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My Fantasy Come True

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; harness; gag; anal; costume; roleplay; fantasy; video; naked; tease; oral; prepare; gel; snake; swallowed; eaten; voy; mast; climax; soft; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Story continued from part three

Part 4: Harem Girl

Snake swallowing female

I had wanted to act out a scene that I had been fantasising about for a while, one that had brought out many wonderful orgasms whilst the images had flooded through my mind. I had made sure that the snake would next need to be fed when Jerry, my husband, was home from work, he would become part of my fantasy scenario, though he didn’t know that just yet.

One evening during the week, after I had been released from feeding the snake and Jerry using me for his sex toy, I showed him an image of a woman bound in a rope harness, she was covered from her neck down to her toes, the ropes criss-crossing her bound in a tight embrace. To me, it looked very sexy, and I’m sure it did to Jerry too. I said to him that I wanted him to tie me up like the woman in the picture, and much to my relief he agreed. Especially after I’d offered him a reward for his efforts.

After a quick pit stop to the toilet, I soon lost what little clothing I was wearing and stood in our bedroom completely naked and ready for Jerry to bind me. He meanwhile had been preparing the amount of rope needed to put me in the bind that I had requested, and entered the bedroom with a large amount of rope, more than was needed but this was the first time we’d tried this type of bondage.

Usually I’m trussed up with my ankles, knees and thighs, with my wrists tied when I’m feeding the snake, or Jerry has me bound spread-eagle on the bed whilst he plays with my bound and stretched body, tickling and teasing me until we both are sexually exhausted, and I’m well used by him. I’ve also been hogtied and left on the bed by him, he then left me to watch some sporting event on the television, without my interruption, well a girl has to tease her man to get things the way she wants them.

Jerry divided the long rope into two equal lengths, he then started to bind me, he made a loop on the rope behind my back and then fed the rope either side of my neck, he then started to wrap the rope around my chest, making a diamond pattern as he went, my breasts separated by the rope. I didn’t follow too closely what he was doing to me, I was lost in my own little dream world, a maiden being trussed up for the market, to be sold as a slave.

When he was finally done, I was tightly tied but comfortable, my arms were bound to my body and I felt like I was in a cocoon of ropes. I tried to wriggle and test the ropes binding me, but no matter what I did the ropes held me fast. Jerry then picked up a ring gag that was lying on the bed; I opened my mouth to allow him to put the gag in place. I was now bound and silent, his sexual plaything and there was nothing I couldn’t have wished for more.

Jerry picked up my bound body and carried me to the bed, he laid me down on the bedsheet and watched the wriggling, rope-bound worm he had created move on the bed, to him it was very enticing to see me bound like this, and knowing that he could do anything he wanted to me at this point. Of course, I had to tease him, my body moving on the bed, the ropework keeping me tightly bound and secure, the look of lust in his eyes telling me that I was succeeding in turning him on.

He quickly stripped off, his wonderful penis now standing upright, a slight glean to the head with his pre-cum lubricating the engorged member. He then joined me on the bed, running his hands over my bound body, taking time to savour the delights he found there. My breasts seemed to be more sensitive to his touch; my skin tingled when he ran his fingers over the soft flesh. He continued to tease me for what seemed like hours.

“Now about that reward.” He said, “It seems like you’re too tightly tied for me to access your sweet pussy.” His fingers dancing over the soft lips of my outer folds, seeking out the little nub now hard and wanting. “And the gag is stopping me from using that wonderful mouth of yours.” His fingers moving up to run around my lips, tracing the ring gag, the bung in place sealing me off and preventing me from speech. “So that only leaves…”

With that comment he rolled my bound body over until I laid on my front, my rear now exposed to his wonderful touch, his hands caressing the round globes of my posterior. I knew what he wanted from me, and was more than willing to give it to him. Soon he had moved himself on top of my bound body and with a bit of lubrication he was soon exploring the ‘forbidden’ depths of my body, I too enjoyed him using me for anal sex, once the initial pain of entry was over, it sent wonderful sensations through my body, and I felt delightfully submissive when he used me this way.


