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The Giant Worm and the Mummified Damsels

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; Other/f+; vore; bond; mum; worm; monsters; swallow; digest; kidnap; toys; force; nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death


The arch villain "The Fat Man" has captured and drugged myself and my two other coworkers. All of our clothes have been removed and I view Jill and Kris's naked bodies for the first time. The Fat Man's henchmen place a strange device onto our crotches and I assume it's some kind of device to cause pain or pleasure.

I'm helpless as I watch Jill get mummified, she is weakened from the drugs and cannot fight back. They have placed her arms over her breasts and they mummify her, Egyptian-style. She is wrapped with many layers of skin tight wrappings, mummified from her toes to her neck, only her head and her perfect blonde feathered hair is visible. All of Jill's curves are visible through her tight mummification.

Kris and myself suffer the same fate as Jill, and all three of us become mummified damsels. We can barely struggle and fight back because of the effects of the drugs and the tightness of the mummification. We are taken to an underground facility where we are each placed on a long narrow platform that is about 30 feet long. At the end of each platform there is a large strange looking door. Our platforms are resting several inches above the main floor.

All three of us finally regain full consciousness and try to escape our peril. I look over to my side and I can see Kris in the middle, then Jill...beautiful mummified images. "Kris, Jill can you get your hands free? I have been trying for minutes and it's useless. They have me wrapped so tightly I can barely move an inch."

I watch as Kris struggles with her mummification. "Kelly you are right it's useless. Kelly? Jill? Do you both have a strange device on your pussy? I can feel something there, but it's doing nothing."

The sexy Jill looks at her sister Kris, "Yes, I can feel it and I believe it's some kind of vibrator. Better question what's behind those large scary doors?"

Just then The Fat Man enters. "Hello Angels, hope you are enjoying your new tight attire. I must say I do enjoy seeing you three pesky investigating reporters all tightly mummified."

As Kelly turns her head, her long beautiful black silky hair moves so sexily "You bastard! You won't get away with this! Unwrap us and let us go now."

The Fat Man approaches Kris and puts his fat hands on her mummified body, feeling her and resting his hand on her crotch area as Kris tries to fight back. "Get your hands off of me. What evil device have you placed on us and what do you plan to do to us?"

As the Fat Man turns his attention now to Jill's crotch area. "Well, soon enough you will find out your peril. These devices are smart vibrators, they will pleasure you and give you an orgasm. Once the device detects your orgasm it will open the large door in front of you and you will all meet your fate. All you have to do is resist the orgasm. Enjoy the show."

As the Fat Man leaves Jill's vibrator turns on. "Oh feels's pleasuring my clit...Ooh...something is penetrating my wet pussy's incredible...mmmm..."

Kris yells to her sister, "Jill! You have to resist! You can't have an orgasm! Fight it!"

Jill is lost in pleasure now and can no longer hear what is being said, the only thing that matters is the pleasure that her pussy is receiving. Nothing matters, not her sister, her coworker Kelly and not even her own fate behind the scary door.

As Jill achieves the most pleasurable orgasm ever, Kris's vibrator turns on.

The orgasm subsides and Jill's door opens; both Kelly and Jill scream. Kris is in the midst of her pleasure and does not care about what's going to happen to her own sister. A large white worm is waiting to feast on Jill's mummified body.

Jill's platform suddenly tilts upward and she begins to slide down towards her doom. She is bucking and kicking hard, to no avail, as she sees the worm open its large disgusting mouth. She can see no teeth, so she fears it will just swallow her whole.

Kelly is also struggling for herself, because soon she will suffer the same fate that awaits Jill. But Kris is moaning hard from the vibrator pleasures as her own sister is getting closer to the giant worm’s mouth.

A snake like tongue emerges from the worm's mouth, it wraps itself around Jill's body and pulls her closer and finally into its mouth. Jill is screaming for help as most of her body is inside the worm’s mouth.

As Kris's sister is swallowed that's when her orgasm hits and that's also when Kelly's pleasures begin. Kris's door opens and she snaps out of it as she sees another disgusting giant worm. Kris struggles becomes real as her platform is titled and she slowly moves downward towards her own peril. She looks and screams at Kelly for help, but Kelly is in the middle of a pleasurable orgasm. Kris's eyes are full of terror as she watches her lower body enter the giant worm's mouth.

By the time Kelly achieved her wonderful pleasurable orgasm, her friend Kris was swallowed by the worm and now her door was open.

Kelly now faces her own peril, as she struggles while mummified her platform also tilts. The disgusting snakelike tongue has wrapped itself around Kelly's mummified body and it slowly pulls her towards the worm's open mouth. Kelly screams as her whole body is inside the worm except for her head. Kelly is shaking her head trying to somehow break free, hoping that someone will arrive in time to save her before she enters the worm's mouth.

Then someone's Charlie. "Hello, and goodbye, my sweet angel Kelly. Soon you will be inside the worm’s stomach where you will endure a slow death over weeks. If you are wondering why? I had a great life insurance policy on the three of you and I needed to make room for the next three Angels."

The worm’s strong muscles pull Kelly all the way in. Kelly still struggles as she is now fully inside the giant worms stomach. The tightness of the worm’s stomach makes it hard for Kelly to move, so all she can do is cry...for herself and for Jill and Kris who are suffering the same dreadful fate.


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