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Camping for Food

by Lancer175

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Storycodes: FF; M+/f+; hard; eaten; cannibalism; toys; kidnap; drug; bond; gag; outdoors; tape; death; extreme; nc; XXX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

The three former college friends were looking forward to their annual camping trip in the mountains. They all enjoyed tent camping and tried to get together at least every couple of years in the great outdoors and just plain have girl’s fun. No husbands, no kids, no boyfriends. None of them really called themselves lesbians, but usually explored some fun sexual adventures when they camped. 

The three met at Ricki’s house and put their camping equipment into her large Nissan Pathfinder. Ricki had already packed the large tent they three girls would sleep and play in. The weekend soirees were always fun, some daytime hiking through the mountains and evening campfires catching up on gossip. Sometimes the evening activities would include some extra activities, occasionally male visitations. Who knows what will happen this year, always an adventure. 

A more secluded mountain deep in the heart of West Virginia awaited the joy crew. After several hours of back roads and unpaved goat paths that at times required Ricki to put the Pathfinder in four wheel drive, the female adventurers finally reached the camp sites. 

“Holy shit, Madison. Could you have found a campsite any more remote? I bet we don’t even have cell coverage up here.” Ricki observed. “Lucky I have a four wheel drive vehicle or we would have never made it here.” 

“Hell, this place is great!” yelled Baily. “Not a fuckin’ thing in sight, no one to bother us, so quiet you can hear the deer shit.”

The girls jumped out of the car and started to unload their gear. The first objective was to get the large tent up. Even though these three former college athletes were physically fit, they struggled with this extra-large tent. 

“And whose bright idea was it to use a tent this year rather than rent a cabin?” Baily directed to Madison. 

“OK, maybe I went a bit overboard suggesting we rugged camp this year.” Madison answered, seeming a bit apologetic. 

After an hour or so of driving stakes into the ground and tying ropes, the girls gathered around a campfire to prepare a traditional camping meal of hot dogs and hamburgers. As the evening wore on, the wine each girl consumed began to take effect. 

With an evening of giggling and man bashing, the girls sat around the campfire, smoking Marlboro Lights and enjoying time away from their husbands and boyfriends, who would be very upset to see them smoking again.

Madison was the first one to approach the subject of some sexual adventures for the evening. “I’m horny as hell and need a big dick,” she yelled in a bit of an alcohol induced stupor. 

“How about if I just suck your tits?” Baily slurred, also evidently enjoying her wine. 

And with that, Baily pulled Madison’s blouse up revealing her massive mounds squeezed into a tight bra. Baily unsnapped the front-loading booby trap and sprung out the two melons held hostage in the DDD cups. 

“Oh my god, ease up a little” Madison could hardly talk as Baily sucked hard on each nipple, rotating back and forth from left to right. 

Ricki reached into the tent and approached Madison with a huge, ribbed dildo. 

“This should help cure your appetite for a man’s cock” Ricki chuckled as she inserted the phallic object into the soaking wet love cave of Madison. Madison shook with exaltation of a massive orgasm while the other two girls howled in laughter watching their cohort explode into a sexual delirium. The three totally blasted friends collapsed into an alcohol induced coma, not waking until mid-morning the next day. 

The three amigos left the tent to explore the mountains of this wild, nearly primitive area of the country. 

“God, it almost feels like we are in a Deliverance movie,” Ricki mentioned as they walked through a rather creepy section of the forest.

“Guess we’ll see the little guy with the banjo next.” Madison replied, as she was cautiously looking up into the trees.

The three adventurers climbed up a hill and came upon a small village with wooden buildings and a few businesses. The buildings were ramshackle structures that needed repair. As they approached the town, they noticed some residents with crusty, unkempt appearances. 

“Oh my God, we are in Deliverance.” Baily blunted out.

The three walked down a dirt street and saw a barber shop and store called Sweet Meats located beside Bubba’s Bar and Grill. A homely looking character walked from the meat store and looking straight at Ricki and said, “Hi, you’re sure pretty, we’d like to have you for dinner on Sunday.”

“Not a fucking chance!” Ricki yelled at the uncouth, unkempt upstanding citizen of the town. 

“Well don’t get so riled up, little lady. Just trying to give you a friendly welcome to our town of Rattle Bones Creek. My name's Sim, that’s short for Simple, that’s what people call me around here.”

“Thanks Sim, but I think we will be leaving now.” Ricki told him as the three girls started to quickly walk back to the path to their tents. 

That evening, the three friends again sat around the fire drinking, but Madison brought something more interesting, a bag full of grade “A” all American cannabis.

“Am I going to have to teach you how to roll a joint?” Madison commented to Baily as she struggled to get the roach ready to light. After she finally figured out the paper roll, Baily inhaled a deep, soothing sweetness that soon had an effect on her sensibility. 