The weekend arrived and I checked on the snake, as I usually do a couple of times a day, today the snake was active again and I knew that it would need to be fed soon, but this time it would be different, I had planned to have Jerry around to enable my fantasy to come to life and he was a big part of it. I made breakfast for us both, this would be my last meal before feeding the snake, Jerry sat down and I started to explain to him my plan for this feeding session and that I wanted him to feed me to the snake.

Once all of the chores had been completed and I was showered and clean enough for the snake to eat, I began to dress in the costume I would be wearing today. I would be dressed as a harem girl; the costume was made from a thin, waspy see-through fabric, with the pants ballooning out from the hips. My top was basically the same as a bra, it covered my breasts but revealed my cleavage in a delightful way, looking in the mirror I looked very sexy and wondered which snake would get me first, Jerry’s trouser snake or the one in the basement.

I laid out Jerry’s costume for him to wear; he would be dressed in black pants and a chest harness and nothing else. He was to be my executioner today, and I was his prisoner. Jerry dressed himself in the outfit, he did look the part and I began to feel submissive to him and a certain amount of heat and wetness developed between my legs. He looked at his reflection and then said that he needed to add one thing to complete the look. But first, he needed to complete my outfit, a prisoner should be bound he said.

He brought my hands behind my back and fastened a rope around my wrists, securing them in place; I would not be escaping my fate he teased with an evil smirk. He then tied a slack rope between my ankles, I could take short steps but I wouldn’t be running away. He then placed a rolled up scarf in my mouth and used another to gag me. He then added a rope around my neck, to lead me to my fate he said. I was now a bound harem girl, gagged and ready to be taken to my end.

Jerry disappeared for a second and when he returned he was wearing a hood over his head to hide his face. I thought that he looked very sinister with this addition, but I didn’t know that it was to hide his face from the audience that would be buying this latest video of me being eaten by the snake. There was nothing I could have said anyway, he had effectively gagged me and bound the way I was there was no turning back.

He helped me down the stairs and down into the basement, the snake seeing its next meal started to move towards the entrance to its enclosure. Jerry went around and switched the cameras on, everything else was readied whilst I showered and dressed for my part in this fantasy of mine. Checking my bindings once again and adjusting both mine and his costume, we were ready to play our parts. He picked up the rope leash and pulled me into the view of the cameras.

“Come wench,” he said, “The Pharaoh has sent you here as punishment for your crimes.”

I weakly mewed and tried to get out of the ropes holding me, to no avail. I was roughly tugged further along by the rope leash held in his hands.

“It’s no use struggling, this is now your fate!” he said, his accent changed and his voice now sterner and more commanding, my knees going weak at the tone of his voice.

“You have been sentenced for your crimes, in that you have committed adultery against your Master with another, your lover has already been punished, as a soldier of the Pharaoh’s guard he was permitted an honourable death, he was wrapped in bandages, sealed in a sarcophagus and taken out into the desert to be buried alive in an unmarked grave.”

I sobbed at the hearing of his fate, acting my role in this scenario of mine, marvelling at the way Jerry was acting. This felt real to me.

“Your sentence is to feed the Pharaoh’s pet snake. Your body will be digested by the beast and you will be nothing more than food for the snake.”

I pleaded with him behind my gag; I even dropped down on my knees upon hearing my fate and begged him to let me go. I even hinted that I could make it worth his while, my eyes fixed on the growing erection in his pants.

He removed the gag, “What do you say, wench? What are your last words?”

“Please let me go…” I pleaded for my life, looking from him to the snake and then back at him, and then lowering my eyes.

“There is no escaping your fate…” he started to say.

