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The Cooking Class

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2023 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; hard; cook; trick; drug; naked; rope; frame; mast; force; insert; food; torture; death; extreme; caution; XXX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Karen, Deena and Sandy had been friends since college. All three had degrees in Home Economics and enjoyed cooking. They would host dinner parties at each other’s houses inviting other couples to join in. These adventurous women would occasionally take special food classes, sometimes for fun, sometimes to learn unique foods.

“Well, good afternoon, ladies. The Exotic Meat Company welcomes you to our special personalized cooking class featuring unique meat products from around the world. Today we have a very special treat as we will feature meals that are prepared by the MegaBooba native tribe from the Snatchapora Island off of Africa.”

The 3 women have been looking forward to taking what was billed as a “once in a lifetime experience” in cooking. There was a mystique about learning about the eating habits of a native African tribe. The three have been looking forward to this exciting cooking experience for weeks.

The guest chef led the three ladies from the butcher shop area and into a large room designed to teach cooking with multiple extra-large stoves, huge cutting tables, and an enormous oven. “Wow, Karen, these cooking items do look a little creepy.” Deena mentioned as she looked around the room. What really struck the women as odd was the large kettle, barbeque spit and large, metal cooking platter positioned in front of the stoves. .

Not sure what to think, Karen glanced over to Sandy, the third member of the cooking class crew to see her reaction. Sandy scowled as she glanced around the room with expressions of concern. Earlier, when they entered the Exotic Meat Company, they had noticed large sections of unusual cuts of meat were displayed in the clear glass refrigerated display cases. The meat hanging in the cold locker had weird shapes, not like a hog or steer, but almost resembling human body parts.

“This company sure makes rather unusual cuts of meat.” Sandy had whispered when they entered the butcher shop.

The three big chested women wondered if they made a mistake. The more they thought, the more they became concerned. The host chef tried to put them at ease by offering a light sparkling wine. The beverage has a sweet flavor with a bit of an unusual taste. The ladies drank their beverage quickly as each had the same idea, time to leave.

“You see ladies, this particular tribe is cannibalistic.”

A collective gasp of concern was heard as shock of what was said took over the women. There was no way they would participate in any kind of cannibalism. But, the drink so kindly offered by the host chef seemed to be having a strange effect on the three MILF’s. As they got up to leave, their legs gave out. They grabbed for each other, trying to stay up and keep moving forward out of the room. They collapsed into an unconscious pile of female fantasy flesh.

Karen was the first to awaken. She immediately sensed danger. She soon realized she was completely naked and standing in a large kettle of hot water, the same kettle she noticed when they arrived. The water came up to her hips. Hot water swirled in and out of her vagina. A leather strap was secured around her neck and around a post just outside the kettle to keep her standing straight up. Another strap was around her forehead that prohibited her from looking down or around the room.

When she tried to speak, she realized her jaws were forced wide open and an apple had been twisted and savagely secured in her mouth making a very effective gag. To keep her from trying to spit out the apple, a small notch in the apple secured a string that was tied behind her head.

Her arms were secured behind her in a cruel and painful way with each finger tied to the opposite elbow forcing both wrists parallel to each other with the rope wrapped around the wrists. Her legs were also secured around each ankle with her toes tied together, further restricting movement.

In front of her stood a naked man with paint on his face. She soon realized this was the guest chef they met when her and her friends walked into the butcher shop.

“I see you have awakened, I am Chief Whatatitti of the Megabooba tribe, and you and your friends are in for a very exciting and very personal cooking lesson, direct from the mysterious depths of Africa.” This naked chef with the massive dong walked over to Karen and grabbed each breast.

He bounced each boob in his hands as if he was weighing them. Karen winced as he squeezed and fondled each tit. He grabbed her nipples pulling them straight out creating two mid-air skin tents. He let go of the nipples causing the boobs to smack back in place.

“These are perfect” the chef exclaimed as he again squeezed each mound of skin. “My tribe considers a woman’s breast a delicacy. And looking over at your friends, it appears I will be able to cook quite a feast!”

Though Karen was unable to see them, she now realized her two friends were also somewhere in the room, also probably naked, bound and gagged.

Deena was groggy; she tried to shake her head, but a solid metal frame held her head in place. She was looking straight up at the ceiling totally unaware of the rest of her surroundings. An apple had also been forced into her mouth creating a very uncomfortable feeling. She felt totally naked and hardly able to move a muscle as her entire body was somehow secured into a metal rack.

Her elbows were forced back with her arms secured on a metal bar. Her wrists were secured such that they were parallel to the rest of her body. She almost appeared to have bat wings with the way her arms were mounted.

Her legs were also attached to the metal frame. Her knees were flexed and secured to the metal rack to allow her crotch to be fully exposed welcoming to anyone’s desire. Her lower legs were then attached to bars perfectly aligned with her upper arms. Her entire body attached to the metal rack gave an almost humorous perception of a “flat frog”.

