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Lisa's Special Dinner

by Captain Lance

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© Copyright 2010 - Captain Lance - Used by permission

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Lisa got up extra early, today was special, and she couldn’t sleep. Her life for the first 18 years had been fantastic. She was lucky to be born beautiful, thin, blonde, and sexy. She excelled in school, and had a myriad of friends, both male and female. Today you see, is her 19th Birthday. Coupled with the fact that today is New Year’s Day, 2525. Last night was so much fun, she partied the night away with her friends, got a bit tipsy, and made sure to explore her sexuality to it’s fullest. Walking to the bathroom, she glanced into her mirror and saw that her collar was not yet lit up. A good thing, she thought, maybe she had more time before she was called to serve.

Every young girl is fitted with her own personal stainless steel collar on their 17th Birthday, just to get them used to having it on their necks. The wide, tightly fit collar is not removable; somehow the shiny special steel alloy cannot be cut, drilled, or bent. Once the fitting is done, it fuses together for life. In the center of the collar is a small, bright red LED lamp that can be illuminated by those in power. Once lit, it is the girl’s duty to report to the address they are given within 3 hours. If not, the enforcers can hunt them down. She had never known anyone that had tried to run, but she was told that the consequences were terrible at best. This does not usually happen, as the girls are indoctrinated to accept this as part of their lives and duty to the State. They don’t exactly know what their duty is, but it must be important, she thought, because of all the indoctrination and examinations that go on.

On their 18th. Birthday, they are summoned for a complete physical examination, a very intrusive one that includes a full tutorial on their sexuality, and State approved male surrogates that penetrate and fill every orifice with their seed. Six months later, another check up, and more indoctrination, including mental conditioning by powerful hypnotherapy that is induced as they are chemically put asleep. She had undergone this session and remembered nothing, but being sore and groggy when she awoke.

Lisa dressed as she would any other day, she chose hot pink leather micro shorts that fitted so tightly she had to lie on her bed and yank them up. A matching hot pink leather bustier top, and her favorite pair of crotch high platform ballet boots. She had learned to walk easily in these, their 8-inch spike heels clicked seductively as she moved. Her steps were measured, and taken on her toes as no other part of her foot touched the ground. It took so long to lace them up, that she almost missed breakfast. Breakfast today consisted of the same liquid nourishment that she had lived on for the last two weeks. It had been provided by the State too, as part of her last physical. She had been told to drink this only for two weeks, no solid foods. There must have been a good reason, and she did not question it, like a good citizen. Besides, she thought, her figure had blossomed in the last month; she now had a 36D bra, a 22-inch waist, and 37-inch hips. Quite erotic, she thought. Kissing her parents goodbye, she left the house to go to her best girlfriends house for a shopping day.

She arrived at Tanya’s home in a short while, Tanya had just finished dressing, her powder blue latex catsuit accented every inch of her nubile young body. The attached gloves added to the eroticism of the outfit, something not lost on her inner feelings. She was soaking wet already, the dildo panties that she had on under her catsuit were already doing their job in driving her crazy. They sent rivulets of dripping love juices down her legs. Her waist was tightly cinched by a black and blue latex waist cincher that matched her spike heeled knee high boots. Spending their Birthdays together had become a special part of their friendship, and today was not to be any different.

Since their meeting three years earlier, they had been inseparable, like sisters.

If they did something, it was together or not at all. That included sharing the occasional boyfriend and each other as well.

As they were preparing to leave for the mall, Tanya’s lamp illuminated. The bright red light was unmistakable. Tanya seemed shocked; Lisa held her and comforted her as best she could. “You know it was coming, don’t worry, it will be just fine” Lisa told her.

Then, Lisa’s light came on... The girls looked at each other and felt somehow comforted, together, they would be just fine. No problems they thought.

