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Feeding Bruce

by femboy in a dumpster

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© Copyright 2018 - femboy in a dumpster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; rom; betrayal; dumped; drug; shrink; naked; snake; swallow; digest; soft; nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

"Oh, c'mon, he won't bite." 

Brianna giggles as you watch her anxiously as she drapes her pet python over your shoulder. You've always been a little wary of snakes and ever since finding out your girlfriend of 1 year had one, coming to her house always brought out your nervous side. Most of your dates wound up ending at your place. 

Brianna had decided to fix that. She had invited you over to help her feed her snake, Bruce, on the promise that if your fear wasn't cured, she'd never bother you about it again.

Now, here you are, holding a 5 foot long reticulated python named Bruce... and it's not so bad! Bruce is actually kinda cute, gentle. He moves slowly, deliberately, and you can almost start to relax.

"See? He's not scary? Are ya Bruce?" Brianna smiles fondly as she taps Bruce's nose and you can't help but agree.

"Yeah... I guess I'm just a big scaredy cat, huh?" You joke, chuckling as she takes him back and puts him in his cage.

"Not anymore. Which calls for a celebration!" She pops open the wine she had brought in, pouring it into two seperate glasses. "Oh! Can you shut the lid? I don't want him getting out."

You nod, rushing to close the lid. Your back is to Brianna. You don't see her slipping a suspicious looking liquid in one of the glasses. When you turn around, she is offering you the glass, smiling happily. After a quick toast, you down your drink.

And are immediately unconscious.

When you finally wake up the first thing you notice is how... different... everything is. You're lying on a hard, plastic surface, your vision a little blurry. The second thing you notice...

You're completely imobilized. 

You haven't been tied up or anything, you're just paralyzed. Completely incapable of moving even a single muscle.

Something moves in front of you though you can't seem to quite make it out. It's big. Very big. 

And it speaks with Brianna's voice. "Are you hungry, Bruce? Yeah, I bet you are. I have a nice treat for you." 

The thing moves again, growing larger and larger until it covers your entire vision. Suddenly, a huge hand gently picks you up, lifting you up to eye level and if you weren't paralyzed you would scream in terror at what you see.

She is HUGE. A giant, really. Giant Brianna giggles, sensing your confusion.

"Confused? I know. I'm sorry I couldn't warn you before hand but you would have run away. And I'm not fast enough to catch you. See, I put a special potion in your drink. It shrunk you down to the size of a mouse. And, I'm sure you noticed, completely paralyzed you. Oh don't worry, the paralysis will wear of. But by then... it'll be too late."

A wave of vertigo grips you as she moves, carrying you with booming steps toward what you quickly realize with absolute horror is Bruce's tank. "Dinner time Bruce!" She calls, giggling as the now gigantic snake stirs, lifting up and tasting the air. She dangles you upside down over the cage while Bruce sways, clearly seeking you out. "Bruce is satisfied with mice but his favorite treat is people."

She turns you to face her, smiling. "Oh, don't worry. You didn't do anything wrong. In fact you were perfect. I really enjoyed our time together. But alas, like all my last boyfriends... and one or two girls I slept with... I've grown bored of you. I'm ready to move on to Bruce's next meal. So... I guess that's it, then." With that she drops you into the tank and you land harshly in a pile of hay. 

It doesn't take Bruce long to notice you. Immediately, he's on the move, his sluggish movement, which you'd found comforting moments before now brings waves of terror as you struggle ever so desperately to move, to call for help, anything to escape your fate. 

"Oh, and don't worry. He's not going to kill you. He's so used to eating already dead mice that he's not going to bother strangling prey that's not even trying to escape. Oh, I've also got him trained to eat feet first, that way you won't suffocate before reaching his tummy. Aren't I thoughtful?" She giggles, crouching down so she can watch your fear stricken face as Bruce reaches your feet, his tongue flipping out to taste your skin. "Hold still now." Brianna says, rising up to get a better view. Your heart pounds violently, your breathing speeding up as you feel Bruce take your feet into his mouth and begin to swallow. 

And thus it begins. "Good Bruce! Is my boyfriend yummy buddy?"

Bruce seems to think so. He picks up his pace, swallowing again. You feel your feet sink deeper down his throat as his mouth reaches your knees. A lone tear races down your cheek as you silently beg for mercy, unable to speak. 

Bruce swallows again and now he's reached your ass. You watch in shock as Brianna reaches into her pants and proceeds to pleasure herself. Holy shit she's turned ON by this??? A fresh wave of horror washes over you as the snake swallows again, your ass disappearing down it's throat. Another swallow and he's reached your stomach. Panic overtakes you as your survival instincts desperately search for a way to escape.

"" You manage to finally croak. Brianna squeals in delight. 

"Perfect! The paralysis is wearing off. I finally got the timing down right!"

"Bri... p...please... don't do... this..." You say, your limbs still unresponsive as Bruce takes you further in, now reaching your chest. 

"It's already done. I'm not gonna take such a yummy treat from my sweet Brucie." She giggles as Bruce swallows again and your panic reaches it's peak. You scream out in terror, tears running down your face. 

"Please! I don't wanna die..." 

"Everyone dies. You just get to die today." She reaches in, gently stroking your cheek. "Remember? I said I was bored of you. This is how I dump my boyfriend's. I feed them to Bruce."

"You're... insane."

Another swallow, and now only your head is exposed. Your limbs are finally able to move but now that they're trapped inside Bruce it's too late.

There's nothing you can do. Bruce is determined to eat you. You don't blame him. He's an animal. It's not his fault his owner is psychotic. You feel his throat flex again and take a deep breath...

And disappear down his throat.

Several quick gulps later and you come to rest inside it's belly. You know what happens now. You close your eyes, still holding your breath as the snakes digestive juices begin to flow. At first it starts out as an annoying itch. But soon it grows, becoming a stinging sensation, then finally an excruciating burning as the acid begins to eat away at your flesh, slowly disolving your now squirming, struggling body as your former girlfriend watches, furiously pleasuring herself until she reaches orgasm.

Tired, she falls back in bed, sighing contentedly. The doorbell rings and she gets up with a cheerful squeal. "My date is here!" 

With that she rushes to the front door to greet your replacement, leaving you to slowly, painfully digest within the belly of the beast.

By the time she returns later that night... you're gone, completely digested after feeding Bruce.

The end.

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