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Japanese Delicacy

by Fresh Sushi

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Storycodes: FF/m; F/f+; asian; les; oral; display; voy; tease; cream; mast; growth; strip; breasts; shower; sex; climax; shrink; insertion; swallow; soft; cons; X

Joe had a few days off from his business trip in Japan and he wanted to take in this famous red light district that everyone talks about. After some difficulty inquiring about it at the front desk, he was on his way to the famous kabuki-cho, the underbelly of Tokyo. And it was definitely that.

There were bars and restaurants stacked 7 stories high and people absolutely everywhere. The street was full of people pulling him every which way. But, he wanted to go somewhere different. The front desk clerk had given him directions to where the real action was, and he followed the chicken scratches on the crumpled piece of paper until he found what he thought he was looking for.

“Was it the third or fifth corner I was suppose to turn at?” he asked himself. He finally just decided to take his chances and see what there was to see down one particular street.

And he was not disappointed. As he walked down the street things just got crazier and crazier. And the girls standing out front of the dimly lit places had fewer and fewer clothes on. They had absolutely everything, girls in cheerleader uniforms, flight attendant uniforms, business suits, S&M gear, the works, if you had a fetish or craving they had it.

He rubbed his hands together and looked around at the selection. It was like being at the grocery store for women. “So many choices, who will it be?”

As he continued down the street, two girls approached him. They were both pretty tall, pretty much the same height actually and incredibly curvy. They had to both have double Es at least. He was hypnotized by them as they approached.

“Hello, how are you?” the one said looking at him and giving him a smile. The other girl looked as if she were having sex right there. She was breathing a little heavily and her eyes were half open.

“I'm Haruka, and this is my friend Sakura.” The first one pointed to the woman that was almost orgasming in the street.

“Can we help you?” Sakura said in a deep seducing voice.

“Y-y-yes you can. I'm looking for some fun tonight. Can you give me that?” Joe asked.

“Of course, what are you looking for?”

“Sex, of course.”

“He wants to fuck you Sakura, what do you think? Is he worth it?” Haruka asked.

“Mmm, yeah, he looks absolutely delicious.” she giggled with excitement. “I love foreign cock” she reached between his legs to massage his package.

‘Wow, these ladies really cut to the chase.’ he thought. “How much?” he stammered out.

“Mmm, well, usually it's Y30,000 for an hour with Sakura, but since we like foreign cock so much, we'll give you a discount. Y25,000 for both of us.” Haruka said.

“Sounds good.” Joe said. He had much more in his wallet, he was big shot exec after all. But, might as well go a little cheap and see what happens.

The two of them took him down a back alley and through a back door. It opened up to a large dimly-lit room that appeared to be some kind of bar. Various patrons were in different states of drunkenness with hostesses surrounding them. All of the hostess looked very similar to the two that were now leading him to another door on the far end.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“To a private show.” Haruka said. Sakura was having a slightly hard time walking. She seemed to be enjoying every step as they walked across the room. She walked so awkwardly, that Joe thought she might have some kind of handicap.

‘She still has a nice ass.’ he thought to himself as he watched her cheeks clench and struggle in front of him. Haruka was behind him, occasionally teasingly grabbing his butt.

“I can't wait to see what you have under there.” she said and gave his ass a smack as they went into the room on the far end.

Inside the room there was a small half-circle stage, about 20 feet across at its widest. The straight side faced the booth they were now walking to. Inside the circle were 5 or 6 women engaged in wild sex. 2 of them were 69ing, another had a strap on and was fucking the shit out of another woman bent over on all fours. All of them looked like they were sex-crazed, practically drooling over each other.

Behind the stage were hundreds of pillows where other women were either sleeping or softly making out. Joe really could not believe what he saw. He wanted to jump in to the whole scene, it was like a man's paradise. But the two girls he was with guided him to the booth and sat him down.

“These girls are for looks only, no touching. They are just an appetizer.” Haruka giggled. “Don't worry though, we'll do our own touching.” she licked her lips and rubbed her stomach. “Right Sakura?”

“Yes, yes, we will” It came out as a moan. She was obviously a nympho, and Joe was looking forward to giving her a pounding before the night was over.

“Okay, sit down. I'm sure your little friend wants to come and play by now.” Haruka said as she sat him down between her and Sakura. She wasted no time in unzipping his fly and starting to stroke his cock.

“Let me have a little taste here.” she said as she got on her knees and took him into her mouth before slowly easing him back out again. “Mmm, yeah, foreign cock is the best. Here try it Sakura.”

“Okay.” She did the same, and gave him a few bobs before sitting back up again. Joe was panting with anticipation.

“We don't want you to cum so fast. Take it easy.” Haruka said as she stroked him slowly. She reached to her left and got out some cream that she put on her right hand and then began to stroke him. The cream felt tingly and he could feel his cock getting hard and bigger. Sakura took the cream from Haruka and did the same.

Now both of the women were stroking his cock and Sakura leaned in and started sucking on his ear lobe. He could hear her heavy breathing. It sounded like she was going to cum at any moment.