But I moved forward on my knees, getting myself closer to his crotch, my bound hands were of no use to me, so I had to use my mouth the get what I wanted. Soon I had his erect penis standing out, my eyes devouring it, he looked down at me on my knees, a submissive posture if ever there was one. I took him in my mouth and quickly began to work on him; if I had any chance of escaping my fate I had better do a good job of pleasing him.

My head was bobbing up and down on his hard member, my tongue lashing the underside and the warm, wet inside of my mouth soon had him grunting his pleasure, he grabbed my head with both hands and held me there in place whilst I brought him to a wonderful climax, his sperm gushing out from him into my eager and waiting mouth. I swallowed every last drop as if it were my last meal.

Once done with his pleasure he pushed me away, “Begone wench, your tricks don’t work on me, you cannot escape your fate with your sultry ways.”

I looked shocked, my mouth open, the taste of his spending still lingering on my tongue. He quickly placed a ball gag in my mouth, tightening it to keep me quiet. “Stand up wench!” he commanded.

He pulled me up, his hands treated me roughly as she did so, I was nothing more than his prisoner, one due to face her end at his hands. I had wanted him to treat me rough, the more the better is what I had said to him. So rough is how he would be treating me from now on. And the slap I received for ‘trying to seduce him’ was evidence that he was fulfilling my wishes. He even ripped the clothing I was wearing off of my body, the material tearing under the force of his hands and leaving me naked and exposed.

He then grabbed a pile of rope; I was to be bound in a full body rope harness; just like we had practised during the week. He began tying the rope around my body, trying off and wrapping the rope around me, my arms welded to my sides. Only when he had secured my elbows to my body did he venture to untie my wrists from behind my back, they were not free for long and he rebound them in front and continued with the rope harness.

Once he was satisfied that my body was now totally bound in the rope harness, checking and rechecking the tightness of the ropes, did he stand back to look at his handiwork. I was now a prisoner, bound, trussed and ready for the final stage of my execution. Jerry walked off to fetch the gel that we use to feed the snake, but unknown to me he switched the original silver gel for the gold, longer lasting one.

He came back and started to apply the gel to my back first, working his way down my bound body, the gel cool when it was first applied to my skin, but soon warmed and sent a delightful tingling sensation through my body. It was only when he came to do the front of me that I saw his trickery, the tub of gold gel he was using on me. I tried to say something through my gag, but the evil smile on his face said it all.

There was nothing I could do now to change it anyway; I was a helpless, bound female nothing more than snake food. My mind drifting off into my fantasy, my sex felt hotter than before and my nipples stood out like the proud soldiers they were. Even more when Jerry rubbed the gel over them, causing me to moan behind my gag, my knees giving way under me as an orgasm rolled over my body. Jerry had to hold me whilst I recovered, breaking his uncaring, mean character for a while until I was ready to continue.

Finally, I was coated in the gel and now ready to feed the snake, I knew that since Jerry had switched the feeding gel that I would be spending the rest of the weekend inside of the snake, I was resigned to the fact that any other plans I had had for the weekend were now gone. I did wonder what Jerry had planned for himself, or was this just a spur of the moment, devious change of plans on his part.

Now it was time to finish my fantasy execution, he lay me down on the ground and then walked over and opened the enclosure of the snake. It soon slivered out and down onto the floor of the basement, its gaze looking directly at the meal waiting for it, laying there all ready and prepared. The snake did not care if the meal was acting out any fantasies, all it was concerned with was feeding the growing hunger in its belly and soon this meal would satisfy that hunger. The snake’s tongue testing the air, savouring the taste of the morsel laying out, ready for it to eat, soon it would be devouring the tasty treat.

I lay there and watched as the snake left the enclosure, mesmerised as the snake moved across the floor towards me. I then remembered that I was supposed to be an unwilling victim and began to struggle in my ropes, my voice stilled by the gag in my mouth, all I could do was plead with my eyes to my executioner to help me, but those pleas were rebuffed as I saw his hand began to play with his erect member as he stood transfixed, watching the snake approach me.

