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My Fantasy Come True

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; snake; surprise; naked; bond; rope; gag; gel; prepare; tease; betrayal; FM/f; cheat; swallowed; eaten; digest; video; mast; oral; climax; vore; soft; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Dark Version

Snake swallowing female

This is a darker vore version of my original story, if you're not into females being eaten, then please read the other one. I just had to write this whilst the story was in my fevered brain - enjoy, note if you've read the original and want to skip to the dark part, scroll down to *** Darker part ***

Since I was in my early teenage years I have had this fantasy of being taken by a snake, eaten, swallowed down, I frequently masturbated to the images in my mind, of me being swallowed down by the snake as its food, I was nothing more than its food, it’s prey, and many wonderful orgasms were rubbed out by me living this fantasy in my head. One very arousing session with my husband, many years later and I revealed my inner most secret fantasy of being eaten by a snake.

But more of that later, I’m Janice and I’m married to the most wonderful guy in the whole world, Jerry, we play out our fantasies together, his is mostly me being a submissive slave girl to his master. I would also tease him in the bedroom, lounge or even in the car, I would have my hands behind my back, with my body nicely present to him in some sexy lingerie or costume.

“I have a present for you… Master.” I would say, my eyes looking from him down to the floor, in my best submissive manner.

“And what would that present be?” He would ask, thinking that I had something hidden behind me.

“ME!!” I would say and jump onto his lap, or the bed and quickly find my way down to his hardening penis, taking it in my mouth and giving him pleasure inside my warm, wet mouth.

I’ve even visit him in his office, a coat covering the sexy underwear; I was soon under his desk showing what a good secretary I would be. Luckily he’s the boss, so no one disturbed us whilst I was hard at work.

I love playing role playing games; I’m usually the victim, kidnapee, call-girl etc, whilst my husband plays the more dominant role in our games. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being submissive to him, it turns me on and makes me very horny even thinking about it. I especially love it when he ties me up, gagged and bound and taken by him. We’ve had many enjoyable sessions where I’ve been tied up and used by him.

So after one of our sessions, we were speaking about long held fantasies, he told me some of his, mostly having a female victim tied up, used by him and tormented with denied orgasms, until finally she was begging for him to make her cum. Which we’ve done in the past. He also mentioned spanking  a bound female as well as another of his deep fantasies, we’ve done that one too I reminded him.

“Well, I’ve told you just about all I can recall of my fantasies, what are yours?” he asked me.

“I’m tied up and used by my Master, denied orgasm and spanked.” I replied. Laughing.

“Yes, that’s my fantasy, but what deep hidden secret do you hold in the pretty little head of yours?” he said.

“Well…” I started to say, “no you’d think I was silly or deranged.” Embarrassed I buried my head in his shoulder.

“No whatever it is I’d like to know, maybe we could act it out.” He encouraged.

“No, it’s not something we could act out.” I relied.

“Really, no I want to know what it is.” He smiled, eager to find the hidden gem in my fantasy mind.

“It’s not something that most normal people would even think about, sorry but I’m too embarrassed to tell you. You’d think I was crazy or something.” I said, wishing for the ground to open up and swallow me. “I can’t…”

“Let me guess then.” He asked.

“Okay big boy, try to find out my fantasy.” I teased.

“Look, is it having two men taking you, or maybe a woman in a threesome, or just you and the woman.” He beamed.

“No, not that, trust you to think of me with another woman.” I said, giving him a gentle smack with my hand on his chest.

“Well, I can hope…” he laughed as he replied. “Is it something to do with animals, maybe a donkey or something.”

“NO, there’s no donkey!” I said, shocked, but the vision of me entered my head… “No, there’s no sex involved.” Shaking the vision out of my mind.

“Well, you’ve got me beat, what is it?” he again asked.

“You’re not going to stop until I tell you, are you?” I questioned, hoping that I could get out of this hole I had dug myself into.

“Nope!” he smirked, “You’re not going anywhere until you reveal this juicy secret.”

