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Magicians Assistant

by Magic Meal

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© Copyright 2010 - Magic Meal - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; magic; display; spit; roast; cook; eat; devour; restore; cons; X

“Ladies and gentlemen I would like you to meet my lovely assistant and current girlfriend Katie.” as I came up on stage applause rang throughout the audience.

“So this evening we have an extraordinary show planned for you, and you the audience will be in the drivers seat.” he held his hand up to point at a screen with a small list of the tricks planned for tonight.

“Under your seats you will find a little voting device that you can input your vote on the order in which the tricks will be performed tonight.”

The audience shuffled and then went silent, after a few minutes it seemed as though the voting was done and the butterflies in my tummy started going crazy.

“Ok the results are in and this is the order we have, in first place we have spit roast, second we have hamburger grinder and grilling, third is fed to a frog, and finally fourth place we have hot dog boil.”

“Alright if the rest of my assistants will bring out the supplies I need we will get started.”

Then music started up and he swooped towards the middle of the stage, he motions for me to join him so I do, and with a swipe of his short sleeved arm my bikini disappears leaving me naked on stage. He lays me across a saw horse looking thing and locks my hands and feet into place, then my midsection is strapped down as well. I’m not sure what is going on behind me, but I hear wheels rolling across the stage floor and something being locked in behind me.

“This ladies and gentlemen is the Spit O‘ Magic 2000, hope you enjoy this part.”

Then all of a sudden I hear a big click and I can feel this dull point touching my back hole then I’m being spread wider than I have ever been spread before, as it slowly makes it’s way through me I feel a small pinch as it seems to find a wall but it pushes past with ease.

“The best part here is that she feels everything.”

Before I know it I feel a lump at the back of my throat, so my boyfriend lifts my head so that my throat is perfectly in line with the rest of my body. I feel the big metal shaft filling my mouth so I open it and out it comes.

After a few seconds the shaft is apparently even on both ends of me, my boyfriend and his assistant unlock my hands, feet, and torso from the saw horse. He then slides an apple down to my mouth and commands me to open wider, so I do and he shoves it into my mouth then puts a lock on behind it, his assistant slides another lock all the way up to my rear, then they lock my hands in front of my face and feet directly behind my bum to the spit.

My boyfriend leans in and whispers to me, “This is my favorite part.” he then picks up a small handful of spikes and shows them to the audience, walks over to my sides and I feel a sharp pain in my waist, and ribs as he proceeds to stick five spikes through my sides to hold me on the spit.

After all this is done they pick me up by the ends of my spit. I can feel my weight being supported by the huge rod sticking through me. As they move me around I see the fire pit, which scares me so I start to squirm. he whispers to me, “Don’t worry you are not going to die but you will be cooked completely and eaten before this trick is done, then restored.”

This calms me down a bit but my heart is still thumping profusely, as I realize that though I won't die I still get the whole experience.

Next thing I know I’m right above the fire and I can feel the extremely hot air above it, and smell the smoke from the embers. A couple more loud clicks and I feel a jerk as I start to roll sideways, but I don’t stop I just keep rolling over and over.

After about ten minutes my boyfriend comes over to me and pokes my butt cheek with a grill fork. “Well it seems she’s cooking a little slow due to the lower heat, I think we need to turn it up a bit.”

My eyes grow huge and I start to squirm again as him and his assistants start to add a bunch of logs to the fire, which is getting way hotter.

“Looks as though the temperature is about 350 degrees now".

He then walks off to the other side of the stage doing small tricks to keep the audience entertained while I roast over the coals. I can now feel my skin starting to cook, and I can smell it too, between the smell of cooking flesh and the barbeque sauce that his assistant is now basting me with I smell pretty good if I do say so myself.

About an hour later I am all but completely done cooking and my boyfriend pokes my butt again with the fork, seeming pleased he takes out a carving knife and cuts a chunk off of my leg. I can feel every movement of the blade but it doesn’t hurt, it kind of feels good. He walks up in front of the spit roast and shows me that he is eating me. that’s the moment when I cream myself, its so erotic for me to see my boyfriend eating my flesh.

After this him and his assistant take me off the roast pit and put me on a table, they start to take out all the spikes and then the spit is pulled out of me. I have absolutely no movement in my body now as all my muscles are cooked to a well done level. He then starts to completely carve me, and him and three of his assistants start to eat every single piece of my flesh from half burnt skin to well done insides after about fifteen minutes they have cleaned each and every bone… The bottomless pits.

Then my boyfriend addresses the audience. “Well you have seen Katie spitted, roasted, and eaten now you will see her completely restored."

Just then him and his three now fat assistants stand in a line, he claps his hands three times and their big belly’s start to shrink, all of a sudden the table cloth starts to rise. My boyfriend walks over to it and lifts off the cloth and there I am laid out looking comfortable.

“Congratulations you have been a spit roast for the first time in your life.” and the audience starts to applaud loudly as he bows and gets an standing ovation.

“Now for the next trick, the hamburger grinder and grilling.”




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