Deena suddenly realized she was getting very warm as heat was starting to penetrate her back. She was unable to speak or see what was around frightened her. The increasing warmth below her body was getting very uncomfortable. Sweat was forming on her massive breasts streaming down from each nipple flowing around the bottom of her boobs until dripping below.

“Well, I see another course is awake.” Deena could only hear a man’s voice as she could not see her surroundings. The tribal chef walked over and began to message her moist, fleshy mounds. Deena looked up in fear at the painted warrior face that was glaring at her. She tried to shake and move away from him, but realized she was captive in a metal rack of some sort.

The chef went to the bottom of the rack and removed a cotter pin that kept the rack from moving. He grabbed a handle attached to the rack and began to slowly rotate the rack and Deena. As she was flipped over, she caught a quick glimpse of Karen standing bound and naked in a simmering pot. As the rack was turned a complete 180 degrees, Deena realized she was over some very large heating coils. Now her face, breasts and torso began to feel the extreme heat radiating from what she now realized were cooking coils.

The chef reached under and slapped her breasts back and forth playing some kind of erotic game of handball with her boobs.

“Chestnuts roasting over an open fire…” the chef sarcastically sang, breaking out into laughter, continuing to pull her nipples and squeeze her tits. After she had been turned, Deena was now looking straight down as the searing heating pads. She could sense the chef was walking away. Deena could only imagine what fate awaited her.

When Sandy awoke, she was lying on her back face up on a large metal platter. A massive apple forced into her mouth and held in place with some form of wire. Her arms were tied together and secured to her legs forcing her into a frog tie. Her feet were tied together such to allow her most private openings to be easily accessible. This unusual bondage gave Sandy the appearance of a giant Thanksgiving turkey on a serving platter, exactly what the chef had in mind.

The chef approached Sandy and started kneading her massive boobs like they were huge mounds of bread dough. The jelly-like movement of the skin rippled back and forth. He raised each nipple until the tits resembled giant skin pyramids. The chef seemed pleased with his prey as he moved his hands over and around her thighs and legs.

“My dear, you are perfect, absolutely perfect. The others have big breasts, but your breasts are truly spectacular, the biggest I have even seen. That is why you will be featured on the banquet table at the feast” the chef explained to her as he continued to explore her body in a manner of checking a ham for baking.

He reached over to a table full of cooking preparations and began to douse her with virgin olive oil. He spread it over her entire body until her skin shimmered. He poured extra oil over her breasts as he fondled each orb. The mounds of skin easily slid in and out of his fingers. Her thighs and legs were saturated with the expensive olive oil. Sandy almost came to enjoy this oily message if it weren’t so obvious she was being prepared for being cooked!

Sandy moaned through her apple gag in protest as the chef began to sprinkle seasoning over her body. “I need to prepare you so I can begin to cook the other women while you bake,” the chef explained to Sandy.

His words only heightened her fears. Now she knew she and her friends were about to be the menu offerings in a cannibalistic banquet. Suddenly she could feel the chef’s oily finger messaging into her ass hole. She tried to wiggle free as the chef forced a humongous green zucchini squash into her, forcing the cylinder well into her sphincter. The feeling was not particularly painful, almost pleasurable, but very uncomfortable.

Sandy could tell something was at the entrance to her vagina, slowly moving back and forth, a bit more inward with every move. Her appetite for sex was betraying her as her juices started to flow when the item deepened entry.

“This can’t be happening” she thought as she realized she was actually approaching orgasm. Her female sex muscles naturally tried to tighten around the smooth cucumber that was being forced back and forth in her. “MFHMFHOOHHOOMFHMFH” she moaned as her pelvic lurched high and her breasts rotated around when she exploded into a spectacular orgasm.

“Wonderful!!” the chef exclaimed. “Just what we had hoped, a woman having an orgasm just before she is eaten provides such a unique sweetness to the meat! You will become the beautiful center of our banquet, but first I must begin cooking the others.”

Karen could feel the water was getting hotter. The chef approached her and lowered the pole securing her head causing her to squat into the massive cauldron. Almost her entire body was now underwater as she strained to keep her dry. Her massive boobs floated upwards in erotic wave actions.

The chef was tossing various vegetables and spices into the kettle as the heat continued to rise. Her skin was now starting to turn bright pink as she moaned in pain through her apple gag. The chef dipped a large paddle into the kettle, stirring the water and causing her boobs to float back and forth with each stroke.

The chef looked at Karen and explained her fate. “You see, my dear. You will actually help provide two courses of the meal. Your feminine juices will provide extra flavoring for our “she soup”, which will also include some additional “she” meat. Your breasts will become some of the filet mignon of the main course and the rest of your body will be served on the meat platter. “

And with that explanation of her fate, the chef suddenly forced her head below the water and pushed the pole over the top of her skull in such a way to prevent her from raising her head above the now bubbling soup. Karen quickly lost consciousness as he continued to swirl the paddle in the kettle to stir the soup to perfection for the arriving guests.