“Okay, just don’t think of me as weird or kooky…” I paused, trying to summon up some courage. “I want to be eaten.”

“What as in cooked and eaten, on a spit maybe?” he said.

“I know where you’ve been looking on the internet!” I said, knowing that he loved looking at some of the darker parts of the web. “No cooking involved.”

“Sushi then.” He quickly said, making me feel hungry all of a sudden.

“No, not sushi or cooking, it’s a snake.” I whispered the last part. 

“A snake?” he asked, “why would you want to be eaten by a snake?”

“I don’t know, I’ve had this fantasy since I was a teenager, I am gradually swallowed and eaten by this large snake, I’m its prey, just food for the hungry beast.” I said, my head again buried in his shoulder as we both lay there in bed.

“You would die.” He said.

“Obviously, but I don’t want to die, just the experience of being taken, swallowed is enough to bring out an orgasm in me.” I revealed. “It’s not something I would want to do in real life knowing that once the snake had devoured me I would basically be dead. And I love you too much to leave you like that.”

“Yes, I don’t want you to be eaten either, though it would be fun to watch you slowly sliding down into the snake…” he teased.

“OH really, you’d love to see me digested in the belly of the snake.” I stated, knowing full well that I would love the once in a lifetime experience too. “But then you’d miss me.”

“That’s true.” He said, “until I get my next wife…” 

“Oh you!” I again hit his shoulder but this time much harder.

“Anyway, all this talk of you being devoured by a snake has got my own snake aroused, maybe you could swallow it instead?” he smiled.

“Yes, Master.” I teased, and headed under the bed covers to seek out the one-eyed trouser snake hidden below. Now relieved that I had gotten my fantasy out, and was now living out another fantasy of mine as his slave girl.

* * *

Many months later, the night long forgotten by me, it was the day of my birthday. One of the gifts he had gotten me was a few days away at a health spa with a couple of girlfriends, all paid for by him. We’d had a great time away and I felt refreshed and rejuvenated when I returned that day. But whilst I was away, my devious husband had been planning and getting things ready for my big birthday surprise.

“Welcome home darling, I hope that you and the girls had a wonderful time.” He said with a knowing, boyish smile.

“Oh yes, we had a great time…” I winked, knowing that he was thinking of me in bed with my girlfriends, his dirty mind working overtime.

“Well, while you’ve been away, I have been busy with a special surprise for your birthday.” He teased.

“Oh you needn’t have gone to any trouble; you could just tie me up and fuck me.” I suggested.

“Well maybe later.” He winked, “But first I need you to put this blindfold on.”

“Kinky!” I replied suggestively, “Yes Master…”

“Okay, now I will take you to your surprise.” He said, making sure that I couldn’t see.

He grabbed my hand and led me through the house. I wondered what he had done for me, what was the big surprise? We then stopped, I heard a door open and he guided me through.

“Careful there are steps down.” He said.

He helped me down the stairs, I wondered what he’d been up to in the basement of our house. Maybe he’s made a dungeon or something, some bdsm themed fantasy room of his to keep me bound and captive, my arousal building at the thought of that.

“Okay, stand here.” He said, moving me to face in one direction.

He took off the blindfold to reveal the surprise, I was still lost in the fantasy of some type of dungeon, I opened my eyes to see a very large glass tank in front of me, the seemed to even be a door to one side, and the tank went from the floor to near the ceiling. I looked back at my husband not knowing what it was.
“Don’t dungeons have walls, well not made of glass.” I asked.

“It’s not a dungeon.” He replied, “though come to think of it that’s a good idea…” he smiled.

“What is it then?” I asked.

“Have a closer look.” He suggested.

I walked a couple of yards for a closer look; there at the back something caught my eye. There was something large, long and brown with specks, and as I looked it moved.

“It’s a snake!” I screamed. “You’ve gotten a snake in our basement.”

“It’s your birthday gift from me.” He said, “Remember your fantasy?”

“You’re going to feed me to the snake?” I stood there transfixed by the vision of the snake. 

