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The Market

by Bnimrod

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© Copyright 2014 - Bnimrod - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; captives; market; bond; susp; milked; diner; chef; preparation; sushi; sauces; bbq; wrapped; sold; oils; crumbed; cooked; eaten; disgested; absorbed; soft; cons/nc; XX

He was captured. The net he didn’t see had entangled him and now the riders were coming up fast on horses. They were huge by his standards as well as the women that rode them. He had made the mistake of stepping through the portal to this planet only to find to his horror that it was already inhabited. And what inhabitants. They were 10 feet tall on average and all females as far as he had seen. He began running after the first day when he saw the first hunt. Men like him were caught and thrown on the backs of those huge horses, carried away to who knows where.

He was about to find out he realized as he fell to the ground entangled. He struggled but several horses were by him before he could even stand.

“Good catch, Sandra,” He heard one of the horse riders say to another.

Sandra nodded. “He’ll bring a good price at market.”

“I’m a human being,” he protested.

“You’re,” said one female on horseback, “a cow about to be milked, if you’re lucky. You’ll be kept alive as long as that occurs.”

“Milk?” he replied, “What are you talking about?”

He was going to find out. One of the women extended spear toward him. It was not what it seemed. He received a shock from it and passed out.

He woke, hung over the back of one of the horses. He could see the ground bouncing below him, and if he turned, the back of one of his female captors. The women were all statuesque, full breast, narrow waists, long silky hair either blonde or brunette.

“Where are you taking me?” he managed as he bounced along.

His rider turned back to him and smiled, “Why to market of course. Your meat will bring a good price.” She turned back and spurred the mount, which only made the ride less pleasant.

They rode through a stone gate and into a modern market place. Don was surprised. This was not some primitive world after all. It was all for sport. This was modern market place with windows, ads for foodstuffs, electric lighting.

His rider dismounted and took her “spear” and pointed it at him. He was helpless and tied over the back of the horse. He looked up to see a 10 ft blonde female staring at him. She was wearing a halter-top, which barely held back her full breasts, a short skirt that revealed long svelte thighs and sandals. Dan barely had time to register that she was quite striking when she jabbed the spear at him. He was shocked into unconsciousness again.

Dan woke to the sounds of a cafeteria, silverware tingling, plates being scraped, muffled conversation. He in an anteroom of an eating establishment he surmised but it took a moment to figure exactly where he was. He was pinned against a wall. Actually he realized he was mounted on a wall. His arms were out to the sides shackled to the wall and his legs widely apart also shackled. He was entirely naked and a good 8 feet up from the floor. There were women in this side room walking about, talking, holding plates and glasses. He tried to call out but found that something was keeping him from speaking. He found he could turn his head slightly and noticed other males also pinned to the wall, in full display as he was. He noticed that occasionally one or more of the women would walk up to one of the mounted males. They spent a few minutes and then walked away. He wondered at this.

Suddenly one of the women was in front of him. Like the rest of her type, she was a good ten feet tall so her head was just about the area of his groin. He realized this was intentional. She was examining his cock, looking at it from side to side. She was holding a glass and finally made a decision, grabbing his cock.

Dan jerked and the woman looked up and smiled.

She had beautiful blonde eyes slightly upturned nose pouty lips that were full and red. She smelled vaguely of peaches. When those eyes looked at him he was awestruck. He looked at those perfect white teeth and wondered.

...It was like seeing a movie. Her face was beautiful but over-large like he was sitting too close to the screen. Her hand was soft but it was huge and encompassed him completely and as she rubbed it got warmer and he hardened in response

He hung above her and when he looked down he could see her full round breasts pushing out from her open blouse She smiled at him and he had the urge that he wanted to please her. This was like a fantasy come true. This beautiful woman was massaging him even if she was giant size.

Her hand kept moving, expertly massaging him to full arousal. He tried to hold back but found he couldn't, his impulses taking over his body jerking in response and finally he came. He tried to hold back but under her expert fondling he exploded, squirting his juices into her waiting glass. She smiled and then glanced around. Seeing no one watching her, she licked the cum off the end of Dan’s penis. Her tongue was huge, warm, wet and soft. It was large enough to wrap around the end of his cock. It was like being inside of her he imagined and it felt great. She teased his cock a bit and then backed off.

“Ha. New here I guess?” she said as she massaged his cock to hardness. “I guess I’m the first one to milk you.”

