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Taking a Gap year in the USA had been a good idea, I though, as we walked out the store, the people are so friendly.   I had stopped to do some shopping, but could not find what I wanted when this Lady asked if she could help.  She soon found what I needed and during the conversation it came out that I was from the UK and on holiday.   My name is Betty she said, we are having a BBQ at the weekend and I would like you to come and stay with me at my Ranch for a few days.   She had been so helpfully and I did not have any place to stay other than the Tent.  Seeing a real American Ranch and having a shower and being able to sleep in a proper bed would be nice for a few days.  It was agreed.  We loaded the shopping and my rucksack etc into the back of her very large estate and set off.

As we drove down the road it occurred to me that I did not know her or if this was such a good idea.   Betty was about 65 and had that homely look about her and she was chatting about her kids, and grand kids, so I started to relax.  She asked me about England and what I was doing in the USA so the time flew past.  I realised that we had been driving for some time and I had know idea where I was.  We turned into a long drive up to the Ranch.  My home said Betty proudly, smiled and parked in a very large garage.

We unload the grocery into a tiled room at the back of the garage.  The room was some sort of kitchen but not the main house kitchen.  When she saw me looking a bit puzzled she explained that it had been the kitchen for the Ranch Hands but that as they no loner ran the place like that and had sold most of the land, now they just used it for BBQ as the side door went straight out onto the patio area.

I will show you your room so you can freshen up, then we will have some lunch on the patio said Betty.  The room was nice with its own shower.  I had a long hot shower, shaved my legs and under my arms and did other girly pampering things and though the world is a wonderful place.  

Betty had prepared a light salad lunch and I realised how hungry I had become.  She said why didn’t I have a swim in the pool as she had few jobs to do, then if I wanted to perhaps I could help her with the food for the BBQ. 

I put on a yellow bikini and swam for about 20 minutes then as I walked to a sun bed I caught sight of my reflection in the patio doors, not bad I though as I admired my long legs, firm breasts and tight body.   I must have drifted off to sleep as I had a sense that someone was near me and I woke up to find Betty looking down at me with a big smile on her face, you look so peaceful laying there she said, I am going to start getting the food ready for the BBQ and walked off to the garage kitchen. 

I followed and soon we were chatting away as we prepared food.  I will put it in the freezer until the morning of the party she said.  I don’t what to be mucking about any more that I have too. She asked me to prepare some stuffing for the meat that they would roast on the big BBQ pit.

I pushed onions, a whole clove of garlic, carrots and others vegetables into the mincing machine, soon I was up to my elbows in this big bowel as I mixed the items together by hand and the smell was lovely.  It did seem a lot, but it must be a big piece of meat I though.

I jumped as I heard a man's voice behind me say to Betty “hello”.  Hi said Betty meet Jenny she is from the UK and I asked her to stay for the BBQ and she is helping with the food.  He smiled at me and said that’s great, he would love to have me at the BBQ.  His name was Jack and I think it must have been the very neatly trimmed beard that gave him a very distinguished look with a twinkle in is eye.  He came over to look at what I was making and said it looked good and smelt even better.

I could see the look of appraisal he gave me as he saw that all I had on underneath the apron was my yellow bikini and then it changed to a big warm smile which some how made it feel that I had passed some sort of test.  About an hour later most of the food was completed and in the freezer or cooling off and we all went out on to the patio for a drink. 

Jack suggested that I go for a swim and I smiled to myself, as I knew he wanted to look at my body but what did it matter and it did give me a warm felling to know someone liked what they saw.  After about 10 minutes I got out and walk to were Betty and Jack were sitting and talking as I approached Jack got up and handed me a towel and a drink.  I dried off then lay down on the sun bed and sipped my drink.   Jack said “A toast to Jenny and her trip to the USA” with that he finished his drink so I followed suit and layback to enjoy the sun.

Jack stood up and went to a shed by the Garage and came back with a long metal table with wheels on it.  I though that’s funny it has a ridge around the edge and a hole at one end, looks like one of those mortuary table you see on the TV murder films.  But some how the warm sun had made me feel strange and detached from my body.  With that Jack and Betty smiled at me and lifted me on to the table and I realised that I could not move my arms or for that matter any part of me.

Jack pushed me and the table inside the garage kitchen and said “don’t bother to struggle the drug in your drink will keep you imprisoned for about the next half hour by then I will have an IV in you and a safer more stable drug will immobilise you while we get you ready”.

As he inserted the needle into my neck and corrected it to the drip hanging by the table I shuddered at what would happen to me and what was I to get ready for?  They both left the kitchen.

As I lay there I noticed for the first time that the ceiling was covered in a mirror, which allowed me to see myself and most of the kitchen.  I also noticed how hard the metal tray was but there was nothing I could do about that.  About an hour later Jack and Betty came back.

In the mirror I could see Jack placed a rod with a u shaped bracket into the end of the table, he then pulled me down to that end of the trolley and hung my head over the end, the U bracket supported my neck.  Betty put a stool down next to my head, sat down and with an electric shaver started to shave my head.  I watched as my hair fell into a box Betty had place on the floor.  When she saw me looking said “Is for my collection”

Jack went over to the side of the kitchen and started to get items out of cupboards and draws and place them on a small trolley.  He returned to the main table and held up for me to see a large rubber thing.  This he said was a butt plug, which he would insert into my anus as part of the need to flush out my system.  He applied a bit of KY jelly and inserted it.  My eyes when wide as it felt like a tree trunk.  He gave the attached pump a few squeezes to insure that it was a thigh fit and clipped on a pipe that lead down through the table into the drain in the floor.  “Have you finished my dear?” he said to Betty? “Yes for the time being”, she said, “I will shave her head later to get a smooth finish.   If I do between legs that will let you connect her head up”.