Getting into Lisa’s car they drove to the appointed address. Hardly a word was said

Other than small talk. Arriving at the address which had been implanted into their memories, the were met by a valet that took her car and directed them to the correct door to enter. As they walked towards the door the spike heel ballet boots that Lisa was wearing clicked away in their staccato tone against the concrete walkway. Holding each other’s hand, they opened the door and were directed to a room at the end of the corridor. A woman sat at a desk just inside of the room along with a guard. The woman took a barcode reader and held it to each girl’s collar. “Good, she said, you were very prompt”

Looking the girls over, she looked up and down at their bodies and noted ”Your boots are fantastic, you walk excellently in them... that will help you”. The guard ushered the girls into the next room where about two dozen other young ladies were standing. Again, their bar codes were read, only this time, the woman looked at Lisa and said “ A Prime”. Looking at Tanya she told the guard, “ A Prime also, but a breeder as well”. The other girls had already been ordered to remove their clothes, but leave their shoes on, and were doing so. Some were crying, some were very nervous, and one or two were very relaxed. Odd, Tanya thought to herself, what’s there to worry about?

The girls were ordered to strip as well, and did so without hesitation. Handcuffs were being applied to many of the girls in front of Lisa and Tanya and they were being lead out of the room single file.

“Where are they going?” Lisa asked inquisitively. “The plant”, said the woman behind the desk. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Where are we being sent”, Tanya inquired. “The Palace” she was told.

With that, the guard took each girl and placed a small length of chain in the ring on the back of their collars and fixed the other end of the chain to rings on the wall above their heads. The chains were quite tight, and did not allow for any movement. “Get used to it,” the woman barked out at them. The guard took what looked like a garden sprayer with a pump up handle and hose attached and after a few pumps of the handle, stuck the wand on the end of the hose into Tanya’s pussy and pulled the trigger, shooting something into her.

“What’s that?” she asked. “Disinfectant and meat tenderizer” he answered. She laughed at the reply. Repeating his duty on Lisa, the girls stood there dripping. Whatever the fluid was, it stung a bit, but left a tingly feeling that they both liked.

They were asked if they had followed the diet of blue fluid as they were instructed. They both answered yes and the woman shook her head in approval.

The guard then took two suppositories about 6 inches long and unceremoniously stuck one in each girl’s virgin ass. The objects were cool, and other than being a bit fat, they felt quite nice. Time moved forward and the suppositories were melting quite rapidly; they girls were beginning to feel quite calm, very compliant, and a bit horny. “It’s normal,” the woman said without being asked anything. She could read the girls expressions like a book. She had seen it all many times before. The guard took the girls down from their chained restraints and like the others, handcuffed them behind their backs and led them to a waiting car. The ride to the palace was long and tiring, the girls fell asleep for some time, then a bump and they were being rousted from their sleep.

“Time to get moving” a new girl told them. “Get out of the car and follow me”. Into the beautiful palace they walked. It was like no other place they had ever seen before. Immense, opulent, and beyond description were a few word to describe it. The girls were taken by a guard to their rooms. They were also beyond belief in their grandeur. They were uncuffed and told to rest up, tomorrow began their journey. Fantastic, they thought. Being tired from the long ride, the girls retired early, falling into each other’s arms, they repeated their vows of lust for each other, and again consummated their love by every means available to them. The morning came early, as the girls got very little sleep the night before allowing their love making to spend their sleep time.

A guard opened the door and motioned to Tanya to come to him. “The King commands your presence,” she was told. She was taken away leaving Lisa to herself. A second guard appeared and told her to follow him, which she did. She was taken outside to a beautiful swimming pool and terrace. “Your job for today is to get tanned,” she was told. She couldn’t believe her ears, but she could certainly do that! “I don’t suppose I get a bikini or anything, do I?” she asked. “No, you don’t” she was abruptly told. “The King hates tan lines on his ladies”

Lisa lay down on the chaise and began her task of tanning. A maid arrived with a large bottle of fluid and began to rub it all over her body. “Tanning lotion,” she was told. It felt very nice, and it had a nice scent to it.” Not bad,” she thought, “not bad at all”. The maid then took a rubber bag filled with the same blue fluid and hung it on a steel hook that was on a rolling IV type stand. She took the hose from the bag, lubed the end of the large pink rubber nozzle that was on the end of the tube and inserted it into her virgin ass. She squirmed a bit, but did not fight the intrusion. Lisa asked how much was in the bag, she was told that it held one gallon, and that it would all be absorbed into her body. She would not feel the swelling, bloating, and cramps of the enemas that her parents gave her so often.

