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The Least Dangerous Game

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2012 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; naked; island; hunted; prey; captured; bond; trussed; prepared; eaten; trophy; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

The desirable actress and her producer husband were traveling by yacht in the South Pacific, mostly to get away and forget her dismal performance in her last film. She had got into film many years ago as a teenager with stunning good looks, having been discovered by accident in a shopping mall, and rarely having to perform on the casting couch for a role. Since then she had worked hard at becoming more than a pretty face, but her looks forced her to be typecast as a dumb blond for the first part ofher career anyway. She never did any nude scenes, but she had to dress the part and her wardrobe always stopped just short of an adult rating. By the time she had a chance to actually act she was stuck with the predetermined notion that she was as dumb as most of the world thought she was, and her last film was a major flop because of that. She was angry at herself for taking the ill suited role, but more so with her husband for advising her to. She would now be considered a "poison pill" for any big screen work, and she didn't even want to think about the small screen! To make matters worse, there was always a fresh supply of pretty young ladies to take her place, and they would do anything, literally ANY THING to land a role on the big screen.

So here she was with her husband sailing on her yacht, thanking fortune that she was smart enough to save enough money and invest it wisely so she really didn't have to work again, if she lived reasonably. She was also thankful for her husband, who was driving the boat at the moment to a destination that he said would be a once in a life time surprise for her. She thought she desperately needed one of those. To show her gratitude she was wearing just as little bikini as she could while still in view of the other boats, always mindful of somebody secretly taking a photo of her that would end up on line before they even returned from their two week trip. She thought that would be one way to rekindle her failing career with a chuckle, parade around on deck naked with half a dozen others in an all out orgy as she had photographers stationed to capture it all. She knew she had no stomach for that kind of thing, and even though most of the world surely thought she was as sex obsessed as the characters she portrayed, in reality she was quite vanilla in her desires.

At the same time her husband thought their trip would never end as he drove the boat to their special surprise, his thoughts on another young rising star despite having his wife, who was recently voted one of the hundred sexiest woman in the world close by, wearing almost nothing. The timing on this trip had to be perfect, he thought, and he reduced speed to arrive at the island in four nights, when the full moon would be at it's brightest.

Despite her repeated requests her husband wouldn't share their destination, but the smile he could be seen suppressing led her to believe it was a good one. The fourth evening finally arrived and they had not seen another boat other than on radar for the last day. After dinner the producer set the auto pilot and throttled back the large twin diesels as they almost cruised too close to an island, the surf clearly heard on the beach over the rumble of the engines. The moon was bright, as per his plans, and he invited her to the transom so he could make love to her. Her silky robe hit the deck and she let him maneuver her nude self over the side as he stroked her physically fit flanks for the last time.

Half of the movie going world would have loved to trade places with him, and ironically she really didn't like to be taken from behind despite what her fans may have thought, but she gave in this time to repay him for his devotion to her. Her bare breasts, fairly large on her small frame and all natural despite the rumors she had heard to the contrary, were chilled by the cold teak and rocked back and forth by the waves this close to the breakers. His entry was not gentle, and he pounded her like he was attacking her as his thighs slapped hers. Did he find out about her affairs all those years ago? The thought crossed her mind as she felt him pop, and although rougher than she liked and not long enough to make her cum, it was at least something different. He was still inside her and gave one last thrust, picking her million dollar legs up and dumping her into the ocean in one swift swoop!

He never looked back, but heard her cough out the water she swallowed after the splash, and the string of curses that followed as he threw her a flotation cushion and ran for the fly bridge. As slow as the boat was moving, it was still too fast for her to swim to even though she was an expert swimmer, and she was pissed off like she hadn't been in years. The anger turned to shock when she heard the twin diesels roar, and her yacht powered away into the night without her aboard. She listened incredulously to the sound fade into the night, and when it was quiet she realised she was close enough to the beach to reach it easily if she laid on top of the cushion and kicked her million dollar legs.

Her feet hit the sandy bottom before she knew it, after she body surfed down a small breaking wave, and she climbed out of the water determined to find a hotel or the police and have her husband arrested. When she came to her senses moments later she realised she was still naked, and also realised she would have to find a discrete way to get some clothes first. She saw a building's illuminated windows through the dark trees and she walked in that direction covering her internationally known body as best as she could, already envisioning the tabloid covers. She thought if this was her husbands plan to generate interest in her career, she would have liked to know about it ahead of time.

The path to the building had lights that were operated by motion, and when she approached them they lit and revealed a large man standing on the path as if waiting for her. She made to cover herself as best as she could with the cushion, but the man didn't seem to care about her body and only curled his index finger in silent indication that she should follow him. With little choice she did, and she eventually found herself entering a grand mansion, completely out of place in this tropical paradise. A well dressed man then walked down the central staircase when her guide rang a bell, and he introduced himself as Dr. Zaroff.

The doctor then told her that she was trespassing on his island, all the while never looking away from her world famous body, and didn't care to hear her reason for being there. He said this was his game preserve, and he had a man coming in the morning for his scheduled hunt, but that his night was free if she would like to accompany him to his chambers. The star asked him who he thought he was with his rude invitation, and he simply answered that he thought he was the owner of this island and everything on it. The actress wanted to know if her husband had anything to do with this, and when Dr. Zaroff told her she was expected, she realised that was all the answer she was going to get.

"In that case", she told the charming Dr. Zaroff, "I would be delighted to join you for the evening".