He picked up a tube with a lump about a foot from one end, he opened my mouth pushed the end of the tube down my throat into my stomach.  When he judged that the lump had passed my Adams apple he stopped and I felt him pump up the budge to fully close my throat.  He then inserted a pipe into each nostril and into my lungs.  It will help you breath he explained, with your throat closed if your nose got blocked you could suffocate and that’s the last thing we want he said with a smile

When he had finished I realised that Betty had also finished shaving my pussy and it felt naked when I look at it in the mirror.  She came round to my head again and sprayed me with a shaving foam and used a razor to get a very smooth finished.  She then removed my eyebrows and eyelashes.  As I had shaved my legs and under my arms when I had a shower earlier in the day I now looked a totally hair less body which some how was not me.

Jack pulled me back down the table then connected the pipe in my mouth to a tap and turned on the water.  I felt the cold-water start to flood into my mouth and then into my stomach and I could feel my insides being stretched to a painfully extent.  The pain grew until the water started to run out of the pipe in my arse, this seemed to relieve the pressure as my bowel was empted and nothing stood in the way of the water flow.  A thin pipe was inserted into my bladder and I lost control of that function as well.  I realised that they were cleaning me out for some vile act. I wanted to cry but could not. 

My legs and arms were pulled out to the four corners of the table and Betty and Jack were putting straps around my wrists and ankles and over my body so I would not be able to get off the table, even if the drugs ran out in the IV.  They changed the IV said good night, tuned out the lights and left me in the dark.


I must have nodded off as when I opened my eyes I could see the sun was flooding into the room and then I realised that it was not a horrible dream I was having, I would not be waking up to find the world a nice safe place again.  The bald woman staring at me was ME and a shudder ran through my body.   Could thing get any worse.   I though, then whished that I had kept my mind shut as they probably would. 

Jack came into the room with apiece of toast in one hand.  “Good morning” he said, “did you sleep well? I put a little sedative into the IV to help you.  We don’t want you too stressed do we?  You should be able to get some movement in your body”, he said, as he turned of the tap and the water started to drain out of my now painful stomach.  The IV was now empty and I could flex my arms and legs but this just sent jolt of pain through me so I lay still again.

Jack ran his hands over my body, breasts and vigina.   “Very nice” he said and I could see he wanted to go further but something made him stop.  “On with the show” he said as he fetched four sterilized packets from a draw.  They contained the same needles as he had used with the IVs, each needle was inserted into veins in the back of my hands and the top of my feet.

 He picked up a bucket from the worktop, which stretched down one side of the kitchen and placed it next to my waist. He pulled out a length of wet hide from the bucket and tied it around the top of my arm as close to the armpit as he could.   He used a knot that would tighten one way but would not slip back when pulled in the other direction.   He kept pulling on it until I could see it was so tight that it had started to cut of the blood supply to my arm.   He repeated this on my other arm.

He moved to my thighs, tied the strip about 2 inches from the knee on both legs.  The straps will shrink to about a third of their length as that dry he said and as you may have guessed that will cut off the blood supply.  I will need that blood later so the needles are to allow them to be drained down into the bag hanging from the corners of the table.    I tried to scream but the pipe in my mouth and nose cut off the air supply to my larynx and therefore no sound came out.   Having been in the same position for the last 12 hours even trying to heave my body off the table was impossible and I slumped back in despair.

He was using a hair dried to shrink the straps faster and in the mirror above I could see the bags to collect the blood getting fuller and the colour draining from my arms and lower legs.  Tears flowed into my eyes.  He put down the hair dryer came back with a large syringe with a ratchet to pump out the contents. 

He started to inject the contents, “oh sorry” he said “I should explain this is ordinary clear silicone like you use to seal around the bath and I am going to inject it into your arms and legs next to the straps.  This will insure that if the leather ties came off we will not have a bloody mess.   It set off quite quickly”.  I felt the needle enter my thigh.  About ten minuets and 3 cartridges later he had completed both legs and arms.   I will leave you for a while to let the blood drain fully and the silicone set, I need a cup of tee.  On his return he poured the bags with the blood into a machine and switched it on.  He did not say what the machine was for and I couldn’t ask.

Betty came in and took down the IV connected to my neck and replaced it with another full one from the fridge and I could feel the cold fluid flow in to me and I soon was not able to move.   Not that I had been jumping about before.

I watched in horror as Jack picked up a surgical knife and cut into the flesh of my arm, about one inch from the leather strap.  With stock I realised that I could feel the knife cut into me and that the silicone would not have blocked the nerves only the blood supply.  I wanted to be sick and my stomach churned but the flushing yesterday made that impossible.  All I could do was lay on the metal table looking into the mirror as he cut through flesh, tendons mussel and nerves until he reached the bone.   Reaching out he pick up one of those power saws you buy in a DIY store, switched it on and cut the bone about and inch from were the skin was tied off, severing my arm completely.

An hour later he was finished and I was without arms or legs.   Jack used the saw to cut them into shorter lengths.  This allowed Betty to stuff the parts into a large saucepan she had placed onto the table.  With the last piece in the pot she carried it to the cooker, poured in some water.  She then added stock and some other seasoning, turning on the gas and said “darling would you like lunch now?” “That’s a good idea,” said Jack, we can talk about the jobs for this afternoon.  They both then left the kitchen.