Now the snake was at my feet, the tongue tickling my toes, the snake seemed to be satisfied with the meal laid out for it to eat. It began opening its mouth wide enough to engulf my foot and then the other one. The snake began adjusting itself and getting ready to swallow more of its meal, the body of the snake now coiling up behind its head. Soon the mouth had covered my feet and was now working on my lower legs.

It didn’t take long for the snake to get over my knees, the rope harness not preventing it from swallowing its food, in fact, the gel helped as a lubricant to aid the snake in taking in its food. The snake then worked its way up to the top of my thighs, the hips always seem to be more of an effort on the snakes part to swallow, but it had learned from the frequent feedings to use the weight of the prey to enable it to swallow more easily, so lifting me upright, the weight of my body and gravity helped the snake devour my hips quicker and smarter than just swallowing them down alone.

With half of my body already inside of the snake, my hands attached as they were to the rope harness were now down inside the snake and busily working away at my pleasure centre, giving me wonderful feelings that shuddered throughout my body. The snake rested at this point, the strain of lifting the weight of the food and the time taken already to swallow this much of me; the snake needed a few minutes to recover. Plus my body shaking with another orgasm crashing through me did make the snake stop, until its food settled down and lay still.

Meanwhile, Jerry had been using one of the cameras to get close up pictures of my body disappearing inside of the snake; he thought that maybe he should actually attach a camera to my body and get it swallowed inside the snake, a sort of meals-eye-view so to speak. He would have to buy a small enough camera for next time. But for now the scene was starting to draw to a close, his wife slash victim had just had her breasts devoured inside of the snake and that left only her head to disappear inside of the snake.

Putting the camera down, as he had one last task to perform, one that I had requested that he do to me. He again reached into his costume pants and rubbed his rock hard member with his hand, he walked slowly over to where my head was still sticking out of the snake’s mouth, the rest of me now a bulge in the snake’s body. He began to masturbate and soon, turned on as he was by the sight before him, came, with his feet either side of my head his seed splashed down onto my face, he coated my face as much as he could.

I looked up at him as he masturbated over the top of me, and delighted when he came and spurted over my face, I could not turn away as the cum hit me in the eye and mouth, not that I wanted to, I had wanted him to do this to me, another part of my fantasy, the final degradation. Soon the snake started to swallow the last part of me and my head disappeared inside of its maw, the light fading as I moved down into the belly of the beast.

“A fitting end to your lusting ways, wench!” he said, more for the cameras than me.

The snake continued to move my bound body down inside itself, until I rested finally in the stomach, there now content with its meal, it began to move back into its enclosure, taking the bulge that was its meal with it. Inside I could feel the snake begin moving, it always felt strange, moving but not moving, just being moved, but also gave me a wonderful feeling in my body, the movement of the snake caressing every inch of my being.

Now moving into its inner enclosure, the snake would slowly digest the gel over the next 48 hours, it was now content with being fed and looked forward to sleeping whilst its food was processed by its body. The snake curled up with me inside if it, I was bent around by its powerful muscles, but not painfully so, just held more tightly than ever and only allowing me to move my fingers over my little nub, to give me a couple more wonderful orgasms before I too drifted off, contented into slumber.

Jerry finished off with the handheld camera, following the snake and watching as it curled up ready to digest its meal and sleep. Now that things had finished, Jerry closed the door to the snake’s enclosure, he then stopped all of the cameras and grabbed the hard drive that he used to record the video on. He would be spending more time watching this video than previous versions, so turned on was he by events. ‘This would be a best seller’, he thought.

Looking back to the enclosure one last time, he switched off the lights to the basement and headed upstairs to begin editing the video. Meanwhile, I was in the final throes of my last orgasm of the night, before I was too overcome with sleep, held tightly in the snake’s belly, the tight confines like a second womb to me now, one that I was content to visit whenever I could. Happy now that I would be spending extra time inside here.


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