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Lillith's Tails Part 2: The Rise of Lillith

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2011 - Incubi - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; solo-f; snake/f; drug; mast; enwrap; tease; swallow; vore; insert; oral; anal; climax; reluct; X

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Lillith's Tails Part 2: The Rise of Lillith

Eddie was late. Maria lounged by the pool keeping a watchful eye on the road for her wayward boyfriend. Eddie was always late it had become a standing joke between them and Maria often joked Eddie would miss his own funeral.

“At last” She sighed as the huge iron gates swung open and his familiar black limousine swung into the long drive.

Eddie spotted Maria’s familiar bikini clad figure as his driver opened the door. Maria was small barely five feet tall but anyone would have to admit every inch of those five feet was like a vision from heaven, her Italian heritage showing through in her raven hair and dark eyes.

“Hi baby, miss me?”

“Always Eddie always” Maria replied with a smile. “So what’s this big surprise you have planned for me?”

“Oh it’ll change your whole world baby” Eddie said smiling, it wasn’t like he was lying and this time it was going to be perfect. “Come on follow me I’ll show you everything” Eddie led his sultry lady by the hand into the house and down into the basement elevator.

“We’re going to visit Lillith?"Maria asked.

“Something like that” he replied.

Maria stared at her lover a little puzzled, Eddie had first met her less than two months before at an office party and even their first conversation was about snakes. He’d spotted the snake tattoo on her right arm and guessed about her love of anything scaled. It seemed a dream at first, the super rich boss of the company taking a personal interest in a lowly lab assistant. For a whole month they had screwed around behind his girlfriends back but then Eddie dumped that stuck up bitch Dawn and within the day she had been moved into his vast mansion.

When Eddie had turned out to be even more of a reptile fanatic than she was everything seemed perfect but even she had been astounded by his largest pet.

As the doors opened Maria shook herself from her reverie. Eddie led Maria across the dusty wine cellar and flipped the concealed switch that opened the outer door to his pet’s secret home.

“Not that I don’t like surprises baby but what’s so special down here?” Maria asked.

“You’ll see baby trust me” Eddie replied a broad self satisfied grin on his face.

Eddie opened the door to Lillith’s main room and drew her inside; the air was thicker in the huge chamber, warmer too, with a faint spicy scent that always made Maria think of the smell of shed snakeskin.

Eddie was trying hard not to let his excitement show. Lillith wasn’t in sight but that was hardly surprising. Over the past three weeks Lillith had kept pretty much to her nest, a small round room with a deep sandy floor and plenty of the extra warmth she seemed to desire since her encounter with Dawn. Eddie wasn’t worried, he was sure their activity in her underground world would soon draw her out.

“Okay Eddie what’s the surprise?”

“Well here’s the first part” he answered bending down and picking up a small gold box from amongst the underbrush.

"Oh Eddie what is it?"Maria took the box from her grinning boyfriend and almost broke a nail in her haste to open the little golden clasp, inside was a crystal bottle filled with what looked like water.

“Thanks Eddie, now what is it?” she asked puzzled and expecting one of his annoying practical jokes.

“It’s a very special perfume my love” he replied laughing “unique you might say it has the most amazing effect on women”

“Oh really what does it do?” Maria asked.

“Why tell you when I can just show you” Eddie replied pressing his thumb to the top of the bottle and spraying her with a fine mist from head to foot.

"Eddie cut it out, if that’s perfume I can’t smell it" she protested.

"Oh Its perfume all right but intended for a more refined nose than yours I fear my dear" Eddie replied too busy imagining what was to come to notice the black look Maria shot him. Whatever she thought it wouldn’t matter much longer now and deciding it was time to get on with things he quickly pressed the concealed transmitter button on his watch to start the camera system.

“I’m sorry baby let me make it up to you” said Eddie pocketing the little crystal bottle

Eddie embraced Maria kissing her deeply, one hand encircling her waist the other snaking down to her skimpy bikini bottom to caress her thigh.

“Whoa slow down baby we can’t do it here.” Maria panted as his hand snagged her bikini and began  slowly pulling the flimsy material down her leg.

“Why, I’m sure Lillith won’t mind us using her backyard, she’s probably asleep” lied Eddie. Lillith had probably been awake since they opened the door and was probably listening to them from the low tunnel to her nesting chamber.

Groaning Maria gave up even attempting to protest as Eddie's mouth found a nipple through her bikini top. She wasn’t usually this easy to arouse but somehow Eddie’s slightest touch was driving her crazy and she quickly forgot about where she was, concentrating more on undoing Eddie’s trousers.