As they stroked his cock, it got bigger and bigger. They yanked his pants off and pulled his shirt off over his head. At this point, he was completely naked. Then Haruka took off her shirt to reveal her large breasts. She pushed them into his face and he could smell her sweat and scent. Then Sakura did the same. He could feel their lacy bras rubbing against his chest as they continued to stroke him.

And he looked down to realize his cock was now huge. It had to be 10 inches long and thick too. “Wow, I must be dreaming or something.” he thought to himself.

“Wow, look at your huge cock. Mmm.” Haruka said as she continued to stroke and it continued to get a little bigger. They continued to kiss his chest and his neck. They were careful to let him have a full view of the scene in front of him. He was rock hard and ready at this point, pushed to the point of complete ecstasy.

Haruka stopped kissing his chest to look Joe straight in the eye. He was immediately hypnotized by her amazing sparkling eyes.

“Now, listen Joe. Tonight, we have a little treat for you.” Haruka said, still slowly stroking his shaft. “Tonight, Sakura is going to swallow you, whole.”

Joe's heart skipped a beat, but for some reason he still felt relaxed. He was intrigued. ‘What does it feel like to be swallowed whole?’ he wondered. The logical part of his brain was telling him that it was a bad idea, and that it would probably be the end of him, but that didn't seem important. What seemed important right now was how it was going to feel to be swallowed. His cock lurched a little thinking about what it would be like.

“Exciting isn't it?” Haruka continued. “See Sakura there. She will have you for dinner.”

Sakura had a cutey little smile. She opened her mouth wide. With her eyes still smiling at him, she pointed at her mouth. Joe looked inside the pink folds of her tongue and the back of her throat. It was all very enticing.

“She will take your whole body into her mouth and it will slide to the back of her mouth and then begin the trip down her throat.”

Sakura closed her mouth and slowly massaged her neck. She looked at him with her enticing eyes drawing him in.

The logic in Joe's brain told him that this was a bad idea, that it would obviously result in his death, and these two women were a couple of loons, but the warning went over him like his alarm clock on a Saturday morning after a long week. Yeah, he should get up, but the warm bed felt so good.

And sliding down Sakura's throat feeling the pink ridges of her insides caressing him on his way down the hatch was so alluring. He could almost feel the sensations he would have now, and his body tingled at the prospect of being eaten.

“You'll slide slowly down, until you come to rest in her creamy belly, where you'll be slowly dissolved.”

Sakura traced the path from her neck down between her ample breasts and then finally into her round cream colored belly. Joe was bursting with anticipation at this point. His cock bobbed up and down bursting with excitement.

“Now?” he asked.

Haruka and Sakura gave out a deep laugh, slapping their hands together as they chuckled.

“Well, it sounds like somebody is ready.” Haruka said deliciously. “But, you need to be prepared first. We aren't low-class here, Sakura demands a finely-prepared meal.”

“Okay, what do we need to do.” Joe said eagerly.

“Well, it sounds like you are ready for the main course.” Haruka said as she inspected his now enormous shaft. “Let's wash you off first and then you can enjoy it properly.”

In unison the two ladies took his hands and led him to another door on the far end of the room from where they came in. It opened on to a small bath area. They led him to a showering area where they all showered together. Haruka and Sakura took their bras off and shut off the water. They then soaped up their bodies, foaming up a lot of soap on their chests.

Then, like some human car wash, they used their breasts to soap Joe up. Starting from his ankles and going all the way to the top. Haruka then got on her knees and rubbed his cock between her breasts. Again, he fought back to keep from cumming as she slid up and down its length.

Afterwards they rinsed him off completely and then led him out to the main part of the bath. Sakura laid down on the ground and arched her hips upward until her legs bent back toward her head. Her crotch was sticking straight up in the air, ready for him to penetrate her.

She carefully removed her plastic panties, and he could see that on the bottom of the panties there was a strange looking dildo that she pulled out from between her lips. It looked more like a goblet than a regular carrot-shaped dildo. Inside the curved bowl it looked like there was a soft material.

“That must be why she looked like she was cumming the whole time.” he thought to himself.

“Okay, let's get you lubed up, Sakura is a little tight. She isn't used to such a huge foreign cock like this” she said, grabbing his cock. She got another tube of a jelly like substance and rubbed it on the head of his dick.

“Ok, now ease it in. Be kind to her.” Haruka said as she guided his cock to Sakura's waiting pussy. He eased it in. Haruka was right, Sakura was really tight. He had to ease it in inch by inch waiting for her vagina to adjust to his cock. Once he was in all the way he waited a little while for her to relax.

He started feeling a strange sensation. It was like her vagina was licking his penis. He felt something moving on the tip of his penis. It felt absolutely amazing. He started slowly pumping himself into her enjoying every slow thrust.

As he got more excited he started pounding her harder and she gave off moans of ecstasy. Within a few moments he couldn't control himself anymore. He came into her without even thinking about the consequences. He had to let his juice loose.

She screamed out at the same time. Clenching her legs and tightening up before breathing heavily. She took a little while to rest and then immediately got up, cupping her vulva with her hands and walking over to Haruka who was lying on the floor ready to receive her treat.