She ran her index finger along his side and down to his groin. “That is just delicious. You’re a good cow. I hope you’re still here tomorrow. “ Then she turned and disappeared into the main cafeteria.

She had just used him, milked him. That’s all he was there for… and maybe something else. He swallowed hard. He could smell cooking food coming from the cafeteria and wondered. What else was he going to used for?

Dan couldn’t talk but his face showed shock. They were milking him like a cow. She had just filled her glass with him before she sat down to a meal.

Dan hung there stunned. These women were just removing his juices for their meals and what did she mean, “…hope you’ll be here.” this made him nervous. He watched the women ambling about talking casually as they collected their food and drinks. He noticed that his cock seemed larger than usual and not just from its now diminishing hardness. They had done something to him. Done it, he realized, so he could better serve their needs.

He was pulled from his thoughts; literally as another woman grabbed his cock. Once again he quickly hardened. This time, though, the woman was not paying attention and was chatting with her friend.

“Yes, so I was telling her…” the woman was saying, as she massaged Dan’s cock with one large, soft hand. She continued talking, not even looking at Dan. He realized he was just a piece of meat on the wall for her use. But he hardened and couldn’t keep from coming. This female too, had large full breasts, a shapely figure with a narrow waist and full hips. These were like amazon women of any man’s fantasy Dan reflected. But unfortunately for him, he was just providing them with sustenance. The woman had her glass ready and she filled it without looking back. She dropped his cock and walked on, continuing the conversation. Dan watched her as she walked off, her full breasts bouncing slightly. Part of him would be in her as she ate her lunch. He wondered how long before the rest of him might be joining a woman’s body.

Dan tried to free himself from the wall but was unable. It wasn’t so bad, he thought, having these giant females massage him to climax several times a day but he was a bit nervous. This couldn’t last forever and then what?

It was a few days later with Dan still on his wall, that there was some yelling from one of the other males. One of the amazons (as Dan now thought of them) had gone over to milk him. She tried several times and then complained out loud. “Hey this one’s dry.”

The staff came out from the kitchen and surrounded the male on the wall. One woman in a chef’s smock expertly massaged the victim. She stopped and waited. She turned to the customer. “Yes, I’m sorry. Please help yourself to another” She waved her hand indicating the other males splayed on the wall.

The customer nodded and came over to Dan. He was sweating nervously. This did not look good. Now that he was nervous maybe he’d have problems as well. He needn’t have worried.

The tall, blonde grabbed his cock, already annoyed. But as she caressed his cock, it hardened rapidly. Dan could see down into her dress, a very full cleavage was showing. There was a slight sheen of perspiration on them and they moved slightly up and down as she was breathing. He could smell a light perfume, like a fresh rain. He glanced up, to find pursed lips as though she was sucking on him. Her eyes were focused on his cock, willing it to come. She didn’t even look up at him. Her only interest was his cock. He wanted to push it into those pursed lips, separating them, pushing himself into her warm, wet waiting mouth. He wanted his whole body to enter that mouth, let her suck on him and swallow him into her. He could imagine a lump moving down her throat, sliding into her waiting stomach to be digested and absorbed. He would be part of this amazon, part of her full breasts.

Dan came within minutes. In fact he was amazed at how many times a day he could do it. They had inserted a tube into his arm, which he assumed was just feeding him, but maybe drugs were added too. He was being chemically treated to serve these women. He closed his eyes. But what happens when you can’t produce the “Milk”. Dan looked over and the kitchen crew was taking the dry male off the wall. He was protesting loudly.

“No. Wait. It’s just today. Really…don’t take me into the kitchen… please!” He begged. The staff ignored his protests. Once they freed him from the wall, one of the staff simply threw him over their shoulder. Dan realized that not only were these women a good ten feet in height, but disproportionately strong. The victim was kicking and protesting but to no avail. The crew walked off with the crying male, his protests getting quieter as he was carried off into the back kitchen. Once they passed through the back door, the sounds were cut off. Dan swallowed nervously. He had to try to escape. But something in the stuff they had coming into his veins made him weaker and put him out at night. Then he would wake in the morning with the breakfast rush.

Women came in and milked him. Sometimes they were rough, other times caressing and soft, but he always came.

Then one day… the inevitable…

“Hey,” a woman who had just tried Dan’s cock complained. “This one’s dry.”