“I wanted you to live your fantasy.” He said with a smile of his face, “While I watch…”

“But I don’t want to die!” I said, “If I’m eaten…”

“I don’t want you to die either, silly.” He said, “But I do want to please you. You mean everything to me.”

“But seeing me eaten, slowly digested…” I replied, still staring at the snake.

“Stop, you’re turning me on!” he laughed. 

“Me being food for the snake is a turn on for you?” I replied.

“Yes, why not, a very sexy women slowly sliding down the throat of the snake, I can see the attraction in that.” He again laughed.

“But…” I was too stunned for words.

“Sorry darling, but you’re now just nothing more than snake food, better get undressed and ready for you fantasy.” He said, a teasing smile on his face.
I still could not take my eyes off of the snake, it had started moving, and maybe it was sensing me as its next meal. I was too stunned at this moment and absent mindedly started to take off my clothes, leaving them in a pile around my ankles. My husband just stood and watched me strip off, getting myself ready for my encounter with the snake. As soon as I was naked he again spoke.

“Well seems like you’re ready there, all naked and ready to feed the snake, just like in your fantasy.” He said. “But, I haven’t told you everything.”

“Whhatt… “ I said, still distracted.

“The snake isn’t a real snake.” He said. “It’s a genetically modified version of a snake.”

“Sorry, a what?” I asked.

“I had the snake made for you, it is a genetically altered version of a snake, grown in a laboratory, so it’s not a real snake in a sense.” He said.

“Not a real snake, it certainly looks like one.” I said looking from him and back to the snake.

“Yes, in way it looks like any other snake, but this one is modified not to devour its prey.” He said.

“Not devour, then how does it eat?” I asked, stunned at what modern science can come up with these days.

“It’s this.” He said holding up a tub in his hand. “A modified protein gel, that the snake absorbs inside its stomach.”

“Poor thing, how do we feed it the paste.” I asked.

“Gel, we spread it all over something that it swallows.” He said looking at my naked body.

“You mean me?” I asked.

“Well yes, it’s your fantasy to be eaten by a snake, this way you get to experience it and not be digested.” He replied.

“So my body is coated with the paste, sorry gel, and then the snake eats me.” I questioned him.

“Yes.” He said.

“But I’m still snake food, I’m swallowed by the snake, I’m covered in its food, what happens to me then ?” I queried. “Once I’m swallowed I’ll die.”

“No, I would never allow that to happen to you. Yes the snake will swallow you, but then as you enter it’s stomach the snake will digest the gel, its real food, and then once done it will regurgitate the left over waste, or uneaten food – you, back out through its mouth.” He said with a smile.

“So let me get this straight, I’m covered in the goo, the snake then swallows me, I end up in his stomach and it digests the goo off of me, won’t the stomach acids burn me as well?” I asked.

“No, there are no acids in the snakes stomach otherwise you would, the snake uses an enzyme to digest the gel, leaving you with no harm.” He told me.

“But what about breathing?” I asked.

“You will be able to breath, the enzymes in the snake when they absorb the protein gel give off oxygen, but also the snake’s skin is slightly porous, you will be able to take enough air in through the snake’s skin. Like if you were under a couple of blankets, so I’ve been informed.” He told me. 

“So, I live through the whole thing then?” I said in reply.

“You sound disappointed, did you expect to die inside the belly of the snake?” he looked shocked as he said that.

”Oh no… sorry, just lost in my fantasy..” I laughed.

“I can get you a real snake if you wish, but you only get to try it once.” He said to me.

“No, I’m not wanting a real snake…” I said, my mind still lost in my fantasy. “No, I want to be with you for a long while to come.”

“Well do you want to try out your fantasy?” he asked me.

“I’m still nervous, it’s all seems so real…” I stuttered, “but you’ve gone to so much trouble for me. Thank you.” I turned around and pressed my naked body up against his, my breast mashing against his chest as I kissed him deeply. I could feel his member getting stiffer against my thigh, “There’s just something I want to take care of first…” I smiled as I dropped down on my knees, eagerly seeking out his growing cock; my mouth was soon around it, teasing and sucking until he came.

