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Dinner Date

by The Wolf

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© Copyright 2007 - The Wolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; swallow; eaten; digest; mast; climax; soft; nc; X

Chet had been working up the courage to ask Elaine out for almost a year and finally decided that now was the time. Elaine was his goddess. Her long dark hair, perfect figure, and smoldering eyes had tormented him. She had been going out with Steve from accounting, but he had left the state to pursue a better job, leaving her available. He summoned up all his nerve and walked into her office trying not to think about the pot belly he was trying to get rid of.

"H-H-H-Hi E-Elaine," he stammered out.

"What's on your mind Chet?" she asked in that cool way that always ignited his passion.

"I-I-I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner and a movie tomorrow night!" he said in something that sounded like one long word.

"Oh Chet!" she said excitedly, "I'm so glad you finally asked me!"

"Really?" Chet said utterly floored.

"Yes! I've liked you for a long time, but," Chet didn't like the word but, "I find going out so impersonal. Why don't we just have a nice dinner date at my house?"

"Sounds great!" He said relieved.

"Perfect! Here's my address," she jotted it down on a post it note, "I'll cook something nice for dinner and you just bring yourself. Around... six."

"I'll be there!"

"Oh! Before you go, is there anything I should know before deciding what to make? You a vegetarian or anything?"

"No just about anything will be fine. See you then."

The next day could not pass quickly enough for Chet. At around five-thirty he left his house and found Elaine's at almost exactly six o'clock. It was somewhat isolated and on the outskirts of town, making it difficult to find.

"Perfect timing," Elaine said as she opened the door, "I just finished getting ready."

Dinner went wonderfully. The food she made was excellent, and they spent the whole meal getting to know each other. By the time they were finished, Chet began to think that this relationship would go somewhere.

"Now its time for dessert," Elaine said getting up and walking towards him. He thought she was headed for the kitchen.

"I can't wait to see what you made."

"Oh, didn't you know? Dessert is your department."

She grabbed his arms and pinned them to his side. He struggled to get away from her, but the grip was too tight. He did not know what she was doing but had a feeling of impending doom.

"I'm so glad you asked me out on a date. I waited a long time to taste you." As she said this her tongue instinctively ran over her lips. "You were always nice and plump but not too fat. I'd look at you and my mouth would water." Chet could only whimper a little as she continued. "I was so glad to hear that you weren't a vegetarian. Steve was a vegetarian, and he tasted horrible. I spent weeks trying to get the little prick to eat some meat. Eventually I just gave up and ate him anyway. I'll never do THAT again. Well, enough chit-chat."

She began to tear off his clothes, and as she did she opened her mouth wider than any human should have been able to. Chet could only watch in silent horror as the cavernous mouth opened wider and wider. Finally with the speed of a cobra she struck, and his head was in her mouth with her lips wrapped around his neck.

She quickly began to swallow him, taking in his shoulders and working her lips further down his naked body. Chet got an erection when his shoulders passed her lips. She used her hand to jerk it off as she greedily devoured him until she was to his waist. She slurped in his dick with her tongue just seconds before she took his ass in.

He experienced sexual ecstasy as he came in her mouth.

"Uuuummmmm-MMMM," she said around his body as she licked him all over tasting everything. She swallowed his pelvis and began to work on his legs. She worked down them until the only things outside her were his feet. She sucked them in through her lips and made one final swallow that brought him completely into her stomach, which had stretched out to accept him.

"Mmmm, who says you can't find a good man?" she said as she contentedly rubbed her over-full belly, already digesting Chet. "You were downright delicious!"



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