The staff came out and looked Dan over. The chief chef moved through the group and grabbed Dan’s cock. She began carefully massaging his cock. She held one hand underneath as she carefully caressed him to hardness. Dan wished she had been doing this all along, as it felt great. But nothing happened. He was dry. He was sure it was temporary.

“Listen,” Dan said nervously. “I’m sure if you wait a day…”

The Chef interrupted his protest. “Nope. You’re dry. We need volume. Don’t worry, meat… you’ll be serving us in another way.” With that she squeezed his ass. “Um... good meat there. You’ll be tasty. It would be a shame to make you into hamburger I’m thinking…”

Dan was stunned. He was going to be eaten by these giant women. He was going to be part of their bodies. He had been milked for weeks and now he was going to be cut up and cooked to their tastes. “I…um…I can…” he didn’t know what to say to avoid his fate.

“Take the meat down,” the chef said to her staff. “Bring it into the kitchen for inspection.” The staff took Dan off the wall and just like the other victim Dan had seen, threw him over a shoulder and carried him off. He was crying and protesting as they made their way across the cafeteria into the back.

He looked around desperately. The woman carrying him was too strong and he was hanging over her shoulder. He couldn’t get free. He could see other women sitting at tables and it was then that he noticed exactly what they were dining on. At several tables were cooked males. The women were chatting happily as they cut or pulled various limbs off their cooked victims and chewed contently. At some of the tables, there were small barbeques with a male rotating on a tableside spit, being cooked to order as the women chatted and smoked. Dan could see some diners giving directions to the waitress, as to how they wanted the male meat basted. In some cases the waitress would cut off a sliver of partially cooked meat for the dining guest to taste.

Dan also noticed that some of these giantesses preferred sushi. He saw one male on a plate moving about, trying to sit up while the giantess calmly put on a bib. She had to interrupt this a couple of times to push her unwilling victim back down on her plate. All the while on her plate, the soon-to-be dinner was still struggling, attempting to sit up, waving his arms and legs around yelling. It just didn't seem to bother her at all. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying it. She pursed her lips looking at her dinner as he wailed about. She finally got the bib on and equally calmly began to season the male. She had a number of sauces and considered each in turn. She picked up a bottle, examined a label, decided on it and then pushed the squiring male back down. She then sprinkled some of the contents on his naked body as he struggled. She put that bottle down and calmly considered another, carefully deciding what would make his meat taste best. She looked down at her struggling prey and asked, “What do you think will be better on your meat, soy sauce or A1 sauce?”

Her victim stopped moving and stared up at her, looking at her full mouth, teeth slightly apart, a dark opening to where he was going. He couldn’t answer; he was sweating, and began yelling again. “No, please don’t. Don’t eat me.”

The amazon sighed, “Tsk, tsk. Don’t you want to taste good for me? You’re food. You might as well please me completely.”

Her victim stared back not replying. He stopped moving about in shock at his fate.

The amazon shrugged. She decided on the soy sauce saying, “Well, since you’re sushi...” and sprinkled him with the soy sauce.

Now she got down to business and grabbed one of his legs with both hands. One held down while the other gripped the lower part of his leg getting ready to twist it off.

Even before she started, the meat started screaming. “noooo.”

The amazon stopped, “Oh silly me. Sometimes my appetite gets the best of me,” she said to her meal. She picked up a third bottle and liberally sprinkled him with it. “There.” She said when finished. “that’ll numb you up so I can eat you in peace.”

She leaned forward, her large head close to the male she was about to eat. She looked into his eyes. “You see, you’re just my dinner. You’ll be torn apart and eaten for my pleasure. Your meat will be digesting in my stomach and, well, part of my breast and thighs by the morning. Oh and I’ll be having you with a good wine. So you see there’s nothing you can do about it.” She smiled and leaned back. Then her hands went back to his thigh. She gave a hard twist with her strong huge hands and removed one of his legs. Dan watched in amazement as she inserted the leg into her mouth, she held it above her head, looking up at it. Her neck was stretched straight and she inserted almost the entire leg into her waiting maw. Her full lips closed around the leg at the ankle, while she held it by the foot, the only part sticking out of her mouth. Dan heard a large sucking sound, and watched in horror as her mouth worked around the meat. This went on for several minutes and she pulled the skeletal remains out. She smacked her lips happily.