The sweet smoke permeated the forest as the three chums mellowed out with hand rolled joints, and a few fat ones, accompanied with some chilled white wine. The girls weren’t lesbians, at least they didn’t think so, but the playful atmosphere the night before with Madison was very enjoyable. Happy, high and horny, the time for some more playful banter soon appeared when Ricki grabbed Madison’s hands and tied her wrists together. 

“What the fuck you crazy motherfmfghmfghmfhgmfhhggfmm!” Madison couldn’t finish her final sentence before Ricki forced her wet panties down her legs and into her mouth. 

The girls couldn’t resist playing with Madison’s humongous tits, squeezing the marshmallow mounds like kneading bread. Baily couldn’t resist the exposed, dripping wet honey pot as she slowly moved her fingers in and out while sensuously lapping her tongue along the edges of the love hole. 

Her hands tied and mouth gagged, Madison couldn’t hold off much longer until she soon went limp to allow her two companions to have their way with her. She was only limber for a few seconds until the passion of this lesbian love fest caught up with her and created a sexual explosion that almost flung the other two girls across the grass. They released Madison and continued to taunt each other with a variety of sex toys, licking tongues and playful fingers. Woozy with wine and marijuana, the three minx collapsed into a slumber.

In the middle of the night, Ricki had to take a pee, not knowing the entire escapades of the evening were very much enjoyed by a local resident. Sim couldn’t believe what he saw when Ricki staggered out of the tent and crouched down to the ground and dropped her panties to release herself. Her legs fully open for Sim to view her fur lined flaps as a gusher of piss flowed from between her pink folds of skin. The yellowish flow of liquid trickled down a small embankment directly in front of Sim and his brother Courtney. To them, this was yellow gold as they knew they had struck it rich. 

Still groggy from the purple haze and white wine, Ricki lost her balance and fell backwards as she tried to stand. When her head hit the ground, she was looking directly up a pair of raggedy blue jeans that led directly into the crotch of Sim. It took a while for her surroundings to register in her foggy brain. By the time she realized what was happening, her panties had been stripped, stuffed into her mouth and sealed inside with duct tape. Several streams of duct tape were quickly wrapped around her legs and arms.

Fully secure, Sim and Courtney grabbed the wiggling wildcat as she attempted to scream through her gag. 

“Hot damn, she’s a live wire ain’t she Sim? Lookie at the way she’s flopping them tits back and forth.” Courtney told his brother. 

“I knew she would be a great family dinner when I saw her at Uncle Clem’s meat store yesterday.” Sim replied, remembering asking her to “dinner”, knowing she would be dinner. 

Madison and Baily thought they heard something, but both were still too blasted to realize what was going on. As the morning broke, the two girls woke up realizing Ricki was not in the tent. Ricki’s disappearance soon sobered the two from their self-imposed stupor. Quickly getting dressed, the friends went on a search for their missing companion. When they found shreds of duct tape in the woods just past the tent, their concern became panic. 

Fearing the worst, they decided to go to the small town of Rattle Bones Creek to see if they could find some form of law enforcement to help them locate their missing friend. They cautiously entered this eerie community of backwoods people, knowing eyes were watching as they walked onto the wooden walkway between the store and bar. 

Madison and Baily peeked into the window of the meat shop. People were barely visible towards the back of the shop in what appeared to be the butchering area. The girls slowly opened the door as they cautiously entered the shop.

“Anybody here?” Madison yelled out, not knowing if she really wanted someone to answer. 

“Well, hi ladies, can I help you?” a burly man wearing a blood spattered butcher’s apron finished opening the door and let Madison and Baily into the shop. 

Madison was taken back when someone answered and began to make excuses why they were there while Baily tried to sneak into the back room.

Baily screamed when she saw Ricki plated on a large serving tray appearing as a Southern Living Christmas Turkey with all the trimmings, even an apple stuffed into her mouth. She was on her back with her ankles tied against her thighs forcing a full view of her pussy that was fully stuffed with a huge zucchini. Her sphincter had a large carrot protruding from her hole. Her two humongous tits were forced into skin pyramids by roping tied around the base of each orb. Rings of pineapple surrounded each nipple, with a slight dash of cream cheese topping each erect red bullet. 

Ricki looked straight at Baily rolling her eyes in fear. Even without the apple in her mouth she would not be able to speak as she had been fully anesthetized, unable to talk or utter a sound. Baily was shocked at the sight of one of her lifelong friends plated as the main course of a holiday feast. Just as Baily turned to run, she was grabbed from behind as a cruddy hand tightly sealed her mouth. 

