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Attack of the Vore Girls

by Zoya Dazzle

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© Copyright 2016 - Zoya Dazzle - Used by permission

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Part 1

It was intended as a field test of a new biological weapon. They built eighteen of these beauties and planned to set nine of them loose on a college campus. The creators could then sit back and watch the devastation take place. Nine would be enough for a test. The remaining nine would stay in stasis to be genetically tweaked and sent out for a second test. Another three-hundred were in production back at the top-secret plant.

They were cute, sexy, naked eating machines. Vore girls, for short. All had short curly blonde hair and perky teenage bodies like athletic porn stars. This round of production came with slick, oily skin of a perfect peach color, crystal blue eyes and deep crimson lips with pink tongues. They smiled, they licked their lips, and then they ate their prey.

As far as combat features go, these vore girls were strong enough to lift an elephant, fast enough to outrun a gazelle, and tough enough to eat a .44 magnum bullet at close range. Their tissues could stretch to stuff anything in their mouths up to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, and their throat muscles were enhanced enough to crush it down into their stomachs. If it wasn't digestible, though, she'd have to puke it back up quickly or she'd be in a lot of trouble. The digestive enzymes inside their bodies worked incredibly fast combined with their crushing abdominal muscles to reduce a full-grown cow to nothing but food energy stored in the muscles within three seconds time.

All this came with a price. They burned out quickly. Within two hours, all nine vore girls in the test would be dead victims of their own appetites. A vore girl could swallow and digest dozens of targets in that time. When she reached critical energy mass, she'd melt into a puddle of soupy DNA made of all the tissues she digested.

The test began with a plain, unmarked cargo van that pulled onto campus behind the cafeteria's back door. Around two-hundred students were there eating. The naked eating machines were unloaded where no one would see them right away, then we removed their neural headbands. They'd wake up in about a minute when the effects of the neural stunner wore off. Then, we hauled ass to get as much distance as possible. Hovering stealthy camera drones caught all the action as the barely-intelligent blonde predators fanned out. Their only programming was to not eat one another, and to devour as much meat as possible as fast as possible.

The cafeteria exploded with screams as soon as three vore girls bashed their way in the rear doors. Four wandered toward the athletic field, and two managed to run straight into a crowd running from the carnage within the cafeteria. We saw one pounce on a large brunette girl first. She knocked the chunky, busty girl down to the grass and grabbed her by the feet. Her mouth gaped wide and she sucked her in, swallowing the screaming girl up to her ass in one gulp! Two more heaving swallows left only the girl's flailing arms sticking out of her mouth, then she slurped them in, too. Her stomach stretched impossibly huge with the two-hundred pound meal. In three seconds, it shrank to a small bulge and the girl burped out the gasses in a thunderous, glass-shaking belch! She was off to look for her next meal instantly.

They ran like demons. Another vore girl landed whole-body on a skinny nerd, then lifted him up by his head. It took her less than two seconds to swallow him. As his feet kicked from her stretched lips, she was already running after another, catching a girl by the hair. She stuffed her into her mouth head-first easily, and digested the nerd as she swallowed the other. Someone, a big brawny student with black hair, hit the vore girl with a park bench. She spun around and knocked him down with one of her girl-victim's feet which were still kicking as they protruded from her mouth. She gulped, swallowed her second meal, then stepped on the brawny guy who had fallen on his stomach. She pinned him down with the weight of her grossly stretched belly, then waited while he yelled for help and her stomach shrank, digesting both the boy and the girl she'd just eaten. Then, she grabbed him by the waist and shoved his butt into her wide mouth, and swallowed him ass-first.

We watched a vore girl making a huge mistake as she tried to break into a car. Three cheerleaders were inside, having escaped the athletic field in their uniforms. Two of their friends had already been consumed. The vore girl smashed and pulled at the car, but she was only able to make holes and dents in it. She couldn't figure out how to open it. So she flipped it over! Next, she tried to swallow the car whole! Their ravenous appetite sometimes overrode their programming, and she erupted in gore as she tried to push herself too far and swallow the machine. It was just too big. As the shaken and bruised cheerleaders crawled out, however, another vore girl was waiting. She helped them out, only to swallow them one by one.

On the football field, the players were practicing without pads and helmets. They thought it was a joke at first, three naked blonde girls, barely five-foot tall, running toward them squealing with delight and big, sexy smiles on their bright faces. The coach tried to intercept them, but he was swallowed like a light snack. The other two blew past his struggling body that disappeared down the girl's gullet in three gulps to attack the twenty football players.