“Oh, you taste wonderful,” she reported to the male on her plate. She took a sip of wine and then, with her pinky finger, picked a bit of male meat off her teeth. Her meal didn’t’ respond. He was still alive, Dan noticed, but in shock. The woman looked up and for the first time, Dan noticed that there was a second woman sitting across from her. He was so focused he hadn’t seen her.

“So, is he good?” the other woman inquired.

The first woman nodded, “Sure is.” She pushed her plate across the table, “Here try some.” The male squirmed about the plate as it was pushed across, but his movements were feeble. The second woman pulled the offered plate over to her side and examined him closely. Her meal, in turn, was staring back up at her in horror.

“Please let me go,” he begged.

The woman didn’t respond but continued to look him over. She looked up at her dining partner. “I usually eat these cooked, so what part would you suggest I try?”

“Well, don’t tear off a whole leg if you’re not sure you’ll like it. I don’t want the meat wasted. Try an arm.”

“Ok” the woman replied gleefully and reached down to her helpless meal. He raised his arm, trying to fend her off.

“Oh, perfect,” the woman said, delighted, “ I’ll eat this one.”

With that, she grabbed the proffered arm and twisted. One of her huge hands twisted and pulled it from the socket while the other huge hand pinned back his shoulder. The male went into shock, eyes starting to glass over. The woman looked down at him. “I’m sure you’ll be delicious.”

She tilted her head back, held the arm above her mouth and slowly lowered it into her mouth. Her tongue caressed the meat at it entered her and instead of holding a part, her lips closed over the entire arm. Dan watched again as the amazon’s mouth worked. He could see her cheeks dimple as she sucked, watch her tongue move around pulling meat off the bone. Then she opened her mouth again and pulled out the skeletal remains. She smiled at her dinner partner. “Wow, you are totally right, Elena. That was delicious. And watching the meat squirm is so appetizing.”

Dan watched as the plate was pushed exactly between the two women as they began to tear off limbs and chew on them. They smiled happily, closing her eyes and enjoying the taste.

Dan got one last glance just before he passed through the kitchen doors. The women had finished, only a skeleton of a male remaining on the plate. They leaned back in their chairs, sporting bulging bellies that they were rubbing contently. The first woman lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. As she exhaled, Dan could hear her sigh with satisfaction.

The swinging doors to the kitchen closed off his view and his attention was now drawn back to his fate. He shuddered to think that he might wind up as sushi. The woman carrying him walked to the back of the kitchen. Dan could see various metal tables, stoves, chefs and staff moving about. There were knives hanging in various sections for use at the tables, pots hanging overhead, fires occasionally flaring on the stoves as the cooks prepared the orders. It was just like any busy kitchen Dan had seen, accept, of course, it wasn’t. Everything was giant sized. It was a kitchen for 10-foot denizens. And the meat being prepared was… Dan did not like to think about it.

He could see various body parts protruding from boiling pots, and on flat iron skillets on the stoves. The chefs were adding various liquids, stirring mixtures, all in a business like manner. He was just another food to be prepared, Dan realized. If he was lucky he might be put into a freezer for a while until some diner ordered him served. He was brought into a second smaller room behind the main kitchen that was separated by a half wall half glass partition. He could still see the main kitchen and was plopped down on a tile floor after entering.

Dan was naked and the tile floor was cold. It smelled vaguely of soap and as he looked around he could see sinks and various hoses attached to the wall. The tile floor was slightly tilted so that liquids would run to a central drain on the floor. Dan swallowed nervously this looked like a food preparation area. But what really made him nervous was the line of other naked males. They were standing in a row, 6 of them facing forward. There were 3 chefs standing at one end of the line. They were waiting, Dan realized, for the last item that was Dan. He slowly started to rise off the cold tile floor and was suddenly gripped by the shoulder and pulled upright.

The chefs began walking down the line. They were talking among each other, sizing up the meat.

“Hmmm” a chef had a hand in a male crotch and was hefting it in her huge hand. “Not bad, good oysters.”

“Sushi?” another asked

The first one looked into the eyes of the terrified male, who was now shaking. “No…I think... select cuts…” the first chef replied. The male started screaming and two huge amazons behind the chefs, grabbed him and pulled him away. He continued screaming as they dragged him out the double doors into the main kitchen. His screams were muffled after that but Dan could still hear him.

“No… please… no” he was being put on one of those metal tables, the amazons on either side of him, holding him down as he struggled.