She allowed herself to be lead upstairs to his palatial bedroom, and once she showered off the salty residue from her magnificent body, she allowed Dr. Zaroff to do all the things to her that he desired, and in fact most of her fans would have desired as well. For the first time in her life she acted like the sex obsessed characters she portrayed on screen for her lover, possibly the best performance she has had in years she thought with a silent laugh. The doctor didn't disappoint either, and she was very noisy during the several gut wrenching orgasms he pried from her willing body. She agreed to sleep with the doctor to get back at her husband, and when she saw him again she intended to tell him of every detail before she handed him his divorce papers.

The star got out of the doctors bed to shower away the mess associated with their fun, and when she was done she found two large men waiting for her, and the doctor telling her to go with them as she had a big day tomorrow and needed her rest. They escorted her, not roughly because she didn't resist, and she was brought down to her quarters for the night, a cot in a jail cell, in the basement.


In the morning the cheerful Dr. Zaroff woke her early and handed her a backpack with food, water, and a knife through the bars of her jail cell door and told her that they were going to play a wonderful game of hunter and hunted. If she could avoid all the wild game on the island, and the hunter he was guiding for three days, she would be free to go. But if she didn't she would never leave this island again. She predictably told him he was insane and she wouldn't play his sick and twisted games, he had heard similar thing many times before. He told her in that case his men would take her into the jungle bind her spread eagle on the ground and let the wild cats and boars feast on her living body, after his men had their fun. He told her it could go on for days and would be most unpleasant. Dr Zaroff told her she had fifteen minutes to decide, and when his men came for her she could either go with them into the jungle, or run away and start our little game.

It was really no choice at all, eaten alive over the course of hours, or hunted with the possibility of escape. When the men came and got her she ran away as fast as she could with the backpack slapping at her back all the way.

The island was only so large, but even though there were miles of jungle to hide in. While she had not seen any large cats she had seen wild boar and knew they could be dangerous. She hid when she heard a chopper fly over and she assumed it was the arrival of the hunter, and that she had either hide or set a trap. The first night she heard somebody or something hunting her, and she hid as the hunter walked close by with his night vision goggles on. He just stood there and said as if to himself that he was disappointed. He turned and walked away, avoiding the easy kill to hunt another day. The actress saw he was armed with a paintball gun, and she relaxed and thought this was just some twisted game, and she would play hard, but at the end of it go home and dump her husband.


The hunt went on for another two days with the actress hiding, but also leaving little bare foot tracks everywhere, and on the third day the hunter, guided by Dr. Zaroff got close and bracketed her forcing her to run in the daylight. She dropped the pack and ran, naked and barefoot and as fast as a gazelle, but both men had hunted those before and only had to remember to lead their target with the slow moving projectiles. The hunter got her once right in the belly with the special projectiles, and she only ran another hundred feet before the narcotic in the balls took effect on her and she fell. She was stunned, but fully conscious as she laid there looking around trying to figure what just happened.

The men approached and the hunter looked at her like she would make a fine mount for his collection. Dr. Zaroff told the man they had to work quickly as he only hit her once and she would be back up in about five minutes. The men bound her arms over her head and ran a loose end around a small tree's base holding her arms there, and one of her ankles to another tree in the other direction. The hunter understood pinning her arms to the tree preventing her from running away, but the ankle confused him. The doctor told his hunting friend that he assumed he might like to have some time alone with his trophy once she regained consciousness, especially with what this hunt cost, he didn't add...

Dr. Zaroff had to stop his men from collecting their burden until his friend was finished with her, and her squeals lead him to believe that she may have even enjoyed her last fuck. When the hunter was finished with his mount the two men left to go back to the mansion and wait for dinner with the others who flew infor the special meal as well. Dr. Zaroff had a smile in his face as he looked at his watch and his men coming up the path late with the naked and bound actress, suspended by her wrists and ankles swinging under the pole they were carrying. He was smiling because he knew how long it ordinarily took for their chore, but he wasn't surprised or disappointed that they likely took their own shot at tenderizing the meat, it was one of the few job perks after all.

The master chef would cook their feast, and all that was left was to gloat over the hunt and watch films of their favorite actress one last time. The island was wired with literally hundreds of cameras, and even now a famous movie producer was working to edit them and put them together for the hunter, and the other guests at the expensive dinner.


Late in the evening the dinner was finally ready, the hunter had opted for a spit roast and it was prepared with the ankles as well as the arms pinned to the spit that went in the back of her and came out the front in the traditional way. She was golden brown and placed on the serving table less the head that would be mounted and hung on the wall of the dinning room later, much like all of the others the men were presently admiring. There were too many to count in the massive room, but it was easy to see by the various hair styles that this hunt had been going on for generations. The hunter decided to share some of his prize breast meat with the produced who donated it, the producer thinking to himself that donation was a poor choice of words with the box of gold coins he now had aboard HIS yacht as payment from Dr. Zaroff.

The meat was delicious, it ought to be as the chef had been cooking this unique game for years, and it carved like butter. As the powerful men devoured their feast, the producer smiled as he enjoyed his own all natural breast meat, the irony would have been hard to explain to the others.


Years later a video went viral on the Internet starring an actress that had disappeared in a boating accident, and being hunted nude in some unknown jungle. All of the other faces had been hidden by clever camera angles, but she could clearly be seen giving the performance of her life in her only known erotic role, and making the video an instant cult classic.

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