“Hot diggity damn! We didn’t even have to go after the other two, we just had our food delivered like a Uber Eats, and we will eat!” Courtney exclaimed as he pulled Baily back into the front of the store. It was way too late for the two curious cats to escape. Sim already had Madison naked and bound and gagged tightly to a post. Baily watched in horror as Sim kneaded Madison’s massive breasts. 

“Well girls, you are in for a real treat. You are invited to our family dinner this Sunday and watch as we prepare and devour the first of three delicious treats.” Sim told the two now fully conscious girls as he forced Baily against the same pole that bound Madison. 

With the two naked women back-to-back, the two hillbilly ruffians were in full glory, sucking hard on their tits and playing with their fuzz holes. Madison tried to lean away as Sim dropped his pants and began to take straight aim to split hairs.

“What the hell you boys doin’?” yelled a big woman who was quickly entering the room from the back. 

“I sent you two down here to fetch the dinner plates, not play around with these two tramps. Where the hell’d they come from anyway.” Mama Bass asked her two sons.

“They’re with her, they came out of the woods looking for her so we had to do something.” Coutney replied.

“Well, bring ‘em to the house, I guess Uncle Clem can use the meat at the shop.” Mama Bass led the way as the boys carried the large dinner platter with the main course. 

“We’ll be back, don’t you two honeys go anywhere.” Sim chuckled as he helped carry a fancy feast that was prepared: Ricki, thigh, breast, legs and all oiled and ready for the oven.

Madison and Baily squirmed and fought against their bonds, knowing they would soon be on the menu if they couldn’t escape. 

Meanwhile, Mama Bass directed the boys to place the main course on a kitchen counter for final preparation. Pads of butter were spaced evenly on every part of her body. A special meat basting was poured over the soon to be dinner causing her skin to shine and glisten. Mama removed the carrot and forced the baster into her sphincter, squeezing the bulb end to fill her cavity with a warm meaty fluid to enhance the flavor. She quickly re-inserted the carrot to prohibit any of the juices from flowing out. 

The two local yokels went back to the meat store to retrieve the other future menu features. Covering their heads in burlap sacks, the girls were untied from the pole and again thrown into the back of the pick up truck to be transported to the homestead.

Still gagged with their hands tied behind them, the two scared rabbits were tied into chairs at each end of the family dining room table. Madison and Baily watched in horror as their friend was being prepared as the main Sunday meal of the Bass family. The extra-large oven they saw in the house indicated that cooking large animals, probably humans, was a regular occurrence. Both girls shrieked behind their gags as they watched Ricki being loaded into the oven. They could watch through the tempered glass of the oven door as she began to slowly roast. They watched as the warm butter began to melt down her body causing her skin to glimmer and slowly turned into a brown glaze. A delectable female feast would soon be ready.

The two remaining “dishes” watched in horror as their college classmate was removed from the oven with the aroma of a fully cooked turkey. The apple in her mouth had softened with the heat and melted into the shape of Ricki’s mouth. They closed their eyes as Grandpa Bass picked up a carving knife and did the honors of slicing the meat onto the plates of each family member.

“I guess you girls ain’t too hungry” Sim asked the two women too shocked to mummer a word until they regained their senses and realized what they were watching suddenly screamed through their gags. 

“Git them whores out of here boys, take ‘em down to Uncle Clem’s. I think he’s working on the meat needed for Bubba’s menu at the bar. I am sure he can use these new selections of sweet meat.” Mama Bass yelled to the boys to rid the house of these screaming female menu selections. 

The two remaining friends were removed from the house as the family feasted on the female main course. The bound girls were loaded into a pickup truck to be transported to the Sweet Meats store in Rattle Bones Creek. Naked and afraid for the fate of Ricki and themselves, the bound and gagged “catch” bounced around the bed of the truck until they finally got to the meat shop. The same fat butcher met them at the back door.

“Well Uncle Clem, here’s some great meat to use for Bubba’s special menu next week.”

“Ok, Sim, let’s unload these tasty appetizers and help get Bubba’s menu prepared.”

Sim backed the pick-up into the unloading area of the meat store while Uncle Clem pulled the overhead chains and hooks to help unload the next batch of sweet meat laying in the truck bed. He took the two hooks and attached each hook to the wrist binding of each girl. With the press of a button, the hook was pulled by the chain sliding each girl out of the truck, raising them up onto a conveyor that moved each hanging meat across the room towards what appeared to be butchering tables. 

“Well Uncle Bo, what’daya think?” Sim said as his uncle began to feel each of his newly found meat supply.

“Ain’t bad Sim. Let’s get them on the table so I can clean ‘em up for cooking.” Uncle Bo replied as he wiped the metal tables to prepare his next batch of meat.

Baily was left hanging in the air as Madison was pulled off the hook and carried over to the first table. She fought her captors kicking and trying to scream through her gag.

