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The Cycle of Life

by Knotty Master

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© Copyright 2009 - Knotty Master - Used by permission

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This story contains adult content and should not be made available to minors or be read by anyone who is offended by sexual materials. Feel free to repost this story as long as it is in an appropriate place for the content and as long as this disclaimer remains with it.


"Pass me the specimen box". Carol lifted the new species of fern carefully from the ground. She had discovered the new plant within the first three hours of a new expedition. She had only just begun her internship and she was already proving herself with the team. Carol seemed to have the uncanny ability to identify a plant with the shortest of glances. When she was a small child, vacationing with her parents in Brazil, she had ingested a poisonous plant. They were far from help and she can still remember how quickly she was getting sick. Their guide, a local man, walked into the vegetation and returned with a fist full of bright green leaves. The man squeezed the juice from the leaves into her mouth and made her swallow. She remembered how a few drops of the bitter plant seemed to instantly stop the pain. From that day forward, she had a new devotion and respect for plants.

Now she was exactly where she wanted to be. A spade shovel in her hand, out here in the jungle, Bringing in the newest plant discoveries. Who knows, one of these plants could cure cancer or stop Alzheimer’s. The native helpers readied the specimens for the hike back to camp.

"You go ahead. I’m going down that hill a ways before I head back."

They looked at her with question. "It is not wise to go alone. If you want, we can come back tomorrow."

"This is not my first camping trip. I know what I’m doing out here. I have the GPS radio, so if something happens I can call for help. Besides, we only have a week and It would be a waste to make the same hike twice."

They knew she wasn’t going to listen to reason. As they wandered off they mumbled under their breath about how typical the dumb Americans were. The last time they looked back, Carol was folding the shovel to put it back into the pack.

Carol looked at her GPS, studying the route they had taken to get to this point. She figured she could head down the hill for two hours, before she would need to make a bee line back to camp. The point she stood at now was down hill from camp and she was about to make a right turn and head down a steep slope. That meant the hike back to camp was going to be an uphill climb. She took off walking as fast as she could. She wanted to cover as much ground as she could before dusk. She knew better than to get trapped out here in the dark. Even with the GPS and a flashlight the jungle would be impassable.

Before she knew it, she was looking down a deep ravine. She lined up the GPS with the gully. At least it headed the right direction, running parallel with the original route to camp. After about an hour of walking along the edge of the ravine, she spotted a clump of pitcher plants growing on a strange mound. She crouched down and looked closely at them. They were definitely pitchers, but they were different from any type she knew. Instead of tapering down like funnel, they had a bell at the top, a narrow neck and a spherical chamber at the bottom.

She picked up a twig and dipped it into the bottom of the plant. When she withdrew the twig, there was the sticky goop on it that she had expected. The thing that surprised her was the tiny tendrils that gripped it. They wriggled about, trying to gain purchase of the stick. She had seen plants that could move before, but this was something else. It was especially strange for a pitcher plant to have moving parts. They were carnivorous, but normally trapped their prey by baiting insects with their sweet nectar. They would then find no traction to climb back out and drown. As they decomposed inside, they nourished the plant.

She hunted down a bug and dropped it into the plant. The tendrils quickly ensnared the little bug and began to pull it into the neck. Carol had a thing for bondage and was a little turned on by the scene. She laughed at herself, thinking what a freak she must be. Watching the plant take its victim, strangely it turned the bug around, butt first and only pulled it in until its head was just poking out. After a couple of minutes the plant just let go and the goo covered bug crawled away. She was dumbfounded. Why had the plant given up a free meal? Looking at her watch, Carol realized she had delayed too long. There was no way to get back to camp before dark. The only option was to spend the night here.

She made up a bed of leaves as the sky began to dim. The best place she could find was right next to the pitcher plants. Shortly after the sun had set, she watched curiously as a small mouse with a notch missing from one ear, scurried about the plants. The mouse seemed to check out the plants then select the largest one to climb onto. Then the mouse began to exhibit the most unusual behavior. It turned its backside to the opening and backed up. The plant happily groped the mouse and pulled it in until just its little nose poked out. The mouse seemed to be enjoying the assault. After several minutes, the plant let go and a slime covered mouse hopped to the ground.