The hours passed and Lisa was tanning nicely, not a single spot of burn, just nice even bronze tanning. Her skin felt wonderfully soft and moist as well. Lisa was happy. Tanya reappeared in a few hours. She looked absolutely spent, like she had run a marathon. Tanya recounted what had taken place as Lisa questioned her. Tanya described being taken into a bright white room, with a red leather table in the center. She was helped up onto the table, and studded leather cuffs were placed on her wrists, ankles, and matching wide leather belt placed around her waist. Bright chrome colored chains were fastened to each cuff and pulled tight

Leaving no room for movement. A long odd looking machine was placed between her legs, and two straps were fastened to her thighs, and one to each calf. The machine was not firmly in place and would not move an inch. A steel rod was screwed into the machine with a long silicon dildo on the end; it was then slid into her pussy filling her to the maximum length possible. She gasped out as the dildo was impaling her, and getting her very excited, as Tanya loved huge insertions. Tanya had her own collection of play toys at home, dildos from 6 to 12 inches long, plugs that defied belief and a collection of vibrators that would make most ladies blush.

“ I was attached to the machine and fucked by it for nearly three hours”, she exclaimed. “Speeds from super slow to lightning fast, it wore me out, but the King was standing there for some time and he seemed to love it, so I am happy” Tanya recounted. Lisa asked her if it made her hot, Tanya replied that after eight orgasms, she lost count, so it must have been good!

Tanya lay down, and the maid came to her and applied her tanning lotion as she calmed down from her morning’s ordeal. This schedule was repeated for 6 days, the girls were tanned as bronze Goddesses, their skin was butter soft, moist and glistening. They felt wonderful, thinking,” This is some State duty” to themselves.

On the 7th. Day, the girls were treated to a change in routine. As they lay in the sun basking their bodies and soaking up the rays, they were each given IVs of a turquoise fluid in addition to the anal infusions that they were receiving.. They were told it would enhance their bodies’ ability to tan, and that it was a secret formula being tested with the State’s approval. The girls were happy to oblige, and eagerly accepted the new treatments. As the days progressed, they started to feel a bit unusual. Tanya stubbed her toe while walking to the bath one evening, and it did not hurt. Lisa picked up a curling iron and it slipped into her hand. The hot element did not hurt at all, even though it left a bright red mark.

The next afternoon, the girls were hard at work getting more bronze in color when the medical team came to check them out once again. Seeing Lisa’s hand, they questioned her at length about the accident. When she told them that it never hurt, she could see the excitement in their eyes. The Doctor took a pin from his shirt pocket and stuck it into Lisa’s thigh. Lisa jumped from instinct, but felt nothing. He repeated his examination by sticking her in the calve, stomach, arm, and finally the breasts. Nothing was felt.

Finishing his exam, he increased the drip rate on both girls IVs and left. A short while passed when a nurse returned with two more IV bags for each girl. One was the familiar Turquoise color, the other a bright pink color. As the bags dripped into them, they both felt strangely warm, calm, and placid. Tanya noticed that she no longer had a sense of touch except for very pronounced objects. Lisa said that she felt similar, but also had a sense of disconnection from her body; it was as if her limbs were not hers. As the bags finished, the girls were seperated..

Tanya was returned to the fucking machine for one more session, this time as she experienced each orgasm, the machine injected a syringe full of the King’s sperm into her, impregnating her. This continued for nearly five hours without end. She lost count of the hundreds of orgasms she was forced to endure until she passed out. As she awoke, she was in her room alone, except for her nurse who explained to her that she was now a breeder, and would continue to bear children for the King until he lost pleasure for her. After that, she was told, your usefulness will be over and you will be reassigned to the food detail.

Lisa was helped up, as her ability to walk was severely limited. She was escorted to the preparation area as the sign on the door read. There, she was seated in what looked like an old-fashioned steam cabinet used for weight loss hundreds of years earlier, in the 1960's. As the cabinet door was opened, she was told to sit, placing her pussy on a large plug, about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide that was suspended on a rod coming from the floor of the cabinet. On the bottom of the plug was a heart shaped disc that would serve as her seat, holding her body up.

Even with her sense of feel nearly gone, the impaling caused a stir within her that rippled from head to toe. Her hands were then strapped to steel rings that were on each side of the cabinet. Kinky, she thought. Her ankles were fitted to “Y” shaped straps that held her feet securely to the floor of the cabinet. As the helper checked her bindings, She was told that soon she would be enclosed in the cabinet with the door shut. Only her head would be above the cabinet and would not experience any unusual feelings. As the door was swung shut and fastened closed, it fitted very tightly around her neck forming a watertight seal. She was then told that she would soon feel electric like sensations coming from the plug that was impaled into her pussy. The feelings would be intensely pleasurable and orgasmic, and that they would increase as time went forward.

