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Alien Dietary Supplement

by NulloEunuch

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© Copyright 2024 - NulloEunuch - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/m; vore; soft; eaten; digest; bond; blindfold; scifi; climax; cons; nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Auro visited the office of his physician for his physical checkup. It was routine laboratory tests, nothing unusual.

“One factor,” his physician said. “Trace minerals to add to your diet from time to time. You can come to the distribution center to pick up the supplement to take home and add to your diet. That is all.” They exchanged greetings and he left to go to the distribution center.

There, Auro exchanged greetings with the office and gave his prescription.

“Yes, the new additives. We have a regular supply of these. Unusual, but read these directions before you take your supplement home.”

Auro thanked the clerk and followed the sign to the dispensary. He waited at the door until a clerk brought him his supplement. Ah. This was an interesting way to provide his needs. It was one of the aliens he had read about.

“We put a capsule inside it that will go into your system when it's digested.” He patted the alien’s rump.

Auro carried the soft alien home with him. The dispensing office had packaged the alien to bind its limbs and silence its mouth. Probably for convenience in carrying it home. It was quite small. It was male, he saw from the breeding features. He searched around for its thoughts.

Ah. It was frightened. Not unusual, considering. Auro was several times larger than his alien supplement. He had read the instructions briefly. He applied himself to removing the fright. He stroked its smooth body. He tickled its semen pods and probe while calming it. Fright was replaced with arousal. Good. He hoped he had reduced its fright.

He entered his home and reclined to look at his supplement. He licked it. Tasted it. It carried trace minerals within it. Auro connected slowly with the mind of the alien he held. He felt no more fear.

He released its dexterous limbs while it sat on him. He held one in his hand. He released its mouth tape and heard it vocalize. He released its feet and set it to stand. “Speak with me,” he told it, sending those thoughts. “I am Auro.” He sent his self-identity to it. They were not equipped with vocal speech now, if ever that had been possible before. They were ancient and had developed mind speech long ago. He felt like he was shouting, trying to think slowly and with much force.

It stood still, facing Auro. It connected, finally, with Auro. It used vocal speech and found non-vocal speech hard, evidently. “You are needed by me for nutrition. You feel the capsule in you that has supplements for me. No pain.”

He stroked the alien, a man, he knew now. One of those who trade with his race. Neither of them were native to this world they occupied together. His physician had given Auro this man because his body provided trace minerals

and his physician had inserted an enteric capsule inside its … “ass” he understood as the man felt his orifice there.

“Keep that inside you,” Auro told the man.

“Nutrition?” the man asked. His interrogative was clear.

Auro brought the man to his stomach and patted it with his forehand. He held the man in his other two, larger, hands. He pointed to his mouth as he opened it, and pointed a finger at it, then tapped the man on his head. “In here. My physician told me to eat you for food.”

The man made loud noises and struggled. Auro decided to administer the physician’s diet supplement. He held the man’s arms by his side and lifted him to insert his head and arms in his large mouth. He stroked the man’s firm prod and fingered his pods while he tried to send calming thoughts to him. He was forceful finally and that worked to silence the sounds he made.

Auro pushed more of the man inside his mouth and held the body there with his powerful tongue on it. It lay on its back on his tongue. That appeared safer to Auro as the man could bite Auro’s tongue but not his hard palate. He pushed the legs and feet and moved the man with his tongue to slide down his throat into his stomach. He felt the large mass move down and finally into his stomach.

The man was active in feeling with its hands and spreading its legs to try to stop his movement, but that did not stop his progress. Auro felt the movement in his stomach. He had instructions from his physician to drink some water, so he did. The man would stop soon as its air ran out, though its passage down Auro’s throat had pushed air into his stomach.

He felt with his hands the shape of the man in his stomach. He went about his routine at home. He did not need to prepare a meal. Not now after having the man to digest. He would feel it move lower in his stomach once it had stopped, it had died there.

Auro would return for another dose in a twelve-day.

Auro was invited to visit the aliens. His occupation was that of a scientist and planetologist, or “geologist” as the alien man termed his study of the interior of this host planet. He shared his knowledge with his opposite colleague among the aliens and they compared discoveries.

He had them to thank for the discovery of his race’s deficiency in trace minerals. Their own group had to locate and extract those as well as import them to maintain their health long term. This planet was not like either of their home worlds. They took supplements also.

They found that the bodies of man had the needed minerals and they imported many of them over time to solve the dietary needs of Auro and his kind. They themselves could do with very small supplements. Inserting raw materials in large capsules and adding those to man for Auro’s race to eat provided all the elements Auro and his kind needed.

Simple swallowing all the needed trace minerals at once would not work. That was both too fast and also caused bad digestive stress in the amounts suddenly introduced. Digesting a man over days would best allow the absorption of supplements. Hence the trade in man as supplements or vitamins for Auro’s race made sense. In a pinch, the scientists of the alien man group could probably extract their needed trace minerals from one of them.