Dan turned away and looked back to the chefs. They had not paid any attention to all this and were already assessing the next victim. This male was in bad shape, fat, a bit older and the chef frowned. Dan heard her say “hamburger” to the other chefs, who nodded in agreement. They came closer and Dan was shaking and sweating. He wanted to run, but he knew he’d never make it out of the kitchen. The chefs seemed much more pleased with the next male. The master chef smiled at him. He smiled back. She hefted his balls in her hands. She rubbed his cock to hardness and tilted her head to look at it. The male smiled again. She turned to her colleagues. “Sushi.”

“Ummm” one of them replied, “Absolutely.”

The smile left the male’s face. He stood in shock, then, realizing what was in store, began yelling. “No, no, you can’t…” three women grabbed him and hauled him out of the kitchen and directly into the dining room.

The master chef watched this with concern. “I guess we had a rush order.” She turned to the next male, glanced at him. “Better make him sushi too. We don’t want to be caught short.” He immediately made a break for the door but one of the amazons was faster and caught him by the arm. Several descended on him and took him, screaming into the kitchen prep area.

The chef came to Dan. He was sweating, shaking, heart pounding and his mouth dry. He thought he was going to faint. The chef was standing close. He could see the stains on her smock. She smelled of partially cooked food, spices and distantly perfume. Her mouth opened and Dan watched as her tongue moved along her teeth removing a bit of meat that was probably a living male a little while ago. Her tongue finished, she grabbed his balls.

Dan jerked but her hand held them like a warm soft pillow. Then she began to squeeze. Dan winced. She stopped and massaged his cock. Dan hardened immediately.

“Sushi.” The chef pronounced. Dan felt faint. He could hardly stand. Memories of what he had just witness flooded over him. They’d have to carry him out there. But of course they would. Dan would find himself on a table, a hungry female salivating over him as she slowly pulled him apart and chewed on him. He saw the floor coming up fast but couldn’t stop.

Dully he was stopped by a pull on his shoulder. He could hear the amazons talking hurriedly.

“Um, master chef,” a worker said nervously, “Someone cancelled their sushi order. They had an emergency and had to go.”

The master chef took this in stride. “Hmm. Ok. Market this meat,” she ordered pointing to Dan.

Dan was still woozy, hardly able to stand upright, being held from behind by strong large hands. He felt himself thrown over a shoulder once again and taken out of the room. He was put on a metal table. He could feel soft female hands rubbing him, assessing his body. Massaging his cock to fullness. He got hard and his body began to jerk in response. Suddenly he felt tightness at the base of his cock. He woke and saw that one of the workers had a tied a string to its base. He was rock hard and wanted release badly but couldn’t. The amazons began massaging him, applying meaty smelling oils to his skin. Dan realized he smelled like roast beef but the oils felt good. The amazons’ hands were soft and when they applied the oils, his skin warmed. There was something in the oils that was making him feel woozy. They even rubbed it on his already hard cock.

He was enjoying this, being massaged by amazons. If only he could get up and walk away when it was done. They rolled him over and began massaging the oils into his back. He could feel them softly caressing his buttocks, kneading it, working in the oils. They moved down his legs, doing the same. Dan was nervous, but this felt great. By the time they were finished he was sleepy, warm, oiled all over and smiling. Then Dan heard a flapping sound and he was picked up and then rolled. He was being wrapped in plastic wrap! Dan realized in horror what market meant. He was going on display—a piece of meat wrapped in plastic. He passed out.

Dan woke freezing. He surveyed his surroundings as the plastic was tight and limited his movement. His arms were pinioned at his sides, his legs tightly wrapped together. He couldn’t see it but he could tell his still hard cock was fully up on his abdomen for all to see. The lighting was bright and he realized to his horror he was in a giantess grocery store—on display in the meat dept. He could hear the usual annoying music playing overhead. There were some light conversations in the distance but he could not make them out. Occasionally if he looked down at the right angle, he could see an amazon walk by pushing a cart. He tried to free himself but was bound too tight.

Suddenly Dan was aware of one particular woman leaning forward over the display case as he lay in ice, staring at him

She had long blonde hair ocean blue eyes, slight freckles on either side of a cute upturned nose and wide white teeth.

Her eyes stared into his and looked down at his crotch. Her full long tongue pushed her lips apart slowly, subconsciously, she ran it over her lips as she examined his hardened member.