“Don’t you worry little lady,” Uncle Clem said to Madison as he stretched bindings around each ankle and wrist to secure her to the table. 

“We ain’t going to hurt you none, well not yet. You see, you have to be alive when we place you into the meat smoker, otherwise you get all tough and chewy.” Uncle Clem explained to Madson.

Once secure, an olive oil treatment was spread over Madison’s naked body. Uncle Clem took his time as he massaged her ample breasts. 

“Sweet meat is even sweeter if you have an orgasm” these words from Uncle Clem could only mean one thing, Madison watched as the meat monger dropped his drawers and proceeded to climb on to the table. He started to run his fingers in and out of Madison’s well oiled love hole, making the entrance even more inviting and wet. His massive manhood easily slid into her moistened honey hole. Madison’s sexual reaction couldn’t avoid the rhythmic pounding of this inhuman sex as she exploded into a massive orgasm.

“See that, Sim. Fuckin’ her will give her meat an even sweeter flavor. You get to tenderize her friend. Let’s get the other bitch on the other table.”

Baily watched in horror, knowing the same fate soon awaited her. Sim and Clem grabbed her and trussed her tightly on another table beside Madison. Unable to move, she simply laid awaiting the sexual predator that would soon enter her personal space. Sim got the pleasure of oiling her body, squeezing her tits, twisting her nipples and forcing his fingers into her vagina, getting her ready for launch. She didn’t have to wait long as Sim dropped his pants; his sword was already a solid mass of male. He climbed onto the table and pushed his huge member deep inside her.

“OK, let’s get the good rub on each of them so we can get them into the meat smoker.” Uncle Clem directed Sim. “This Carolina meat rub is one of my favorites. I am sure Bubba will really like this meat flavored for his menu this week.”

With the adhesiveness of the olive, the meat rub adhered to the female bodies like glue, spices clinging to the skin. Each breast was treated with extra spices rubbed into each tit in a painfully rough motion as the meat rub was squeezed around each boob. 

The Bass boys seemed pleased with their food preparation and readied their quality meat to be placed into the giant smoker behind Bubba’s Bar. With an apple tightly secured into the mouth of each victim, the two college friends appeared plump and ready for a “pig” roast. 

The frightened girls were placed into a large hand cart and taken to the back of Bubba’s Bar and Grill where he maintained an extra-large smoker to prepare the mouthwatering meats he served at his bar. The girls watched in horror as tons of charcoal was shoveled into the massive metal cavern.

“Won’t be long now, girls. Once Bubba gets the grill to just the right heat, you both will become his menu features for the week.” 

Madison glanced over to Baily, eyes full of fear of what will happen in the next few minutes. Bubba sprayed copious amounts of lighter fluid over the charcoal and lit the pit. He closed the lid and closely watched the temperature gauge. 

“When this smoker gets to 400 degrees it’s perfect to cook a pig roast, pork or human roast.” Bubba chuckled as he looked over at his next two menu features squirming in the large cart trying to get free. 

After about 30 minutes, Bubba looked carefully at the temperature gauge. Pleased with the exact heat needed to fully cook his prized “porkers”, he grabbed the handle of the cart and moved closer to the smoker. 

With Clem and Sim helping hold each dinner portion still, each girl received a shot that totally numbed their body, but kept them in full consciousness of what was happening. Madison was first, she knew she was being lifted into the smell of charcoal smoke that soon surrounded her entire body. She could not feel anything, but began to profusely sweat. The smoke began to permeate her lungs, her mind began to spin until she was totally unconscious. 

Baily waited and watched the horror of her friend being lowered onto the grill as the smoke surrounded the body and flames licked Madison’s skin. Baily could tell she was being raised into the air and realized she was being placed beside Madison within the meat smoker. She could see sweat dripping off Madison’s erect nipples as her skin began to turn a golden brown. Baily tried to stay awake, fighting off fading into oblivion. 

Bubba took his meats off the grill and was pleased to see how each piece was golden brown. He poked a fork into the massive breast meat of Madison to assure the thickest meat sections were fully cooked. He loaded each slab of meat on a rolling table and moved them into his kitchen to slice up the sections to begin to slice and dice the meat to meet the menu for the coming weeks. 

“Well, Bubba, you sure outdid yourself this week, these menu selections are probably the best you have ever had!” a rough looking customer at the bar commented as he read the menu specials of the week.



Mammary Munchies Monday

Taco Titty Tuesday

Wonderbuns Wednesday

Thunder Thighs Thursday

Full Figured Foodfest Friday

Sweet Meat Sirloin Saturday

Smoked Shoulder Sunday

Bubba was pleased that with two smoked complete “sweet meats” he should probably have the menu for the next two weeks. Now to plan for the menu next month! 


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