The other aliens had learned the mind speech. They themselves were yet to achieve such communication among themselves, but they worked well with Auro’s race. It was the day Auro should get his next dose from his physician. He told his colleagues.

“We can send someone there to bring back your dose,” the man leader told him. “Our courier can fetch him to you here. We can give you privacy here.”

Auro agreed and the courier man fetched the needed dose for Auro. The courier wheeled the dose to Auro. This time, the physician had both taped the man’s mouth and used a blindfold over his eyes. The man was naked.

“Do you need privacy?” the man leader asked.

“The large central room would be fine,” Auro replied. “I sense you are curious. You may attend.” They went to the central room. Auro expected the man to be scared, and he calmed him as well as he could. He freed his restraints, mouth and blindfold, and the man screamed and struggled.

The group of several men who attended watched as Auro just opened his mouth and pushed in the man and then swallowed him. He winced at the force of the man’s fear as he slowly slid into Auro’s stomach as Auro swallowed and swallowed to help him along.

“He is in me now,” Auro told the group. “I hope you did not hear all of that.” “I heard some, yes,” the man leader said. “You are teaching us to hear well.” “No hurt,” Auro said. “He will just sleep from lack of air.”

“It is time for our evening meal. You could join us there.”

Auro agreed and he rested while they sat at tables to eat. He described the discovery of dietary deficiencies they both found on this planet and what to do to provide for that.

Man needed far smaller amounts, spread over days of small doses. Auro needed a man with some added vitamins inside him once every twelve days. He understood the way the man aliens divided up day counts. He had learned their mathematics quickly and also educated them in his mathematics.

They both needed sleep regularly. When they discovered that Auro was very lonely, some of the group decided to sleep with him to enjoy the closeness. That became popular when the two races discovered they could share dreams as they slept. Men woke mornings to discover they had been aroused by the strong shared dreams of the group that had slept together.

Auro’s mind accepted the images of his companions and then re-sent those to the others. He slept but his mind shared the presence and thoughts of the several men who were there. They became aroused and engaged in sex among that group without waking Auro, but he remembered the next morning. He wanted to enjoy what they felt and he asked them to enjoy each other.

His own dreams had sent them into arousal from sending the thoughts of the man-doses he had swallowed. One morning, Sam asked if Auro would let Sam feel as a man-dose had felt in Auro’s mouth.

Sam had dreamt of Auro swallowing him, and he wanted to be awake to feel some of that. He stroked his cock and showed Auro his arousal, which Auro clearly felt. He knew how Auro felt when enjoying another. That was both mental and physical and very different from just touch.

Auro had misgivings but the strength of Sam’s emotions was bright. He picked up Sam with his four hands and admired his hairless body that was so much like the man-doses he had swallowed. Sam was sending so powerfully Auro was swayed to put the man in his mouth. The other two men were blasted by Sam’s arousal as Auro sent them those feelings. They lay and stroked their cocks as they felt both Auro and Sam.

Sam lay in Auro’s mouth and he stroked his cock. The feelings of the last man-dose Auro had swallowed were felt by Sam. Swallowing a man was arousing for Auro. The sensual feedback was strong. The four of them joined in the sensations of being in Auro’s mouth, anticipating the slide down into Auro’s stomach. Auro sent Sam those last feelings and thoughts from the man-dose as he was swallowed; Sam sent the thought of being the one who was swallowed.

The two men laying near them amplified the thoughts. Three men received Auro’s thoughts and feelings and all three fed those back to Auro. He was assaulted by the three.

What was real? Sam was in the large alien’s mouth being massaged by his tongue, bathed in his saliva. Any moment, he’d be swallowed. He wanted that. They all wanted that.

Auro swallowed Sam. They all felt Sam’s elation as he slid down Auro’s throat and dropped into his big stomach. Sam orgasmed and his mental shout made all of them orgasm together.

Auro felt the mass of Sam in his stomach as he recovered from the blast of the feelings of three men climaxing all at once. He had to recover. He was well, he discovered when he found he had also ejaculated at that moment. That was a large mess.

Sam was satisfied. He was in an alien’s stomach. For real, not in a dream. Could Auro regurgitate Sam? Should he? They felt Sam’s denial. He wished to be right there, in the alien’s stomach to be digested.

The three of them shared Sam’s thoughts, his arousal again as he stroked his cock, and the two men gathered by Auro’s own prod and shared what they smelled and felt. And tasted. Same as Sam’s.

Auro joined the group for their breakfast. He would drink some refreshment only. He had not felt any thoughts from Sam in a while now. They all reported what had happened to Sam. Auro let the two friends of Sam describe the event first, and he said he was overcome at that moment, and that Sam did not want to come back up. His two companions agreed.

Auro suppressed his thoughts about sleeping alone now, though he would still welcome anyone who wanted to keep him company. He would pry into their feelings to discover if they held thoughts of following Sam’s example.


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