One girl dove mouth-open on a player's head, and he ran across the field, carrying her with him in the air. She kicked and wiggled, finding his shoulders difficult to swallow, but she managed to gulp him down to nothing and she fell over on the grass with him in her belly. Two players tried to grab his ankles, but her throat muscles overpowered them and she sucked inward so hard that they were pulled in up to their elbows. Now, they faced the same fate. We watched in deep interest as the vore girl tried to swallow both of the three-hundred pound linebackers at the same time. A third grabbed her around the thighs and lifted her bulging belly, pulling to free his two teammates.

But this vore girl reversed the grip with her thighs. She locked him against her ass and pussy tightly, continued swallowing the two players down to their waists, and then used her ASSHOLE to SUCK the third in! We had measured the suction power of the vore girl's digestive tract in the hundreds of pounds. Now we got to see it in action. He was bent backwards, cracking his spine, as she used her ass to devour him! She landed back on the green, stuffed with four players, and had to take time to digest all of them. It went a little slower than expected... twenty seconds. Then, she was off looking for another victim.

Campus police arrived, and two were eaten after using tazers to no effect. Three professors tried to protect some students and were devoured just as easily, followed by the students. Within one hour, the eight remaining girls had to struggle to find victims. The campus was evacuated and the national guard called. We had to end the simulation early, recall our drones, and let the girls die by remote self-destruct in the end.

They managed to find and swallow thirty-nine victims. A less than anticipated ratio of victims per vore girl, but we now had the data to move to phase two. They'd have to move faster, work in packs, and hunt more efficiently next time.

Part 2

The first test was disappointing. We had weeks of analysis to perform to find out why the vore girls had only been able to capture and devour 39 victims in a forty-five minute rampage on the college campus. There was some debate as to whether the three college girls trapped in the car counted as victims twice or not because the first vore girl died trying to eat the whole car. We smacked that analyst on the head and decided against it.

The results were clear. The vore girls fell far short of the 90-victim goal because one exploded trying to eat a midsized car. Her programming clearly failed to provide a more tactical choice for getting at the meal inside. The other eight performed well, but spent more time chasing down victims than we had anticipated. They hooked ten in the first ten minutes, then new victims got hard to find. Sure, they were fast, but they needed better hunting tactics and a better environment in which to catch more prey.

Like a subway station during rush hour.

The idea came that we should try this on a subway station packed with delicious humans. We also decided to field-test a defense system against the vore girls at the same time. Observers would carry hidden body cams and watch the carnage. These observers would be safe, we thought, because the vore girls were programmed to avoid their trademark scent. Each would wear clothing laced with a unique chemical that we'd designed to be undetectable to human noses. The vore girls, however, would follow their programming and leave them alone.

The nine remaining vore girls were primed and ready. We loaded the upgraded brain wetware to their little minds, letting them know where they were going and whom to avoid eating. Their little five-foot tall bodies, built to look like teenagers with athletic and sexy bodies, were dressed in casual clothing and programmed to follow an observer who would guide her with an arm around the shoulder.

The stage was set for an epic meal. It was shoulder to shoulder prey in the subway station. It was a hot day so most of the commuters were wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. We figured many were headed for the beach for some fun in the scorching ninety degree weather out there. Our vore girls wore a variety of hoodies and sweats, making them look a little odd but otherwise harmless.

I guided my vore girl to the subway entrance and signaled that I was in position. She didn't look like much of a threat. She was a slim teenaged girl with curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a sweet smile on her face. But when activated, she was a superdevouring predator, capable of horking down people like hot dogs. Here at the subway entrance, she could stop many from escaping. I didn't mind the presence of the subway security cameras, for our tech hackers had already infiltrated the security system and installed a tapeworm that would eat all the digital video data in moments.

I prepared to activate my vore girl. I had started calling her "Dolly." Not that she was busty or anything. She looked identical to the other eight. But she and I had some kind of understanding. Even though she was a robot. She wasn't mechanical. She was a biological robot, flesh and bone and blood, vat-grown with DNA mods that made her tough as a bullet-proof vest, flexible as a latex condom, strong as a forklift and fast as a cheetah. But even though she could not speak, I knew her brain wetware well enough like a lover. I loved watching her swallow things three times her size as easily as you or I would a snack cake. She seemed to like doing it for me. She wanted to make me happy.