Dan swallowed hard, nervous. 'Uh oh,' he thought. 'Please not me'

A large index finger reached out. Dan could see the shiny red lacquered nail polish. She pushed against the plastic packaging just at the tip of his cock. The packaging indented with a slight squeak. Dan could feel the pressure against his cock. A bit of juice squirted out. It stained the clear packaging just a bit but the giant smiled.

'Oh my god,' Dan realized. 'She's checking to see if I'm fresh.'

That wet red tongue came out again, slowly moving over her lips. The giant blonde looked up into Dan’s eyes. She suddenly smiled widely and bit down hard as though eating him.

She grabbed the packaging with Dan in it and easily tossed him into her shopping cart.

Dan was on his back again looking up as the Amazon pushed the cart along, continuing her grocery shopping. He was, he realized, just one of her dinner items.

Dan could look up and see this giant as she pushed the cart along, her prominent breasts even more awesome viewed from underneath. They bounced as she walked, quickly collecting the items necessary to make Dan her dinner. Occasionally her full face appeared as she leaned over to throw something into the cart. Her tight dress pulled against her breasts as she did so, outlining her hemispheres and exciting her nipples to hardness. Dan realized he might soon be part of those flesh mountains.

She checked out without taking Dan out of the cart and only when she wheeled the cart out into the parking lot did she pick him up. She casually tossed him in the trunk of the car along with the rest of the groceries. He had one more glimpse of her arms stretched out as she reached up to shut the trunk. He saw again the perfect outline of those magnificent melons before they shook slightly as she slammed the trunk shut. He was plunged into darkness.

The trunk opened sometime later. Dan was picked up and thrown over the giant shoulder as she grabbed some bags of groceries out of the trunk and walked into her house.

He was dumped onto a large wooden block in the center of a huge kitchen. The amazon busied herself emptying grocery bags, placing jars she'd need on a nearby counter.

Dan lay there helpless. Finally the giantess came over to him. She eyed him briefly, and then picked up a large knife. She plunged it down. Dan heard the plastic wrapping give way with a pop. The red fingernail came down on him, pushing in his stomach. She squeezed one of his legs, murmuring approval.

She leaned over him, her huge cute face close to his, "You are going to be such a delicious dinner."

Dan voice was barely a whisper "no please don't," he begged.

She laughed and leaned back. Then she took a bottle of oil and poured it over him. She slowly began to massage the oil into Dan’s skin. She kneaded his legs with both her large hands, pushing the oil deep into his skin. She paid special attention to his cock rubbing it carefully thoroughly back-and-forth massage oil into it making sure it was done right. She moved onto his stomach kneading it like she had his legs and then onto his chest rubbing in the oil. He could smell the oil now that had a meaty, gravy smell.

The blonde was humming and she as did this and said to Dan, “You are going to taste so delicious.”

She got to his face and rubbed the oils in there. She wasn't particularly harsh or gentle she did it just thoroughly.

Dan was sweating. The oils were making him hot and she was just making sure he would taste good to her when he was eaten. Finally she stepped back and examined Dan from head to toe. She smiled with satisfaction. Then with two hands, she rolled down over onto his stomach and began rubbing the oil into his back.

Dan was mumbling, “no no don’t do this.”

She giggled when she heard him.

Those huge hands of her grabbed his ass and squeezed, putting oil into the skin, rubbing it hard. She slapped at once just for fun. Dan winced in pain. She was much stronger than she appeared and she was huge.

Dan heard her say, “Well that's the first part and now for the delicious crust.” She leaned forward to where Dan’s face was on the block. She said, “I have a special breadcrumb combination. It’s my secret recipe.” she licked her lips and to Dan she said, “that'll make you especially tasty tonight.”

She slid her hands under Dan. He was still facedown. She lifted him up and moved him a short distance in her kitchen. She plopped him onto a bed of breadcrumbs.

Dan heard the crunching noise as he landed on the topping. The topping was pushing into his body in various parts, itching and hurting a bit as the topping crunched a little bit under his weight. Its aromatic flavoring permeated the kitchen. The topping had a number of spices mixed with the meat oil. He had been flavored thoroughly and he knew what his fate was going to be. Then the giantess started to roll him back-and-forth. As she did so his skin picked up more the breadcrumbs, sticking to the oil already on him.

The giantess was humming happily and she did this singing, “You're going to be so delicious, you're going to be so delicious” over and over again.

