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Oysters for Dinner

by girlfood

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© Copyright 2008 - girlfood - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; magic; transform; oysters; swallowed; food; nc; X

Jen Wright was one of the prettiest girls around. She was damn hot. Blue eyes, blonde hair, tall, athletic, muscular. Everyone wanted to date her. Tony was staring at her ass as she walked away. Her buttocks moved against each other with a grace, rhythm and beauty that can only be seen when looking at such an attractive woman when she is walking. She filled out those jeans perfectly. Jen must have felt his eyes upon her because she turned around and caught Tony staring. He felt the blood rush to his head and turned even redder when she started walking towards him with a smile on her lips.

“Hey Tony,” she said.

“Hi Jen. How you doing?”

“Not bad. What did you think of today’s lecture?”

They were both college students in the same Watershed Quality Management class. Jen was a Natural Resources major while Tony’s field was Biology.

“It was okay I guess.”

“Yeah. Kinda boring,” said Jen. “Anyway, I was wondering what you were up to this weekend. A few girlfriends and I are getting together. Everyone is bringing up a few guy friends and I thought you might join me. Wanna’ come?”

 There was not even a question as to how Tony would respond.

“I would love to come with you! Thank you so much for inviting me! That’s really nice of you.” Tony was rather surprised that he had been invited to tag along with such a pretty girl. He didn’t even know her that well.  

Jen gave him her cell phone number, told him the time and date he should show up at her house and suggested he bring a bathing suit. Then she told him to call if he needed to but she would see him later and to have a good week until then.

It seemed that Friday would never come. When it did, Tony’s classes seemed endless. He skipped his wrestling team practice, telling his friend and teammate Chad to not expect him there. 

“I got a hot date this weekend.”

“Well, coach is not going to like you running out. We have a competition next month, remember?”

“Yeah I know but this gal is incredibly cute. I’ll see you later.”

Tony got off the university’s commuter bus at the end of Jen’s street and walked down to the address she had given him. Several cars were already parked out front. Tony knocked on the door to have it opened by a pretty girl with dark hair and blue eyes.

“Hello there,” she said in an English accent.

“Hi,” said Tony, shaking her hand.

“The name’s Beth. Pleased to meet you.”

“Tony. Glad to know you.”

He followed her in. The house was filled with people. There were plenty of men there, all Tony’s age. He counted five woman, one of whom was Jen and another older woman, although still quite attractive, who looked like Jen. Tony figured on her being Jen’s mother. He made his way over to Jen to say hello.

“So glad you could make it. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t come.”

“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” he grinned.

 “So there is plenty to munch on. Drinks are in the cooler outside. We’ll be going into the pool pretty soon so don’t eat too much.”

The backyard was well secluded as it was rimmed with trees and shrubs which concealed a tall wooden fence. There was a decent sized pool in the middle of the yard. A few leaves floated on the surface, being pushed by the wind but otherwise it looked clear and clean.

Tony noticed that they were one guy short of having about three men to every woman, if Jen’s mom Mrs. Townsend was included in the math. There was Jen of course. She looked as beautiful as ever. The newly acquainted Beth was prim and proper but looked absolutely ripping in the light blue dress she was wearing.  There was another girl named Tiffany who was cute, pretty if not slightly pudgy. Finally there was a Latin girl who was drop dead gorgeous.  Her bone structure was amazing and her round hips suggested an incredibly nice ass. Tony could only see her from the front but his guess was confirmed when she turned around to talk to a young man behind her.  

Tony met several other men and a few of the woman. Like all social settings in which one does not know the majority of the people, everyone was somewhat reserved until after a few drinks and a barbecue dinner. Then everyone changed into their bathing suits and started jumping, swimming and playing in the water. The women were all remarkably attractive. Jen was even more beautiful in that skimpy bikini then Tony had anticipated. A Latin woman, whose name was Maria was simply mesmerizing. Every guy turned and watched as she walked by. She was, however, somewhat stuck up and self absorbed. Beth was cute all over and Tiffany was incredibly well endowed. Both were friendly but with Beth, Tony sensed a wild streak. Tiffany seemed the meekest of the ladies.

The guys there were generally quite fit, usually with visible abs and decent sized muscles. They were all attractive looking young men and enjoyed the attention of the ladies.

Everyone had a good time but before it was time to go, Jen asked Tony if he would mind returning the next evening at six for another get together. Tony readily agreed.

The next day he arrived at the appointed time. He found that there were no cars parked out front but upon entering, all the men from the previous night were present. Jen and her mother were the only women there.

“And now we’re all here,” said Mrs. Wright, gesturing to Tony. “Now boys, I want to thank you for you polite behavior last night. Jen and I appreciated it so much just as we thought you would appreciate meeting the girls who would eat you, as equals, before you are consumed. Incidentally, the girls aside from dear Jen and myself, don’t know you’re going to be part of the meal. I hope you enjoy dying as much as we will enjoy your deaths.”