I was stunned, it was unreal they did not find it strange to be talking about cutting up a woman and putting the parts into a pot on the oven.  The stumps started to throb my back and bum was sore from lying on the metal table, I had lost all my hair, arm, legs and god know what was still to come this afternoon.  My mind switched off and I become unconscious, a blessed relief. 

The smell made me come round.  I was hungry as the last meal was 24 hours ago and the smell of cooking was most appetising, until I realised it was my legs and arms being boiled in the pot on the stove that I could smell.  Again my stomach heaved but still nothing came.  What am I becoming when the smell of my own body being cooked makes me feel hungry.

They both look down at me and smiled.  Betty removed the pipe from my mouth and Jack the one from my arse.  I drew a lung full of air and screamed, only stopping to draw more air and to keep screaming.  At some point this died down and I started to swear at them.  They just looked on and smiled.  Eventually Betty said it is done now so I was wasting my time and energy shouting and screaming and they would put a gag into my mouth if I don’t stop the foul language.  At this I stopped dumb founded at what she had said.  That’s better we can all hear our self’s think.

“We think its time to tell you what is happening here.   It is true”, said Betty, “that there is to be a BBQ here but it is next weekend, 7 days away and about 10 couples are coming to stay.   Every 2 Months each couple puts on a BBQ and cooks a human for the group to eat.   Some times it’s a man but mostly it’s a young girl like you.  This may be to do with the fact that most of the cooking at BBQs is done by men and she laughed at the joke.  Any way it’s our turn and you are to be the star 'turn' no pun intended.    So there you have it, all that wonderful stuffing you made will be for you. 

More of that later, she said, as she turned down the gas to let my legs and arms slowly boil the flesh from the bones.  She again reached for the IV bag connected to my neck and while it was changed said its best that your not awake for the next part.   I slipped into blissful unconsciousness.

When I opened my eyes I noticed that it was starting to get dark outside so I must have been under for some time.  I could not move my head, which was some how pushed back and stretched out. But my mind was still foggy from the drugs and I could not get things straight in my mind.
I then realised that I was sitting up but still looking at the ceiling into the mirror.   I could see a padded steel band around my forehead held my head ridged and titled back as far as it would go with my chin pushed up. A steel pole attached to a trolley ran up my back and I was held in place with padded straps around my body.  After two days of lying on the steel table it was a relief to be in a different position.  Most of the pain of the change had happened when I had been unconscious but I still felt sore.

Jack bent over my head and looked into my mouth, which had tubes and wires coming out of it.  He smiled at me and said welcome back and that all had gone well.  I had no idea what he was talking about expect that my neck and throat was sore.   All that’s left for today is a bit of tiding up to do he said.  A pair of pliers came into my view “Sorry I need to remove all your teeth.  Can’t eat them any way and Betty does like to save them as a souvenir”. It was unreal as he was genuine in his apology.

With very little effort one by one he extracted my teeth and placed them in a steel tray.  I could taste the blood, although he had pushed my tongue to the back of mouth.  With my head held back it ran down the back of my mouth and all I could do was swallow but for some reason that was painful.  Soon all I could see in the mirror was the bleeding gums of my mouth. 

The pipes into my lungs stopped me choking but I could not work out why they came out my mouth and no longer from my nose.  The pain of my mouth, throat and the stumps of my legs and arms made me slip in and out of consciousness.   Betty changed the IV bag with a stronger painkiller and until it took effect stroked my head and made soothing noise in my ears.   Some how in my drug effected state she had become my friend and the one who gave me comfort.

Jack held a polished pipe about a foot long and two inches in diameter with lots of holes about half way along its length in the sides. I could also make out that there was a smaller pipe inside also with holes held in place with cross members.  He threaded the pipes and wires from my mouth into the gap between the pipes and held them as he slipped the pipe to down to my lips.  With a gently push he slipped it into my mouth and part way down my throat.

Betty explain as he connected the tubes and wires to a machine standing next to me that one of the pipes ran into my lungs but due to its length the normal breathing in and out could not take place so a constant flow of very oxygen rich air would be pumped into me and then would escape back out via the larger pipe it ran through.  Jack will need to stop you diaphragm muscle at some point or you could have a muscular cramp.

The wires were for the small speakers we have fitted via the inside of your mouth into the area of the ears allowing us to talk to you even if we are not in the room.  How considerate I thought. 

The other pipe was connected via a special valve to the artery and vain in my neck to allow fluids and feeding into my blood stream to take place.  I didn’t know it then but this was not the whole truth.

Jack inserter a long needle into my chest and pressed home the plunger.  With a flutter, as the injection took hold my chest stopped moving and fell still.  Betty switched on the machine and air flowed into my lungs, inflating them.

Jack needed to finish off securing the tube in my mouth and throat.   It had two tubes welded to the side, level with my gums.  He placed a strap around my jaw clamping it shut on to the tube and causing great pain as my blooded gums pressed into the steel.  Inserting an Alan key into the small pipes and turning it a screw came out of the ends of the small pipes.  It did not need many turns before the thread was biting into my upper and lower jawbones.  He repeated the process on the other side and removed the strap.  My mouth was firmly fixed to the pipe, which rose smooth and polished from my lips to the ceiling.  Betty pulled back my lips and Jack spread super glue onto the pipe.  When she let go of the lips they pressed onto the glue and a perfect seal was made.