Then she stopped and moved away from Dan who lay there helpless. He couldn't understand it. Something they had given him at the market must've prevented him from moving around and fussing once the customer bought him. He could see off to the side that the blonde giantess had moved over to a pan on the stove. It was huge and could easily accommodate him. She turned on the heat looking back at him and then poured a large amount of oil into this pan.

She looked back over at Dan said, “I know fried food is really bad for me but…” licking her lips, “it's so delicious and perfect way to eat you.”

After she finished putting in the oil she turned back and added a number of spices and powders to the oil. Now Dan actually could smell the meaty oil and spices permeating the kitchen. He swallowed hard he was getting very nervous. The Giant just came back and using metal tongs grabbed Dan in two places so she could easily lift him in and out of the hot oil. She smiled at him.

“Okay I have to be really careful with this because I just want to flash fry you so that your crust will be crunchy and deliciously soft on the inside,” she licked her lips, “… and crusty on the outside.”

And she said, “If I do this just right you'll still be alive when I eat you. Isn't that nice?”

Dan winced and tried to move but he was too weak from whatever he had been given. He barely squirmed as the giant applied the metal tongs to him and lifted him over toward the stove.

The giant tilted her head, pursed her lips, “Don't worry honey. it's won't hurt. They gave you some numbing solution along with the preparation that would make you weak so you'll just feel some heat.”

Dan was relieved but horrified to think this is just one more step in preparation to make him the giantess’ dinner. He was plunged into the hot oil; only there for a few seconds and then quickly lifted out and put on a towel next to the stove. He felt momentary intense heat but could feel the crust hardening and absorbing some of that flavored oil. He couldn't move at all now.

Now he could feel the giantess pushing her finger on him in various spots checking to see how he had come out. Then he heard her say, “Oh this is just perfect.”

She must've leaned closer to where here Dan couldn't see and said, “You just lay there and think about tasting delicious, dear. I just have to set the dinner table for us.”

Dan could hear her moving about the kitchen, utensils clanging, cabinets open and closing. Dan could feel the crumbly topping digging into his skin and various parts of him felt seared. He could smell the spices in the meat oil mixed together. He felt the giant slide a plate underneath him and then he felt himself being carried short distance and put down on the dinner table. He heard a “pop” of a cork and liquid being poured into a glass.

He couldn't see because of the crust over his eyes. Suddenly the giantess removed the crust over his eyes, looking down at him. “I didn't want you to miss this,” she said.

She picked up a fork and knife and looked him over. “Should I start with one of your legs? They look just delicious don't you think?”

Dan couldn't reply but looked up at her leaning over him, holding the knife and fork. He was about to be consumed, part of this woman's body, another meal, and her only concern was whether he tasted good while he was being eaten.

He felt the sawing motion on one of his legs go on for a short time. Then there was a sudden pull. The blonde giantess had removed one of his legs and put it on her plate. Dan watched as she carved off pieces of the cooked meat. She smiled happily, took sips of wine and in moments nothing was left but the skeleton of his leg.

She moved toward him again this time removing the second leg with equal ease. She dropped them on a plate and dug in, eating voraciously. Dan could see her cheeks full of his meat. She chewed and swallowed closing her eyes, enjoying the flavor, taking sips of wine in between.

She put down her fork and knife after this and patted her stomach and looked him over. She tilted her head and considered, “Maybe your arms next then you'll slide down easier.”

Dan was helpless. There was nothing he could do. Part of him was already digesting inside of this woman's body to become part of her breasts and thighs.

She reached up with a fork and knife and with a quick cutting motion removed one of his arms at the shoulder and then she did the same to the second one, she put both on her plate. This time instead of cutting off pieces of meat, she picked up the arm whole and tilted her head back. She slid the arm into her mouth, holding it just by the fingertips. Dan watched in horror as her mouth worked around his arm sucking, chewing a little bit, her tongue moving inside of her mouth. He could see lumps moving inside her mouth as pieces of his meat from his arm were consumed. It was only a few moments later that she pulled the skeletal remains of his arm back out and threw it on her plate. She smiled at him when she did that. “That was just delicious.”

She did the same with his second arm, tilting her head back, sliding it slowly into her mouth, her tongue moving around it as it entered. Some minutes later she was once again throwing the skeletal remains on her plate with a satisfied smile.

“Well,” she said patting her stomach and leaning forward toward Dan, “you are making me so full.”

“I wonder what its like becoming part of my body, slowly digesting into me? Don't worry your meat is being put to good use.”

