Now he'd make millions from this one of her being eaten alive by the snake, he then went to replace the lock on the snakes enclosure that he'd removed that morning when he'd planned the whole thing. He didn't think the whole thing would work out so well, but now he could phone his mistress and invite her over to watch the preview of his best seller to date. 



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