Deena was still hanging upside down over the heating elements. She was getting hot, especially her low hanging boobs that were the closest to the heat. Sweat began to pour off her body slowly dropping off the end of her fiery red nipples. The metal framing began to get hot as her arms and legs that were flushed against the metal began to burn. She tried to force the apple out of her mouth as the skin of the apple was absorbing heat and beginning to bubble, an additional strip of metal kept the apple in place.

At first she did not know what she was feeling on her back, but soon realized the chef was stroking barbeque sauce over her entire body. He once again flipped the metal casting so Deena was now looking face upward. The chef took his large basting brush and applied more barbeque sauce on the rest of her body. He took extra time stroking her breasts causing her nipples to rise to the occasion forming bullets extending from a sea of reddening skin.

When the chef finished spreading barbeque sauce over her body, he sprinkled some southern spices and brown sugar.

“Now we need to add the hot chili peppers,” the chef explained as he grabbed two huge chili peppers from a nearby table. The chef first took gobs of Crisco to lubricate around and in her ass. Her muscles tightened as he pushed a large yellow chili pepper deep into her sphincter. Once he was satisfied the yellow pepper was fully in place, he began to take the bright red chili pepper and slowly move it back and forth in Deena’s heaven hole until the chili pepper was deep into her vagina. Both peppers had small pin holes that allowed the hot juices of the peppers slowly seep in both of her private openings, nearly setting her innermost sanctums on fire. Now, not only was she burning on the outside, but her insides were absorbing the extra hot chili pepper juices exploding inside her to provide an extra zest of flavor.

Deena was concentrating so much on her burning inside and out that she barely noticed the metal rack was slowly beginning to turn. A whirring noise indicated a motor running that was evenly cooking Deena over a barbeque pit that was getting hotter and hotter. The barbeque sauce over her body was beginning to bubble from the heat. The last thing Deena remembered before passing out was the delicious smell of a pork barbeque. Little did she realize it was her.

With Karen and Deena being cooking, the chef turned his attention to completing his table centerpiece of the banquet. With the squash and cucumbers filling her Sandy’s voids, the chef continued to provide other garnish to his prized main course. Slices of potatoes and radish were added to the already inserted vegetables. Large, juicy slices of tomatoes were added to each breast with small holes in the middle to allow the tomato slices to be slid directly around each nipple. Hollowed grapes balanced perfectly on each nub topping the tomatoes. Huge lettuce leaves were inserted between each inner thigh. Celery stalks were inserted in her tied hands giving an appearance of holding flowers. Cherries were inserted in each ear and placed between each toe.

The colorful trimmings around Sandy were leaves of spinach and lettuce with slices of bright red apples situated to give the appearance of Sandy laying in a garden. Circles of pineapple were strategically placed over her body, small cherries in the middle of each ring. The broth of the “she soup” gently poured over her entire body with various seasonings sprinkled around her most personal areas. Circles of cucumbers were placed over each eye blocking her view.

A spectacular array of colors highlighted the feature course of the menu. The chef opened the door of the extra large oven and slowly eased the metal platter into the 400 degree heated cavern. A wall of hot air surrounded Sandy’s head and soon encapsulated her entire body. The last thing Sandy remembered was the oven door slamming shut. The three friends were now being fully cooked and would soon meet again in the banquet hall.

As the guests entered the dining room a magnificent spread of food awaited them. Platters of different cuts and flavored meats were situated on a long table covered with white cloth. As guests entered the buffet line, they were first met with various bread rolls for the barbeque flavored meat located on the first platter. An excellent selection of white and dark meat briquette and “pulled people pork” were available for choosing. A variety of sauces were lined up in plastic bottles. Flavors with names such as “Sweet Thing”, “Hot Mamma” and “Girls Delight” were marked on the bottles.

The next selection of meats were at a carving table of elegant slices that had been cooked in the broth of the soup. The tender moist sections of meat easily slid off the carver’s knife onto the plate of the waiting guests. An au jour of the meat juices or horseradish sauce was provided at the carving table. The Soup of the Day, real “she soup” bountifully filled with “she” meat was provided for each guest.

The chef-d'oeuvre of the banquet was the chef’s table where a magnificently roasted specimen of a beautiful female was on full display The bountiful thighs dripping with essence, the two “filet mignon” shimmering in a buttery glaze, the entire torso, legs and arms, positioned inviting guests to sample. As an additional treat, the four “filets” of the other two featured “guests” were positioned at each corner of the main course resembling massive brown igloos with red nose cones.

As the guests munched on the initial meat offerings, the chef called everyone’s attention as he began to delicately carve the first slices from the main featured course of female roast. Fresh meat dripping with flavor was evenly sliced from the hams. The shoulders also provided a tasty treat dark meat. But the truly special meat were the female “filets”, juicy and filled with flavor with a touch of milkyness. A rare treat indeed. The additional four roasted female breasts were evenly sliced to provide everyone at the banquet with plenty of this exotic meat.

The next day the Exotic Meat Store opened for business with fresh cuts of unique tasting meats, savory tasting baloney, specially made sausage links, “seasonal” hams and short ribs that weren’t very short. A sign in the window read “Next Exotic Meat Cooking Class in Two Weeks, Don’t Miss It!”


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