“Okay, are you ready?” Jerry asked me.

“Yes, Master…” I said, looking back up at him from my submissive position on my knees, looking like the cat that had gotten the cream, which I had and swallowed too.

“You need to rub this gel over your skin, I help you where you can’t reach.” He said, handing me the pot.

Opening it, it smelled yeasty, not unpleasant but it did have a strong odour. I reached in with my finger, the cold gel gathered up in my hand, a slimy paste, it gave me thoughts of Jerry’s cum, sending a wonderful tingle throughout my body. I was turned on by submitting to him and blowing him off, but I hadn’t climaxed, I just wanted to please him and gain pleasure from that.

I began rubbing the gel over my legs, the slimy goo seemed to cling onto my flesh and give it a sheen, my skin tingling as the gel covered it. Once both legs were coated in the stuff, I stood back up and looked at the snake. ‘I’ll be your dinner soon!” I thought, my arousal rising and more wonderful feeling s spread over my body.

Jerry interrupted my deep thoughts when he started to spread the gel over my back, I was away in my own world. I then began to apply the gel to my tummy and up over my breasts, whilst Jerry’s hands had drifted south and were playing with my soft, round derriere, his fingers teasing the flesh he found there. His fingers soon slipped between my thighs to find the hidden treasure that lay beneath. What with me rubbing my breasts with the gel and Jerry supposedly rubbing the gel on my vagina, but seemingly more intent of finding my clitoris, I felt my knees give way as a small climax ran over my body.

Once we had finished laying with my naked body, and I was suitably coated in the gel, the whole tub had been used on me, which apparently was the instructions Jerry had been given to properly feed the snake, one tub was enough to feed the snake for a few days, Jerry informed me.

“So, the snake has to be fed every couple of days?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s what the lab guys told me.” Jerry said.

“And I have to feed it?” I asked.

“Well yes, how else will it get the gel?” he said to me. 

“I didn’t think of that.” I replied. “Oh, so I’ll have to do this again in a few days.”

“Great isn’t it, you can live out your fantasy as many times as you wish.” Jerry beamed.

“I guess I will…” I said.

“Okay, are you ready for the snake?” he asked me.

“I’m still nervous…” I stammered, “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“The snake is ready to be fed, you’re ready to feed him, what’s wrong?” Jerry asked.

“I just feel…” I replied, “I need something…”

“What?” he asked.

“Could you tie me up, I don’t want to hurt the snake if I thrash around, and I’ll feel more comfortable bound.” I sheepishly said. “Master…”

Jerry knowing what that meant, quickly had some rope in his hand, seemingly already prepared for this it seemed. He began tying my ankles, wrapping around and cinching between my legs, making it tight but not too tight. The same around my knees, to hold them together. “Hands!” he ordered. He then tied then too in front of me, the rope ends trailing back down to bind around the knee tie.

“Open” he commanded me, I opened my mouth as he pushed in a ball gag, the straps went around the back of my head, now securely bound and gagged, there was nothing to stop my Master from doing what he wanted with me. He then lay me back down on the floor, ready to be the snake’s next meal, trussed and ready. 

He walked away to the corner of the room and opened the door to the glass tank, the snake sensing that the door was open and sniffing the air, finding the aroma of the gel that covered my body to his liking, he moved towards the door. I was transfixed watching the snake slid out of the tank, and onto the floor, making its way to where it’s next meal lay, a tasty bundle of female flesh covered in goo.

The snake had finally figured out where the smell was coming from, me, its nose sniffing the air around my toes, it tickled as its tongue licked the underside of my feet. I was glad that I was bound, I would have jumped up as soon as the tongue touched me. I had to dig deep to overcome my fear, this was something I had dreamt, masturbated and dreamed of for a long while, and here I was about to experience this in real life.

