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Fiona's Unexpected Homecoming

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2007 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; potion; shrink; food; swallow; digested; soft; nc/cons; X

Jack was really excited about the fun he and his wife Karen were going to have this afternoon when she got home from work. It was a little after 1pm and he had the two cups of chocolate pudding prepared with the rainbow sprinkles on top. With only this afternoon and evening left before his stepdaughter Fiona got home from college for summer break, he planned to make it count with Karen.

So, Jack started to concentrate very hard and he felt that familiar vertigo that told him he was shrinking. Going from 6 foot to 2 feet only took about 3 minutes. He then jumped up on the table and grabbing the edge of one of the pudding cup, he continued to shrink until he was 1/4 of an inch high. He hoisted himself over the edge and started to walk up the mound of pudding. Since he had almost no weight now , he could do this without sinking. He laid down doing his best to blend in with the sprinkles and decided to take a nap while waiting the next 30 minutes when Karen should get home early. He slowly smiled as sleep overtook him.

Karen was excited too, she and Jack were going to play their favorite game. It usually involved her coming home and finding pudding set out with Jack trying to hide among the sprinkles. She would exclaim how hungry she was and scoop the surface the the pudding in her mouth and slowly and sensually swirling it around trying to sort Jack out from the sprinkles. When she found him, she would say mmmmmmmmm, and that was his signal to grow to 3 inches high at what point she would use her tongue to masterbate him. Then it would be her turn as she would lay naked as Jack explored her body changing sizes as needed to please her.

So has she sat in traffic, she thought back to 5 years ago when she met Jack. They had been for a few weeks when Jack had told her this incredible story of volunteering in college for an experimental drug testing program for the government. He told her of two side effects, one that the government knew about and that was he could go hours holding his breath and the other they didn't and that was he could shrink down to microscopic size at will and grow back again. She thought he was looney until he started to shrink. Ever since, she has had the best sex life ever. As she was remembering this, her tire blew out causing to to roll to the shoulder of the highway. 'Oh no' she thought, 'Jack is waiting for me.' So she she went to call him on her cell when she realized she had left it at the office. So now Karen just sat there hoping someone would come along and help her.

Fiona was glad to be getting home, the college she was going to didn't have many people who dressed and lived the Goth life style. People always were telling her she looked like Wynona Ryder when she played in Beetlejuice. Boy would it surprise Mom and Jack that she was a day early. Her ride dropped her off in the driveway and she waved bye, she noticed Jack's car there so he must be home she thought. As she unlocked the front door, she called out Jack's name, but got no response. He must be with mom she though as she placed her bags in the foyer. She was starving after her long trip and went straight to the kitchen for something to eat. She immediately spotted the two puddings on the counter. Since she always had a sweet tooth, she knew mom or Jack would not mind if she ate their puddings.

Jack awoke to the sound of metal ringing of glass. He started to get excited, Karen was home and must be trying the first cup out looking for him. At his size he could barely make out her shape in the distance. He then heard the first cup ring and it was placed in the sink and saw her moving towards his. He had to lay very still not to give himself away to Karen. He saw the huge spoon coming towards him and then lift him dizzinly into the air. It was that he noticed the huge cavern of a mouth he was headed for belonged to his stepdaughter Fiona and not Karen. He screamed as loud as he could to get her attention as her tongue pulled the pudding and him inside and swallowing so quickly that he didnt even have a chance to try and grow big enough to stop her.

He was pulled by her esophagus into her stomach mixing with the other cup of pudding in a warm dark and wet cavern that was slowly churning. He had to get out quick, so he started to grow then realized when he got to 4 inches high that if he continued, he would kill Fiona exploding from her insides. He thought how could this have gone so wrong as he laid in her stomach goo and starting to feel the acids tingle and burn. All he could do was twitch and writh in pain as Fiona unknowingly digested him.

As Fiona swallowed the first spoon full of the second cup, she suddenly felt very full. So she walked towards the her room when she felt the fluttering start inside her stomach. At first she thought she was getting sick, but instead that fluttering was starting to turn her on. A few more minutes passed and she was laying across her bed naked bucking like crazy rubbing her pussy as wave after wave of orgasm hit her. That was some pudding she though after the fluttering and orgasms subsided. With that she pulled her covers up and fell asleep.

Karen finally got home just after 5pm after a nice tow truck driver changed her tire. As she entered the house, she noticed the bags in the foyer. She called out Jack's name and then Fiona's. She got no answer, then she noticed the kitchen counter with one pudding partialy eaten and the other in the sink empty. On no she thought, JACK......FIONA...she screamed, then a sleepy Fiona walks out of her bedroom. Fiona !

"Have you seen Jack? Did you eat the puddings?" Karen was beginning to panic.

"Gee Mom, not even a hello or honey I am glad you are home."

" I am serious," Karen said, "have you seen Jack and did you eat those puddings."

" No mom, I have not seen Jack and yes I ate the pudding when I got home at 1:30pm, I was starving after my trip."

"Oh Fiona," Karen began to cry, "that was almost 4 hours ago, even making you vomit would not help," and she began to cry in great sobs now muttering, "he must be in your small intesting by now." Fiona was just dumbfounded by her mother's actions.

