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Hippo Heaven

by vore24

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© Copyright 2010 - vore24 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; Hippo/m; tease; insert; envelope; enclose; cons; X

Bernardo was a humble and ordinary guy that lived happy with his job. He worked at a zoo and his job was to take care of the hippos, which were the animals of his dreams. Not only was he blessed for working with his favorite animals, but also with the fact that he worked in particular with Brutus, a male hippo that was the biggest hippo of the zoo and his favorite. Plus, after doing all his duties, he was completely free to spend as many special moments with Brutus as he wanted.

Bernardo and Brutus loved each other very much. Brutus’d always allow his human friend to do anything he wanted, anytime. Things such as to pet him, to ride him, to hug him, to play with him and even to put his hand in his mouth and rub his tongue. Brutus could read his thoughts and desires and often teased him with that.

It was time for Brutus’s lunch. Bernardo called him to feed him. The huge hippo came quickly. In a second, the hippo’s mouth was wide open, waiting patiently for food. Bernardo threw as much food into that mouth as the mammal wanted.

While feeding the hippo, Bernardo couldn’t help staring at the hippo’s mouth. Brutus’s mouth was enormous, so much that a tall adult could fit in there. Bernardo always stared at Brutus’s mouth with admiration and fascination, thinking to himself that Brutus could take him in his mouth if he wanted to. And how long Bernardo had been secretely wishing that...

After the meal, Brutus opened his mouth and began rolling his tongue, the sign that he wanted his tongue to be rubbed. Bernardo rubbed the impossibly long and endless tongue with all the pleasure. Brutus’s tongue was smooth, fresh, clean, wet and so hot. Bernardo’d always feel in Heaven whenever he touched the big tongue, such was the excitement, pleasure and happiness.

When Brutus decided he was satisfied, he moved back a little. Then, he gave an unexpected surprise to his human pal: took his head in his mouth and closed his mouth, but as gently as possible so that he wouldn’t get hurt. Bernardo couldn’t see anything or describe what he was feeling. The feeling was a mix of wonder and excitement with afliction and terror.

On one hand, it was an amazing experience to have the head locked inside the mouth of his favorite animal, surrounded by formidable teeth, pink flesh, lots of drool, nice gums and a nice tongue. On the other hand, the negative side was the stinky smell and the rotten teeth. The temperature inside the giant mouth was hot, very hot. The drool was the only thing to relief the temperature a bit.

When the hippo released him, he was completely speechless. Then, the hippo seemed to smile at him, opened his mouth completely and took Bernardo in his mouth, this time entirely. Quickly, Brutus closed his mouth, smiling with satisfaction.

Bernardo, trapped in the spectacular mouth, was just as happy. He could see nothing but total darkness. He did fit entire in the hippo’s mouth and still had room to move comfortably. He wondered if that was how they feel in the vore videos.

The sensation of being inside the hippo’s mouth was unique, indescribable. He felt in total safety and comfort, like being in a warm and comfortable bed. The only bad thing was the quite powerful breath. Not to mention that the temperature in there was beyond hot, so much that he was constantly sweating. But he just loved to be in there.

Fifteen minutes later, Brutus slowly released him. Bernardo went home wishing for more.

Brutus himself was decided to offer him much more of that from now on...



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