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Ann meets the Blob

by Weird

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© Copyright 2007 - Weird - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; engulfed; consumed; vore; death; nc; X

Fantasy developed after watching The Blob, 1958 version.


The sticky red mass flows across the grass, seeking prey. Approaching a house, it smells a living animal inside. It flows under the door and into the house. It senses that the animal is behind another door. It approaches.

Ann is nude and alone in her room, lying on her bed, casually looking out her bedroom window. The door is behind her; she can’t see it.

The voracious red mass flows under the door and into the bedroom. It senses Ann. It flows across the room, under the bed and up the wall behind Ann’s head.

It positions itself, then, with amazing speed, shoots a large, sticky pesudopod onto Ann’s head. It sucks over her, entering her mouth, sucking onto her lips, teeth, and tongue. Ann jerks in terror but is unable to pull away or scream; her mouth is full of the sticky mass. She can’t breathe; she struggles for air. She’s lying face up on the bed as it flows down her body, pinning her arms to her side as it ingests her.

She squirms as it covers her. It gloms onto the soft, large mounds of breast flesh and engulfs the nipples, enjoying the feel and taste of the warm, squeezable flesh. Ann can feel it hungrily sucking on her gams, but she can’t stop it. She can barely move. It covers her upper body and holds it firmly on the bed as her legs kick frantically. The violent movement of her body excites it as she tries to get free, raising her ass off the bed as she tries desperately to escape. As it continues taking her body into itself, it covers her belly button and flows over her back, continuing toward the ass.

It begins engulfing Ann’s pussy and ass cheeks. Her legs are spread wide as she violently moves her ass, trying to get free. But it’s no use. The hungry, sticky mass is in complete control of her body. It ignores everything else around it as it concentrates on taking this delicious, warm, living animal into itself. It sucks over her clit and covers her soft, wet, pussy lips, tasting her femaleness. Ann is sexually aroused as she feels it tasting her most private body area; sucking on her clit, vaginal lips and pussy flesh. Her helplessness only adds to the arousal.

Ann jerks frantically in fear and pleasure as it enters her vagina. Her pleasure is intense as it forces its way inside, probing the opening and tasting the vaginal lips. Ann instinctively spreads her legs wider as it enters her. It penetrates deeper, sucking into the inner vagina and sticking to the vaginal walls. Her pleasure is unbearable as it tastes and sucks on her female area, gently probing the soft clit. In spite of the fact that she can’t breathe, she comes to orgasm and writhes in pleasure. Ann feels it moving deeper inside her, but is trying desperately to breathe. Her tongue protrudes from her wide-open mouth and her eyes bulge as she tries to get air. It can feel Ann’s body needs; her moving tongue and her desperation for air, but it firmly controls her mouth and tongue, refusing to let her breathe. It instinctively knows that its prey cannot escape now. It has her.

It holds her legs spread wide as it sucks over her soft, warm, ass flesh, gently spreading her ass cheeks and exposing her anal area. It engulfs her anal region, finding her anus. Ann’s eyes are wide as she feels it cover and enter her body opening, and she instinctively tries to close her anus. It’s too strong. It hungrily enters her, sucking onto the anal lips and forcing its probing mouth inside. Ann kicks helplessly and her anus expands as she begins defacating, a natural reaction of her body to being entered there. The blob is excited by this and firmly holds her ass cheeks spread wide as it receives the thick, soft, warm mass from Ann’s anus into itself.

Ann reaches air desperation. She needs air immediately or she will suffocate. She can feel it tasting her clit and pussy flesh; probing her inner vagina and tasting her anus as she defecates, but she is helpless. Her body convulses as she tries desperately to breathe. While struggling to escape she comes again, convulsively, the orgasm causing her to spread her legs even wider with pleasure. Ann’s struggling only makes the consuming mass hold her body tighter. It’s impossible for Ann to escape from the strong, sticky mass. Wherever it touches her body it sticks like glue. Finally, after one last, desperate attempt to breathe, her struggles cease. It instinctively knows that it has taken this female animal, and it continues enjoying the feel and taste of her body.

Even though Ann has been suffocated, her body naturally continues expelling more bodliy wastes from her anus. The hungry, gelatinous mass greedily receives it, and continues flowing over Ann’s ass cheeks and then her legs, finally taking her feet. She is completely engulfed. It holds her body and continues probing deeper into her body openings. Ann finally stops defecating and it enters her anus, tasting the animal opening and probing deeply inside. It hungrily sucks on her animal flesh, enjoying the taste of her mouth, tongue, lips, breasts, nipples, clit, pussy flesh, vagina, ass and anus.

It lies still on the bed, looking like a gigantic, engorged slug. It is satiated by the feel of this large animal inside itself. It squeezes and sucks on her body, enjoying its shape and taste, particularly the body openings. After a minute or so, it begins absorbing her. Within seconds she is fully digested. It rests, content, remembering the feel and taste of the animal and its struggles to escape. This doesn’t last long, and soon it flows onto the floor, searching for another tasty animal to consume.



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