Carol watched the mouse bathe itself, licking all of the goo away. As she watched she suddenly noticed the notch on the mouse’s ear was much smaller than when it had entered the plant. Had the plant been responsible for regenerating the tissue so quickly?

She felt bad for what she was about to do, but she had to know what was inside these plants. She removed a knife, flashlight and magnifying glass from her pocket. She made a vertical slit up the side of a plant and peeled it open. Inside was a pool of goo and the thread like tendrils. Something she hadn’t expected were the two phallus like tentacles. They were seated right in the center of the chamber and the tendrils originated from a ring all around them. It seems as though there must be a male and female part to the plant. The plant must deposit pollen into the animal. Then when the animal visits another plant, it pollinates it. Like an X-rated flower and bee relationship. Its powerful healing ability must be to ensure the health of its friend to keep it around for many visits.

Sure enough the mouse returned later that night. When the plant finished with it, its ear was completely healed. Fascinated, Carol went against her better judgment and rubbed the goo into one of her larger cuts. She was amazed to see the progress as the wound healed itself. In a matter of minutes it looked like the wound had been weeks old. That’s when she noticed she was suddenly very horny. "So, you are an aphrodisiac as well my naughty little friend." That night she couldn’t get to sleep without getting herself off. "There is no one around, why not!"

Stripping naked, she took some rope from her pack and tied her ankles together. Taking another strand she wrapped it around her waist and brought the free end up between her legs from behind. A loop with a slipknot was fashioned and her wrists inserted. When she attempted to pull her hands from her crotch the loop tightened, trapping her hands in the most convenient spot. She pretended a captor was holding a knife to her, ordering her to get off. As soon as she climaxed she was out.

Blip… Blip… Carol woke to drops of rain stinging her face. The rain quickly intensified. It wasn’t cold, but it was coming down in sheets. She tried to climb up the hill into the larger trees but the ropes she had gone to sleep in made it impossible. Water was flowing past her like a river. Before she could grab anything she was washed right off the cliff. She pounded through the brush below and landed with a tremendous splash. She was half sitting in a large pool. There was a lot of pain. She knew she was hurt badly. It took all of her remaining strength to make it to the shelter of a large leafed plant. Her word was spinning as she lost consciousness.

She woke to the sound of monkeys screeching at each other. The sun was making a futile attempt of penetrating the forest canopy. As she freed herself from the ropes, she surveyed herself, finding no broken bones, but both of her ankles and one of her wrists were badly sprained. She looked around and was disappointed that none of her clothing or gear had come down with her. There was barely an inch of her that wasn’t cut, scraped or bruised. If it hadn’t been for the many branches she had crashed through, the fall would have surely killed her.

The morning light revealed that she was surrounded by several huge pitcher plants. They were two feet across and three feet high. She realized that with her injuries her only hope for survival was the plants. She reached over and gave her arm with the sprain to it. As the tendrils wrapped around it, she clung to a small tree. The tendrils groped and tugged trying to pull her in. She hadn’t anticipated the reach they had, or their strength. Carol was loosing ground as the tendrils climbed all about her body. To make matters worse, they were coating her with the slime. She was becoming horny as hell. As her rear was positioned on top of the plant, she realized the sprains were no longer hurting. It seemed as though the slime must be a pain killer as well.

The tendrils began to wrap from her knees, up in front of her, over her shoulders, around the back of her neck and back again. They moved like worms stretching out and then constricting. Slowly her face was being pulled into her knees. She reached behind her head in an attempt to pull the tendrils away, only to have her fingers woven together and pulled further back.

She brought her feet in, attempting to push off of the plant, but they too were trapped and drawn in tightly. Carol felt the tendrils pulling her down against the opening. She began to feel some relief, thinking she wasn’t going to fit through the opening. Suddenly, the plants form seemed to relax and become pliable. It stretched and oscillated like the mouth of a snake. Inch by inch, it worked its gaping maw over its balled up human. Just as the rim crested the tops of her knees, she felt the tentacles at her lower openings. She immediately clenched in an attempt to stop them. As the tentacles wormed their way in, Carol’s body defied her. The sensation of the tentacles moving like worms through the earth, extending and contracting, over and over, caused her to climax.