As Eddie lay Maria down in the short grass a third pair of eyes watched the lovers with increasing interest. Lillith had been aware of their presence the moment the lift had rumbled into life. In the last month Eddie had been visiting her forest more often than usual, occasionally with Maria with him. Lillith liked Maria she quickly found her new friend loved to scratch away shedding scales or cuddle up in her huge coils.

No matter how much Lillith liked Eddie's new female she was no replacement for her Dawn. In the time since Dawn became a part of the gigantic serpent Lillith had been through something of a revelation, the incredible sensations her willing victim had given her had forever altered both her primitive hindbrain and her unique forebrain.

Now Lillith watched fascinated as Maria writhed under Eddie, and almost immediately she scented the same enticing scent that her Dawn had made.

Maria was dimly aware that something was definitely different but she couldn’t care for a second. Eddie's lightest touch sent her to the very edge and she had rocketed through three orgasms already and Eddie hadn’t even shot his load once a first on all counts.

Eddie grunted and exploded into his wildly writhing girlfriend her usual enthusiastic lovemaking paling in comparison to the bucking and screaming wild woman she had become in the last few minutes. From the sound of her panting moans not to mention the bites and scratches she covered him with Maria was having the time of her life and he wondered idly if the lab boys could come up with a version of the serum that didn’t have such unusual long term effects.

“Oh baby that was great but your surprise isn’t over yet sweetheart,” Eddie panted hardly able to speak he was so out of it, maybe he’d better rethink asking the lab boys to tinker with the serum, imagine the heart attacks it would give all those husbands.

“No Eddie come back” Maria protested as Eddie eased himself to his feet using the trunk of a nearby tree to steady him.

“Just got to give you the final part of my surprise baby, keep yourself happy while I’m gone” with that Eddie staggered for the door ignoring her frustrated cry and slamming in the code he disappeared out into the outer room.

“Eddie you pig hurry up” Maria moaned, she had never experienced anything so good and now he wanted to go get something, screw the surprise it could never beat this.

Maria half heartedly stroked a fingernail across her clit only to jolt wildly in pleasure. Well if Eddie wanted to act like an asshole she thought to herself, whatever that perfume stuff had done was more than enough to keep her happy while he was gone.

Lillith was halfway from the tunnel to Maria before she realized she had even moved, the scent was affecting her even more than last time and Lillith watched as Eddie got up and left, she even thought she saw him smile at her as he left the room.

Maria moaned again and Lillith's attention was dragged from Eddie’s strange look to the writhing form before her. Maria’s moans quickly started up again and with more passion, Lillith hardly noticed she was moving towards Maria again and this time Lillith didn’t even think of stopping. With a few quick twists her coils wrapped Maria from neck to toe.

Maria screamed as her world suddenly went crazy the shadows seemingly taking shape and wrapping her in warm scaled coils, scales?

“Lillith no!”

Maria’s protesting shout froze Lillith in place for a second, didn’t Maria want this too? Why else would she come down here, why else would she do what she had?

Experimentally Lillith flexed her muscled coils and was rewarded by a strangled gasp of pleasure. These females are strange creatures Lillith mused perhaps another test.

Maria moaned as the giant black reptile began to rub itself hard against her squeezing her with muscles too weak to kill but strong enough to cause her immense pleasure. With every squeeze it became apparent that whatever the perfume had done was made stronger by every second her skin touched the snake.

“Oh god Lillith that feels good, wait don’t stop please OOOH!” Maria moaned in ecstasy as her caressing lover resumed her squeezing.

She wants it too! Lillith thought, I gave her chance to escape and she refused. Lillith’s massive intellect was breaking down again, as whatever strange chemicals Maria exuded from her skin set fire to her serpentine nervous system. It found its way under every scale that touched her, sensitizing every inch of her scaled body that caressed her human plaything like a thousand pleasantly burning needles.

This time there was no indecision on where to start Lillith’s new mind disregarded the ancient hunting instincts passed on by her primitive hindbrain. This time there were no furred slippers to tempt her but the moaning of her lover was enough to send her great head down towards Maria’s dainty toes.

Maria was barely aware of anything but the pulsing scales around her but the sudden warm wet feeling on her feet sent her screaming into another orgasm.

