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Big Brother

by Vorartfan

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© Copyright 2015 - Vorartfan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m. M/m; bully; revenge; capture; bond; stirp; swallow; whole; devoured; eaten; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

Matt and Sean were brothers. Sean, the younger, was 18, and his biggest problem in his life was his size: indeed he was only 5 feet, and suffered a lot because of it. Apart from that, he wasn't bad-looking: brown-haired, dark eyed, thin but quite muscular. He had always had other problems, like school. He had often been laughed at by others, and mostly guys his age.

Take Nick and his friends for instance. In locker rooms, when they changed, they would circle him, would stare at him, and would beat him. Of course they didn't do it too badly so that nothing could be proved. And yet, Nick wasn't that tall since he was 5 feet 3, but he had been so glad to find someone smaller than he had managed to convince his friends to follow him. They were taller of course, but not as tall as Sean's big bro.

Matt was not the kind of guy you want to deal with. 6 feet 4, big arms and legs, plus well-defined abs and muscular chest too. His neck was quite large, his hair blond, and his eyes blue. Aged 22, he had always protected his little brother and didn't understand why people were so bad with him. Sean had always told him about Nick & friends, but he never had done anything since there never had been any evidence.

But that day was different. Sean came back home, his clothes torn apart, about to cry and fed up with his pitiful life. He went to his room and locked the door. When Matt realized something was wrong, he knocked, but Sean didn't want to open. After 20 minutes, Sean finally decided to open. Matt noticed he had bruises everywhere, and even one black eye.

"What happened Sean ?"

"Nick and his friends attacked me again after P.E. class, but please I don't want you to do anything to make them angrier. I must be stronger to struggle myself."

"No no wait. You're not gonna do anything ! You are like you are and mustn't change to please anyone. You're my bro and I'll do anything to protect you. I know you're 18 and completely able to fight, but these guys seem to outnumber you and you need me to outnumber them. Who exactly is their leader ?"

"Nick is. The others wouldn't do this if he weren't there. But they are 4, and you're alone bro."

"Don't worry about that, they aren't together all day long right ?

"No, only at school and sometimes in the weekends, but most of the time they split up every evening."

"Do you know where Nick lives ? A band is nothing without their leader, then I have to get rid off him. And trust me, if he's not here anymore, they won't do anything. So tell me, where does he live ?"

Sean hesitated a bit, but replied, "Err I think he lives in downtown, in a street near the hospital. I know he turns left while leaving college, but I can't tell you exactly, sorry."

"Don't worry, it is enough I need to know. Now let's go watching TV. The day after tomorrow, he won't bother you anymore, be sure of that."

"What ? You're gonna kill him ? Please, no !"

"Not exactly Sean, not exactly. Trust me, and just shut up."

And Matt winked.

The following day, when college ended, Matt was waiting his prey behind a tree. He hadn't eaten all day to keep some room in his belly which had started to gurgle hours before. But it will soon be filled up then he didn't much worry. Sean had described to him how Nick looked, and when he saw him, he followed the much smaller guy.

Too bad for Matt, the streets were crowded by this time. He started to wonder when he would act. Then came a park. Matt couldn't help to smile: the first guy he had eaten happened in a park like this one. He had caught him and taken him behind bushes. But he couldn't do the same thing there. So, he waited for nobody to be around to run, catch little Nick and knock him out. Then he acted like the little guy had fainted and had carried him to his house, pretending to help a friend who had just fainted.

When he arrived he locked his room's door and, short of breath, put Nick down on the bed.

He wanted Nick to be totally under his power, then he tied him up, the arms in his back. He was so hungry that he couldn't wait for Nick to wake up. So he slapped him, and managed to wake him up.

When Nick understood his predicament, he screamed. Matt put a hand on his mouth to make him shut up.

"Hi Nick. Hope you did sleep well"

"Wh-where am I ?"

"In a place you'll never leave"

"What ?? But who are you ?"

"I'll be honest with you. I'm Sean's big bro, and I know what you did to him."

"Oh fucking shit. This little shit will bother til the end !"

Matt hit Nick: "Don't talk about him like that ! Your end is coming Bud, so if he bothered you, you won't anymore."

"What do you mean by "my end is coming" ? "

"I mean that you're gonna die tonight. Oh no, the ropes are very tight and you can't go anywhere, so don't even try it. You see, I haven't eaten all day and my belly here, is waiting for you" he pulled his shirt off and slapped his own gut.

"Wh-wh-what ??" Nick said, looking at this flat, but large belly in front of him.

"But don't worry, you won't feel anything. I've already done this before, a guy taller than you. My belly bulged but not as much as you can imagine. So you're going to slide in very easily, with your size, hahahaha!"

"Stooop it, I promise I won't touch Sean anymore, pleease." Nick started to cry and struggled as much as he could. Big Matt took off his jeans, to eat more comfortably. He grasped Nick with both hands and lifted him. Nick's feet were very far from the floor, but his head was just at his pred's mouth height.

"Goodbye Nick!" were the last words Matt said before opening his big mouth to take in Nick's head. Tied up from head to toe, there was nothing he could do but slide into this giant's body.

To engulf his little shoulders, he didn't have to make much effort. Now that his prey was in to his nipples, Matt slowed down. He wanted to taste him one last time. Nick shivered and Matt loved it. Then Matt tilted his head back and gulped. The head entered his throat, which bulged, only slightly since his neck was muscled and large. He swallowed again and his arms entered his mouth.

Once Nick's abs had disappeared, Matt could see his chest bulge a bit. He gulped harder this time, and his ass was in too. Nick's head and shoulders already were in the stomach, but the gut didn't bulge at all, which was quite impressive. Indeed, Matt's stomach was very big and his abs were very strong.

"If only I ate guys every day.." he thought while gulping, his adam apple moved up and down. He could feel more and more of Nick entering his belly and still nothing moved. Matt was so strong that he had no difficulties in engulfing alive a whole a guy, the legs of whom were the only things remaining of him. He closed his eyes and swallowed the legs to the knees, and then to the ankles.

He put a hand on his belly, which finally started to bulge out, but very slightly. He then took the feet in his mouth, raised his head and swallowed one last time, his neck going back to normal, so did hus chest.

He opened his eyes and saw that his belly had bulged out of 3 inches only. He was amazed to realize that a guy was inside of him, whole, and that it wasn't even visible. He then opened his door, satisfied to have fed his powerful and wonderful body, and went downstairs to watch TV. "Hope guys will keep bothering my bro.." He smiled and sat on the couch.

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