Fiona's Guilty Pleasure

After finally getting her Mom calmed down and in bed with a little help of some sleeping pills, Fiona sat in the living room thinking about the days events. Her stepfather Jack was no where to be found and her mother kept on sobbing about Jack being eaten by Fiona. That was absolutely crazy, but everytime she thought more on the subject of actually eaten a tiny man, her pussy would start quivering and get all wet which was also crazy. Fiona just shook her head to clear those crazy thoughts and decided to get ready for bed herself, it was 10 pm and she was getting tired.

As per her daily routine, she sat on the toilet to have a bowel movement. As she sat there and listened to the last splash, a crazy idea hit her. She felt silly even doing so, but she turned around and looked at her turds in the toilet. Fiona gasped and almost felt dizzy at what she saw. Partially incased in a turd was what looked like a tiny human skull. Then it hit her and almost made her fall, a powerful orgasm, almost as strong as that morning when she felt that strange fluttering in her stomach. After getting control of herself, it all came together and she realized her mom was telling the truth.

Oh no, she realized Jack was dead then and felt really bad, because she liked him and he was good for her mother, but she could not stop the fact that everytime she thought about a tiny man struggling inside here stomach and slowly being digested and becoming a part of her made her pussy pulse like it never has before. What a guilty pleasure she thought as she stood in the shower rubbing herself as she relived the mornings orgasms.

Fiona makes a discovery

It had been three weeks since Fiona's mom had reported Jack missing for legal reasons even if they both knew what truely happened. Now her mom was away in Europe in a work related assignment she had volunteered for to get her mind off of the tragic events.

Fiona sat on the sofa reading Jack's college journal detailing his participation in a drug study called Compound 377 and how he discovered the shrinking side effects. He also made sure the pharmaceutical didn't know about that either because he knew they would have imprisoned him for study. She looked at the clock and wondered what was keeping the pizza delivery man. As she sat waiting, reading some more of Jack's journal she fingered the new belly button ring she had made when there was a knock at the door. Dressed in a black mini and halter top in her typical goth look, she went to the door.

Alec started to knock a second time while holding the pizza in his other hand when it suddenly opened. The girl standing there made him catch his breath, she was gorgeous. Usually Alec didn't go in for Goth girls, but this Wynona Ryder look alike was an exception.

Fiona stood there and said "its about time, I am starving, how much do I owe you?"

Alec after a few seconds said, " it will be $10.50".

"Come on in for a minute while I get your money from the other room."

When she came back, Alec noticed the belly button ring and exclaimed "Where did you get such a detailed tiny human skull?"

"Oh, this was er, a gift shall we say from my stepfather, he provided the materials and I made it into a belly button ring."' Fiona's pussy contracted at the thought of it, but also remembered how nasty it was to clean off, after all, mistake or not, she couldn't flush what remained of Jack away, of course her mom didnt know about it.

"Let me check that we have the correct toppings before I pay you." Fiona went to open the top flap of the box when its cardboard edge sliced into her finger. Yanking her hand back qucikly, she slung a couple dropplets of blood that hit Alec in the nose and mouth. Alec starting gaging and asked Fiona where her bathroom was so he could wash his mouth out. She pointed down the hall as she sucked on the wounded finger. Alec made it half way down the hall when the vertigo took over and the room began to swim, Then everything went black.

Fiona could not believe her eyes, the pizza man just suddenly went from hurrying down the hall to just a pile of clothes in the middle of the hall. She ran to the spot and look at the pile and suddenly, her pussy was seized by spasms of pleasure at what she saw.

Alec awoke a few minutes later to see a giant set of eyes looking at him. He closed his eyes and then slowly opened them again only to see a giant hand reaching for him. He tried to get up and run, but the hand was way faster, and he was lifted up to what he realized was the Goth girl's face and she began to speak.

" I am not sure how this has happened to you said the thunderous voice, but I think it had something to do with my blood."

Alec held his hands over his ears as she spoke. Then he heard her saying something about being sorry and that it was probably impossible to reverse the effects and she just couldn't help herself as suddenly he was propelled towards that huge mouth now opened wider. As the hand pushed him in, Alec tried to resist by grabbing her bottom lip as his 2 inch body was thrust into that dark cavern.

Alec could not believe he was now in the Goth girls mouth and was very scared and began kicked and screaming. The mouth then closed over him shutting out all light and her tongue began pushing him around saturating him with saliva, then a powerful sucking sensation sent him hurtling downward finally hitting empty space for a second , then splashing into a pool of foul smelling liquid up to his waste. Then his world in the dark cavern started to move violently in all directions, throwing him about as he kicked and punched the soft wet walls. He could hear the heart beating fast and what sounded like a muffled sound of a girl in the middle of a powerful orgasm.

Alec couldnt believe it, 20 minutes ago, he was driving his car delivering pizza's and now he was in a giant girl's stomach while she was getting off on it, the more he fought, the more she withed in pleasure and the more stimulated the stomach became causing it to fill up more with this foul smelling liquid. He then noticed it was itching and then burning. He began to scream and fight harder looking for am exit to no avail. After about 15 minutes, his body in shock, he didnt feel much of the pain anymore. His last sensation was the feeling of soft wet stuff falling like rain onto him and what was left of his nose told him it was a pepperoni pizza.



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