Time to let them off the chain. We didn't need the neural inhibitor headbands this time. The upgraded wetware kept them complacent as lazy sheep until I flashed the signal laser into her eyes. Her pupils dilated, and I saw the hunger in her awaken like a starving lion. Like the sexy little demon she was, she ripped the clothes off her body and tossed the shredded rags aside and went at it like a naked hungry beast.

I backed off and pretended to cover myself for protection as she immediately grabbed a young man from his skateboard and swallowed his whole left arm up to his shoulder in one gulp. I almost saw her wink at me. She could have swallowed more than that. She was showing off her control for me! Screams erupted as she expanded her mouth to gulp down his head and his other shoulder. His feet kicked in the air as people parted and tried to get away.

The subway stairs were so crowded that people collapsed onto one another in panic and fell like dominoes. By the time they realized what was going on, my Dolly had already finished her first meal. She gurgled and swallowed and gulped him down quickly. His shoes fell to the floor and she swallowed his feet. Dolly's swollen tummy, the size of a large bean-bag, started to shrink. She was digesting. He would be nothing but fluids and energy for Dolly in a few seconds.

She leaped onto a fallen woman who was trying to get up and climb over her fellow humans. She grabbed the woman's kicking feet (she'd probably lost the high-heels in the panic attack) and stuffed both nylon-coated feet into her mouth. Then, those powerful mouth and throat muscles pulled with tons of force to suck the woman into her gullet up to her ass. Dolly shredded the woman's black skirt so I could see those pantyhose as she ate them. Dolly somehow knew I liked nylons and sexy asses. I don't know how, but she wanted me to see it. Three quick gulps and the woman was in her throat, digesting like the first man she'd eaten.

She continued sucking and swallowing men and women down her throat. I lost count somewhere around ten. It was too fucking hot! One large man tried to hold her but she broke his arms like sticks and sat on him. Another meal came first. She snagged a boy who had tried to run away from the stampeding crowd at the entrance and downed him in two swallows head-first.

Then, Dolly scooted back on the large man's face, putting her ass there and crushing down on him. His screams were cut off as his whole head entered her asshole. She wiggled her butt for me as her hips expanded. Her stomach was still digesting about one and a third victims as she sucked this man's shoulders into her anus. Her stomach grew to an incredible size, pushing up from underneath as the two-hundred pound meat under her was drawn in. Torso, waist, thighs, knees, all disappeared into her bottomless ass. Dolly had to rest ten seconds while her stomach crushed its contents and reduced the tissues to liquid nourishment, then into energy.

Dolly's skin was flushed red. She was nearing her limits. One or two more, I thought, and Dolly would be reaching critical mass. She'd then erupt from inside out in gore, then melt into a formless acidic goo that would dissolve the concrete and steel below her. She didn't care. She was still hungry. There was more food. Nothing mattered but her desire to eat and her desire to please me.

I heard screams from further down the subway station's platform as more people tried to escape the other eight vore girls. We'd hit the jackpot here. The open area of the college campus, though crowded, had too much room to hide and scatter and run. Here, they were like sausages in a pack for the hungry vore girls. They ate and ate and ate. Three were down already, my visual data readout indicated. They'd eaten ten each and were melting.

Dolly was still hungry. Her eyes started scanning, and she didn't right away jump on a target. She was being selective! She looked at me, then back at the crowd, and made her choice.

A large, young woman, pretty but a little chunky, was struggling to get up the stairs and surge through the insanity of the panicked stampede. Few, if any, had managed to climb over the writhing mass of commuters to safety. This teenager was trying her best. She had long black hair, a thick ass in stretch pants, and two huge boobs under a tight t-shirt. She was the kind, I assumed, that knew how big she was and didn't care. She knew that some men still looked at her and lusted after those soft curves, those giant breasts that held enough for a double armload, forget the handfuls.

Dolly did something special. She was hot, skin flushed with blood. Her tits had grown and her ass had swollen from all the meals. She had already hit the calculated stress energy limit of ten average humans, but somehow she refused to self-destruct. Her willpower took over her programming, which made me a little fearful of her. Dolly grinned at me and launched herself into the air like a grasshopper.