She was told that after the first minute or so, she would begin to feel warm, and that the temperature would increase dramatically as time went on .The first feeling of the electric like shocks were already beginning to fill her cavity with their waves of sensual pleasure as she listened. It was explained to her that the tanning lotion that she had been coated with for nearly two weeks was actually a meat tenderizer... that they would keep her a beautiful bronze color and that she would not burn as she roasted to a sensational color and tenderness as she cooked. “The King only likes Grade “A” Prime, you know... and you certainly are the best we have seen all year”

He explained that the IVs she had were to keep her from experiencing pain, and to block any loss of blood as she was being prepared for the King’s annual State dinner. “It should only take about an hour to complete you” he said. She did not panic or react badly... her years of indoctrination by the State had worked. “It’s getting very, very warm,” she said.

” Not to worry, you will feel no pain Lisa. Very soon it will be much hotter than anything than you can imagine, but you will remain pain free and awake through the entire procedure. You see, Lisa, you are a very special girl, you are a feeder. From birth, you were destined to be used for food. You are also extremely lucky. The King only likes live food, so when you are fully cooked, you will be placed on a silver tray and wheeled into the dining room for the world leaders to see. You will be garnished and garlanded to the fullest ability of our Chef. Then, You will be carved by him and served to the gathered dignitaries. Rest assured that, only the sweetest and most tender parts will be taken. You will be fully awake, and you may speak with the diners as you are carved. Some of the diners may even ask your permission to have a special part of your body carved for them. You are encouraged to answer them, and give your permission. There will be no blood loss, and absolutely no pain at all. No internal organs will be taken, only fleshy parts of your beautiful sensual body. Some may even ask you for permission to take those special cuts, like your beautiful breasts, your pussy lips. and so forth. Your interaction with the guests is very important.”

“Then what will happen to me when they are finished with me?” she asked in a sense of impending doom.

“That’s why you are so lucky to be a grade “A” Prime girl. After dinner is finished, you will be wheeled to our regeneration clinic. You will continue your IV treatments, a series of special Neutron ray treatments then, within 24 hours, you will be whole, and as good as new again”. He told her. “When you are fully recovered and regenerated you will again be placed on the list of Grade “A” Prime girls, ready for the next special occasion”. Lisa listened intently, she pondered the strange new situation she was in and oddly found it very sensual.

“It’s hotter than I have ever experienced, it’s almost beyond tolerance,” she said.

Placing the temperature gauge in her view, she saw that it read 250*

“When it reaches 300*, you will be done and ready to serve” he smiled and added.

“I feel a strange bubbling feeling inside of me,” she added.

‘That’s OK,” he replied. “It’s your body fluids boiling, you are cooking from the inside out as well as the outside in. The probe in your pussy is not only a sex aid, but a microwave cooking element.” As he finished his explanation, he heard her cry out and moan deeply.

“Are you in pain, my dear?” he asked.

”No, she replied, it was my 10th orgasm since we started this. Each one has gotten more intense, this was the best so far”.

“Will you do me a favor?” she asked. “What is it, my child?” he answered.

“Please turn the heat up all the way, right now, I want to feel it at it’s fullest”.

He complied. The temperature gauge quickly climbed to 300*. She was moaning and crying until she nearly fainted. She felt heat unlike any that she could ever imagine, her entire body was bubbling and boiling as she sat there, suspended in the oven. Her sexual response was off the chart; she was deeply immersed in orgasmic throws. “Hotter, “ she screamed out. “Hotter, please!” She saw the gauge reach 350* before she passed out.

She awoke as the bell rang on the cooker. She was done, and ready for serving. He opened the cooker cabinet; Lisa was a wonderful bronze as promised. She glistened with wetness, and was absolutely beautiful. She was faint, very weak, and not able to stand. He and a matron helped her from the cabinet, gently placing her on a huge silver tray that sat on a large wheeled cart. Her wrists were then lovingly bound together, just in case she panicked and tried to push the Chef away as he cut into her. Her legs were spread apart, and her ankles fastened to the tray, exposing her cooked pussy to full view.

