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My Cannibal Fantasy

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2012 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; outdoors; captive; bond; rope; oral; sex; climax; cauldron; prepare; cook; tease; cons; X

In my dream I find myself in a forest. I'm lost and I don't know where I am. The trees are close together and the foliage is dense. I find a worn path and follow it in the hope it will lead me to either a road or town. Suddenly a Girl emerges from the undergrowth. She has shoulder-length, raven-black hair; an oval-shaped face with wide brown eyes and soft, full lips. She has prominent cheekbones; a swan-like neck and is wearing only a haltertop and briefs. "Who are you?" I ask. She puts a finger to her lips, motioning me to be quiet, then takes my hand and leads me down the path.

We come to a clearing. In the middle is a large metal cauldron with firewood round it's base. Nearby is a hut and to the right is a large wooden table and a large wooden stake standing up right. Curiousity draws me to the table. It is battered but it's surface is smooth and sticky. On the table is a large knife in a sheath. The Girl tugs at my arm and leads me to the stake where she suddenly pushes me against it, digging her knee into my stomach and tying me to the stake. The Girl then goes to the cauldron and as she kneels down to light the firewood I notice how tightly the briefs fit around her buttocks.

The fire glowing, The Girl fetches the knife and unsheaths it in front of me. Smiling she licks the blade before using it to cut away my clothes. Once I am naked she tosses my shredded clothes on to the fire. The Girl puts her arms around her neck and kisses me. She smells sweetly of oranges. Next she bites my neck then moves down my body; kissing, caressing, fondling. Finally The Girl kneels on the ground and looks up at me; her mouth half open and her eyes seeming to ask permission for what I know will happen.

She takes my firm, erect penis in her mouth and sucks and gorges herself on it as though it were an ice cream cornet. Her fingers dig into my buttocks. She murmurs softly. It is the only sound she makes. After the felatio, The Girl pulls down her briefs and, taking hold of my penis, has me enter her and moves herself against my naked body. As we climax her face is raised skywards, her tresses down her back. Her eyes closed and her mouth open as she gasps at her sexual enjoyment. I feel humilated and yet, I enjoyed her raping me.

The Girl pulls up her briefs and unties me. After laying me out on the table she ties my hands behind my back and washes me down. She then rubs oil into my body; massaging it everywhere from my armpits to my crotch and between my toes. I realise now how the table's surface has become so sticky. The Girl then seasons me with pepper and finally, shoves a raw pepper up my anus. Lying bound, naked oiled and seasoned I look up at The Girl. She points to me and then the cauldron and giggles.

Now I know she's a cannibal.

It's time to cook me. The Girl ties my feet and knees together and also ties ropes around my chest and stomach: pinning my arms to my sides. She lowers me into the cauldron and I cry out at how hot the water is. For now it is bearable. I watch The Girl bring out fruit and vegetables from the hut. There are mushrooms, green beans, carrots, parsnips, swede, baby potatos, onions, mangos, kiwi fruit, bananas, apples and oranges. The Girl flashes a smile at me as she begins to chop up the vegetables and put them in the water. They rub against my body. The Girl then chops and sprinkles some onions into the cauldron. They stick to my body and sting.

The Girl then stirs the mixture with a large wooden paddle. She deliberately rubs it around my stomach and buttocks before inserting it between my legs to tickle my genitals. I moan as she does and feel my penis swelling. I suddenly hope that I don't ejaculate into the cauldron.

My hair is sodden. My eyes are stinging from the sweat running into them and I can taste salt on my lips. My whole body is hot, wet and sticky. As I look at the abundance of fruit on the table, the stained sides of the cauldron and The Girl's relaxed manner I wonder how many men she has cooked and eaten.

"Do you always eat men?" I gasp.

"Only the sweet ones" she answers.

The Girl puts more wood on the fire and the water bubbles. I writhe in the frothing mixture, gasping and calling out for help. The Girl calmly stirs the pot to prevent the vegetables sticking to the sides. She chews a carrot slowly, looking at me. Sparks flash before my eyes and I feel I am fainting. I'm home in bed and I'm pulling myself out of the pit of sleep into wakefulness.

I wake up.

It isn't a dream. I am naked and bound and no one is coming to rescue me. My skin is red, raw and tender. I'm covered in sweat and so is The Girl. She wipes the perspiration from her face and licks her lips in anticipation of her meal. Her eyes are bright and her smile friendly. She tosses an apple in her hand.

"Do you like apples?" she asks. She then rams the apple into my mouth.

The Girl then takes another apple. "This is my starter, " she tells me before taking a bite out of it. She leans forward, displaying her cleavage to me. "And this," she tells me, holding out the piece of apple she's bitten off, "Is you," She puts it in her mouth and masticates the slice with her mouth open.



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