'I’m being swallowed! Lillith is swallowing me whole' she thought to herself and strangely it, the mental image of disappearing into the giant reptile didn’t terrify. Instead it sent her into yet another orgasmic high. Ever since her childhood Maria had loved snakes and now unless Eddie got back soon she would end up being part of one permanently, but deep inside some long hidden part of Maria’s psyche woke up and started enjoying her predicament.

“Ooh Lillith!” Maria cried practically incoherent but the gigantic reptile was past caring if her lover had changed her mind.

Maria’s feet had electrified Lillith’s tongue, the taste of the strange pheromones she was covered with intermingling with the delicious taste of her natural flavour drove the massive serpent into wild orgasmic heights. Her primitive hindbrain gave up and shut down completely. It was never designed for this sort of sensation it belonged to a far older cold-blooded form of life.

Maria gasped again as Lillith’s long prehensile tongue wrapped around her legs binding them together and pulling her slowly inside.

"Eddie hurry up!" she yelled.

Maria wasn't exactly thinking very clearly but she was getting a sneaking suspicion Eddie wasn’t going to reappear anytime soon, and even if he did Eddie wasn’t likely to offer much help to her in her current predicament.

"Oh god Lillith" she moaned writhing in ecstasy against Lillith's gently constricting coils. Her thighs twisting with pleasure as they entered her silken maw, the huge snakes long forked tongue unwrapped itself from her lovers legs and buried itself deep inside Maria’s dripping slit.

When Maria felt Lillith slide inside her she screamed in orgasm, the feel of the rough reptilian tongue rasping against her clit drove her wild, bucking in her lover’s tight embrace. She hardly cared as Lillith's small blunt teeth gently indented her rump, but she certainly noticed as Lillith pulled her tongue from her cleft and buried it deep within her virgin ass.

Maria's hoarse scream of pleasure and pain sounded sweet to Lillith's reptilian ears, no longer coherent her willing prey made such sweet moaning noises. Lillith was once again experiencing the burning pleasurable sensation she had with Dawn, as the pheromone-loaded sweat of her meal seeped under her scales to electrify her unique nervous system. Maria's taste alone was enough to bring Lillith to orgasmic pleasure coupled with the wonderful feelings her wriggling mate sparked off inside her and the way her minds had fused from the last feeding Lillith was in a state of total cataclysmic rapture.

Maria would have protested as Lillith pulled her thick tongue from her anus had she still the power of speech, as I was it was all she could do to moan. Her mind shut down by the sensations she was receiving. She felt the muscular grip of her lover’s mouth pulling her inward. She dimly realized her breasts were resting against Lillith’s blunt snout, one arm buried within her lover playing with a clit, the other tweaking her left nipple.

"Eat me, eat me baby" Maria could hardly gasp out the words, half-mad with desire her mind was almost shut down, the only thing she could think of was Eddie had given her the best present ever and giggling hysterically Maria put her arm across her bosom and pressed her lovely breasts down to give Lillith an easier time of swallowing them. Lillith hardly needed the help had Maria been twice the size she would still have had no trouble swallowing her lover down but the gesture was appreciated as her serpents tongue wrapped about her lovers arm and used it to pull her in further.

Had there been an unseen observer, and this time there surely was, they would have seen Lillith lying atop her coils convulsing violently. They would have seen Maria's smiling face pulled slowly into the embrace of those eager jaws. Were they listening close instead of trying to avoid spraying cum on the monitor the unseen observer might even have heard a hoarse voice begging for it to continue until muffled by a reptilian tongue delving deep into a willing human mouth.

Maria was in heaven, the warm musky smell of Lillith’s maw made her gasp for air, or was it the constricting embrace that pulled her deeper into her lover’s throat? She tasted herself on the searching tongue that slipped between her lips and deep into her before she slid past and into to the waiting depths. Maria's last glimpse of the normal world vanished with the closing of the snake’s great jaws as she slid ever faster into her new strange realm, her body coated in saliva slid quickly into the huge reptile’s stomach. Short of air and shorter of breath she achieved one more mind-blowing orgasm at the realization that she was now nothing but a meal before succumbing to her fate…

Lillith returned to her lair, her mind awash with yet more fiery emotions. Her bloated stomach giving the occasional pleasant twitch as her lover settled into her new world. Slowly she wound herself back around her precious its leathery skin had cooled slightly in the time she had been away. She cradled it gently aware in some strange way that soon she would give birth to another that would join it. Lillith coiled lovingly around the single huge egg feeling Maria slide from her stomach into a strange and unique chamber deep within her, yes soon she would lay again and then she would await the hatching of her children…



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