Not long after the snake now figured that I was its food, this was new for it as well as me, I lay there watching the snake check out my toes, my hands bound in front of me began to seek out the little nub of pleasure between my legs, gently teasing the little guy in the boat to come out and play. The snake meanwhile, satisfied that it had found its next meal, and that there was no danger that it could sense from its prey, decided to taste the food in its mouth.

The snakes mouth took in a couple of my toes, testing the taste and no doubt savouring the delightful meal laying there waiting to be eaten. Happy with what it, the mouth started to engulf my left foot, it got so far down and then realised that it couldn’t go any further. Moving back up it opened its mouth wider to take in the other foot as well, now it could eat the rest of me. Soon the snake had covered my feet with its mouth and began working its way up my legs.

I was watching the snake eat my feet, seeing it figure out how to eat them and my finger was eagerly working between my thighs, sending wonderful feelings throughout my entire body. I settled myself back and waited for the snake to continue to swallow me. Jerry was watching me; his hand was stroking his dick, delighted in what he was seeing in front of him. The snake had now gotten my ankles inside its mouth and began to move up my legs.

Each time it moved upwards it seem to push me along the floor, only slightly, and something that maybe we should look at in the future. Maybe I could get Jerry to push me down into the snake’s mouth, the thought sending delightful tingles through me. The snake had now reached my knees, it seemed to be hungry for me, or maybe it was making sure that I couldn’t get away. The pace quickened up my thighs, but when it got to my hips the poor creature had to slow down, this being my widest point, not that a lady would admit to that.

My fingers now began working overtime, I could feel my legs inside of the snake, the tightness as it gripped and pulled them inside, the muscles working to get the prey inside the creature’s stomach. The snake lifted itself upwards, moving me up off of the floor, this was a shock to both me and Jerry, didn’t think the creature would have been powerful enough to do that, but it seemed I was wrong. The snake having figured out how to move the larger part of the animal it was eating into its mouth, using the weight of the animal to help slide it further down into the inside of itself.

My hips popped inside when the snake lifted itself and me off of the floor, I felt myself slid further down inside the snake, the tight muscles inside the snake began to pull and tighten against my body, making the prey slid closer to the snake’s stomach. I hadn’t realised, what with the snake lifting me off of the ground, that my hands, bound as they were to the ropes around my knees had also slipped inside of the snake, they were still playing with my clit, but now they were pressed tightly against my sex.

The snake sensing that the obstruction had now been cleared, it decided to press on and devour the rest of its meal. It made short work of my stomach and was soon encountering my breasts, I am not a big breasted woman by any means, but they are a fair size for my height, even flattened as they were with me laying down, this would be the snakes next problem. But again the snake lifted the prey in its mouth into the air, causing me to slip down further inside the beast.

Now that part was over I would soon be inside the snake, on my way down into its belly. The snake happy now that it had overcome the last obstacle in its meal, was now speeding up devouring the last parts of the animal, that was its food. I could see the snakes eyes as they came closer to my head, I had laid still whilst the snake swallowed me, I think the ropes helped too, now I was about to come face to face with the creature of my fantasies.

Jerry was blown away by the way the snake had figured out how to eat its meal, the way it had lifted not only itself but the prey too, to make it easier to swallow. His hand was now speeding up rubbing his cock, he watched transfixed as his wife was being eaten by the snake, she seemingly accepting her fate and not calling out for him to help. Not that I could, with the gag in place and anyway, now that I was virtually inside the snake what would poor old Jerry do to save me, not that I wanted to be saved at this point.

*** Darker part ***

It was at this moment that I was distracted by the footsteps of a pair of heels walking into the room, I watched as the legs came more into the light and saw my younger sister Louise, standing there, looking at me. Then my husband Jerry walked over to her and they kissed, I was shocked, it wasn’t a platonic kiss on the check, but a full blown, smouldering passionate kiss on the mouth. His hands reached around her waist and pulled her closer to him, whilst she placed her arms around Jerry’s neck and pulled him into the kiss.

“So dear sister, you’ve finally got to live out your fantasy. Jerry told me all about it, so we planned this little surprise for you.” She stated. 