Jack picked up a round plate with a hinge to allow it to split into two halves.  A hole was in the middle, two round rings fixed on one side and the other side had four chains hanging down.   Betty fixed a belt around my chest just under my breasts.  Jack slid the plate around the pipe from my mouth and locked it in place.   Betty attached the chains to the harness.  A cable from the ceiling was attached to the rings.   Betty pressed a button on the remote control in her hand and the motor took up the slack in the cable and I started to lift off the floor still attached to the post.  Jack undid the straps holding me to the trolley and I hung free in the middle of the room as I was lifted up to about 5 feet from the floor.

I could feel Jack insert a pipe about an inch thick into my virgina and up into my womb.  A smaller pipe was pushed into my bladder.  Betty, every helpful explained that both pipes were connected to a pump.   The reason escaped me.  Jack positioned a large steel tank under me and I was lowered down until the stumps of my legs were about two inches from the bottom of the tank.

Jack moved a large plastic barrel on a trolley to the side of the tank, the bottom of the barrel was higher than the pipe in my mouth.  A pipe was connected from the tap at the bottom of the barrel to the pipe in my mouth, this would allow the fluid to flow into me when the tap was turned on.  The liquid had the consistency of a liquored.    God I thought I will never be able to drink all that on my own and chucked at my own joke then though this is the first sign of going mad if I could joke after having my arms and legs cut off.  

I could see Jack picking up things and generally clean up the kitchen.  Betty turned on the tap and a small pump in the pipe.  The contents of the barrel started to be transferred to the tank via me.  As it flowed into my throat the backpressure forced the fluid up into my mouth swelling my cheeks.  It was also being forced up nasal passages till it flowed out my nose and ran down my face and body into the tank.  Betty watched this for a few minutes she leaned over and pinched my nose closed with her fingers, this stopping the flow from the nose.  I could immediate feel the fluid being forced down into my stomach.  It took about 20 minutes before it started to run out my arse and fill the tank.  The pain inside me was tremendous.  I felt I would explode from the pressure.  Betty let go of my nose and as my stomach was now enlarged there was only a small trickle from my nose.
Betty chatted away to Jack about all sorts of mundane things.  Both their voices were picked up by the microphone and played into my ears I couldn’t block her out.  She said the fluid was in fact a special recipe of hers made from Honey, juices from fruits and berries, spices and other special ingredients and did not contain any alcohol. She always used it to marinate meat for roasting, it gave it a special flavour.   O God please let me die now I don’t want to be roasted alive or even marinated for that matter. 

I jumped in shock when the pump attached to the pipes in my womb and bladder switched on and started to fill me.  For five minutes the pump ran, forcing my bladder and womb to expand to a painful size as I squirmed in pain dear Betty stoked my head and told me how proud she would be on the day of the BBQ as I was so pretty and would roast well.  She was sure I was a fighter, the last two day had proved that and with luck I would still be alive when fully cooked and they started to carve me up to eat.  O joy I though.

She picked up the syringe that Jack had used to stop my diaphragm and sucked up the juice from the tank that had now reached my waist.   With a resigned look I watched as she pushed the point into my right breast and injected the contents.  Time and again she repeated this into both breasts until they were swollen with the liquid and it seeped out the nipples.

Jack had finished cleaning up and they left me alone in kitchen, bloated and in pain for the level to rise up and cover my head. Several times they came back to see how things were going.  Jack suddenly came rushing in and full of apologies said he had forgot to put in large contact lenses to protect my eyes from the liquid.  I would have sworn at him if I could.  He said it’s late and he pulled the pipe out of me and let the last bit of the barrel flow into the tank.  The level rose to about 2 inches over my head.  I felt some thing fall pass my breasts to the bottom of the tank and a pump started the flow in to my mouth pipe and through me again.   The tank went dark as the light was turned off. 

I could hear them talking as they undressed for bed, Betty expressing what a good girl I had been all day to put up with so much.  Then they said good night to each other and me.

The only noise in my world was pumps being switched on and off and my second night started.   The pump connected to my womb and bladder would run for 5 minutes forcing the liquid into me then stop and hold it there of 20 minutes then empty me.  30 minutes later the cycle was repeated. The pain of my abused body only allowed me to dose for a short time before it brought me back to the nightmare that was now my life. 


At some point I must have dozed of and I jerked awake to the sound of Betty’s voice telling Jack that she would “cheek on Jenny, do her tits and bum then make breakfast if he wanted a lie in”.

The view from my position up through the dark red marinating fluid was backlight by the light from the windows and kitchen lights, allowed me to make out shapes.  A motor wined and I was pulled up out of the tank into the light.   Most of fluid drained from my face and body but I could still feel I was coated with the stuff.   She stopped the hoist and poured a drop of water into each eye and washed the contact lens clean allowing me to look up into the mirror on the ceiling and see what was going on.  She again pressed the button on the remote and I continued my journey toward the ceiling

As the stumps off my legs came clear of the fluid she stopped the hoist.  If you can hear me raise you right leg she said and without thinking I did or I should say what was left of the leg.  She was overjoyed at my response.   Going to the worktop she picked up the syringe and again pumped up my breasts with the liquid from the tank but this time she sank the needle into my bum and what was left of my thigh’s.  When she finished she pressed the button on the remote and my swollen body was lowered back into the tank.

Two hours later Jack repeated the performance.  He found a few new places to stick the needle and I could tell that sex was behind what he did.  Why else would he fill up the lips of my pussy and the mound above my clit?  Every two-hour of the day they repeated the procedure.   Several times Jack examined my stumps and pronounced him self-happy that no infection had set in.  In fact he said the marinating fluid and helped clean the wounds.