She was sprayed with a scented basting fluid, and wheeled into the dining room for all to experience. Lisa smiled and trembled with anticipation and just a bit of fear. The Chef looked down at Lisa as he rolled the cart into the magnificent dining room. The entire room was filled with carved wooden walls and a beautiful pressed steel ceiling. The lighting was a muted red, adding to the mystery of the event. In the center of the room stood a huge “U” shaped walnut table, easily large enough for 40 diners, and every seat was filled with middle aged men, obviously well to do, educated, and impeccably dressed.

“Are you OK,” The Chef asked Lisa.

”I guess so, but I am frightened. What will I do when I see the knife make it’s first cut into my flesh?” she cried.

”It will be OK. I will be gentle, and you won’t feel a thing, just a tugging sensation as the serving is cut away, normally, the girls are fitted with a very tight leather hood with an internal gag, to silence them just in case they panic, but the King only allows for a fully aware and awake subject to be placed before him.” With that, the cart hit the carved double doors and swung them wide open. As the Chef wheeled the cart inside, he exclaimed, “Your Majesty, and honored guests, dinner is served!”

The room erupted in applause as the cart was placed in the center of the tables open area. “Your meal for this evening is a special one indeed. A grade “A” prime selection from the King’s own breeding stock. Her name is Lisa; she is 19 years old and is ready for you to feast on her beautiful body. Please follow the King to the carving board to make your selection. Lisa is ready to answer any requests that you might have, and will help you in making your selection if you wish.” Lisa heard, but didn’t believe what she was now hearing, it all seemed like a dream to her. But it wasn’t. It was reality for sure.

The King approached the carving table and smiled down at Lisa. “You are a beautiful thing, my dear. Have they treated you well these last two weeks?”

“Oh, yes, your Majesty” she replied. “They have been wonderful to me and my girlfriend, I could ask for nothing better.”

The king then asked in a sincere manner, ”Then tell me, what was it like to know that you were being strapped into a device to cook you alive and prepare you to be eaten?”

“It was scary at first, but the machine that was in my pussy made me so sexually excited that I could think of nothing else but orgasmic release. I came at least 10 times! The heat was at first upsetting, it really frightened me, but as it got hotter and hotter, it became very sexual too.. I begged them to make it hotter quickly, they did as I asked, and I came so hard that I passed out”

The King was happy. With that knowledge, he asked her if she minded if he had the Chef carve her pussy lips off as his dinner.

She trembled for a second, stiffened her body, and said. ”Yes, your Majesty, Please carve me as you see fit. I am yours to be used for your pleasure”

The King nodded to the Chef, who at once took his sharpest knife, and with one deft motion carved away her womanhood. As the knife passed through her clitoris, she spontaneously orgasmed. She saw the Chef place her pussy onto the King’s platter, and was at once content with her place in the order of the State. The King cut a small piece and put it into his mouth, smiling as he ate it. “You taste wonderful, my Dear, you are my favorite of all time”. He then cut a second piece and placed it in front of Lisa’s mouth. ”You must taste your own flesh, my Dear. It is like nothing you have ever experienced.”

With that, Lisa opened her mouth as directed and began to chew her own flesh. The very thought of which drove her into a sexual frenzy. She was so absorbed by this act of self-cannibalism that she lost track of exactly what was taking place until she looked up at the ceiling and saw her body in the huge mirror that filled the area above the carving table. She could watch her body being cut to pieces as she lay there!

The other diners filed past, making their requests of Lisa, who granted each and every one. She saw her breasts, hips, inner and outer thighs, and calves all be taken from her. Slices of her sides, tummy, and more were removed before the diners were finished with her. The Chef then placed a sponge soaked in some fluid under her nose and she fell into a deep sleep.

Two days later she awoke in the regeneration lab, she was once again whole. Her feeling had returned, she was sore, but in no pain. After a check by the Doctor, she was allowed to return to her room, and to go back to the pool to tan if she wished. When she got to her room, Tanya was there sleeping, an envelope was on her bed edged in gold with her name on it. Opening it carefully, it was from the King. It simply said “ Your presence is requested for dinner with the King at 7PM Saturday”

She read it over and over.. Was the invitation FOR dinner, or to BE dinner?

Only time will tell!


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