Strangely, as she felt the tendrils letting go, she didn’t want it to end. As the plant kind of spat her back out, she felt like she had just slept with a man that had gotten off too soon. She was ashamed of her perverted feelings. She didn’t know what to think as she made her way to the water to clean up.
Her abrasions on her skin were nearly healed. The sprain in her wrist was much better. The strange thing was the lack of improvement in her ankles. Maybe they were injured worse than she thought. She could bare some weight on them, but hiking out of here wasn’t going to happen yet.

Carol made her way back to the water and washed off the slime. Once clean she watched a monkey visit one of the plants. It was obvious the monkey had experience as it gave itself to the plant bottom first. Interesting, she thought to herself. The plant seemed to be much more gentle with the monkey than her plant had been with her. Perhaps the plants react to the resistance. If she were to give herself to the plant voluntarily, maybe it would be nicer to her.

Another round with the plant might have her well enough to get out of here. She backed up to the plant that had assaulted her earlier. At first the tendrils came out and groped at her. After a brief exam, they withdrew. There were only two possibilities. The plant needed to wait longer or the plant won't take the same animal twice. She decided to test the theory and moved to another plant. This one was more than happy to take her. This time she just let the plant do its thing.

At least one theory was proving true. The plant only spent enough strength to get her inside. Once she was in place the intruders did their magic. Again it was over too soon. The plant deposited her on the ground and returned to an upright position. As she again bathed, she noticed her skin was perfect. Not just the cuts being gone, but she looked sixteen again. She even felt younger. Her wrist was perfect and her ankles were a bit better, but she still couldn’t hike out.

One more visit to the plants should have then fixed again. As she hunted for a suitable plant she noticed a break in the canopy. The sun was just falling through it. As it rose, a patch of the pitcher plants was lit up. The plants were energized. They moved and swayed like were dancing to music. The slime covered monkey rushed down to the plants and gave itself to one. "I hope you don’t mind company little fellow". Carol was a little ashamed of herself for wanting to join the monkey in some kind of botanical orgy.

She positioned herself at a large plant, still having a good view of the monkey. She stood calmly as the first tendrils closed around her waist. There was a position she had seen on the internet and she wondered if this plant could bind her that way. She put her arms together behind her back. She then raised them palm to palm, up in the reverse prayer until her fingertips were touching the nape of her neck. She then began to tug away from the plant and sure enough, it responded by entangling her upper body.

The monkey had started its adventure a little before hers and was already deep in its plant. As her own plant pulled her on top of it, she brought her ankles up and crossed them behind her head. She was very limber and if she was to be violated, she wanted to take full advantage. As the plant worked at lacing her feet and ankles together, she noticed the beam of sunlight was now shining directly on to the monkeys plant. Suddenly it became very animated. The whole plant began to ungulate and wriggle. The monkey inside started screaming and fighting franticly. She wished she could see what was happening to the creature. It’s screams were starting to become garbled and soon stopped entirely.

As she watched the poor thing struggle within the plant, she noticed the path of the light beam was heading right for her own plant. Terrified, she began to struggle with every ounce of strength. The plant responded by griping her tighter. She continued to fight until it felt like the plant was going to crush her. As she was pulled into the belly of the plant, she saw the top of the monkeys plant contracting and sealing the creature inside. The tendrils were deep in her bottom when her face dropped below the rim. As her butt hit the floor of the plant she looked directly at the opening in the trees. Terror filled her mind as the first warm rays of sun fell on her forehead.

The whole plant started to get warm. The neck of the plant constricted around her throat. It wasn’t choking her out but she could feel the blood rushing to her face. Suddenly the invaders in her lower holes swelled to painful size. She began to scream as they pushed deep at her bowels. The entire plant began to move. As it began reworking its shape, it was getting difficult to keep her face at the opening. The body of the plant started constricting from the bottom up. As it conformed tightly to the shape of her body, A new problem was rising. As all of the extra space was disappearing, the nectar was forced upward, covering her chest and breasts.