She landed on the big girl's back and wrapped her burning hot thighs around her waist. Dolly's short legs were barely enough to reach around so her toes could touch in front. Seems this big girl had a little shape to her, though the force of Dolly's legs squeezed the breath out of the girl and made her tits look even bigger. Backwards they tumbled, crushing several stampede victims, until they landed right before me.

Dolly hissed like a snake, and her mouth open wide. But to my surprise, Dolly took the time to rip the girl's top off. She split it with her fingers and tore it to pieces. Dolly turned her back to me, letting me see the tight bubble butt that had just been stuffed by a whole large adult male. Then, she pinned the whimpering girl down and did the same to her stretch pants. The pretty thing lay there crying as Dolly flipped the voluptuous girl onto her back, grabbed her ankles, then sat on them.

"Ah! Fu-- N- NO!" cried the victim, but she was too terrified to do anything else but stare at me, frozen in place as her ankles and thick calves disappeared up Dolly's butt. Her hips spread wider like before, and Dolly groaned with a roar of pleasure. She looked over her shoulder at me, winked, for real this time, and I couldn't help myself. It was so erotic I had to slide a hand down into my pants and slip a finger into my wetness.

Dolly smiled and squatted lower. Only her feet touched the floor. Her ass inhaled the girl's knees, thighs, then Dolly stood up as her victim's torso could be lifted from the floor. She was taking her time! I fingered myself more, in and out of my pussy. As the girl's tits were forced into her vacuuming asshole, I climaxed quietly, hoping that it wasn't obvious to the camera I wore in my jacket.

"NOOO--" cried the girl as her head was enveloped by Dolly's wide-spread ass. Her stomach was already digesting the girl's lower body as the shaking arms and hands disappeared up her rectum. Dolly then turned to me, her belly wide as a hippo. She looked a little sad. Her skin was so bright red that I could feel the heat radiating from five feet away. Then, I scrambled to get away as Dolly sighed and began a rapid decompression-like death. I couldn't look. It was too sickening because I'd come to like her. Now, her skin burst and she melted behind my back into a biological sludge that no human agency could even begin to make sense of.

"Lindsey here," I said into my com. "I'm ready for extraction. All vore girls are down. What's the count?"

"Over 100 for sure."

"Good, then get me out of here before the humans get their heads together."

Part 3

A personal experience. That's all I wanted. I wanted to know what it was like to be swallowed whole by one of our vore girls. One in particular, Dolly, had become my favorite. But first, I had work to do. Daydreaming about her mouth swallowing my slim thighs up to my ass would have to wait.

I was the only one left in the lab that night. I poured over the data, checking the charts, watching every spike and correlation in the graphs, and making notes. I was three amino acid links away from a seventy percent increase in the vore girls' ability to absorb organic material. They could already swallow and digest a two-hundred pound man in under fifteen seconds. But that chemical energy had to go somewhere. We'd discovered how to enhance their cellular energy storage and density of their tissues to keep up with their appetites, but after ten meals or so, they would reach critical mass and self-destruct in a steaming puddle of genetic goo.

Ten wasn't enough. I wanted them to devour a hundred each. I could do seventy percent by way of these three amino acid links... three. I kept searching, even though the last fifty combination triplets had turned out to be dead ends. Seventy percent... that would bring their average number of victims to seventeen. It was still far from one hundred, but I had a good feeling that if I could make this work, the next test would give us enough real-world test data to put our next big breakthrough in our sights.

My personal unit, whom I'd named Dolly, was devastatingly cute. Of course, I knew she was genetically identical to the latest batch of 300 of these little demons. However, Dolly was my responsibility, and I'd grown attached to her. I can't stop fingering my pussy as I watch the videos of her in the subway six months ago when she ate fifteen people whole. She did it with style, with an erotic allure along with her savagery. Dolly wanted me to cum while she swallowed men and women down her throat.

Another way to do it would be to rely on size and growth of tissues. Each victim swallowed could add to the vore girls' size, primarily in their fat cells. If I did that, Dolly would go from perky and athletic to voluptuous and buxom after one victim. After three, she would be fat without diverting some of the growth to her bone length. By ten victims, she would be eight feet tall and curvy beyond belief. At twenty, she would be a true giant. Unfortunately, that sexy vision would more quickly draw heavy weapons from the human army, and Dolly was vulnerable to such ordinance.

The Caxzar Directive called for speed, stealth, and voracity even as they ate. One hundred average humans was the goal for each vore girl, with no inordinate deviations from the normal human female form. They needed intelligent teamwork in their programming, and hunting tactics like a massive wolfpack.