During the day I noticed that the pain was getting more and more bearable and I could hear Betty moving around the ranch.   She would talk to me or put the mike by the radio for me to listen to.   It was at this point I remembered hearing that hostages became very close to their keeper even to the point of enjoying the presences.  This was happening to me I could tell. 

The third night came very slowly.   Betty said she had put a sleeping drug into the syringe the last time it went into my bum. And a wave of sadness fell over me when they said good night then sleep swept me into its arms.


“Good morning” said Betty as she raised me from the tank and left.   After the day I had been in the tank my body was covered with the juice and felt full of it, but slowly the excess drained down and back into the tank.   I felt much better the pain in my body hard reduced to a dull ache and my head felt clear.   After about ten minutes Jack and Betty came back with a cup of tee and some buttered toast.

Jack pressed buttons on the machine into which the tubes that ran up and out of the mouth pipe were attached.  A wave of giddiness swept over me but soon thing settled down.  Betty explained that the machine was supplying oxygenated blood to my brain, it would keep me alive, feed me and clean my blood etc.

Jack then pushed a needle into my groin to let the blood flow out of my body down a tube into the tank under me.  This would add a bit of body to the mixture I though.  No pun intended.  Another needle was pushed into my neck, a pipe was connected and they started to pump the juice from the tank into my blood stream.  I could feel it move around my arteries as it was colder than normal blood temperature    Of course this fluid did not carry oxygen to my mussels etc and nerves started to scream in pain.  As my heart was starved of oxygen it started to spasm and waves of extreme pain sized my chest.  I realised that this must be what it is like to have a heart attack.  Then it stopped.   In the ceiling mirror I could see the look of fascination in both their faces as the heart beat monitor flat lined.

The metal trolley was placed back under me.  Then I was lowered down so that I lay on my back and they remover the harness.  A padded rubber mat had been placed under me to make life more comfortable and straps were place around me to stop me moving.  

Jack removed the pipes from between my legs and inserted a steel set of surgical instruments used to stretch a women open for an internal examination.   An injection into the mussels around my virgina made them relax and he pulled me open.  The opening was huge wide enough to get two hands into me.
Sitting on a low stool with his head between the remains of my legs he was able to insert his hand into my pussey and with a scalpel cut out my womb. Placing this in a tray he continued to remove the organs from my body via this opening.  Blood and the juice cover his arms as his hands entered me time and again. The excess flowed onto the metal table and drained through the hole and dripped into the tank bellow.  Betty was kept busy changing the trays and taking the organs over to the worktop.

As he worked I could feel his hands moving around inside my chest, a weird feeling.  The main problem was his arms would rub my clirus and despite trying to control my self I was becoming aroused.  To my embarrassment Betty noticed this and told Jack.  He stopped working and set about masturbating me.   Betty stroked my breasts and within a few minutes despite the last three days I exploded in multiple orgasms.  Like waves the pleasure rolled through my body and I started to cry.

What sort of a deviant was I if a man butchering my body with a knife could arouse me?  But did I not deserve some small pleasure as in a few days time I would never have an orgasm again or any thing else for that matter.

When Jack had cleared my body of organs he stood up and examined the trays up and down the work surface.   “A very good job Jack” said Betty “you never cease to amaze me with your skill you should have been a surgeon”.  “Doing it full time would be a bit boring; this is much more fun" said Jack.

Jack returned to his stool with two pipes one long the other shorter but much thicker.  The longer was about 4 foot long and 2 inches in diameter but hollow through he centre.  It had two small linked chains attached to it.   About two foot from one end was a hole with a small bore pipe sticking out.   The thicker one looked a bit like a ‘silencer’ box on a car.  It was about a foot long and 4 inches in diameter with a two-inch hole running down the centre.  At one end it had a small short thread pipe sticking out of it   Jacked placed the thicker pipe into me and let it rest against my spine. 

Betty was pouring olive oil over the end of the longer pole and handed it to Jack.   I felt him place the end against my arsehole and push.  As he applied more pressure the oil helped it slip inside me.   With this hand inside my body he guided the long pole into the centre of the ‘silencer’ box.  It passed all the way through and out the other end.   With a bit of fiddling he managed to push the end off the pipe into my throat tube till the ends were level.    “All this bending is getting to my back,” said Jack to Betty lets stop for lunch and crack on this afternoon.   I was left to just lie on the table.

On their return he insured that the tube running right though me was lined up with the end of the pipe that had been in my mouth for several days.  The inserted two small grub screws to stop the pipes moving.   Returning to the large pipe inside me, he connected the small tube that came out of the long pipe into the threaded pipe on the ‘silencer’.    The chains he attached to the inside of my hipbones.  Betty handed him a two-foot metal skewer, which he pushed into my armpits then between my ribs, through the pipe, through the ribs on the other side and out the other armpit.   Washers were pushed over the ends to ensure that the rod could not come out.   This will ensure that you don’t slip on the spit said Betty.  We don’t want any part to be burnt because we couldn’t turn you and it look so unprofessional if you don’t turn smoothly.   Thank a bunch I though your all ways so helpful.

You may find the next part a bit uncomfortable said Betty.  What in relation to just having your guts ripped out could be more uncomfortable I though.   Jack and Betty lifted me from the table using the ends of the poles and I had my first sense of being on a spit.  Betty at my head put her end of the spit into a tube mounted in the centre of a platform with wheels on it.  With a heave Jack lifted up his end and the spit slipped firmly into the pipe.  I was now looking at the platform about 4 inches from my face with my arse pointing to the ceiling.  Not a very elegant position I though.

