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The Giant Spider Nest

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; Other/m; bond; mum; spider; silk; soft; outdoors; horror; nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

My name is Scott, I'm a 35 year old male research scientist. I have been doing research on a local South American tribe. I have been trying to learn their language, their culture, their past and their hidden gold treasure. I understand most of their language, except for a few words, but I don't understand their gestures.

I have been accepted into their village. I wear hardly any clothes, like they do, and I participate in some of their rituals. I feel like I have earned their trust so I ask about the legendary hidden gold. I was mistaken, they did not appreciate me asking about their gold.

During one of their feasts, they were able to drug me and prepare me for one of their strange rituals. A sacrifice to a legendary giant spider. They bind my hands behind my back, tie my feet together and take me to a secret location.

I'm dragged to an area where there is a giant spider-web. They push me against it; I'm quickly stuck and try to get free from the sticky web. I struggle by trying to rock back and forth and side to's no use. During my struggling my cock has gotten hard.

I scream for help knowing no one will help me, although I would be a sight to see...a bound man with an erection stuck to a spider web. Then I see it - the giant spider - it’s huge, about ten feet long. I fear it will just eat me right here, but it does not.

The giant spider sprays me with its silk web, mummifying me from my feet to my neck. The silk web feels sensual against my naked body and my erect cock. I'm becoming horny and trying to hump anything.

I watch as the giant spider maneuvers on top of me, it latches unto my mummified body and carries me away. I feel thankful that it has not bitten me or eaten me, but I wonder what it plans to do with me? It carries me deeper into the jungle and it carefully lays my mummified body down next to some strange rocks.

The giant spider leaves and I try to make an escape, but its silky spider web is too strong. I can't get my hands untied, nor can I break the spider’s cocoon. I also realize that my mummified body is resting on a dangerous hill with steep drops on all sides. Then I hear one of the strange rocks move.

Shit! I'm in the spider’s nest and these rocks are hundreds of its eggs! It looks like these eggs are going to hatch soon with me trapped all around the eggs. Now I know why the giant spider did not eat me, it wants me to be food for its baby spiders...hundreds of them!

I struggle harder, but the silky spider web is rubbing up against my cock giving me pleasure. I'm actually nearing an orgasm, when my cock breaks free from the silky cocoon. The eggs are hatching as I thrust my cock forward into the air, trying to get some pleasure.

Several baby spiders about 3 inches in length are now swarming my erect cock. Their tiny legs are tickling my cock and my orgasm hits me. Streams of cum are flying into the air and this alerts all the baby spiders as they surround my cock.

I scream loud as I realize they will first eat my cock and then the rest of my body!


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