It was no use. I needed a break. I'd been at it for seventeen hours and it was the weekend. All my co-workers had become comfortable using their human forms to go into town and fuck around with the locals. I tried it once or twice myself, but I had other fetishes that these humans found distasteful. I locked the computers and went to find Dolly in the holding cells.

There she was, her lithe little blonde-haired self lying flat on her back on a metal slab that hovered above the floor. A single shiny white strap lay across her thin waist. Dolly had a sweet smile on her face, little pink nipples that looked hard enough to cut glass, and a soft mound of gold pubic hair above her pussy. The strap was a neural inhibitor, and it kept her brain inactive except for her breathing and heartbeat. Three-hundred identical sisters of hers were held suspended in fluid jars as they finished growing. A few taps of the computer controls and Dolly opened her sparkling blue eyes.

"Hungry!" she said.

"Yes, I know Dolly. You're always hungry."

"Feed me?" She looked around for food. I'd only activated her head and neck. From the shoulders down, she was still comfortably paralyzed.

"What would you like, dear?" I stroked her blonde hair and she giggled and licked her lips.


"Lots of them? You want to swallow people for me?"

"People!" She nodded and licked her lips, drooling down her chin and cheeks already.

"Oh you're so sweet Dolly. You know that's your name? Dolly?"

"Dolly! Dolly! Dolly!" She chanted. "Dolly hungry!"

I checked her settings. Her digestion was off. I checked the fail-safe system. It was armed. I double-checked it again. Then, I checked her elasticity measures. Her body was fully elastic like an indestructible soft plastic. Well, almost indestructible. I recalled one of her malfunctioning sisters in test number one. She tried to swallow a midsized car with three cheerleaders in it. That one ruptured her throat and torso.

"Mmmmm! Feed me?" Dolly repeated, and her tongue snaked out far enough to lick the sweet, slippery drool from her chest. One of her new modifications was a tongue like a tentacle. Right now, it was limited to about ten inches. But watching her slather her little b-cup tits and nipples was making me so horny that I wanted to strip my clothes and join her in her lewd act.

"Don't worry Dolly. I'll feed you. I just need to make sure it is safe." I triple-checked the safety features, turned off the security cameras, and programmed her biological computer. I wanted it to allow expansion of her abdomen without activating the crushing strength of her stomach. She could stuff a mule in her stomach and crush it with many tons of force in seconds, so this was a portion of her anatomy that needed to remain inert. Her bowel evacuation needed to be ready, however, so I programmed it for twenty minutes after ingestion of an object.

"Lindsey? Lindsey? Lindsey?"

I stopped, stunned. She knew my name! I'd tried to get her to say it before her last disintegration and failed. Now, she knew me! Somehow, she'd learned it and retained it, for she had not been active since she was regrown and rebooted after she reached critical mass and melted.

"Yes! I'm Doctor Lindsey! I'm your doctor! In a way, I could be your mother, too. Did you know that?"

With a beaming smile, the little vore girl on the table winked and slithered her dripping tongue out toward her nipple. She teased it, slopping oodles of gooey saliva onto it. Dolly made it bounce, flicking it with the tip of her wet tongue. She smiled and winked at me again, so happy to perform.

"Oh Dolly, that's so fucking hot!" I finished the program and stripped naked, throwing off my human clothing and fondling these sensitive human tits on my chest. My form was tall, slender, but I had a nice c-cup bosom to play with and a neat, clean pussy that I loved to pet. I lowered Dolly's table to the floor and stood over her. She gazed hungrily at my body and then reached her tongue for my ankle. I felt it lick my instep, and felt the tingly sensation of her saliva on my skin.

"Dolly, eat me. Make it nice and sweet. I want to feel you from the inside. I know you don't understand anything but hunger, but you seem to want to please me. You seem to like me. And I like you. So make me cum as you swallow me whole." With that, I swallowed two oxygenation tablets so I wouldn't suffocate inside my Dolly's belly, and offered my right foot to her snaking tongue.

She giggled with a hungry glee, and wrapped that tongue around my ankle. I kept my balance, but only barely, as her lips reached my toes. Dolly nibbled for a few seconds, but she was so incredibly hungry that she sucked my foot down her throat in the next few seconds. Next, she gulped my calf, and that slithery tongue worked its way up to my knee. Her whole gullet made my flesh tingle. The sensation was like a hot bath in sparkling, crisp water that sizzled pleasantly.