She reached over and Dan noticed that she had a pack of cigarettes on the table. She pulled one from the pack and lit it. She leaned back in her chair and smiled. She inhaled deeply, her lungs expanding, her breasts rising as she did so and then blew the smoke upward. She looked over Dan.

“Taking a little break here, honey, you're pretty filling.”

Dan winced. He was just a torso on the table now, helpless. It didn't matter what happened to him now, but he was a little bit nervous about what she had planned. The Amazon smoked languidly looking over at Dan, picking pieces of his meat off for teeth with a fingernail. She took sips of wine leaning back sometimes patting her stomach

“I love cooking you males,” she said, “You taste so delicious and I can feel you becoming part of my body.”

She finished her cigarette stubbed it out and looked over at him. “Well,” she said, her lips making kiss at him, “it's time for you to enter me fully.”

Dan looked at her nervously. She had already cut him apart and ate him like a piece of meat, cooked him up to her taste. What more could she do?

She smiled, “I know what you're thinking, but it's no fun if the meat doesn't know what's happening to it. I think that's the best part. Don't you?” she said as she tilted her head looking at Dan.

“Don't you want to know what it's like to slowly digest into this magnificent body of mine becoming part of my tits and thighs?”

Dan couldn’t move or he would've shaken his head no. He didn't want to be eaten. He didn't want to be slowly dissolved in her stomach acids.

The blonde giantess moved over to him and grabbed him by where his shoulders had been. “Then I guess it's time for you to enter me fully,” she said smiling.

She started licking his face, moaning in pleasure as she did so, enjoying the flavor of the spices and crust that were embedded on it

She said pulling him back from her mouth, “I could just chew you to bits, but what fun would that be?”

Then she turned him around and he felt her mouth move over his torso. He couldn't imagine how she got it open that wide. His torso entered her warm, wet mouth. He felt her tongue running over his skin, tasting and sucking on it. He could feel his torso inching forward into her mouth slowly being swallowed, tasted and sucked as it was entered her.

Part of his torso had already moved down her throat. He could only imagine how she was doing this. Her muscles were so powerful they were pulling him in on their own. He was helpless meat. Finally only his head was outside of her mouth. He looked up into her eyes, her full lips closed on his throat. He could tell she was smiling, enjoying this. Then she sucked and his head was inside of her mouth.

It was dark and warm and wet.

Her soft wet tongue ran over his face, tasting, teasing, him enjoying his flavor. The air in her mouth was a combination of meat and wine and cigarettes. He was gagging, and then he started to slide down her throat.

He screamed helplessly as he slid down into her waiting stomach--his last words “noooo.”

The giantess leaned back as the meat entered her stomach. She could feel it plop there. She smiled happily and rubbed her stomach contentedly. She leaned forward and took another cigarette out of the pack and lit it. She inhaled deeply. She rubbed her stomach that was now very distended, full of Dan's meat and the digesting Dan.

She leaned down and talked to her stomach. She knew Dan could hear her. “This is going to take a few hours honey. Just enjoy it. My body will absorb you thoroughly.”

Dan could hear her booming voice, coming both from inside of her and outside. He was lying in her stomach acid and could barely breathe. There were pieces of him partially chewed, lying around him, slowly digesting. He could feel her acids dissolving him, absorbing his nutrients. He was going to be part of this giant female body. He could imagine being part of those huge, magnificent breasts.

Dan felt her get up from the table and walk around. She must be cleaning up the kitchen, he thought. He had just been one night’s meal for her. He couldn't imagine how many men she’d eaten. It must be a lot to keep that body going. Those men are now part of her thighs and her tits.

He could hear her humming happily and after a while she had stopped moving around. He could hear her heart beating, her breathing. He could even tell when she lit another cigarette. She must've sat down again relaxing, smoking as she absorbed Dan into her body.

The giantess was relaxing in the chair in the living room patting her full stomach. She could feel some slight motion as Dan was being absorbed. She smiled at the thought, took a long pull on her cigarette.

It was really nice, she reflected, that these men pop through that portal from the other planet. They were so tasty. She and her fellow females had already eaten all of males on this planet.

She was going to be happy working her way through the next batch. She reflected, rubbing her stomach. They were so tasty after all. She took another drag on her cigarette.

The meat stopped moving after some hours, probably losing consciousness as I suck him into my body, she thought.

Sometime later she went to sleep. She knew by morning her stomach would be much less distended. She was rapidly absorbing his meat.

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