She had her mouth wide open and Sakura placed her sex on Haruka's mouth and removed her hand. Joe's cum came gushing out in Haruka's mouth. Haruka lifted her head and started sucking it out of Sakura until she must have received a large load because she swallowed hard then let out a burp. She giggled and stood up. She looked visibly excited, almost drunk with it actually.

Haruka started to stumble around and Joe could see a little drool come out of her mouth. She was rubbing her body up and down with her hands in ecstasy.

Sakura had returned to normal at this point and had to guide Haruka back to the earlier room. She returned with another woman. “This is your dessert, Hana.” she said with a big smile and Hana bowed in greeting.

“I hope you are still hungry.” Hana said as she sat down and spread her legs wide. “I've got a little treat for you.” She took a syringe full of a type of jelly and stuck it between her pussy lips and pushed the plunger. The jelly flowed into her pussy and she pulled out the syringe. She let out a moan as she tilted her head back letting her hair fall behind her.

She reached down and parted her lips a little. “Come and get it.” she said licking her lips.

Joe happily obliged by getting down on his belly and burying his mouth in her snatch. She started to moan with excitement. The jelly substance she had put inside herself was irresistible, nothing like anything he had ever had before. He couldn't stop slurping it down.

“That's right, eat up for me. Eat that pussy. Lick up every last drop.” she grabbed his head and held it firmly to her lower lips, not letting him retreat, as if he wanted to. He was throughly enjoying every moment.

As Joe licked her lips, they seem to be getting bigger. At first he could put his whole mouth on her hole and suck out the sweet tasting jelly she had inside. But, now he had to move his mouth up and down to get everything. Pretty soon, her lips were bigger than his head, which just turned him on more. “More jelly for me to eat.” he thought as he kept devouring the yummy nectar seeping out of her vagina.

Before long he was able to stick his whole head inside her and felt an irresistible urge to drink up as much of the jelly as possible. He started to squeeze himself inside her licking her insides clean as he went. She started moaning uncontrollably at this point. He could feel her vaginal walls tighten around him as she orgasmed for the first time and she just got wetter and wetter.

Joe couldn't help himself, he was addicted to the now creamy, jelly substance inside her and he kept eating his way deeper and deeper. Until he reached a wall, her cervix, where he finally relented taking a break from his lapping session. There he rested with the bottom of his body wrapped in her comforting vaginal muscles the ridges slowly caressing him as her orgasm still rippled through her.

Then he felt something tickling his feet, something wet and thick. Hana's vagina again began to tighten and twitch around him. Obviously something was giving her pleasure. He suddenly realized Sakura must be licking her pussy and he became aroused again. Was he finally going to be able to slide down Sakura's tender throat? He started day dreaming about the sensations again.

But, just then the licking stopped and he felt Hana tip her hips back as her vagina tightened around him gripping him firmly. And then, in an instant he was shot through the air. He felt absolutely terrified as he flew across the room into Sakura's waiting mouth, who then held him there on her tongue softly swishing him around.

‘Here it comes’ he thought.

But, instead, Sakura bent her head down and worked Joe out her mouth so that she could wedge him between Hana's pussy lips. She was using him as a human dildo, and Hana was loving every minute of it as he dove in and out of her mound. She shook again with an orgasm and Sakura pushed him out of her mouth and back up into her vagina for safe keeping.

Joe came to rest where he was again at the end of her vagina when he felt a soft surface push up on his feet and seal him in. He looked down at his feet but couldn't find a way out. He was in here for now. He felt Hana stand up and start walking.

He went back to what he was doing before, licking the walls of her vagina. He loved how she twitched every time he gave her a little flick of his tongue. He was in perfect bliss wrapped in her warmth. He had never been so rock hard in his life. The warm folds of her inner depths caressing him as he wiggled around.

He heard some muffled talking that he couldn't make out. Hana was talking to someone else, but Joe could care less. He was in an utter dreamlike euphoria.

A good 20 or 30 minutes must have passed, when he felt Hana lie down and then arch her hips up. He reoriented himself so that he was now standing on her cervix and looked up to see the soft platform that had held him disappear into the folds her vagina above him.

Within a few moments a large sphere with a slit in the middle came slowly plunging down. It pushed him down against her cervix and felt like he was going to be crushed, but at the last moment the piston lifted away. It had some kind of gel on it that Joe had gotten in his mouth.

He accidentally swallowed some of it. And it tasted AMAZING! The entire surface of his skin became really sensitive, every surface he touched sent tremors of sensation through his body. He had an uncontrollable urge to eat more of the gel. He started crazily licking the sphere to get as much as he could, gulping it down, feeling more and more euphoric with each lick.

And just then the sphere exploded a white fluid all over coating him and nearly drowning him. He was now shaking with multiple orgasms as he felt the chamber tilt and eventually turn completely upside down. He now found himself wedged into the bottom folds of her vagina, ready to slide out. A moment later he slid out and into Sakura's waiting mouth, slipping over velvety tongue and down the back. The ridges of her throat easing him down and giving him waves of ecstasy, until finally, he came to rest at the bottom.

He heard a violent shaking as Sakura let out a belch. He finally orgasmed repeatedly until he collapsed in exhaustion, finally at peace.

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