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Food of the Aliens

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; vore; hogtie; alien; drug; oven; naked; tricked; sci-fi; nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

- Sensual Robert

In the far future Earth has been at work with the Insectoids, an alien race that lives in the Gamma Ceti star system 10 light years away. The space war has cost 100 million lives and the Earth alliance is on the brink of disaster. Earth and its citizens may have to surrender to the Insectoids, ending mankind's freedom and the beginning of our enslavement.

A last minute negotiation has ended the war and a truce between Earth and the Insectoids was ratified. The last remaining details must be completed on the Insectoid home world followed by a celebration and special feast.

The Earth alliance has sent Kara "Kitty" Deering to finalize the negotiations. Kitty is 30 years old and resembles a tall runway model with her long slender legs, amble breasts, beautiful blonde hair. Kitty has experience as a diplomat but does not know the Insectoid language, that's why the lovely Vanessa Song is accompanying her on this critical mission.

Vanessa is a veteran of the Earth alliance and is also a high ranking officer. Her specialty is languages and she knows the Insectoid language very well. It has been rumored that the lovely Asian woman is a spy or that she has some agenda with the Insectoids.

The negotiations are completed without any issues and now what is left is the formal celebration followed by the feast. This celebration will include only a handful of humans, the rest Insectoids. Kitty enters the main room wearing a stunning red silk evening gown with a plunging neckline and one long slit showing off her sexy satin panties. Her red 5 inch heels are so sexy, even the Insectoids are staring at her and her sexy attire.

Kitty walks the room looking for Vanessa and finds her. "Wow! You look amazing in that black silk Chinese dress! I love the red floral pattern on your dress and I guess high slits are popular."

Then several Insectoids approach the two glamorous women and offer a drink to Kitty. The Insectoids say something and Vanessa translates for Kitty: "They say that they want to offer this special drink and would be honored if you drank means a lot to their culture and would be offended if you declined the drink."

With that being said, Kitty takes the drink "Well here's to peace and may no other humans perish because of the war." She drinks the entire drink and suddenly feels woozy. "What was in that drink? I'm feeling sleepy...was I drugged?" Then before she passes out, Vanessa quickly pulls down the top part of Kitty’s silk dress and looks at the Insectoids "Look at those breasts, I'm sure your chef will be pleased."

One of the Insectoids cuts away the remaining red silk dress leaving Kitty naked in front of everyone. She tries to cover up or fight back but she is too weak. She is then carried away by one of the large Insectoid standing at nearly 10 feet. She can't believe this happening and that Vanessa has betrayed her somehow.

Kitty fully awakens to find herself still naked but hogtied. When she checks her new surroundings, she sees that she is in a large kitchen that has 2 giant ovens...large enough for a human. She is on a large baking tray that is on a preparation table. She is fearing what they plan to do with her and her eyes are on the oven.

Finally Vanessa, still dressed in her sexy silk Chinese dress comes up to Kitty "I'm so glad to see you, please untie me and let's get out of this place."

Several Insectoids show up "You are not going anywhere. You were part of the secret negotiations, it is the Insectoid customs to eat their former enemies. You were chosen because of your huge tits, besides your sacrifice will end this space war."

One of the Insectoid brings a tray of what looks like apples and a type of honey glaze. Kitty stares at the items and she knows they are soon going to be basting her "Please don't let them do this to me...there has to be another way."

Vanessa grabs the basting brush and begins to coat Kitty's body with the sticky honey-type glaze. She is applying a lot of the glaze on her huge breasts and then onto her pussy. Vanessa places a finger inside of Kitty's pussy and tastes it " taste yummy. Don't worry you won't feel a thing, you will slowly cook in the oven on a low heat setting. You are going to be the main feast. I hear they have something special for desert." She can't believe she is getting wet from the glaze and the finger action.

The apples are shoved into Kitty's ass, pussy and mouth as several Insectoids surround and talk to Vanessa "What? No, that was not part of the deal! I will not be your desert!" Vanessa's clothes are ripped from her as the Insectoid easily picks her up and places her on a chocolate type sponge and rolls her in it. A dark thick fudge is coated over the sponge cake and only her head is visible. She tries to inch-worm away but it's useless she is now ready to be baked.

Vanessa can barely move as her tray is being placed inside the large oven. As the oven door closes, she feels the low heat and watches from the inside as Kitty is now placed inside the other oven. She knows that she will become the Insectoids delicious desert after they feasted on the young Kitty.

"Where am I? Maybe it was a nightmare? Damm, I'm still rolled up in this chocolate sponge cake" Vanessa thinks to herself. "Ok why is it so's not the oven." Suddenly the light appears and she sees where she is at! The desert lid was lifted and she sees that she is on a desert try in the middle of the feasting table. She realizes she is still alive and the Insectoids plan to eat her alive!


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