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Lillith's Tails Part 4: Lillith's Vengeance

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2011 - Incubi - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/f; other/f; naked; enwrap; swallow; vore; mast; climax; voy; reluct; X

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Lillith’s Tails Part 4: Lillith's Vengeance

Eddie lay in bed relaxing, his latest secretary beside him. Natalie had worked for him less than three months and had been sleeping with him for two of them. He had picked her out of the secretarial pool entirely on her looks and had been surprised by her actual talent. An inch under six foot her height belied her Asian heritage she lay facing him her raven hair framing her face long dark lashes closed in sleep.

Eddie reached out and cupped an olive skinned breast squeezing gently till she stirred in her sleep.

"Mmph is it morning Eddie" she asked sleepily.

"No but I was awake and thought we might like to have some more fun" he said teasing her nipple idly.

Eddie was never one to consider the feelings of others he couldn’t sleep with thoughts of this morning's event running through his mind so there was no point letting the girl sleep when she could be entertaining him. Just imagining Eve and Rachel disappearing together into Lillith was enough to make him rise to attention again and he was just sliding himself closer when a shrill alarm sounded throughout the mansion.

"Bloody hell that’s the cellar alarm" Eddie snapped in surprise.

"Why would you have an alarm on your cellar" the girl asked owlishly still half asleep.

"None of your business now wait right here I won't be long" he replied getting out of bed and rushing from the room without even pausing to grab a robe.

"Asshole" Natalie muttered rolling over and trying to muffle the noise of the alarm with a pillow "If you weren't so rich id drop your ugly ass in a second."

Eddie reached the lift in record time and after hammering repeatedly on the button for the cellar he paced the floor as he began to descend. If they were out Eve's timing was off by almost a week, but Eve was never wrong before. Almost wishing his ex head of genetics was still about to strangle Eddie ran out of the lift the second the doors opened.

The old wine cellar was a mess, the hidden door to Lillith's chamber had been opened and beyond the gaping hole Eddie could see the shattered remains of the inner glass security door to the inner chamber.

Fuck Lillith must have made a break for it Eddie thought to himself as he surveyed the devastation, he didn’t think for a second his pet's hatchlings could have done this, strength like this certainly wasn’t in the design specifications. No it must have been Lillith trying to escape to lay her latest eggs.

Climbing over the shattered remnants of ancient wine racks Eddie entered Lillith's outer chamber. Every cupboard was smashed, the freezers he kept her food in were empty, the doors having been ripped clear away. What little light in the room came from the flickering lights of the main chamber.

"She must have trashed the environmental controls, damn that’s going to be difficult to fix" he muttered.

Through the shattered glass he could see the remnants of broken trees snapped like kindling and the smooth stones Lillith liked to bask on thrown into weird positions.

A sudden crash came from a side room on the other side of the cellar. Quickly leaving the ruins of his pets temper tantrum he picked his way across the darkened room and into the chamber that held his less impressive pets.

Wrecked glass tanks were everywhere, every snake in his collection seemed to be loose on the floor.

Gingerly he began to walk across the room heading for the broken door to the environmental control room. Some of the snakes in his collection were extremely dangerous and a few like the small one he had picked up in Australia didn’t even have an effective anti-venom so fast acting were their bites. Most of the snakes he noticed were quite happy to coil up together in a huge writhing pile and Lucifer his biggest python was happily swallowing a smaller snake that looked to be a spitting cobra.

The camera room was in ruins. Sparking electronics shorted and buzzed and the whole place smelled of ozone and reptiles. More importantly the air vent in the ceiling was now a twisted wreck on the floor.

"Great you're in the vent system now how am I going to get you out" Eddie growled in frustration.

This was fantastic, if Lillith didn’t come out he'd have to send someone in there after her, which meant he'd either have to buy them off or arrange an 'accident' before they could talk.

Eddie made his way back to the lift and hit the button for the fourth floor, no need to bring things with Natalie to a head by letting her see Lillith before he was ready for her to get eaten. He was still trying to think up a good enough reason to get her to leave as he entered the bedroom and stopped in shock, the bed was overturned broken bits of ornament scattered the floor but there was no sign of Lillith or his girlfriend.

"Fuck” Eddie swore angrily, Lillith had a month to go before she would be able to perform again the little bimbo would just go straight to her stomach with no chance of coming back and worse yet it wasn’t even on film.

He was just about to leave the room when he spotted something gleaming on the floor by his foot, kneeling down he saw it was a delicate silvery red scale like a piece of beaten copper. Lillith's scales were black!

"Ladies if you are around I demand you return to your enclosure!" Eddie called out his voice shaking. Eve had promised total built in submissive obedience from his new pets not violence and destruction. Indeed Eddy began to wonder just how much Eve hadn't told him, She certainly didn’t seem the type to want to become a submissive whatever the other promised benefits of the transformation.