I lay there in the snake’s mouth and mummpphed through the gag at her.

“What’s that dear sister? You’re enjoying your fantasy of being eaten?” she smiled, in her cocky manner that she always had when she spoke down to me. “Or is the fact that me and Jerry have been having an affair behind your back, without your knowledge, for a few months now.” 

She sounded very cold when she said that, she has always been spiteful towards me, and resented the fact that I was married to Jerry, mostly because he was wealthy, from an old moneyed family and owned his own company. She was always attracted to those types of men, rich, what’s the term I would use about her habits of going out with older, affluent, married men, well the word ‘gold-digger’ comes to mind.

“Well it seems that the snake has most of your body well and truly swallowed now, with only your head left, though the poor thing seemed to struggle with the wider parts of you, I was watching on the screen upstairs. Oh yes, we’re recording this for posterity and our amusement later on. See the cameras are all around.” She stated as she pointed out the cameras.

“Mummph!” I tried to say bitch, but the gag muted my words.

Louise turned to Jerry, “Oh my, this is making me so horny, watching my big sister being devoured by the nasty snake, I need something…” And she reached down to his crotch, his penis was already hard from masturbating whilst watching me, soon she dropped to her knees and took his hard member in her mouth.
I was astounded that she was doing this in front of me, and that Jerry was encouraging her by running his hands over her hair, and pushing her head to take more of him in. All I could do was watch the scene unfold before my eyes, the snake meanwhile had stopped swallowing, and the effort of eating such a large meal must be taking a toll on the poor creature. 

Louise meanwhile stopped what she was doing with my husband’s cock; she turned to look at me with an evil grin, one where she knows that she has won over me, taken something away from me for her own ends. Her hand still playing with his penis, as she tormented me, like she has done since we were teenagers. And then she dropped the bombshell.

“Jerry lied.” Was all she said.

“Mmph?” I tried to question, a frown on my forehead.

“You’d better tell her Jerry.” She said as she teased his cock with her hand, never letting go of it.

“Urgh… “ Jerry tried to engage his other higher brain when he heard his name, the other was now back in Louise’s mouth. “Sorry Janice, but Lou’s right. There’s no genetically modified snake, never has been, who’d believe that story anyway, when I suggested that, Lou said that you’d be gullible enough to believe it, seems she was right.”

“MMMpphhh!!” I tried to struggle, the snake feeling the movement tightened up its muscles, holding me even tighter than before. Tears began to form in my eyes.

Louise took his penis from her mouth, “That’s right stupid, who would think something like that, oh that’s right - my dumb sister! That’s a real snake dummy, and you’re being eaten!”

“Muugrhh!!” I tried to curse at her.

“And the best thing is you consented to it, you even asked to be tied and gagged, I couldn’t believe that when I heard it. The video will show the whole thing. Hey, maybe we’ll post it online and make some money off of it.” Louise ridiculed me as she said those words. “Maybe if we make enough, we could have more gullible victims like you!”

“Sorry Janice, but this is the end for us, and you.” Jerry said, “Though I’m sure that your sister will take care of my needs for the foreseeable future.”

The snake meanwhile had recovered enough to continue swallowing down its meal, the muscles inside began to pulse and ripple against my body, and I started moving further inside of the snake. The snakes’ nose was now brushing up against my jaw, the gag holding my mouth open wide slowed it down a little, but I knew that it would easily overcome that obstacle after swallowing my hips and breasts. I could also feel a tingling sensation on my skin, this I thought would be the digestive juices starting to work on my flesh.

Louise meanwhile, had decided to get my husband to fuck her in front of me, so horny was she at watching me being eaten that she just had to have Jerry inside her, and add the final insult. They both lay on the floor where I had direct sight of the two of them, I couldn’t avert my eyes. Jerry was soon inside her, pumping away like a demented demon. Louise meanwhile, just watched me and looked into my eyes, the look was pure evil, and her hands moved over Jerry’s bum and encouraged him to push himself deeper into her.