Jack lifted the large bowel containing the stuffing down from the worktop, were I had placed it two days ago, putting it on a small table next to me.  This allowed Betty to scoop up the mixture and push it into my pussy and it dropped down inside with a plop.  Half an hour later and all the mixture was inside. She had poured jugs of the marinating juice in as well.  I could fell it swelling up as the dry stuffing adsorbed the liquid.  Jack then removed the clamps keeping my pussy open and sewed up the inner lips of my vigina.  This way he explained no external marks would show and the guests would have a nice surprise when my belly was cut open and the cooked filling came out.

They turned me over and connected the cable to the end of the pole and hosted me over the tank.  Betty then got her big syringe out and sucking up the juice injects my bum and tits again, this time she also inserted it into my body adding more liquid to the stuffing, this caused it to expand even more. I was lowered back into the tank and they toped up the juice till it came to my neck.  Now she’s back in the tank lets have a night off and go to the Bar in town for a drink said Jack! OK said Betty.  Ten minutes later I was in the dark being marinated for the second day running.  It must have been very late when the returned and Betty came into do my Tits, Bum and Belly with the juice.  They were both very drunk.


It was not a pleasant thing to listen to two over 60s making love to each other when both are drunk The result was the we all woke up later than normal, me about 5 and them about 10 o’clock.  Those 5 hours felt like 2 weeks as my head was out the juice in the tank I could look into the ceiling mirror and see my organs lying in the trays.  It made me feel sick, not that I had any stomach to be sick from as it was lying on the worktop.

On Betty’s arrival I could see she was the worst for ware from the drink.  I felt angry, she had put me in peril I though.  What if an accident had happened they would not have been around to help me?  Then I realised the stupid ness of this after what had happened over the last few days.

I watched as Betty explained that she was going to use some of my organs to make a Haggis with my womb.   The tubes and ovaries were removed from the outside.  My Heart, Lungs and Liver were chopped up and mixed with suet, oatmeal and onions and stuffed into the bag formed by the womb lining.  She sewed it up and placed it in a saucepan and put it on to boil.

She carefully took the rest of my organs. Put them through the mincer, then with some vegetables, potatoes etc were mixed with the leg/arm meat she had prepared before.   The whole mix was put into a machine and using my intestines as the skin she produced sausages for the BBQ.

Well that used all the odd bits she said as she cleaned the kitchen. Washing the trays and other items before putting them away.  Turning down the Haggis to simmer she lifted me from the tank and once again did my Tit, Bum and Belly.  After she returned me to the tank and turning off the Haggis I was left alone for the rest of the day.  She came in around 9 and again the old TBB routine was performed.  The lights were turned out and she heeded for and early night.   It had been a lonely day as they had turned off the mike to my ears.  Night and then dawn came very slowly.


When they both came in I was glad to see them as I was so board just looking at the ceiling.  Jack said, “I am going to have a trial run to day to check that every thing is working OK”.  This filled me with expectation, as I was not quite sure how you roasted someone alive.

Betty operated the hoist and lifted me from the tank.  I hoped she would not do the TBB routine, as my body was bloated with the stuffing that had swelled up inside me.  It looked like I was pregnant.  To my relief she just left me to drain down.   Jack had gone into the garage and came back with a long metal frame on wheels.  It had two upright posts at each end with u brackets at the top. 

I was lowered on to the metal trolley and lay on my back.  I was glad about this as the injections of the juice into my tits had swollen them to almost double their normal size and I had been a 38D before so as you can imagine big was an understatement.   Jack came back from the garage with a 10 foot steel pole and slid it into the pipe running through my body.  The pipes from my mouth was laid into a grove and covered with a metal sleeve.   The same was done with the tube at the other end.

As Jack and Betty took hold of the ends of the spit I felt excited at the image of being suspended from the spit pole.  With a quick lift I was in place and the weight of my tits made be turn belly down.  A most odd sensation.  Jack got Betty to lift the pole at my head end and pushed a large metal box down the spit pole.  The same happened at the other end with a smaller box.

The small box was clamped to the spit pole and the upright post.   The tube from what I called the ‘Silencer’ was just looped around the spit pole, which did seem odd.   I was only a foot away as Jack connected the box in front of my head to the spit pole and to the upright.   I could see that it had motor in it, which would turn the spit, and me.  It also had other parts, which I could not understand but could see Jack attaché the pipe and box that cleaned and oxygenated my blood and feed me.   Your heart, lungs and stomach all in this one small box explained Jack.

Jack said “You press the button Betty” With a huge smile she reached out with her finger and pressed the button on the top of the box.   Nothing happened.  A look of horror passed across Betty face as she though she had broken it.  Stupid sod said Jack I forgot to plug it in.  You did that deliberately said Betty and they both laugh.  With it now plugged in at both ends she again pressed the button and the two motors turned the spit pole and I begin to revolve on the spit.   Round and round I went.  If you feel dizzy close your eyes and don’t forget you can’t be sick no matter how you may feel.  All heart I though not like me.

He stopped the motors with me facing the ceiling.   Betty had put a large bowel next to me and with a brush painted this substance on to my body.   Ever so often the motor would turn me a bit more to make it easer to paint me.

Betty said this is a special glaze made mostly from Honey and some other ingredients; that make it go hard and shrink a bit.  The reason is to seal your skin and keep in the juice so it does not get boiled off when you’re over the fire.  The special ingredients also stop the honey going soft when you get hot.  The hard case also helps to stop your skin blistering etc that way you will go a nice golden brown.   Betty was careful around my eyes not to get any on the contact lenses or my eyelids so I could see and blink our code to them.  It would also let the guests know that I was alive

Jack inserted a small tube into my nose and down into my mouth.  Betty connected a syringe to the tube and squeezed in neat Honey till my mouth and nasal passages were full.  Two small bungs were pushed up each nostril and the Honey was trapped.  I could taste it on my tongue the first food for days to enter my mouth.