"Oh! Fuck! Slower! I'll fall!" I figured I'd not planned well, I was so horny. To make it simple, I sat on Dolly's thighs and let her have my other foot. Her mouth gaped wide as I wiggled my toes against her stretched lips. Soon, both legs were in her throat, which bulged obscenely as my feet stretched them. Again, I had to shift my position as she greedily gulped me down. I sat upright again, then fell forward.

Dolly's powerful tongue found my pussy as her mouth stretched around my thighs. It slipped its way up between my legs and found out how to drive me crazy with lust. She wiggled it into my vagina, fucking deep like a cock in the human pornographic films I'd watched.

"Oh Dolly! Fucking amazing! You're so awesome! How do you know what to do? Fuuuuck!" She was bringing me close to orgasm already. I gushed my own fluids into her mouth as she horked me down, swallowing loudly, gulping and working her throat muscles. My hips were next, and I had my first orgasm as her lips crept up my tight buns. She walked them upward, pulling me downward. That wild, wet tongue found new ways to probe and poke and stimulate. My ass... she anal-fucked me with her hot, tingly tongue. THAT gave me another explosive orgasm!

"Lovely! Dolly! You're so lovely! Eat me! Swallow me!" I called, panting. Her gullet was tight. My feet were in her stomach. She swallowed me at a MUCH slower pace than her previous fifteen victims. They had been like snacks, gulped down in three seconds and digested in less than eight. She took her lusty time with me.

Fearing I wouldn't have room to finger myself to orgasm, I shoved my hands in just as her lips reached the underside of my breasts. I worked hard, strained, pushed against her powerful tissues in order to reach my slit and clit. There! I had it! Dolly's tongue slithered to my tits, pressed on my nipples, wiggled her tingly saliva onto them, teased them like a pornstar on camera. I viciously rubbed my clit inside her gooey body as my upper body began to enter her maw. The obscene gulping sounds made me hornier. My legs bent into a tight crouch inside her stomach, wrapped tightly by her stretched tissues, warmed by her body heat and her super-tickling, stimulating lubrication.

"Dolly! Dolly! I love you!" I cried as she stretched her mouth and throat around the widest part of my body, my shoulders. Her warm wet lips closed around my neck, and I felt her esophagus tugging me deeper. At the same smooth pace, she swallowed and gulped until her lips closed around my face, and hair and all were slurped into her mouth and swallowed in one powerful motion! The lab, the very world, disappeared, and all I could hear was her gurgling body and her throbbing, aggressive heartbeat.

Her last effort was suffocating, except that I didn't need to breathe for an hour or so. But the crushing power of her throat and stomach wasn't painful. It was caressing. It was tight, like being sealed and wrapped inside a thick, warm, wet blanket. My body was formed into the fetal position in her distended belly.

So incredibly horny I was inside Dolly's stomach, that I was able to make myself cum time and time again just by wiggling one finger against my excited clit. That's all I could do. I couldn't even open my eyes it was so tight. I imagined my shape being visible in the stretched, perfect skin of her abdomen. I climaxed again at that thought.

Eventually, the machines did their job. The table morphed to move Dolly's legs apart in a squat, and she evacuated her bowels. First, my slippery wet feet emerged from her ass, then my butt, then her widening hips and super-stretched asshole forced me out in a flawlessly clean pool of her saliva. It was the only digestive fluid in her body that was safe and inert.

I gasped for air, although it wasn't necessary, and laid there for another twenty minutes, totally satisfied.

"Hungry! Hungry! Lindsey! Hungry! Dolly hungry!" my pet vore girl called again and again.

I felt bad for her. Her hunger was real, even though it was part of her bio-wetware programming. Dolly felt hunger pangs. So after cleaning up, I led her down to a small testing room where she could safely eat five human prisoners out of about fifty or so that we used for testing. I watched, aroused as hell. But I'd already had more than twenty orgasms or so, and I was too tired to rub my sore clit anymore. Dolly ate them one at a time. They screamed and hollered for help, shrieked as their fellow humans were devoured before their eyes, and even tried to fight back. But Dolly was too much for them. She was a voracious goddess having a vorgy of human flesh. Nothing was going to stop her.

I shut off her hunger stimulators as she digested the last woman in the room. It was time to put her to bed again with a full tummy.


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