The snake had now moved on from my neck, it had overcome the gag and was now closing over my nose. I looked up and could see the inside of the snake’s mouth; the fangs pushed back, no need for them with this prey. My body was moved down deeper into the snake now, this was the last part for the snake, the meal now safely inside of it, soon it would be able to rest whilst the food was dissolved inside its stomach.

I cried out as the mouth closed over my eyes and was now over the top of my head, I could not move, escape was impossible and the last sight I saw of the outside world was my sister’s evil smile, as my now former husband banged her on the floor, she’d won over me, the final victory in our long running battle. 
Louise watched as her sister disappeared inside of the snake, Jerry was too engrossed in his sexual frenzy to see the last sight of his wife disappearing into the snake. She came as the last part of my head was engulfed by the snake, all that was now left of me outside was my hair, and soon that went inside the snake too.

As the snake moved up over my head and covered my face, I figured that this would be the last chance to experience my fantasy; I had been strangely turned on by the truth of the situation, and then watching Jerry bang my sister. I know it seems perverse, but my fingers brought out the most wonderful orgasm I had experienced in my entire life. Whether it was the tight confines, the way the snake was eating me, the lack of oxygen or the fact the I was living my fantasy at last, but this climax went on and on, especially as I was now fully inside of the snake, and on my way down to its stomach.

Jerry climaxed into Louise just as the snake finished eating his wife, he never saw the look in my eyes as the snake finally overwhelmed me; Louise had enjoyed not only the orgasm that he had given her, but also watching me being swallowed by the snake. She had seen the look of fear be replaced by lust, acceptance and the final orgasm of my life. Inside the light was now gone, the pink internal walls and muscles of the snake moving my body as I travelled down inside the beast.

The snake now satisfied that it had swallowed its prey, it lay there contented whilst it shifted the food down into its stomach. Jerry, now recovered from his own climax, walked over to see where his wife was inside of the snake, he could see a bulge moving down in the snake, every once in a while it would shiver. Louise joined him in running her hands over the snakes skin, feeling for her sister, now snake food, moving inside the creature.

I was having my last ever orgasm as I moved further down into the snake, the tight muscles of the snake moving me ever closer to my final destination.  I could feel them running their hands over the outside of the snake, feeling the bulge that was once his wife and her sister. The snake lay there allowing them both to play with it, the soft stroking giving the snake delightful feelings, much like a pet being pampered by its owner I guess. 

Meanwhile my body had moved into the final chamber that was the snakes stomach, the muscles stopped moving me any further down in the snakes insides, I guessed that I was now in its tummy and it would start digesting its meal – me. The snake now happy with the meal safely stored away in its belly began to move, it headed back towards the tank where it had came from, this was its home, somewhere where it could safely digest the lovely meal if had just eaten. 
The final feelings I had before my last breath was the snake move with me inside it, the wall constricting as it moved around, making it tighter for me inside. My skin now starting to burn, luckily I could no longer feel any pain. The snake contented now curled up as best it could inside the tank, it would sleep now whilst the prey inside its stomach would be digested, it wouldn’t need to eat again for several  days.

Jerry watched as the snake moved back into the tank, he didn’t stop it from going inside, why would he, after all that was where the snake was going to live from now on, his wife now just snake food, no longer part of his life. He closed the door to the tank and locked it, he didn’t want the snake getting away with its precious cargo in its belly. They both watched for a short while as the snake settled and the bulge in its belly seemed to have stopped moving now. 

He then turned his attention back to the cameras, switching them all off, he retrieved the hard drive with the recordings on it and they both headed towards the stairs. He took one last look back at the tank, the snake now asleep, he switched off the light and headed upstairs with Louise. She took his hand and led him up to the bedroom, after what she had just witnessed she needed to work off her pent up sexual energy. 

Meanwhile, with its meal safely now in the snakes’ belly, the beast moved itself to the back of the tank where it felt comfortable and then curl itself up, making my body bend with it inside of the snake. The long, slow digestion process had begun, my body now just nutrients for the snake.


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