Before anyone could move or say anything, she had done something with her wrists. Suddenly the world was a dark place for Tony. He felt strange somehow. He heard Mrs. Wright call to her daughter, “Take them out to the table. I will only have two since we were one short last night.”  

Tony had the rough sensation of being picked up, carried and placed on a table. There he waited. What had she done to them? Was what Mrs. Wright said true? Was he really dinner for one of those girls? Which one would eat him?

He didn’t have long to wait. He heard the voices that he recognized as Maria, Tiffany and Beth talking to Jen and Mrs. Wright. Suddenly he was lifted and a sharp object pried off something above him. Jen held him in her hand. She was prying off what looked like a shell…

“Ohh! Oysters! I love oysters!” said the voice of Beth from somewhere.

“Wonderful dear,” Mrs. Wright said. “They’re live, quite fresh and very clean. My friend owns an oyster farm. Now girls; I want everyone to eat what’s on their plate. Remember the deal, eat all three live oysters and you can come with me and Jen on our trip to the mountains with me paying your every fee.”

Tony was placed on the table again and he noticed Jen opening a neighboring person.

“I’ve never eaten an oyster before,” said Tiffany.

“And I have never done so live,” said Maria

“Don’t worry girls, they go down easy,” Mrs. Wright reassured them.

“Yeah, I’ve done it loads of times before,” added Beth helpfully. “They’re brilliant.”

“If it’s your first time eating them dear, you’ll want to swallow yours whole,” added Mrs. Wright.

“Yeah, it’s gross chewing them up anyway,” said Jen. “I always swallow mine.”

Was this even real? Was he dreaming? Tony wondered while he looked up at Jen who was now finished opening her oysters and had sat down before him. She surveyed the three former men before her with an air of excited hunger. It sent chills up Tony’s “spine.”


“Why do all of the oysters have names next to them?” asked Tiffany from somewhere behind Tony.

“Yeah, they are the names of the boys we met last night. One next to each oyster,” said Beth.

“That was Jen’s idea,” said Mrs. Wright. “Personally I don’t care for it but she said it would be fun to pretend you were eating the young men you met last night.”

“I love the idea,” said Maria.

“Myself as well,” agreed Beth. “Glad I got Jorden here. He had the loveliest arse attached to a man that I’ve seen lately.”

“Mmm. And I got Dave as one,” said Maria. “He could not take his eyes off me all night. Kept looking at my ass whenever he could.”

Tony saw Maria, who was sitting next to Jen, reach for an oyster and bring it towards her lips. She picked up her fork and begin dislodging the oyster from his bottom shell.

“It seems as though everything I eat goes right to my backside,” said Mrs. Wright off to the right at the head of the table. She was just lifting an oyster to her lips and tilting it back so the man with the oyster body slid helplessly into the darkness bordered by her lips.

“Please,” said Maria. “Have you seen my ass? This little oyster will be part of my ass by tomorrow. A fitting fate for the real Dave.”

With that she lifted Dave to her lips and opened wide. Tony saw David’s new body pass into the wide open mouth which promptly closed behind him. Maria quietly swallowed her food.

“How strange,” she said. “I have never felt them move on my tongue before.”

“You’ll get used to it,” said Jen who was reaching for one of her own oysters.

“This was a lovely idea, naming them,” said Beth.

Jen brought her chosen victim to her mouth and squeezed some lemon over him before tilting her head back and swallowing. Her tilted head afforded Tony a view of her throat and he watched as a lump moved down her gullet. Jen wasted no time in reaching for the oyster to the left of him. He would be last to be eaten by Jen, Tony realized. Someone was already in her belly being digested alive. Other men were being eaten around the table. He suddenly realized what he was; food. Jen’s food.

He watched with horror as Jen squeezed another bit of lemon over her next selected victim. She smiled as she did it. She was fully aware that a man lay on the shell she held. With a wink, she tossed her head back and swallowed him too.

“Ahh. Delicious,” she said. “And now for Tony,” she said grabbing him.

No Jen. Don’t eat me. Please. I wanted to be your friend, thought Tony.

“I can’t wait to see how you taste,” said Jen, indifferent to his suffering.

She raised him high and squeezed the gigantic fruit above him. Drops of citric acid fell over Tony, burning his eyes. He tried to get away but all he could do was move his body a bit.

“Oh, he’s a feisty one,” said Jen. “Trying to get away.”

She brought him up to her lips. “Won’t help though,” she whispered to him. Then her mouth opened wide and he saw her tongue scoot under him. A fork loosened him and then pushed him onto her tongue which quickly retracted into her mouth. The teeth passed over him and then he was in darkness. He was pressed against the roof of her mouth and was suddenly swallowed.

In Jen’s belly, Tony landed and found he was touching another man (or were they oysters now?) who was below him. They both squirmed to no avail as Jen’s stomach began to fill with acids far more powerful then the lemon juice they were coated with. Jen’s belly began to move, causing them to be pitched about. The three occupants could hear her belly rumble, they could even hear Jen talking to her friends. Tony never expected it to end this way. But it did.



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