Eddie panicked in a few short strides he crossed the room and hit the concealed switch that opened the door to his hidden camera room. Once inside he relaxed. The house had been built by a reclusive genius who had been terrified of nuclear war. He had spent his entire fortune building a vast underground secret hideaway under the mansion that could contain enough food water and other essential supplies to support five people for up to eight years. Ironically he had died of a heart attack brought on by stress just before the project was finished leaving Eddie to pick up the place for a song. Most of the underground rooms were just sealed off but he had used the largest storeroom to build Lillith's chambers. The camera room was originally the old man’s bedroom and it was the most protected above ground part of the building with ten foot thick concrete walls and one massive steel door leading to an opulent little room with a single hatch leading down into the shelter. In the old man’s day it had been his private sanctum but now it was Eddy's.

Ranks of monitors covered the far wall a control centre that allowed the viewer to check every room in the building, and that let Eddie record every inch of Lillith's chambers.

"Now I'll track you bitches down" He snapped to himself.    

Eddie slumped into the same chair he had watched Eve and Rachel's performance from only a few hours before, quickly he began hitting controls and turning cameras checking the house for any sign of Lillith or her brood. The cameras revealed nothing but a few overturned pieces of furniture and a few shining bits of what looked like snakeskin.

Okay not in the house let’s try where you should be Eddie thought to himself tapping buttons until the monitors filled with multiple views of Lillith's chambers. The flickering lighting of the main area revealed nothing but shattered trees and torn up vegetation but the single camera in Lillith's nest quickly grabbed his attention. The room was in a mess the deep sandy floor thrown up into piles and half buried in the sand the ruined leathery skins of Lillith's eggs glinted wetly back at him.

Although Eddie had already seen the proof of at least one hatching, the sight of the shredded eggs terrified him.

That fucking bitch had lied to him.

Eve had always detested Eddy. That she was a lesbian hadn't really surprised him, any real woman would have opened her legs for the money he was worth. However, he had never anticipated her lying to him about what exactly would happen to his new slaves when they went through Lillith's unique processing.

It had been an ambitious project from the start, creating the world's largest snake when Evelyn had come to him with a breakthrough in genetic research. She had created a new process of genetic manipulation that was years if not decades ahead of the rest of the scientific community, by combining reptilian and human DNA she had already promised to make his snake many times smarter but she offered more! By adding her new genetic technique to the process she would give the snake the ability to alter its victims genetic structure reprogramming and essentially redesigning the female form into another form of life. Eddie had been a Vore fan for most of his adult life, his original intent had been to just create a big snake that would be compelled to eat its victims alive, having willing submissive snake women to do his every whim as a bonus side effect was beyond his wildest dreams. Now Eddie began to worry that he had allowed Eve to create her own fantasy and it had nothing to do with what Eddie wanted.

Suddenly Eddie spotted something in the corner of one of the main room cameras, panning round he saw a gaping hole where there should still have been a blank wall.

The bitches were in the old complex

Eddie switched on the old surveillance system, the cameras were far apart and didn’t move or zoom but they still worked.

Almost straight away he saw Natalie, she lay spread out unconscious on the floor in one of the smaller storerooms. The camera angle was all wrong it should look at the door it had been twisted until it pointed almost straight down they were giving him a bird’s eye view of his unfortunate secretary.

Suddenly the screen filled with the face of his first victim, Dawn looked as beautiful as ever but with a disturbing new caste. Her red curls were now a brilliant metallic copper, her pupils were slits and the irises were a deep orange.

Dawn smiled evilly at the camera revealing two long and delicate fangs, she opened her mouth slightly and her long forked tongue flickered out to taste the air.

His ex lover slowly drew back from the camera to reveal herself, her lithe graceful upper body seemed almost unchanged but from her hips downward her skin faded into gleaming copper scales. Dawn had been a 'natural' girl but now her slit was bare and hairless, as she turned towards Natalie he caught sight of the curves of her ass merging with fire bright scales.

She looked in fact almost exactly as Eve had promised, but she had never mentioned fangs in her description. As Dawn advanced on the comatose Natalie Eddie began to get an idea of her true length, where her long muscled legs had been her limbs had merged and thickened into gleaming coils, Eddie estimated she was over thirty feet in length!

Dawn reached down and swept Natalie up into her arms, coiling up upon herself she enfolded her victim from the waist down pulling her into a passionate embrace.

Natalie stirred from her slumber, Eddie had left the room and she had drifted back to sleep the next thing she knew she had been grabbed from the bed and a burning pain in her neck made her pass out. She tried to move her legs, only to find them bound by something. Before she could open her eyes she felt arms sliding around her back bringing her mouth to meet another's lips, the kiss was passionate but strange. The tongue that explored her mouth seemed to go on forever. Opening her eyes Natalie gasped and tried to pull away but found the strange woman's grip impossible to break.

"Now sweetheart there's no need to struggle you're going nowhere." Dawn hissed she seemed to be having trouble speaking and her voice had become breathy and sibilant

"Who are you and where the hell have you taken me" Natalie stammered.

"I guess you could consider me your predecessor” Dawn purred back at the struggling young secretary “and we are deep under our devious Eddie's mansion."

Natalie felt her restraints move and looked down she stared in shocked horror for a moment before letting out a terrified scream that was cut off by Dawns hand covering her mouth.