Jack put the spit on very slow speed and off I went, all the time they kept painting on the glaze till a quite thick later was built up.  Several heat lamps were placed next to me and they helped to harden the glaze.  They did another stint in the afternoon.   The pressure of the shrinking glaze stopped my tits and belly moving as I turned on the spit.

When the glaze was finished Jack stopped the machine, again I was facing the ceiling to enable me to see what was happening.  He connected the tube from the ‘Silencer’ to a box on the floor, which he plugged into a power socket.   He poured water into the top of the box and switched it on and a pump started to work.  He continued to pour water into it as the level went down.  The pump pushed water up into the cylinder I called the ‘Silencer’ and I figured out it must be some sort of water jacket instead.  When the level stopped going down he screwed a cap on to the filler. And pressed another button.  I could see nothing happen.
About ten minute later I could feel the jacket was getting warmer.   “Have you guessed yet?” said Betty.  I could not talk so I blinked twice for no.  We need to cook the stuffing and we though the best way was once it was safely inside you so the flavour will seep into your flesh.  So Jack came up with the water jacket, the water in the box is heated up and pumped into you.  The heat will slowly cook the stuffing and the inside of your body.  Special lamps will cook your bottom and the remains of your thighs.  

Evidently it’s a fact that most meat at BBQ is not cooked properly so the intention is to pre cook you, and then heat you up over the fire on the day.   This should insure no funny tummies for our guest’s.  Well funny tummies would not be problem for me I knew.  As the day due to a close the cooking had started and I could feel the heat building up inside me.


It was another long night and dawn, but I did get some sleep.  The warmth from the water jacket was not too hot and in fact gave me a pleasant feeling.   The idea was to cook the stuffing slowly over the course of a night and day.  By not getting me too hot they did not get a problem with the steam from the juice making me pop.   I could not figure out why my nerves were still working when my body had no blood flow and the cells must be dead by now.  It had to be me who was the lucky one.

Betty and Jack popped in from time to time and checked me over as I slowly cooked.  About lunchtime Jack called to Betty that he could smell me coking now and it was a very nice smell.  With my nose blocked I could not smell anything.  Betty had turned on the mike and placed it by a radio so I could listen to it.   Night came and went.


Jack and Betty could hardly contain themselves the next morning.  "Is she done?" said Betty  "Hold on" said Jack "I am checking".  The heater and the lamps were switched off.  “Yes I think she is well done,” said Jack.  They left me to cool down as they had breakfast.  I had figured that they must have been keeping the blood flowing to my head at the correct temperature by cooling it, to counter the effect of the slow cooking.  During the course of the day Jack and Betty fussed about.   Betty strained the juice they had used to marinate me into four large glass bowls.  In one she put Vodka in another Gin, one had Brandy the other she left as plain juice.

Jack drained the cooking jacket and removed the pipe and heater.  Betty said to me “I get so excited the day before the BBQ it gives me a sleepless night.   I don’t know if your excited but we could have a girlly chat tonight if you like?”   I blinked once.  We talk for a large part of the night, Betty asking me questions and I blinking the answers.  Some how it made sense to us.



Jack had set up the table and chairs and most of the other party furniture the day before.  This only left them to light the BBQ fire and to put out the food during the day, which I suppose included me.   The day had a certain crispness to the air as Betty and Jack opened the big double doors to the Kitchen and to my surprise Jack and Betty pushed the trolley with me out into the patio area.   

The sky was without a cloud, that rich blue colour.   I could hear birds singing and I realised that after today I would never hear or see these sights or sounds again.  It made them more pleasurable than ever and I tried to savour them to the full.  It occurred that this must be the feeling that someone condemned to hang must feel as they walked to the gallows.

They pushed me till I was near to the BBQ pit and parked the trolley in some tracks that lead to and over the pit.  The Pit was about 2 foot deep and about 10 foot square with these metal tracks to guide the spit trolley into place.  You could see that the spit could be move over or back from the heat of the pit as required to allow basting or to remove cooked food without the chef being burnt.   On the far side of the pit some 20 feet away was a very large pile of logs. The pit was on a raised peace of ground about 4 feet higher that the patio and swimming pool which allowed me to see all the area very well.

About 1030 the first couple arrived and they chatted for a few minutes with Betty and Jack.   Betty offered to show them their room.  Couples keep arriving and Jack and Betty were kept busy showing every one the sleeping arrangements.   Slowly the couples came out on to the patio area and selected seats or sun beds and helped them self to drinks and nibbles.   As they mixed with each other I could see that some of them looked on this as a swapping party as well as the unique BBQ food on offer.  Several made their way over to me.  They discussed me as though I was not present, commenting that it looked like Jack and Betty had pulled off another special prize for the BBQ.   Suddenly one of the Girls jumped back and said “Brian she blinked”.   No you’re wrong no one could be alive spited like that.  Well you just look she said.   As he bent down in front of my face I closed one eye and then the other.  The look on his face was a picture.  Your right he said she is alive.   Within a short space of time people surrounded me.  At this point Betty and Jack arrived and confirmed to the crowd that I was alive.  Ask her a Yes No question suggested Jack, one blink for yes and two for no.  I went through the party piece.  After a while they drifted away and got back to the business of partying.