She was beginning to overdose from the lust jell as she was now calling it. The jell was climbing past her throat, and beginning to pool around her face. She clenched her mouth shut and lifted her head as far as she could. The effort was too little. The jell was just under her nose and rising. She wished the plant would give her another orgasm. At least that way she could die happy. But the plant had another idea. It had a job to do and that was it. It closed the bell over her face completely sealing it in with the slime.

She held her breath as long as she could. Her lungs were on fire. Knowing she couldn’t continue, she opened her mouth and inhaled deeply. As the jell flooded her lungs, her body tried to retch it back up. Her body quickly calmed and she began to breathe the stuff. It took more effort than breathing air but it was so oxygen enriched she only had to inhale every few seconds. Something poked her in the back. Then again she felt it. Here, there, everywhere, it felt like she was being stabbed a thousand times over and over with syringes. There wasn’t an inch if her body that didn’t suffer the torture. It was like being tattooed on her entire body at the same time.

After a grueling hour the plant finally released her. There was a long process of expelling the jell from her lungs. When she finished coughing out the last of the goo, she looked over her body for needle marks. The healing jell seemed to have repaired any damage they might have done. She tried to think of what her next move should be. The monkey’s plant was empty and the monkey was nowhere to be found. Carol reasoned the monkey had the best idea and she should get away from these infernal plants and find her way to camp.

She moved naked up the ravine, hoping to find a place to climb out. Hours had passed and it was nearly dark before she found a climbable rock face. It was nearing dark, so she decided to make the climb first thing in the morning. Looking for a place to lay out for the night, a large flat patch if bare dirt seemed attractive. It was mid summer so there would only be about eight hours of night. As soon as it was dark, she laid herself in the soft soil. Whether it was some lust jell trapped inside her or the fact she had been so stimulated earlier without release, she had to masturbate before falling asleep. When she was finished with herself, she left her legs splayed, slightly bent at the knees and flopped her arms straight out to the sides, bent at the elbows, so her hands were beside her head, palms up.

As she slept, the moon shone through the trees. Her skin, flawless from the pitcher plant treatments seemed to glow right back. She slept through the night without so much as a twitch. She dreamed of a man making love to her in a field of flowers.

Carol squinted her eyes blocking most of the morning glow from her eyes. She had awoken in the same position that she had fallen asleep in. She raised her hand to create a visor from the daylight. Or at least she tried to. She could feel the muscles in her arm flex, but it wouldn’t leave the ground. Confused she tried to lift her head and see what was going on, only to find it firmly stuck down as well. She squirmed and pulled, but nothing would move. Her head was slightly turned to one side and she could just see her hand and arm. There were thread like hair roots coming out of her skin and into the ground. Thousands of them had her pinned nearly motionless. She reasoned they had been planted there by the pinpricks she had suffered in the plant. Each root was so small that she could clip it with a fingernail, but her fingers themselves were stitched firmly to the ground.

She struggled for hours before she gave up. The roots had increased in numbers and size. They criss crossed her body and applied so much pressure now that her skin was bulging up between them. She realized the pressure had stopped her breathing but she wasn’t suffocating. The roots must be supplying her with oxygen.

As she lay there motionless, she wondered what else the roots were doing. She hadn’t eaten for two days and now she no longer felt hungry. What ever was happening, she was horny. Never in her life did she need to get off more and there was nothing she could do about it.

Just as night was beginning to fall, she noticed buds forming on her hand and arm. The roots had grown to the point where there was as much plant visible as flesh. Somehow, despite her aroused state, she managed to fall asleep.

Carol awoke the next morning to the most unusual sensations. The buds that had formed on her were now little pitcher plants. There were many insects scurrying about, attracted to their sweet smell. Every time one of the insects were taken by one of the plants, she could feel it like the sensual touch of a lover.

Over the next few days, The pitchers grew larger. Each visit from a jungle creature provided her with the sensation of sex. Her body had been completely covered by the roots and her mind was beginning to fade. One of her last conscious thoughts was of the mound of dirt under the first plants that she had discovered. That was her fate. She was nothing more now than food for the plant. Or was she becoming the plant?

"Oh my, I’ve got another visitor. Oh my…"



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