"Please don’t do that” she said wincing “my ears are very sensitive and I'd hate to snap your neck to shut you up. Now if you have calmed down I'll let you talk but one more loud noise and you will regret it understood?"

Waiting for the girl to nod her acceptance she slowly removed her hand.

"What are you” Natalie blurted as Dawn slowly removed her hand, she felt the snake woman’s coils squeeze and massage her legs, the sensation was oddly comfortable.

"I am what I suspect dear Eddie had planned for you I can smell his arousal all over you." She replied sadly.

Dawn drew Natalie into another embrace, she tried to struggle but it was useless.

"Let go of me" she protested.

"Oh I don’t think so dear, you see you have something I want." Dawn replied with a predatory smile.

"I don’t have anything I'm naked for gods sake" the young girl said feeling the urge to scream rising again as Dawn leered back at her.

"Exactly my dear” Dawn purred nuzzling against Natalie's neck, suddenly there was a sharp sting quickly followed by dizzying numbness.

"You taste delicious my dear, I just must find out what the rest of you is like." The snake woman’s voice seemed to come from a great distance.

Natalie tried to speak but all that came out was a low moan, the numb feeling was quickly being replaced by a burning erotic sensation.

"Shhhh sweetie” Dawn cooed hushing the moaning young secretary “you're going to enjoy this almost as much as I am."

Natalie closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as Dawn began to kiss her again, the burning feeling filled her entire body heightening every sensation and acting on her emotions making her burn with erotic desire. Dawns kisses became more and more pleasant with every passing second and in moments Natalie was gasping in pleasure. Dawn's hand cupped the back of her head and pushed her forward, there was a faint popping noise and the lips caressing her own seemed to open wider.

"Hush baby let me kiss it all better" Dawn whispered her voice was slurred as she trailed kisses up her lover's face to the top of Natalie's head, then her lips seemed to be everywhere at once a warm ring of rapturous fire that slid down over her head. The sensations increased as Dawn began massaging her within her coils, with a start she felt the tip of Dawns tail rub itself against her burning slit.

She's eating me, Natalie was barely coherent and knew this fact should have worried her but for some reason she felt disconnected from the actions around her only able to concentrate on the feelings flooding her body and her imminent climax. As Natalie began to buck in the snake woman’s constricting embrace her serpentine lover used her thrashing to help ease her shoulders into her waiting maw. Dawn began pushing in earnest, as her hands fondled and pinched her writhing coils pushed Natalie further inside.

Natalie was just coming down from her first orgasm as the blunt tip of Dawns tail violated her pussy, its scales scraped across her clit making her moan her pleasure deep into Dawns throat. Her hands found her lover's breasts and began to play with her nipples as she used her knee to locate Dawns dripping sex. If she had stopped to think she probably would have been unable to understand her sudden participation in her end but the strange chemicals flowing in her bloodstream overrode her normal reactions accessing the primordial centre of passion touching on thoughts buried deep in her subconscious.

Dawn's muffled moan of pleasure reached Natalie's buried ears and she redoubled her efforts as her breasts slipped over her lover's lips. Her dark new world suddenly went crazy as Dawn rolled across the floor in the throes of her own passion, when at last the thrashing stopped Natalie found herself suspended almost vertical, being lowered deeper by a firmly grasping tail holding her legs. Her soft belly slid into the warm wetness of Dawn's mouth until she was buried to the hips, unable to reach out with her arms any longer. She felt strong hands pull her own to her dripping snatch so she could play with herself as she slid deeper and as she began to caress her clit she felt Dawn's hands massaging her ass pulling down on her, forcing her hips inside.

If I can’t fit she will have to spit me out, Natalie thought to herself. Strangely this thought seemed wholly unattractive to her and wriggling her hands flat she pulled them inside a little try to squeeze her ass as tightly as possible as Dawn rammed with all her strength. With sudden speed Natalie plummeted downward her ass slipping inside and gravity aiding the snake woman’s guiding hands.

The last thing of the outside she felt was Dawn's parting caress of her toes with her tongue before a final swallow drew her slender feet into the waiting throat. Deep inside the stomach Natalie slipped into a foetal position, her hands desperately sawing at her gash as she moaned in ecstasy. The air was thin and moist and the warm walls seemed to adopt the contours of her body. Her skin was just beginning to turn from a mild tingle to a burn as consciousness fled.

Dawn lay on the floor feeling the bulge in her stomach, she could feel Natalie twitch the last few times before she settled into her new home. In a few hours she would be nothing more than nutrients in her bloodstream. Dawn's fingers slid down her belly and began to massage her clit.

Eddie sat panting in the camera room, the scene he'd witnessed had been beyond his wildest dreams. If only he could somehow bring them under his control, he could…

His train of thought was interrupted as the the room was plunged into darkness the screens blinking out and going dark one after another.

Shit they must have shut off the power he thought to himself, but the main fuse box was in the room directly below…

He never had found Maria and Lillith.

In the darkness the sound of the trapdoor opening seemed to fill his world…


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