The amount of drink some had, was staggering and several decided to push girls into the pool.  Most of the time the men held on to the bikinis and not the women so it was not long before the pool was full of naked females.  At this point they just dropped their short and jumped in as well.  It did not take long for an orgy to develop and I saw Jack fucking a woman who was not Betty.   Betty was standing by the pool with 3 other women encouraging the men to see who could keep going the longest and Betty did not appear the least concerned at what Jack was up to.

After the winner was announced most left the pool still naked.   The women settling on the sun beds and chatting.  Most of the men came over to the BBQ pit and started to load wood into the bottom.   What’s the time, one asked and someone said quarter to one.   What time do you want to start cooking Jack he asked?  About 5 for an hour should do the trick said Jack then we can eat at 6.   I reckon it will need about 2 hours to get a good bed in the pit so we light at 3?  OK every one? There was a general murmur of agreement and people started to talk and drift over to the Patio area and the pool table.

I could not help feeling how bazaar the situation was.  On the one hand you had a poolside BBQ and except for most people being naked, which was not that unusual at parties I suppose, and on the other hand a naked, spited woman, with no arms or legs.  The party people did not appear bothered one little bit.

I watched as they light the fire in the bottom of the pit.  Men take these things very seriously.  I suppose if you can’t light a fire with one match some how you’re not a real man.  For the next two hours they tended the fire like it was a woman that they had to make love to. A cress here a poke their.  If it had not been for the fact that I was soon to be cooked over it, I would have found it funny.

I was not sure if I wanted 5 o’clock to come or not.  On one side the waiting would be over.  But I was sure that some how, painful as it would be, being cooked alive would be fun.

I realised that it must be 5 o’clock as three men and Jack were moving the trolley containing me down the track to the fire.   As I got near the pit Jack pressed several buttons on the box at my head end and the spit started to turn slowly.  As I moved out over the pit I could see the glowing embers in the bottom.   It was like looking into hell, which in my case it was.   With long poles that had ladles on the end they poured oil over me to baste me and stop burning.  Some time the oil would drip into the hot ash and small flames would rear up towards me.

Round and round went the world.  I did not know how things were going, as I had no sense of smell so I could not sniff the aroma of my body being roasted, nor could I feel the heat on my body.   My face did feel hot and the shield Jack had place around my neck kept some of the heat at bay.  I realised that Jack must have had a cooler in the machine that pumped and took care of my blood for my brain was not over heating.  

During this period people kept asking me questions and as I blinked the required Yes or No they were amazed that I was still alive.   The hour came to an end and they pushed the trolley back from the pit.  Some how I was on a high, being the centre of attraction.  The spit was lifted off and one end inserted into a hole in the middle of a table with a metal serving tray on it.  With a quick flip I was in the vertical position with the stumps of my legs pushed out in front of me, my arse was on the tray.  All the couples had gathered around for the carve up.

A knife was pushed into pussy and pulled up to my Brest bone.  The contents of my body cavity poured hot and steaming on to the metal tray, they cheered.  Betty was pilling it on to plates as Jack set about carving of both my breasts into slices.  My tights and bum cheeks followed this.    It was not long before most of the meat on my ribs and back had been removed and my rib cage showed.  People keep coming back for more helpings.

I was able to get a glance of my self and was shocked to see that mostly only the bones were left from my body and hips.  Jack had a hand held electric saw and was cutting off my ribs for people to suck on.   One person wanted a thighbone to get the marrowbone jell from and another wanted to suck the arm bones.    

After about an hour all that was left was my neck and head that was still in one peace.  Several of the group had congratulated Jack and Betty about the quality of the food to which Betty said that credit was due to me for the stuffing.  A number thanked me and I blinked a yes.

People drifted off and had sex on the grass, some swam in the pool and others just drank and talked.  I realised that I was board and no longer the centre of the party and would have cried if that had been possible.   I wished that I could have joined in the party but with just a few bones left of my body that would have been a hard thing to do.  Time dragged.

About 10 o’clock Jacked announced that it was the Brain Game.   The group gathered around with a murmur of excitement.   Jack held up a bag and asked one of the girls to draw out the first entrant.  She called out that Caroline was the winner.  

As they gathered around Jack took a red-hot knife from the burner on the table and cut around the top of my scull, the pain was blinding and unexpected, as I had not felt a thing when they had carved up my body.  He removed the scalp from the top of my head and exposed the skull.  Using an Electric disc cutter he cut into the bone and was able to remove the bone down to what would have been my hairline in one bit.   My brain was now exposed to one and all and I realised that my time was short.  

Caroline picked up a small spoon, which had the edges especially sharpened and approached my head.  With some help from her Husband she pushed the spoon in and removed a part of my left lobe.  Some how I could feel my legs jumping, but I knew that this was just a nervous reaction.   She drew the next name and he came forward.

Again the spoon was used to remove a part on my brain.  People stared into my eyes and asked me if I was alive, I blinked yes.   The game was to remove a tee spoon of brain and eat it, but the one who killed me would have to pay a forfeit.

My head was on fire and I could feel different parts of my body give nervous reaction to the destruction of the control centre.   It was becoming difficult to concentrate when my left eye stopped working.  When I blinked yes the eyeball did not respond and the girl who had just had her turn gave a groan.   One of the men with great glee used a spoon to remove my eyeball and she had to eat it as the forfeit.   The look on her face as she put it in her mouth said it all and she was nearly sick but managed to bite down on it, chew it and swallow it.  She had to open her mouth to show she had passed the test.

Only 4 people remained and …………………………….






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